Sync Workshop: Pairing the iPhone 4S and Ford Sync

Tips on using streaming Bluetooth music with your iPhone 4S and the Ford Sync system

Here’s how to pair your iPhone 4s  with your Ford Sync – and how to get the most “music” out of your iPhone 4s!

This workshop will cover a few topics and hopefully make it a bit easier…

Most iPhone 4S users connect their phones to a computer occasionally to recharge their phone or to get iPhone OS updates. If you don’t, you should. What I mean is… if all you ever do is plug your phone into phone’s USB cord and plug it into a USB port to recharge, then you could be using an old out-of-date software version. Connecting through iTunes allows the user to backup files, to download App updates, to download iTunes music, download photos and videos and much more.

If you haven’t already, then pair your iPhone to your Ford sync system in your vehicle. Click on this video link to get that handled. The Sync system will recognize your phone as an iPhone, a Bluetooth music device and an USB device. Where a lot of users get things out of whack is when they starting mixing the uses with the Sync system. Continue reading