Ford Sync: I’ll tell you where to go…

SYNC, Ford’s hands-free communication system, is making it very easy to help you get some where. It just takes a a little education, some set-up and you will have a world of information at your fingertips.

The SYNC system was first released in early 2007. The first systems primarily handled making and receiving phone calls. The next generation in 2009 brought in the 911-Assist and Vehicle Health Report features. By 2010, Ford models had the Traffic, Direction and Information feature. Initially 2010 and 2011 models allow the owner to set up a complimentary account on With this three-year subscription (which requires annual renewals) the owner can get voice-activated turn-by-turn navigation, weather reports, business search, sports scores, traffic information and a host of other features. Vehicles with the older system may need a hardware upgrade to access these features (just ask the your Service Department for details). Continue reading

Ford’s SYNC is growing up!

Ed Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Co., and Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, jointly introduced the SYNC hands-free communications system in January 2007. In the four years since, Ford sales have been improving and the company has set its sights on having 4 million vehicles with the system on the road by the end of this year.

SYNC is an in-car, voice-activated, fully integrated entertainment and communications system powered by Microsoft. In the 2008 model year, the system essentially allowed Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, media player and text messaging access. In the 2009 model year, the system received some hardware updates and software enhancements and offered 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report. The 911 Assist automatically connects a paired phone in the vehicle with a 911 operator. GPS systems in the vehicle and/or the user’s phone allows the 911 operator to “locate” the vehicle and dispatch emergency workers. The Vehicle Health Report lets you select a preferred Ford dealer. If you want to credit a report, you push a button, ask for “Vehicle Health Report” and the information from your car’s main computer is set to your dealer’s service department. Any problems with the vehicle are relayed so your technician will have a better idea on how to service or repair your vehicle. Continue reading