Workshop: Sync and MyFord System Settings

Use this workshop to find out more about personalizing your Sync System Settings.

Use this workshop to find out more about personalizing your Sync System Settings.

By Vincent Hennigan
Sync Specialist

Every Ford Sync system – from basic to MyFord Touch – has an extensive Settings Folder. This is workshop to focus on using those commands – specifically with the basic Sync system or the MyFord system – to get the most from this communication system.

Refer to the photo above, the lower photo refers to the typical steering wheel control and the photo above it is the typical center console display. You might notice the steering wheel controls and the buttons on the center console usually have a button with an icon of a telephone handset. If your vehicle ignition is on, then, if you press this button, in a few moments the center console will display Phone Menu and then Phone Redial… use the steering wheel Double Arrow button, or the Tuning knob on the console, to move the Phone Menu topics.

The typical Settings topics are: System Settings, VHR, 911 Assist, Sync Services, Phone Settings, Text Message, Phonebook, Call History, Phone Redial and Exit Phone Menu. When you land on a title, and then press the OK button on the steering wheel control or on the console, it opens that specific menu. Once again, use the Arrows or the Tuning knob to move through the menu. The OK button either selects a topic or confirms a question that system has asked… If you ever encounter the word Return, then hit OK to return to the prior menu.

Within the System Settings folder are these topics: Bluetooth Devices or Advanced. Under Advanced there are the topics of Prompts, Language, Factory Defaults, Master Reset, Install Application, System Info and Return.

For example, if you select Prompts, then hit OK, the screen then prompts you to either turn on or turn off the verbal prompts used by the voice of the Sync system. Some users will hear the tone after they push the “Voice” button the steering wheel… they’ll see the screen display “Listening” and then they call give their vocal command (for example, “Phone,” “Call Bill Jones on cell” and the Sync system will automatically make the call. This is the way Advanced Users may want to go, but someone who isn’t familiar with the vocal commands and the pacing will be completely lost. So, you can select Prompts On or Prompts Off.

And, yes, there is a topic called “Master Reset,” but in my experience I’m not really sure if that is an effective was of resetting anything of consequence on the Sync system. Going to Factory Defaults will allow a User to clear out the preferences previously set by someone else – and this may be a more effective way to clear out some issues.

Elsewhere on the System Settings menu is the Text Message topic. Most times (especially with an iPhone), if selected, the display will show “Text Messages Not Supported.”  But with some Android devices this topic will allow you to set the way the Sync system notifies the driver that there is a new text message that has come in.

There is a topic on Phone Settings, and one of the sub-topics is Set Ringer, and yes, you can modify the way the Sync system rings depending on who is calling, or it allows you to set the volume of the Ringer.

So, it’s worth the time to sit in your drive way and while you are idling, take the time to explore the System Settings. Click on this link to see a comprehensive video on using the Ford Sync system.