Today America plugs into the new Ford Focus Electric!

Ford CEO Al Mulally "plugs in" America into the new Focus Electric - the order bank is now open!

As of Nov. 2, 2011, drivers that want to go completely gasoline-free will be able to configure the all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric online at and place their orders with a Certified Electric Vehicle (EV) dealer.

“Today is an historic day, as Ford opens up the order banks for the company’s first full production, all-electric passenger vehicle – the Focus Electric,” said Chad D’Arcy, Focus Electric Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company. “The all-new Focus Electric is an important part of Ford’s overall strategy, bringing still another option to customers who want a car that is fun-to-drive, easy to own and fully electric.”

Drivers interested in learning more about the 2012 Focus Electric will be able to see detailed product specs and virtually build and price one at a dedicated online website: starting Nov. 2, 2011. Continue reading

Driving a Focus Electric will give you butterflies!

The Focus Electric dashboard uses butterflies to show efficient driving patterns.

Ford knows the best way to ensure customers will be happy with the overall driving experience is to get them involved with the R&D of a new vehicle! Ford invited potential customers to participate in a special driving simulator to give engineers their feedback on the in-dash display of the Focus Electric. So what will it be – butterflies, solar panels or windmills –what would you like to see on your dash display?

Participants got to use a variety of potential dashboard displays in a testing lab. In the lab environment, the participants “drove” the test vehicle through an 11-mile circuit through city streets, hills and country land. The participants saw the same information that would appear in an actual Focus Electric, including two 4.2-inch full-color LCD screens flanking the speedometer in the center. There, information about state of charge, distance to charge point, the corresponding budget and expected range surplus appear. How the gauge concepts and design are comprehended by participants helps to ensure the unique extension of the MyFord Touch® interactive display is easy to use and will meet owner information needs. MyFord Touch on the Focus Electric offers drivers features and info about range, destinations and charge points. Continue reading

My EV sounds better than your EV!

Sound effects for EVs

Earlier this year, Congress passed legislation that has been signed into law requiring all-electric vehicles (EVs) to create a “noise” so that pedestrians and others can be better aware of on-coming electric vehicles.

Call me old-school, but Mom and Dad taught me to look both ways before crossing the street. Nowadays, in the busy hum-drum clackety-clack of a downtown setting, I guess most folks can’t tell if a car is coming until there is a noise preceding it.

So now it’s going to be mandated by a law enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Strange, with the advent of Rap, House, Techno and other delightful forms of music, we used to call for the police to arrest a driver for having his or her car audio system turned up too loud. Now, we may have to call for help because your typical EV moves like a stealth fighter moving through the streets.

Recently the engineers at Ford had some good Facebook time. Continue reading