Please, just say no to Emojis! These Apps corrupt the Ford Sync System!


No Emojis Please! Using emoticons on your smartphone can prevent Ford Sync from understanding voice commands.

By Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

Using emoticons on your smartphone is the quickest way to cause severe problems with the voice-to-text functions of the Ford Sync System. Here is my third article on this topic…

Since late 2012 there were numerous problems with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy, the HTC Evo and other smartphones having connectivity issues with the Ford Sync system. User forums for the smartphones and for the Sync system have been filled with people which connectivity problems that affected the base model, the MyFord and the MyFord Touch Sync systems. The issue was something was seriously affecting the Sync users accessibility of their phone book contacts with Voice commands. If you pushed the “Voice” icon on your steering wheel and said “Phone” and then “Call + (your contact name)” then your Sync system might reply, “Calling Dot on Cell.”

Some of the issues were a result of smartphone users downloading and using any of the Emoji Apps. The word emoji is Japanese for ideograms, you know, those little emoticons such as smiley faces, frowny faces, etc.

The new Apple iOS even allows iPhone 5 users to go to their Settings folder, to the General settings, to the Keyboard tab, and then you go to the next menu and select “Keyboards.” You can then tap “Add New Keyboard” and add an emoji keyboard. However, this is the kiss of death for your Sync system. Continue reading