Have digital downloads killed the CD player?

Bye, bye tape deck, so long CD player, digital is IN!

After a 30-year run, the compact disk (CD) wiped out cassette tape and phonograph record sales. However, the CD’s day may already be fading away… Ford announced that it will no longer offer the CD player in its European Focus models in the coming year.

With the all-new 2012 Ford Focus in Europe, Ford has scrapped once-popular multi-disc CD changers, while a USB port is standard equipment and most models offer standard Bluetooth connectivity – both of which cater to the increasing popularity of iPods and other digital music players.

In fact, since the new European Focus went on sale in March, 95 per cent of Focus customers have opted for a model with both a USB port and an auxiliary jack for MP3 players to allow independent device integration, and 90 per cent of new Focus models on Europe’s roads offer Bluetooth. Continue reading