Using Apple iOS 7 with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch

The new Apple iOS is here and so is the new iPhone 5C -- and both work well with Sync and MyFord Touch.

The new Apple iOS and so the new iPhone 5C is here — and both work well with Sync and MyFord Touch.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

The new Apple iOS 7  is here and it works just fine with Ford Sync, MyFord and MyFord Touch infotainment systems.

Available Sept. 18, 2013 from iTunes, this is a free download and, yes, it creates sweeping changes to the look and feel of the Apple iPhone (this works on the iPhone 4 and newer handsets).

So are there pitfalls with the new Apple iOS 7 and Sync? Yes, there can be. It appears to be related to the type of Sync system your vehicle has. So, the first thing to do is to

make sure your vehicle has the latest Sync software before upgrading your phone’s software. Anyone with the MyFord Touch (or MyLincoln Touch) system needs to definitely get the lastest software upgrade. This is the version 3.6.2. software upgrade that’s free and available via the website

By the way, any Ford or Lincoln owner needs to be sure they are registered with Ford at the or websites. This website can assist in helping you to understand if you have the latest software for your vehicle.

So, all of you iPhone users wanting to upgrade to the Apple iOS 7, it is suggested “unpairing” your iPhone first. To do this go to the Phone Settings on your vehicle, go to Bluetooth Devices, and select Delete Device. Find your device (it may show a model name and number or the name you’ve assigned it). Tap the tab or tap the OK button to start the delete process. Now take your phone, go to the Settings folder, tap Bluetooth, then find the tab that says SYNC, and push only the blue circle on the right side of the tab. When the secondary screen appears, push “Forget this Device.”

Now you can upgrade your phone to the newest iOS. It is recommended that you should plug your phone either into your computer or your wall charger to do the update. The upgrade process takes a little while and you don’t want to run out of battery during the process (a power loss would result in data loss).

The iOS 7 update is around 752 MB in size, depending on the type of device (by the way, the new iOS works on the iPod and the iPad).  Apple recommends connecting to a Wifi network because it might be expensive to do it depending on your phone’s data plan. Backing up your phone will also take time and use data, so it is best to use a stable Wifi network.

You can upgrade by plugging it into a computer and updating through iTunes. If you want to back up your phone data through iCloud, then use iTunes. And, yes, you may have to download the latest iTunes version first to begin this process.  You will want to back up your device before installing the new software. The new installation could wipe data from your device. Some early adopters report losing photos, contacts, music and text messages. Documents, preferences and files held in Apps could also be lost – so do a backup.

So go to iTunes and select your device, and then click on the Summary tab. Then click Back Up Now button. If you have purchased music or other content on your device, then it is a good idea to transfer purchases too.

iOS 7 needs at least 3 GB of storage to successfully update. If you do not have this much available on your device, then the direct download may not work for you and you will have to use iTunes.

Alternatively, delete some of the photos, music and apps that you don’t need to clear some space and try again.

So with the Apple iOS software updated, now go to your vehicle and pair your iPhone. Here is a good video on how to pair the iPhone. Yes, the video shows the iPhone with the old operating system. The pairing process remains the same even with the upgrade. The new MyFord Touch software automatically matches the PIN numbers and asks fewer questions before the phone book download.

A lot of readers were expecting Apple to work with the Sync voice-to-text messaging. Sorry! Apple will not comply with Microsoft’s protocol to conform to Microsoft’s messaging standard. Some, but not all, of the Android phones will work with Microsoft Sync Text Messaging feature.

If you have the iPhone 4S, the 5, the new 5C and the new 5S, then your phone has Siri – Apple’s voice. Now with the iOS 7 you have the option of a “male” Siri voice. This probably turns Siri into a more “Siri-us” voice-to-text device. To use your Sync system and your iPhone to get a good voice-to-text messaging, keep your iPhone close as you are driving. Feel the front screen and push the “Home” button at the lower edge of the screen. Your phone will make a tone that you can hear through your vehicle speakers. This tone is Siri being activated. After this tone, say “Read Text Messages” (or any command you might want to give Siri). Siri will respond over the vehicle speakers by reading the message or will speak to you. Say “Send text message” and Siri will ask to whom or what number you’d like to send the text, then she/he will ask what message to send. Once you tell him/her the message, she will send the text.  Use the Phone icon on the steering wheel to “hang up” and close Siri.

So the new iOS 7 creates a newer, brighter look of icons. So take the time to discover the new additions and functions with the iOS 7 – just not while you are driving down the road!

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59 thoughts on “Using Apple iOS 7 with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch

  1. I have a 2010 fusion hybrid with sync. After installing IOS 7 the play/pause button on the screen and the forward/reverse putton on the steering wheel no longer control my iPhone 4S when streaming Bluetooth audiobook or pandora. Any suggestions/fixes? Thanks. Joe

    • I am assuming you have the Sony Touch Screen Nav system with SYNC…
      Have you done a clean pairing of your phone?
      Before you do that, do a system reset by turning off your Fusion, open the hood (or trunk…) and find the regular car battery. Loosen and remove the black battery cable assembly (the negative pole) for five minutes. Then reattach the clamp assembly and retighten it. Close the hood, start the vehicle and let it run for about three minutes or more before adjusting anything on the console…
      Here is a video on Clean Pairing
      This should work… and have you tried to use the Voice Commands for Play or Pause or Next Track?

  2. MFT/Sync on my 2013 For Escape has NO usable functionality. I really wish I could get my money back. The clock runs backward (seriously), the temp gauge does not work. It reboots EVERY time I start the car (with the message Sync is performing system maintenance). Bluetooth does not work. I have IOS7/4S. I called my wife – manual dial because the voice controls do not work – and I got her voice AND music over the speakers. I could not hang up via MFT. The UI is extremly slow and clunky. How can I get this into something that is actually usable. Is it a hardware replacement? I will update software but this has not worked in the past and so I am not hopeful it will work now.

    • I’m sorry for your problems, but if you had opened your account on http://www.syncmyride,com of you would have had access to tons of online support. If you haven’t done so, please visit this site and open an account. This is a great resource.
      Plus, you would be able to download your most recent software update (offered at no charge) that address ALL of the issues you are having. And, IT WORKS! It sounds like your dealer did not offer you a personal consultation on using your equipment nor did they offer the ongoing support to be there to answer your questions.
      I have been using Sync software for the seventh model year. I assure this system works and with an iPhone it works very well. A 4S model even let’s you better voice-to-text messaging.
      Speaking of sources, please visit this website for ongoing tutorials and tips on using the Ford technology.

      • Whatever dude there is no support available. I have 2011 F150 with sync and the maps are out of date. The latest sync update available was realeased 3 years ago.

        • So sorry that your experiencing problems… go to for online support or 800-392-3673 for toll-free access to Sync support. Yes, vehicles from 2008 to 2011 had Basic systems, they pair to phones, they play USB and Bluetooth music… on vehicles made since mid-year 2010 (if equipped with the right hardware) you had access to Vehicle Health Report and 911 Assist. Some vehicles will have the ability to setup a subscription to Sync Services. It was the introduction of MyFord Touch that many software updates were needed. The issues I’ve run into with vehicles isn’t so much caused by Sync — it’s often that the phone doesn’t interact completely with Sync (such as phone book downloads or text messaging).
          Maps displayed on touch-screen nav systems were not part of SYNC. Those updates would be available through a Ford Parts or Service Department or from the manufacturer (i.e. NavTec, Telesys, etc.)

  3. Can my 2010 Ford F-150 w/Sony navigation system (current software version 3.1) be upgraded to the 3.6.2 software version so I can use utilize the text messaging feature I had )with my android phone) with the new Apple ios7 operating system.

    • I believe you already have the latest version of software for the Touch Screen Sony Nav with SYNC. To be sure, register at or and check…
      In any case the software upgrade called version 3.6.2 is for the MyFord Touch system which only became available for the F-150 in the 2013 model year.
      Apple has never complied with the required MAP Protocol for using the voice-to-text on any Ford Sync system. The new 3.6.2 does not “correct” that situation. That will only be fixed if Apple changes the way they build their phones (not likely).
      However, the iPhone 4S, the 5, the 5C and the 5S all have Siri — the voice that you can access from the “home” button on the front lower screen of the iPhone. If you push the home button for a few seconds on your iPhone, you will hear a tone come through your Sync system. You can then pose any voice question to Siri (“Read Messages, Send Messages, whatever…) and she will take care of the task for you. This is actually a better way to use the phone for messaging (I think) compared to the Sync voice-to-text system….

      • Thank you very much for the information on my 2010 Ford F-150 Platinum. I do have the latest software for my system. Love my truck, these Platinum are truly precious metal. Will upgrade to a newer model year someday, in the meantime I’ll let Siri do the text messages as you advise.

  4. We have a 2013 Focus and 2013 Escape, both with MFT (no nav), and an iPhone 4s & 5. Prior to installing the v3.6.2 software, (and in spite of the fact that it’s not SUPPOSED to text-interface with Apple devices) both vehicles would nicely alert us to an incoming text with an alert tone and a screen message that allowed the text msg to be read aloud with a push of a button on the MFT screen. Fabulous.
    But after the v3.6.2 install, the Focus will no longer read texts as described above, but oddly enough, the Escape still does! When I try to enable the Focus’ MFT setting to enable text messaging, I get a warning that ‘my phone is not compatible…’ (or something like that). What gives?!? There’s no improvement even after upgrading the phones to iOS7 about a month after the v3.6.2 install, and re-pairing, etc.
    Thx for any guidance on this.

    • Okay, the reality is this… Apple is the most cash-rich company in the world. They didn’t get that way by giving anything away. The way they work, the way they store photos and music, the iPhone’s interaction with other devices is essentially being locked down. It’s nothing Ford is doing. There is no Sync update to fix this issue. The differences between your vehicles is the components used in the construction of the Sync operating system (the chips, etc.). How the phones interact is also based on the components, the construction and the way the Apple iOS software works with the phone’s structure and the Apps. Yes, the Apple iPhone does not adopt to Microsoft’s MAP Protocol, so don’t expect the Apple system to “bend” to anyone’s rules…
      So, use the iPhone’s Home button to summon Siri and let her do the work. You may not be receiving text alerts, but, hey, shouldn’t you pay attention to the road???

  5. I’ve developed a bluetooth music player issue since upgrading to IOS 7 on iphone 4s and updating to the latest SYNC with MyFord Touch Gen2 – V3.6.2 on 2011 Edge. Sync refuses to retain the bluetooth music player shuffle setting OFF and will randomly turn back on. This is a real disruption when listening to audio books. I have witnessed the vehicle change the iphone when the music player is still open and where I previously left off. There is a clear bug issue in one of the two systems and I suspect on the Ford side.

    • Thanks for the comment, but not so fast on the assumption that this is a Ford issue.

      The new iOS, along with the new phones, does have a place in your Music Folder, within the Settings Folder, that allows you to toggle on/Off on a “Shake to Shuffle.” I would guess, I haven’t tried this yet, that the new sensitivity/motion sensors on the iPhone can sense movement while you are driving and this may be overriding the Shuffle function.

      Check that out and see if this setting will keep things as you want it.

  6. I disagree that IOS7 is working fine. I have a 2013 explorer with MFT and the latest software. It has gone haywire for the last 2-3 weeks when it comes to receiving text messages. After working since the upgrade in the spring, it said it was no longer supported. Master resets get it going again, then it stops again after a few starts. Disconnecting and reconnecting will allow me to play my existing messages but no new messages. I have already been to the dealer who tried a master reset under the hood. I finally had a technician at the ford sync 800# admit to me that they are aware there are issues.

    • As I have said before… Apple does not use the MAP protocol required to have text-to-voice read message through the Sync system.
      I know that the Apple system will try to work with the Microsoft-based system but at some point it will not work.
      Using a Master Reset does not write new code into the Sync operating system… the system wasn’t designed to “read” text messages from an Apple phone.
      Yes, Ford is aware of this and Apple is too, but they refuse to use the required protocol due to security issues with Microsoft.
      However, using your Home button on the 4S and above Apple phones will call us Siri, who, with voice commands, will read messages and send customer messages (which is a good thing).

      • HenniganV – I respectfully disagree. I have successfully had sync read my text messages for the last 6 months on my iphone 5 after a software upgrade in spring 2013. No, it will not send them. I use Siri for that. I am an IT professional, I understand how software implementation works. It stopped working after the iOS 7.0.3 upgrade and ford sync help desk has admitted there is an issue with this version. Additionally, I cannot use Siri because I have no clue a text has come through. The phone is paired to sync and the text alert sound is not playing, as it expects it to play through the radio. The master reset is allowing my phone to receive text messages for a few days until it decides it doesn’t want to work again. Sometimes deleting the phone and repairing has helped but not usually. I also find it interesting that if you disconnect and reconnect the phone, you can play the existing messages in your mailbox but as soon as you navigate away, it will say it is not supported. I would also like to point out that ford sync advertises that iphone texts can now be heard as of certain release. So, although it may not have been designed to support it, it was certainly enhanced to and there is an expectation of quality to be maintained. I am thankful that this is only a lease. I doubt my next vehicle will be Ford.

  7. Henniganv – FYI I figured out how to get my text alert sound back – by switching from text to speech to text to sound. Just wish I had back what was working before.

  8. Hi Vincent,

    great input on the subject here and a lot of different cases. If you mind, I would like your thoughts on my problem:

    2013 Ford F150 FX4 with sync updated and all the stuff (no nav)
    iPhone 5 with latest updates

    I’m able to pair the phone without an issue. I must say that before the iOS upgrade, everything was working like a charm. As soon as I did the upgrade, my SYNC started to go wrong with bluetooth calls and music, etc. I don’t expect my SMS to be read, I don’t care, i’m driving.

    I completely deleted the iPhone from the truck and removed SYNC from the phone. Did the synchro again, it paired fine.

    As soon as I receive a call, the screen displays the number/name and I can answer (by the steering button or onscreen function) BUT I hear nothing in the speakers (volume high enough) nor in the phone. So on the phone, I select “iPhone” instead of SYNC and sometimes I can get the caller. So bluetooth is useless.

    Also, before the upgrade I was having difficulties after hanging up a call. Like the call counter (seconds/minutes) was still on the display after the person hung up and the software didn’t switch back to the radio or last input I was on before the call. Only way I found to really hung up was to hold the power button of the radio long enough but sometimes it won’t work anyways..

    What the hell lol help me if you can. Thanks!


    • Try this: The Hard Reboot
      To do this, turn off your vehicle, open the hood, use a wrench to loosen the nut on the black battery cable clamp. Remove the clamp from the battery for about a minute, then replace it and tighten the bolt back up. While you’ve got the clamp off, completely power down the iPhone and then reboot it. Close the hood and restart the vehicle. The MyFord Touch system will do a “reboot” and the system will start up again from factory specs.Things should be working normally again from this point. Sometimes I think these Apple software updates cause the Bluetooth protocol to change with the Sync system, leaving things out of kilter. A reboot seems to start things up from a common point and will work better.

      • Terrific way to solve this but i’ll give it a try! Like the good ol’ reboot of the computer after windows updates. I’ll let you know.

        Thanks for the reply.

  9. Hi Vincent,
    Thank you for your responses thus far as they have been helpful. I have the iPhone 5S and have followed all the steps you have listed in pairing the phone including importing the contacts and deleting the phone and doing a master reset and then re-pairing again. My problem now lies in playing my music from the phone via Bluetooth. In most cases, it will stream the music but today while I was driving, it completely stopped. The song it was playing was displayed on MFT screen but no sound. I pulled over and powered off my phone and restarted my phone and attempted to play the song via Bluetooth but again it would play but no sound. On my phone, it showed that it was playing, same on MFT but no sound. My iTunes match is set to off and I have done the most recent update.
    In relation to my last comment, I have done two master resets to get this to work and powered off my phone for some time re-paired everything twice and everything works but no sound while attempting to stream music or internet music via Bluetooth.
    I should mention that prior to this, I was experiencing major problems where all three components of the MFT would not work – no phone, no Bluetooth, no navigation. I realized that the problem that was causing the system to crash was the way my phone contacts were entered was causing problems so I followed your advice and that seemed to work – correcting parenthesis, entering first name on first line, last name on last line etc.
    My first step was to pair my phone without the contacts loaded to the vehicle – everything worked amazing – streaming Music, USB Music, phone and navigation but the problem of not accessing my contacts via handsfree defeats the purpose of handsfree dialing.
    After correcting my contacts – everything worked for a few days and then the music stopped streaming via Bluetooth which brings me to the problem I am currently experiencing above. I am currently on IOS 7.04 and have done 3.6.2 update from Ford on Nov 29. I have not tried removing the battery connection as yet. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
    Can you please provide some advice?

    • You have mentioned doing two master resets… you know, I have worked with thousands of customers. I’ve used the Master Reset function just about twice. I’m not sure what this Reset thingy does. For some reason, the ONLY thing I’ve found that works is the Hard Reset that I do with unpairing the phone, unpairing Sync, removing the battery cable clamp, powering down the phone, putting it all back together.
      From what you’ve described, you may have the emoji keyboard turned on (it should be turned off). Yes, you need to clear your phonebook and carefully check it before downloading the phone book.
      But I still think you’ve got another conflict. Maybe it deals with the kind of music files you have stored. They may be encrypted so that Sync cannot reply them…
      Have you tried to work with your Apple Genius on this?

  10. Hi Vincent,
    Thank you for your prompt response.
    I performed the Master Resets as per Sync’s support. They have basically advised me that if the system crashes or a particular element of the MFT is not working – then do the resets – so I have. Sometimes with success but mostly not.
    I thought about what you had mentioned about the emoji keyboard – on the iPhone – Is there one? If so, please tell me where the setting is. I have gone through my settings on my phone/keyboard and cannot locate it. I have gone through my contacts and have no emoji icons associated with any of them (128 contacts) – all are part of downloaded phone book to Sync. The only thing that has emoji icons associated with it is the BBM app for iPhone which is specific to the app not the contacts which I have deleted (app – not sure if it was necessary). Powered off my phone, deleted phone off of sync, performed master reset and powered on phone, paired phone and tested everything again (Nav, Phone, USB) with the BBM app deleted – Everything worked except for bluetooth audio. My music is in largely purchased from iTunes – 234 songs with only a handful which are mp3. Music via iTunes used to play before with no problems and it is virtually the same playlist that I have had since I have had my iPhone4 and now iPhone 5S so I can’t see it being a proprietary issue with the songs. The music was playing but absolutely no sound whereas sound comes from the radio, navigation prompts, phone and USB. Do you have any other suggestions? Should I backup my phone and then reset that to factory settings and try doing everything again? Also, I am not that mechanically savvy – the 2013 Ford Escape appears to have a battery cover for the battery – not sure how to remove it and removing the battery clamp. Do you know of a video for this? And If this is done by me or the dealer, when the sync goes back to the factory settings – do I have to perform the 3.6.2 update again? Does it reset my Homelink? and my settings for the seating of the vehicle and power trunk? I apologize for all the questions, it is a small thing not having bluetooth working to its capability but it is extremely frustrating for me because the technology in this car has the potential to be great with this exception. My car is a 2013 SEL FWD with MFT. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Faiz

  11. Hi Vincent, I thought about your advice regarding the music so I deleted my music off my phone and re-paired everything again – still no sound via Bluetooth. I then booked an appt with my dealership and advised them to do the hard re-boot. They did and re-paired everything and now I am glad to say that everything is working again as it should with the MFT.
    Thanks again for your advice.

    • Bluetooth connected devices can and will lose their signal through a variety of issues. Moving between voice-activated phone calls, to streaming App-based music, to stored music, allows for “opportunities” for conflicts, lost signal, etc. Power down your phone once a week and letting it reboot, before starting your vehicle helps. This reboot process usually clears everything back to normal. Use as necessary.

  12. Hi, I have a 2014 Escape that has the most updated version of SYNC that I am using with an iPhone 4s running iOS7. Currently when I connect my phone via the USB port the screen indicates that it is “Indexing” my music for at least 30 minutes followed by “Building Commands” for another 10 minutes. During which time if I try to browse my playlists the screen displays a “Loading” message and then locks, I have to power it off and restart. Essentially this renders using my iPhone for music useless. Yes, I have tried BlueTooth however I want to be able to charge my phone while listening to my music not to mention the sound quality through BlueTooth is not as good as it is through USB.

    I have downloaded and run the SYNC MY iTunes App from Ford and this has not changed the situation. Yes, I store and access my library through iTunes Match (I never had a problem with my much more basic stereo in my previous car). I also have registered at mysync to stay up to date with versions and resources.

    Also, every time I connect my phone the system goes through this Indexing/Building Commands sequence, doesn’t the system cache in some way?

    At this point its absurd that such a sophisticated system cannot interface with the phone and that it has to constantly rebuild its library every listening session. Is Ford/Microsoft working on something to resolve this? Is there something else I can be trying/doing to access my music?

    Its a shame since the Escape is such a great car but this glitch is more than an annoyance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • First of all, you are not seeing that Ford is a bring your own device format. It is the proprietary controls that Apple has integrated in the buying, selling and distributing music, apps and other properties that conflict with your vehicle.
      If you want to get the best USB experience from your phone-stored music, then turn off the iTunes Match. iTunes Match tells you phone to “NOT” share music with Sync. This is why Ford has the message that Sync does not play content-protected music.
      The best way to enjoy your own iTunes material is to go to your laptop or desktop where you have your music stored and go to the iTunes Media file. Click on the Music folder. You will see folders of your music by artist name. Copy these files to a clean USB. By clean, I mean no other files are on it.
      Once copied, take that flash drive to your vehicle. Push the Voice button and say USB. Let the system “index” for at least five minutes before pushing the Voice button again and saying, “Play All.”
      To access App-based music, plug your phone into the console. Push the Voice button, say USB. Now go to your phone and tap the App to start it playing, when it boots up it will start playing through your sound system.
      One of the issues I’ve seen with Apple is that with each software upgrade (and iTunes upgrade), Apple seems to be “removing” my self-recorded music file or reassigning them so they can’t be easily found. This repositioning by Apple is confusing the indexing process by Sync.
      By the way, MyFord Touch does not have a hard drive. It uses flash drive storage for quicker handling. If you buy, move, or edit your phone music files a lot, then everytime you plug into your vehicle, the system has to re-establish its index of material.
      Also, Apple is very conscious of “backwards engineering” so they don’t use all of the protocols required by the Microsoft-based system.
      Bluetooth connected devices can and will lose their signal through a variety of issues. Moving between voice-activated phone calls, to streaming App-based music, to stored music, allows for “opportunities” for conflicts, lost signal, etc. Power down your phone once a week and letting it reboot, before starting your vehicle helps. Use the reboot process (outlined elsewhere in this blog) to clear most connection issues.

      You have a very sophisticated and capable system in your vehicle.

  13. Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it
    to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.

    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

    • You daughter’s seashell works best within a range of about 100 meters of the ocean. It works on a principle similar to Wi-Fi. Signal loss results from not being close to the beach. You can “reboot” the seashell auditory connection by repeated visits to a sunny beach. You may want to see your Ford Service Department about hermit crab extraction, those pesky things can really change the “output” from the shell!
      Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi, I have an Ecosport 2014 and iPhone 5 with iOS 7,
    My phone automatically connects to sync when I enter my vehicle and all the time I turn on FM Radio, booth bluetooth audio automatically starts playing from my iPhone, if I desactivate BT Audio, when I enter again my vehicle BT stars again. What can I do?
    Inclusive I prefer Playing my iPhone music with USB, because have the name of songs OR artist and I can choose with the voice control, but I dont have any idea hospital to desactivate BT Audio. Can you helpme please?

    • This isn’t so much a Sync issue, it’s more of a phone issue. When you are done with Bluetooth streaming music, go to the Home button on the front lower screen of your iPhone and double push the button. The screen shows small screenshots with a graphic of the corresponding App underneath. Take your finger and touch the screenshot and swipe it off the screen. This deactivates the App. I believe that once you have activated the Music App or the streaming music App on your iPhone, even if you pause it, it remains “active” in the background. When you get in your vehicle and turn it on, the Sync system rotates through a protocol and reactivates any paused media, thus starting it to play.
      And, by deactivating all of those Apps, it saves your battery life to a degree.
      Try this to see if it helps…

      • I have this exact issue. My sync starts playing my music even when the app doesn’t show up after I push the home button twice. The media is playing all the time and using tons of my mobile data. Please advise.

        • I need a little help…
          Which phone?
          What OS?
          What app(s)?
          Do you turn the app off before turning the vehicle off?
          Do you ever completely power down your phone?
          Have you reviewed your phone settings to see if you have something “turned on” in the music and/or app department (this includes location settings)?

          • I have the phone5, ios7, use Sootify. I do turn the app off…usually. I don’t turn my phone off, ever really. I will check my locations settings.

          • Please check, Apple just recently released a new OS update. You may need to “check in” at iTunes to verify that you have the latest Apple OS.
            And, completely power down you phone at least once a week (for several minutes) and then power it back up before going out to the car and starting it. A ton of iPhone issues are caused by not doing this one simple thing…

  15. when I got my 2013 Ford escape there was not any problem with my contacts showing in my phone book. However, I finally upgraded to IOS 7 they totally disappeared. The phone book says that it is empty. I have tried to delete and restall and it won’t since it doesn’t recognize any phone book. Ford dealer checked it out and reported that it worked fine. Everything else is working with the exception of contacts. The suggestion that was given was fine if u have not down loaded the IOS 7 but what do you do when you have already downloaded. Help and frustrated spending hours reading and trying some recommendations with no luck, Help and thanks 🙁

    • A good question, however, I have questions… Do you have the MyFord Touch system on your 2013 Escape? I am assuming that you have gone to your Sync system and deleted all phone. If you haven’t, then do so. Delete Sync from your phone. Power down your phone and turn it back on…
      Pair the phone to the Sync system again but before you do… please read the following:
      Go to your phone’s Settings app.Go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars Section. What does it say under Contacts? For example, Sort Order Last, First and Display Order First, Last.
      Now here’s a loaded question… do you save, or have you saved, or have you transferred contacts tot his phone using the SIM card? A SIM card cannot be “read” by the Sync system. It’s a security thing from the phone company. You can take the phone to the phone store and they can save the SIM contacts into another file format. A lot of times an “invisible” phone book is a result of contacts saved to SIM chips when they should be saved to the phone. The same applies to iCloud saved contacts as well, but this time it’s Apple that has control of your contacts…
      Now, one thing I noticed… you have an emoticon at the end of your message. Please DO NOT USE EMOTICONS or EMOJIS in your phone contact list. The little graphics cannot be “read” and “interpreted” by Sync and thus corrupts the entire Sync system. Clean out ALL of these elements in your phone contact information.
      Finally, the issue may actually be a firmware issue with your iPhone. You may want to visit an Apple store and have a Genius review why your phone can have contacts but a Bluetooth-based system like Sync can’t “see” these files…

    • From preliminary beta tests of iOS 8 everything seems to be working fine with SYnc, MyFord and MyFord Touch. I think the question you might need to ask is how the upgrade will affect the existing Apps you have. I know the Apple has been working with other auto companies to create a more proprietary hands-free phone and entertainment system. However, Ford’s more open architecture tends to work with practically everything.

  16. Hi there! I read all the comments, and searched the world over, but haven’t had this one answered definitely yet:

    Is there anything (or magic secret hidden voice command) that can activate Siri from my steering wheel? If my iphone is near me, I’ll use it to read texts etc., so want to leave it in my briefcase. I want to be safe, and Siri works great(ish) on MFT, but don’t want to require hitting my phone button. Please help!

    This is all I want!

    Lincoln MKX 2014 / 5s / ios7.something / latest MFT apparently

    • You know, Apple is all over this idea. They have created their own group of auto manufacturers who will start putting the “home” button on select steering wheels. However, Ford is not currently working with Apple on this project. This may take a push from Apple users to push Apple to work with Sync. Last I heard, Sync has almost 10 million vehicles on the road. Wonder how many are Apple users?

  17. Hi,

    I own an Iphone 5 and have been using the sync by pairing the phone smoothly so far (4 months since I bought the car). However Last evening I tried pairing my friends iphone to play songs thru the sync in my ford eco sport. We didn’t succeed at all. In this process, the sync does not recognize my Iphone now and am unable to make calls thru the sync.

    I have tried master reset, system reset and also unpaired the device. But I am unable to delete my iphone from the list of phones synced. Even if I succeed in pairing it again (which happened twice), it automatically disconnects as the contacts don’t load thru the Bluetooth.

    I hope you have understood the problem I am facing. How do I successfully connect my phone back to sync? Can you please help?
    Look forward to a solution ASAP.

    thank you in advance.

    • Many factors are involved here…
      First, completely power down your iPhone. Holding the Home button (on the front face at the center, bottom) while holding the top right button.) It will take several seconds to get it to acknowledge the power down. It will take several minutes to completely power down… Keep if off for several minutes.
      Now, get in your vehicle. Turn it on (engine running)…go to the Phone Menu, select Delete All Devices… Press OK and let the system clean out the connections. Turn off your vehicle and open a door. Now, start the vehicle back up…
      Turn your phone back on… go to the Bluetooth Settings. If you see ANY Sync tabs, go to the small blue circle at the right of the tab, tap it, and then when the secondary screen appears, push Forget this Device…. Do this for any Sync tabs you may have…
      It may seem like overkill… but press and hold the “Home” button on your iPhone and power down for a minute or so and then reboot the phone.
      Go to the Bluetooth Settings and make sure there are no “Sync Tabs.”

      Be sure to go to your friend’s phone and do the same process. You will need to delete all Sync tabs that may be on your friend’s phone.

      Now go to your vehicle’s Phone Settings and go tot Add Bluetooth device.
      Push OK, to begin pairing, your Sync system will display the 6-digit PIN.
      Go to your phone’s Bluetooth Settings and wait until you see the Sync tab appear (don’t tap it if it shows some other name or number).
      Enter the 6-digit PIN provided by the Sync system (unless the system goes to auto pair, then just tap Pair and OK on both devices). As the Sync system starts the process, press OK to Make Primary Phone. Be sure 911 Assist is set to ON, and press OK to begin Downloading the Phonebook.

      In the future, when adding another device… be careful. You have an iPhone, your friend had an iPhone. When you added the second device, the question will appear “Make Primary” even if you push the NO button, the Sync System still makes the other phone active for making and receiving phone calls. You would have to go the Sync Phone Menu to “Connect” your iPhone to make and receive calls. Since you didn’t do this, the System essentially took your phone out of the que. If you had your friend’s phone paired, then you would want to go to the Media Source menu and select that device as the Source for Music…
      It seems you got the Sync system confused on both music source and hands-free phone connectivity.

  18. I have a 2010 Navigator with the latest version of SYNC and I have a iphone 5. when I’m streaming music it just says media stream. Is there a way to get the track listing to display the track info? Can it also display Album art through the bluetooth streaming? I know it can if i put a CD in. I have also just updated Gracenote to the newest version this summer.

    • I’m assuming you have the touch screen nav system on your Navigator. Yes, it’s true the iPhone 5 will stream music and display track info and Album display… However, the Sync system, at the year and the software capability it had in 2010, just doesn’t have the bandwidth, the processor speed and the graphics capability (plus Apple is not into sharing proprietary data like music, photos and other data).
      Bluetooth streaming is very limited on what it can do.
      However, your phone, connected via USB cord, and selected from the Media Source as USB input, will allow for sing title/artist info to be displayed. The album covers would be accessible on the MyLincoln Touch systems which came in 2011 and newer models…

  19. Pause/play buttons on touch screen don’t work with iPhone6/io8 when connected via USB. Anyone else finding this? Tried to update Sync, but it seems ot have the latest software. On preliminary inspection, everything but this appears to working. Help!

    • If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 8, then please completely power down your phone. Then let it reboot all the way before getting into your vehicle and starting it up… This may, or may not, reset everything. You didn’t say if you meant the play/pause button on the iPhone or on the MyFord Touch (or Sony Nav touch screen). The Sync system will override the play/pause buttons on the phone screen while it’s connected to Sync. Or did you mean the steering wheel “OK” button (only on some Ford models does this work as a Play/Pause button).
      Sync is a platform for connecting phones and digital music players… updating the software on the device won’t necessarily make things work better on the Sync system… what year, model, trimline, and Sync system do you have? Have you set up an account on to see if there are any updates for your vehicle?

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  21. Hello, i have a 2008 Lincoln MKX. Since i use my iPhone 5 (3Gs before), it don´t showing caller id anymore. Unfortunately i found your blog too late – i already run the upgrade to iOS8 (still no caller id), so i can´t push “Forget this Device”…?
    What can i do?
    Thanks for help!!!!

    • Try this….
      Completely power down your phone.
      Get in your vehicle, turn it on and go to the Sync Phone Settings and delete your phone.
      Power your phone back up… go to your phone’s Phone Settings, be sure Bluetooth is on. Look for a Sync tab (on your trusted devices). If it appears, look for the blue circle to the right on the tab. Touch just that little blue circle, this should pull up your “Forget Device” option page.
      No go back to your vehicle phone settings and select “Add Bluetooth Device.” Then, re”pair” your iPhone. Now everything should work… (however, some of the iOS updates have changed the notification settings on the phone – not much we can do about that, it’s an Apple fix.)

      • Hello, just tried it, but it´s not working unfortunately. Still no caller ID. I think the problem started with the “older” iOS 7 …
        Any other idea?

        • There have been multiple “upgrades” even with the version iOS8… sometimes one version, say a 7.0.1 versus 7.1.1 will substantially affect just one area of performance with some iPhones… I think Apple’s software sometimes conflicts with it’s own functionality.

          Try a soft reboot of your iPhone:

          Press and hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of your iPhone or iPad.
          Touch the slide to power off button and drag it all the way to the right.

          How to reset your iPhone or iPad:

          Press and hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of you iPhone or iPad.
          At the same time, press and hold down the Home button on the front of your iPhone or iPad
          Keep holding both buttons until the screen turns off and then turns back on again and displays the Apple logo.
          Note: White devices will show a white screen with black Apple logo. Black devices will show a black screen with white Apple logo.

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    • Yes, iOS 11 works with Ford Sync… Clear your phone from your Sync system. Remove Sync from your iPhone. Install any updates to your iPhone. Then, go back to your vehicle. While in Park, start it up and pair your phone again.

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