Ford Staying Between the Lines with New Tech

New Lane Keeping technology is now available on the 2013 Ford Explorer and Fusion and can help make drowsy drivers have a safer driving experience.

Ford is helping drivers stay between the lines with new tech – a sophisticated lane keeping technology now available for the everyday driver in the Explorer and Fusion models.

The new Lane Keeping System is an available option that can warn drivers if it detects they are getting too tired to drive. Vehicles with the new technology are already arriving at Ford dealerships around the country. The system has three unique features designed to help drivers stay in control behind the wheel, including a Driver Alert System that can notify drivers if it detects signs of drowsiness. In this case, a coffee cup light will appear on the dashboard instrument cluster to suggest the driver take a break.

The Explorer and the newly redesigned Fusion will be loaded with new innovations, including this new lane keeping technology that helps drivers stay in control of their vehicle if they drift out of their lane or show signs of drowsiness.

Click here for animation of Ford’s new Lane Keeping System.

The system uses a small forward-facing camera mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror, and is able to identify lane markings on both sides of the vehicle. When the vehicle is on the move, the camera looks at the road ahead and predicts where the vehicle should be positioned relative to the lane markings. Continue reading