SYNC: It’s in the way that you say it!

Voice Commands

Using voice commands

Getting to know the Sync technology and using it is the best way to expand your driving fun and pleasure. So don’t be afraid to ask about the things you can do and say now in your vehicle. And, remember, with Sync, it’s all in the way that you say it!
This is a Voice activated software infotainment system. It uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to access the phone with your voice while driving. So learning the sequence of voice commands is important. Here’s some tips on how to “be on speaking terms” with Sync in your new vehicle.
Ensure that your phone(s) and music device(s) are paired to the Sync system. For more information, please see this video Or, you can refer to the Sync manual or ask for assistance from your salesperson.
If your salesperson hasn’t already done it for you, create your own account at and start getting the most out of your Sync experience. Most Ford new vehicle owners get a three-year complimentary subscription (which requires annual renewal). This site also provides a wealth of information about Sync, it allows for personalizing some services, and it is where you can obtain the software updates to keep your system up-to-date.
Phone Voice Commands
When you push the VOICE button on your steering wheel, the voice will prompt you with “Sync state your command.” Say “phone” and the system will prompt with “Phone, state your command.” Continue reading