Come on Consumer Reports… you can’t make vehicle technology go away!

Consumer Reports said the MyFord Touch system is complicated but did they take the time to learn it. And, did anyone ever show them how it all works?

By Vincent Hennigan, Sync Specialist

A Consumer Reports article took a shot at Ford Motor Company by saying the MyFord Touch systems STINK. Come on CR, you can’t make technology go away!

I look at this issue from a whole different perspective.  I think the real issue is learning, adapting and using new technology in vehicles. Some drivers say new technologies, such as Bluetooth streaming music, voice-activated navigation systems or adaptive cruise controls are too complicated. Some say it is too distracting.  Others are used to carrying and using a smartphone and they think vehicle technologies are too slow and don’t offer enough options.

Let’s just generally say older drivers are more comfortable with the “old school” of driving. They like few controls, they prefer buttons and knobs that you can actually turn, push or click, and they love simplicity. And, let’s just generally say drivers under the age of 25 feel comfortable listening to their own music, using voice commands to find the closest pizza at the best price and hearing an assortment of chirps and beeps that remind them to stay within the white lines. Continue reading