Sync Workshop – Common Blackberry Problems

Workshop: Sync & Blackberry

This workshop covers using a Blackberry phone with the Ford Sync system.

By Vincent Hennigan, Sync Specialist

Let’s face it, sometimes phones don’t seem to work well with Sync… so is the problem with Sync or is it with the phone? The open architecture of the Sync systems allows it to work with a wide variety of phones. When problems occur you have to run down a list of things to check to see where the problems lies… and Blackberry phones are a world unto themselves.

One thing that makes this so frustrating is a lot of companies select Blackberry phones as the “company phone.” So as a user you may not want this type of phone but your company does.

So let’s look at some of the common Blackberry/Sync issues and try to present some good solutions. One of those issues is when you try to pair a Blackberry and in the middle of the pairing process the Sync system goes into “privacy mode” and appears to freeze the system.

First of all, always make sure the Wi-Fi connection is not in the ON setting on your phone. Turn this feature off for now because it will conflict with the Pairing process. Continue reading