Today America plugs into the new Ford Focus Electric!

Ford CEO Al Mulally "plugs in" America into the new Focus Electric - the order bank is now open!

As of Nov. 2, 2011, drivers that want to go completely gasoline-free will be able to configure the all-new 2012 Ford Focus Electric online at and place their orders with a Certified Electric Vehicle (EV) dealer.

“Today is an historic day, as Ford opens up the order banks for the company’s first full production, all-electric passenger vehicle – the Focus Electric,” said Chad D’Arcy, Focus Electric Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company. “The all-new Focus Electric is an important part of Ford’s overall strategy, bringing still another option to customers who want a car that is fun-to-drive, easy to own and fully electric.”

Drivers interested in learning more about the 2012 Focus Electric will be able to see detailed product specs and virtually build and price one at a dedicated online website: starting Nov. 2, 2011. Continue reading

Using Apple iPhone Music with iOS5 with Ford Sync

New Apple software upgrades still haven't allowed the iPhone all of its potential functionality with Ford's Sync system.

Getting used to the new Apple iOS 5 is the newest “game in town” when it comes to using your Ford Microsoft Sync system.

Before even downloading the new OS onto your iPhone 3GS or 4, Apple requires you to update your host computer’s software for Apple iTunes. Be sure to back up your phone contacts (it’s easiest to use contacts from Microsoft Outlook). Be sure to back up all of the music on your iPhone. Be sure to back up any apps, podcast, videos, sound files and photos as well. The installation of Apple iOS 5 will cancel out your phone’s contacts and music storage for sure. So, after installing the OS 5, take the time to put everything back. You will have the opportunity to op into using the iCloud for storage. You will want to consider this. When you sign up for iCloud, you automatically get 5GB of free storage. And that’s plenty of room, because of the way iCloud stores your content. Your purchased music, apps, books, and TV shows, as well as your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free storage. Since your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data don’t use as much space, you’ll find that 5GB goes a long way. And if you need more storage, you can easily purchase a storage upgrade right from your device.

So after downloading the OS 5, take a USB iPhone cable to your car. When you plug in your iPhone into the USB port, allow a few minutes for the Sync system to acknowledge the iPhone. It will begin indexing the music. Select either the music on your iPhone or a program like Pandora, Stitcher or iHeartRadio. Push the “Voice” button on your steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio.”  Look at your iPhone’s screen, in the lower center it may show the word ”Sync” if you touch it, you will have the choice to select “Dock Connection,” select that. When you are playing from your stored Music you can push the Voice button, you can call out “Play Artist The Beatles.”  Or you could say, “Play Song Let It Be.” Continue reading

Have digital downloads killed the CD player?

Bye, bye tape deck, so long CD player, digital is IN!

After a 30-year run, the compact disk (CD) wiped out cassette tape and phonograph record sales. However, the CD’s day may already be fading away… Ford announced that it will no longer offer the CD player in its European Focus models in the coming year.

With the all-new 2012 Ford Focus in Europe, Ford has scrapped once-popular multi-disc CD changers, while a USB port is standard equipment and most models offer standard Bluetooth connectivity – both of which cater to the increasing popularity of iPods and other digital music players.

In fact, since the new European Focus went on sale in March, 95 per cent of Focus customers have opted for a model with both a USB port and an auxiliary jack for MP3 players to allow independent device integration, and 90 per cent of new Focus models on Europe’s roads offer Bluetooth. Continue reading

Ford Sync Works in 19 Languages Worldwide

Ford Sync and Babylon on your dashboard – this system is available in different languages around the world!

Ford Sync, introduced in January 2007, works with 19 languages worldwide.
The expansion brings convenience of SYNC to a much larger audience of potential customers, said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally, who kicked off a global launch at a tech show in Germany in late Feb. 2011.
SYNC was originally launched in North American in 2007 with three languages – English, Spanish and French. New languages will be available first in Europe in 2012 with the introduction in the Ford Focus. This expansion of languages sets an industry benchmark for automotive voice recognition capability.
Mulally added, “Sync is a smart and simple way to connect drivers with in-car technologies and their digital lives.”
At the heart of SYNC is the speech engine and Ford is working with its speech technology partner, Nuance Communications, to deliver a similar experience across the multiple languages. Since the system has expanded across the United States – Sync is now in more than 3 million vehicles – Ford and Nuance have bridged the problems of one system understanding everything from ValleyGirl speak to Southern drawl. Continue reading