New Apple iOS 5.1.1. Update May Pose Some Ford Sync Issues

Some Ford Sync users reported issues today with their Bluetooth connectivity after upgrading to Apple's new iOS version 5.1.1

By Vince Hennigan, Ford Sync Specialist

We’ve been busy today at our dealership. Apple started alerting iPhone users to the new iOS 5.1.1 update… and it seems for some Ford Sync users that downloading and upgrading has caused some things get out of “Sync” with their Ford Microsoft Sync systems.

For many, the MyFord Touch screen went to “black” and froze on whatever task it was working on and refused to “turn off.” I recommend doing a “hard reboot” on vehicles that are “frozen.” To do this, turn off your vehicle, open the hood, use a wrench to loosen the nut on the black battery cable clamp. Remove the clamp from the battery for about a minute, then replace it and tighten the bolt back up. Close the hood and restart the vehicle. The MyFord Touch system will do a “reboot”  and the system will start up again from factory specs.Things should be working normally again from this point. Sometimes I think these Apple software updates cause the Bluetooth protocol to change with the Sync system, leaving things out of kilter. A reboot seems to start things up from a common point and will work better. Continue reading