Making and Receiving Calls with your MyFord system

The standard right-side steering wheel controls for a basic Ford Sync system.

The standard right-side steering wheel controls for a basic Ford Sync system.

The whole idea is to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel… with that in mind, the MyFord and basic Sync systems have well-placed controls on your steering wheel’s right-hand side that you use along with your voice to make and receive phone calls. Here are some pointers to help you get started with this system…

When you take delivery of your new vehicle, be sure to have your salesperson “pair” your Bluetooth-enabled phone with your Ford Sync system. If you need a video reference, please refer to one of these short self-help videos:

Ford SYNC – Pairing Your Phone

The iPhone and Ford SYNC

The Android phone and Ford SYNC

The Blackberry and Ford SYNC

Have your phone turned on, and Bluetooth on, when you get in your vehicle and start it up.

To Make a Call

With your vehicle turned on, go to your steering wheel, right-hand side.

Push the “Voice” button – this is the left side of the button. This is the one with the profile of a face with sound coming from the mouth. When you’ve pushed this, you will hear a single tone come from your vehicle’s sound system.

It will be follow by the “Voice” that will say, “Sync, state your command.”

Give a Voice Command – The system is then awaiting a voice command and it will want to hear vocal commands such as “Phone,” “Bluetooth Audio,” “USB,” or, if you are equipped with a MyFord Touch system, you can designate a mode such as “Audio,” “Navigation,” or “Climate.”

The right-side of this two-sided button is called the “Media” button. The purpose of this button is to switch your audio system through anyone of the available mediums: such as, AM radio, FM radio, Sirius satellite radio (if equipped), the CD player, Bluetooth streaming audio, USB audio, and more… this is not the button to access SYNC.

Make the right Voice command – When you push the Voice button, listen for the tone. After a single tone, the system will state, “Sync, state your command.” By giving a correct response, such as “Phone,” then the system will respond with “Phone, state your command.”

Then say, “Call (contact’s full name as it appears in your phonebook) on (cell), or at (home, work).”

If correctly stated, the Sync system will respond (for example) with “Calling John Smith on cell.” You will hear the call being made and once the calling party picks up, you will hear them over the system’s speakers.

Although not recommended, you can use your handset to make a call. Once you have dialed it, the sound of the call will be heard over the system’s speakers.

Receiving a call

As you are driving you can receive calls (unless you have turned on the “Do Not Disturb” function (if equipped). If you are listening to the music, an incoming call will cause the music to be muted, then you will hear your phone handset’s ring.

To answer the call – Give a quick push on the button with the Phone icon (located on the lowest level of your right side of the steering wheel with the Phone icon). Within a second or so the active (in process) call will be heard over the vehicle’s sound system. Speak normally and use the steering wheel volume controls or your console’s volume knob to adjust the sound you hear from your sound system.

When you are finished with the call – Push and HOLD the same phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds and then release. The music will return to the previous volume setting.

The system will display the contact name (if applicable) or the calling phone number as the incoming call is ringing.

To reject a call – Just push and HOLD the phone icon for several seconds and your display will show “Call Rejected.” Your incoming call will go straight to your phone’s voice mail.

If you have additional questions, please contact your sales representative  or one of the your dealership’s Sync Specialists. Or you can obtain online support anytime on the internet at