New MyFord Touch Upgrade to be Released in August 2013

A new MyFord Touch upgrade, version 3.6, will be released in August 2013

A new MyFord Touch upgrade, version 3.6, will be released in August 2013

Ford Motor Company is preparing its dealers to be ready to roll out the latest MyFord Touch and My Lincoln Touch software update to be released August 2013.

Effective July 18, 2013 all Ford and Lincoln dealers were put on notice about several important enhancements regarding In-Vehicle technology features. Ford will soon begin sending letters to existing MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Tough. The notice will  include information pertaining to the August 2013 release of the latest MyFord and MyLincoln Touch software version 3.6 (v3.6).

Included in the notice is a reminder of the recently launched consolidated SYNC owner websites found at and

There will also be information about the extension of the limited warranty on SYNC with MyFord/MyLincoln Touch system to a total of five years (Ford) and six years (Lincoln) from the warranty start date, regardless of mileage.  Initially, the SYNC system was warranted for 3 years. Continue reading

Ford announces MyFord Touch Version 3.5 upgrade to address concerns

Ford announced new software revisions to its MyFord Touch system at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

By Vincent Hennigan,
Ford Sync Specialist

Ford Motor announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2012 the most radical remake of its MyFord Touch system with a new upgrade (Version 3.5), and it’s sure to draw attention from Ford owners as well as from its critics.

For two years running, the Consumer Reports magazine has down-rated Ford vehicles. Their reviewers criticized the MyFord Touch system for being too complex. Ford CEO Al Mullaly and other executives are very aware of the public feedback on this new technology. It appears that changes have been made and the upgrades are being phased in so that current MyFord Touch owners can experience a different level of MyFord Touch. Ford will upgrade MyFord Touch, its touch-screen entertainment and navigation system beginning next month, Ford will also extend the warranty on the software by two years, a top executive said on Wednesday.

Ford has already sent out notices to all of its dealers announcing the upgrade. They have said it has improved the voice recognition and navigation in what it calls “version 3.5” of the software, said Mark Fields, Ford’s head of the Americas. Continue reading