The new MyFord Touch v3.6 Software Upgrade is Here!

This is the final screen from the v3.6 MyFord Touch self-installation process.

This is the final screen from the v3.6 MyFord Touch self-installation process.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

It’s here!!! The MyFord Touch version 3.6 is available by going to the new website — and from initial quick tests… everything seems to work seamlessly and smoothly.

The new software update for SYNC with MyFord Touch systems includes all the improvements from previous updates, plus additional benefits, such as:

Improved system performance

Improved Home Screen

Increased Touch Zones on Home Screen

Improved screen interactions while using voice

Updated support for phones and media players

Improvements to System Installation

Quicker install – less than 30 minutes

Persistence of Navigation Favorites during installation

Ford Motor Company periodically releases SYNC® software updates to deliver the most advanced technology and this version was designed to hit some of the issues that have been out there — especially with ease of use.

Updates are tailored to your SYNC with MyFord Touch® system, and will vary based on your system’s current software level. The best way to find out what’s available is to log in to your SYNC Owner account at  If you haven’t opened an account at this site, then open one up. The site will tell you if you need the update and guide you through the entire process.

Here is a quick overview of the steps to start the software upgrade:

Step 1 – Connect a USB drive to your computer. Before you begin, please make sure your USB drive is empty, has at least 2GB of free space, and is not password protected.

Step 2 – Get the update. The software download process requires your browser to have Java installed and enabled. If your browser prompts you to run a Java application from Ford Motor Company, please click “Run” to continue. You may also receive a security warning. Please click “Don’t Block” to continue. Be patient.. it may take 10 minutes or more to download the software update. And, using other programs during the download will slow down the process.

Now, take the USB from your computer and go to your vehicle…

Step 3– Take the USB drive with the software updates to your vehicle. Turn on your vehicle, and then turn on the radio.

Make sure your car is in a well-ventilated area. Your vehicle will need to be turned on, with the engine running between 25 to 35 minutes. Make sure that your vehicle is not in Accessory mode.

Plug the USB drive in to your vehicle’s USB port. The system should start the download process within a few seconds…

With the MyFord Touch system, now let your vehicle run and the entire download process takes about 25 minutes. While the process is going on, remove the SYNC system from your phone or device. You will have to pair it again after the installation.

SYNC displays “Installing Application” during the process. Do not remove your USB drive or turn off your vehicle while this update is in progress.  Shortly after installation has begun, SYNC says “Installation Complete.”  Ignore this message.  It refers to a specific phase of the installation, not the overall update process.  While the update is loading, SYNC will not recognize your mobile phone or media device.You will notice the software upgrade goes through at least five “sessions” of installing software and then “rebooting.” Be patient. Let the system run through the process and, as stated, in about 25 to 30 minutes will bring up the screen pictured above and once you push OK the process will end.

Once you have installed the SYNC software updates, you’ll need to pair your phone again.   To complete the process, take the USB drive to your computer to report the successful installation (at the website).

You will notice that the MyFord Touch system seems more intuitive after the update. You will see a reference page appear after you push the Voice button that will assist in using the Voice commands.

Best of all, you could be listening to the Radio, using the Climate control or the Destination features and you can simply say “Call (contact name) and the Sync system knows you want to make a call without having to first say “Phone.” However, you will have to refer first to the mode if you want to go from Audio to Climate, for example.

More on the use of the upgrade after some “field testing.” For now, grab an empty USB jump drive and take “new control” of your MyFord Touch system. For those who aren’t comfortable with the self-installation process, please contact your Ford Service Department or your Ford sales representative.

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15 thoughts on “The new MyFord Touch v3.6 Software Upgrade is Here!

  1. OK I need your help.

    I need the last update for my ford touch.
    I want you to send me the direct link to download the software update for my ford touch.


    email quick!!!

  2. it says I have the updated version but my touch screen isn’t working, where can I download the SYNC2 v3.6 file to reinstall it. OR a updated version patch.

    • Have you registered your vehicle at That’s the site where you can verify the software you need and download versions to a clean USB drive. And then you would use that in your vehicle to update. On the topic of the touch screen not working, I would do a “hard reboot” as described elsewhere in the blog. Or, visit your Ford service department for a review.

  3. says my vehical was last updated december of 2013 and was up to date went to the ford dealership and they said this was false. now theyve updated it and its running slower and worse than before but still says december was the last update whats wrong with it??????

    • To get an idea of how to help, I realize that we’re probably talking about a MyFord Touch system and I’m guessing it’s in a vehicle that’s more than three years old…
      Did you buy the vehicle new, or is it a pre-owned?
      The site will show the last “reported” update. For some vehicles this will be the date the system was installed at the factory. Some owners will do updates and not report it to the website… but the unit in the vehicle would show the latest software version. This is probably why your dealer didn’t agree with the reported last update.
      You didn’t mention what type of phone you are using, and if it has it’s latest software…
      And, when it comes to “running slower and worse than before” – I really have no reference point.
      I’ve had several customers who had never seen a demonstration of how to use the steering wheel commands and voice commands… despite the software they had no idea how to make the system work properly. I could see why they were upset… no one had taken the time to show the best way to use their equipment (both how to use the phone and how to use the Sync system).
      I know that the 3.6 upgrade (that I wrote about in this blog more than four and a half years ago, has been updated many times more… so to upgrade your vehicle to version 3.71 would not be saying too much. I believe the latest MyFord Touch software is some where around version 4.1
      I’d report your status back to your dealer… sometimes they need to know this to get the latest reports from their Field Service Advisors…
      And, sometimes, the Apps we use on our phones are the very cause for the system running slow…

  4. I have a Ford Edge 2011, I purchased it new and have been very happy with the car. It s just turn up 21,000 miles, and some respect its like new. The problem is with my touch screen. The screen is totally black.
    Some of the system is still working example, when backing if I get to close to anything it starts to beep. My uneducated guess is that there is a bug with the version I have SYNC2 V3.6.. Took it to the dealer there solution was replace the unit at a cost of $900.
    Is there a way that to reboot the system? maybe reinstalling SYNC2V3,6 or maybe a later upgrade?
    Thank you for you assistance in the matter

    • Sorry to hear about your issues…
      If you haven;t registered your vehicle at , then you should do so… it would let you check to see if you have the latest software for your vehicle. Another link is:

      You mentioned the black screen… this could be a number of issues…
      I’ll go over some of them.
      First, the rear bumper of your vehicle apparently has reverse sensors. These are not part of the Sync system. They are active when the vehicle is in reverse and will beep if it indicates an obstacle within 6 feet.
      You didn’t say if you had the basic Sync system, or the MyFord Touch system (with the large touch screen).
      Over the years, if you have the MyFord Touch, then you and your dealer would have been notified of numerous software changes and upgrades. Yes, there were multiple issues with the 2011 version of MyFord Touch. At one point Ford sent out letters to some owners stating that the warranty on the Sync system was being extended to unlimited miles and the time period was also being extended out from the standard 36 months of coverage. Many of these systems failed and had to be replaced. Your dealer could check (using your vehicle’s VIN number) to see if this extended warranty is being offered to you and your vehicle.
      Elsewhere on my blog there are explanations of doing a “hard reboot.” This involves turning off the vehicle, removing the negative battery cable clamp for a few minutes, then replacing it. Then get in the vehicle and start it up. Wait a few minutes, then reset the clock, the media button and (maybe) the Sync system will reboot. Chances are, your dealer has already tried this and they’ve gotten the black screen.
      A black screen means your APIM may be damaged. This is a critical part of the processor that allows the system to access multiple functions in multiple ways…
      With a black screen, it is doubtful that starting the vehicle and installing a flash drive (with the software upgrade) would work, but there is a slim chance it would.
      Replacement would solve the issue and $900 is reasonable. If I recall, it was about a $700 upgrade to have the MyFord Touch system in the vehicle when it was delivered new.

  5. Same comment as Marc had. I have version 3.5 and there is no link to download new software on my ford when I am logged in. It does not exist. Super frustrating. The dealer even says my system can be updated they can do it for $150 or I can but…………no link to the software.

    • I just need to verify something…
      you said there was no link when you are logged in.
      Do you mean when you have logged into your account at

      • I also can confirm I have this issue, I current have version 3.5, ford website says I have 3.5 and says I am up to date. This is a 2011 Edge. So no way for me to download any updates.

        • Unfortunately, the MyFord Touch system when it was first introduced in 2011, has had some issues. For the models most affected… Ford actually extended the warranty to be sure customers would have a system that works. So did you register at to check for updates? You may want to call Ford at 1-800-792-3673 and have them clarify your best solution.

  6. Hi…we have a 2013 Ford Focus with MyFord Touch and everything has been working fine in our ‘new to us’ vehicle that we purchased in October until this past week.

    Here’s the issues we have:
    1. Black screen
    2. Sync trying to install update after 20-30 secs of black screen
    3. Freezes on loading screen & then comes up with error message that says the file is damaged or no longer valid (it literally pops up for 2 secs and is gone before I can even grab a screen shot of it to tell you exactly what it is saying).
    4. Shuts off and repeats this process 3-4 times before it goes off completely

    Now the advice throughout this feed has been to go onto the ford owner website for software updates, etc however being that we are in CANADA, these services are not available to us.

    It is basically useless and we are trying to now just locate a copy of Version: SYNC2 v3.5 to see if we can do a reinstall.

    Any support or advice for a Canadian Ford owner with this this same issue as the other people posting here and how to get this fixed without the need or expense of taking it into a Ford dealership is greatly appreciated.

    • I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your Ford. Yes, I know in some countries outside of the US, the Sync support is spotty. I will connect with you via e-mail to offer some solutions.

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