Using a Galaxy s4 with Ford Sony Nav & Sync

Here's a workshop for getting your music to play through the Sony touch screen nav systems with Sync.

Here’s a workshop for playing your music through the Sony touch screen nav systems with Sync.

Here are some pointers for using your Galaxy s4 or smartphone with Ford Sony Touch Screen Nav with Sync which was available from 2009 to 2012.

The Sony Touch Screen nav system was out there for several years on the Super Duties, the F-150, the Explorer (from 2009 and 2010), the Expedition and the Taurus (until 2012). Refer to photo above. You’ll see a series of hard buttons to the top, to the left and to the right of the center touch screen.

One of this system’s unique features is a built-in hard drive for music storage. With 10 gigs of storage, you can store more than 1,000 songs pulled from pre-recorded CDs or from mp3 files.This feature was known as the Jukebox and it allowed you to play CDs and record the music straight to the Jukebox. Then, in the future you could access Jukebox (by pushing the Media button) to play your pre-recorded CD’s. The music files would be stored in a Music Library.

Some Samsung and iPhone users have issues accessing all of their music through this Sony system. We’ll cover some of those issues in this workshop.

The issue that some of you have is that Apple and Samsun are very possessive of the Apps and files on your phone. Especially with iTunes and the contents of your iPhone. There is no way to “move” music directly from an iPhone , or Samsung, or a USB device (plugged into your dash) to the Jukebox. However, take your smartphone, iPhone, iTunes or personal music saved on your device back to your desktop or laptop computer.

Your saved WAV, AAC, mp3 or mp4a files can be “burned” to a good ol’ trusty CD-R. Then take that self-created CD and play it in your vehicle. The Sony system center console screen will show a “Record” tab when playing a CD. When you tap this tab, you can “save” a song or the entire CD to the Jukebox – even while you are listening to it. Then, you would have the option of recording it and saving it to your Jukebox.

Now, as for playing Bluetooth music from your Galaxy or iPhone to your vehicle.

Be sure you have paired your phone to the Sync system.
For instructions on pairing see this link

Now, when you start up the vehicle, your phone should be paired.
Now, push the Voice icon on the steering wheel (the button with the mouth and sound waves).
The system will respond with a “Sync, state your command.”
Reply with, “Bluetooth Audio.”
The system will respond with “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.”
Reply with, “Play.”
The system will seek music files from your phone.
So go to your Galaxy, find the Music App you wish to play (it could be your music files, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc.)
Tap the App on your phone. As it boots up, then push the Play arrow on your App.
The music will begin to play through your Sync system.
Adjust volume with your steering wheel controls.
Use the Seek Arrows to move (left arrow) to go back to the beginning. Or, the right arrow to skip to the next track.
On some steering wheel controls, the OK button at the lower right of the steering wheel controls, when pushed, will pause the music. Push it again to restart the music.
Use the Voice button for additional commands, such as “Phone,” “Pause,” etc.
Push the hard buttons on your center console (Media or Radio) to get to the AM/FM, CDs, Jukebox selections.
As for text on the screen to show what is playing, this is a function of the Gracenote software (when used with certain CD’s this allows your system to “read” the artist name and song title).
There is not enough “bandwidth” for the Sync system to know what is playing from your phone when using the Bluetooth streaming music.
However, when playing Apps such as Pandora, iHeart Radio and so on, they do transmit the Song title, Artist name through to the center console screen. The phone screen images of album covers and advertising will not show on your center console.
Music that you have recorded onto a USB drive (that has the Artist name and Song titles attached to the files) can show on your center console screen when you plug your flash drive into the center console USB ports.
You would want to push your Voice button and request “USB” when doing this.
When the system responds with “USB, state your command.”
You can reply with “Play All,” “Shuffle,” “Play Artist Arcade Fire,” or “Play song Shake It Off.”