Sync Workshop: “Calling Dot on Cell” is a Fixable Phone Book Issue

Sometimes the Ford Sync system cannot make a phone call doe to problems with your phone contacts -- here's a workshop on overcoming this problem.

Sometimes the Ford Sync system cannot make a phone call due to problems with your phone book contacts — here’s a workshop on overcoming this problem.

So you try to use the Ford Sync system to make a hands-free phone call and the Ford Sync system replies, “Calling Dot on Cell…” It’s frustrating, but it seems the issue isn’t caused by the Sync system, it’s caused by your phone.

Sometimes the Ford Sync system is compromised in its search for phone contact information and this workshop focuses more on managing your iPhone contacts folder.

With the growing number of smartphone users there seems to be a growing number of “issues” when it comes to using Bluetooth accessible system like the Ford Sync System.

Recently we have seen a growing number of iPhone users with a problem of not being able to access their phone book contacts. Even though the phone has been paired correctly and the phone book has been “downloaded” the system still cannot make the call.

For example, you push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Phone.” The system replies, “Phone, state your command.” Then you say, “Call John Smith on cell.” The Sync may reply with “Calling Dot on Cell.” Then it calls the first name listed in your phone book. What’s up?

One issue was covered in an earlier blog.  That issue is focused on improper data entry into the phone book. This new issue is related to software apps, such as Emoji 2. This free app lets you add emoticons (such as smiley faces and so on) to your iPhone contacts. The trouble is that even one emoticon (or for that matter, extraneous punctuation marks and symbols used in phone book data fields) will corrupt your phone book to the point that Sync cannot interpret any of your contact names.

Solution: Don’t use this App. If you do, then you cannot rely on any Bluetooth hands-free system to “find” the contact name. You would have to manually dial your contact on your phone while driving — and this defeats the entire purpose of hands-free Bluetooth systems. Or, you can delete the App from your phone and go back and edit out any emoticons, logos, artwork, symbols, punctuation marks and so on that you put into your phone book.

Go to your iPhone and tap the Contacts. Scroll through your phonebook contacts to see if any one of them has a smiley face emoji or emoticon. Tap the contact, then tap Edit (the emoticon will be in a separate box) and delete the emoticon from the box. Power down your iPhone and after a few minutes, power it back up. Turn off your vehicle. Open the door and let the gauge clusters turn off, then close the door and restart your vehicle.

If needed, consider doing a  “soft reset” on your smartphone. Here’s a quick video link on a soft reset for the iPhone.

If you have additional questions, be sure to visit the website. Happy driving!

Sync Workshop: Pairing the iPhone 4S and Ford Sync

Tips on using streaming Bluetooth music with your iPhone 4S and the Ford Sync system

Here’s how to pair your iPhone 4s  with your Ford Sync – and how to get the most “music” out of your iPhone 4s!

This workshop will cover a few topics and hopefully make it a bit easier…

Most iPhone 4S users connect their phones to a computer occasionally to recharge their phone or to get iPhone OS updates. If you don’t, you should. What I mean is… if all you ever do is plug your phone into phone’s USB cord and plug it into a USB port to recharge, then you could be using an old out-of-date software version. Connecting through iTunes allows the user to backup files, to download App updates, to download iTunes music, download photos and videos and much more.

If you haven’t already, then pair your iPhone to your Ford sync system in your vehicle. Click on this video link to get that handled. The Sync system will recognize your phone as an iPhone, a Bluetooth music device and an USB device. Where a lot of users get things out of whack is when they starting mixing the uses with the Sync system. Continue reading