MyFord Touch System Performance Upgrades Are In The Mail!

Thousands of Ford and Lincoln owners with the MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch will be receiving within soon a special package with the new Performance Upgrade.

More than 300,000 current owners of 2011 and 2012 Ford Edges, Explorers and Focuses with the MyFord Touch system will soon be receiving some new software from their car company — the much-anticipated MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch system upgrade software.

Dave Martin, Field Service Engineer for Ford, said March 5 that Ford would begin mailing out a special packet to the thousands of 2011/2012 model year Edge, MKX, Explorer and 2012 Focus owners with MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch. The packet will include a USB flash drive with updated software, a notification letter, detailed instructions for the 60-minute download, and an update user guide. Navigation-equipped vehicle owners also will receive an updated SD card with all-new, updated map data.

Ford and Lincoln service departments are gearing up for this release because, if preferred, customers can elect to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer for installation of the upgrade.

The new software upgrade will be installed on the 2012 Ford Taurus and the Flex which are now going into the “build mode.” Continue reading

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel!

Ford's Sync helps you keep your eye on the road.

Rock legends The Doors had a top hit with the 1970 song, Roadhouse Blues, with the lyrics “keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.” Little did they know that this would become the rallying cry for development of automobile telematics in the beginning of this century.

With the on-going development of Ford’s hands-free infotainment system, drivers can now get more out of their vehicles. But it does require some getting used to. And, learning something new takes the average person “out of their comfort zone” and forces them to adapt and learn some new things. So often, with the Ford Sync system, users wonder why the message screen says Phone Redial and “where did the music go that I was listening to?”

The thing to remember is that by having a phone “paired” to the Ford Sync system it just means that the cell phone is connected wirelessly to the vehicle’s dashboard. Some Ford Sync systems use a LED screen at the top center of their dash, just above the CD and radio controls (such as the Fusion, Mustang, Escape, Expedition and the F-Series trucks). Some systems use a voice activated touch screen navigation system (such as the Fusion, Mustang, Taurus, Escape, Expedition and the F-Series trucks). Newer models, (such as the Edge and the Explorer) use the MyFord Touch with a touch screen voice activated screen in the top center of the dash, plus 4.2” screens in the driver’s dashboard cluster with steering wheel controls. The Fiesta and Focus use a slightly different MyFord system. Continue reading

Introducing Touch Screen technology with MyFord Touch…

The 8-inch touch screen display in the center console is the hallmark of MyFord Touch

Originally published in April 2011

A new 8-inch touch screen is the heart of the MyFord Touch system – the next generation of the highly rated SYNC system which offers new voice activation capabilities.

Using two five-way controllers mounted on either side of the steering wheel, this system has two smaller LCD displays on the dash display. Plus, there is an 8-inch touch screen display in the center stack. Now there are voice commands and a few “old school” touch buttons.

The MyFord Touch 8-inch display has four color-coded corners with touch buttons and on-screen lists and icons that control phone, navigation, entertainment and climate. Each quadrant can be expanded to access more features.

The 2011 Edge, the 2011 Explorer and 2012 Focus were the first models with this technology. This new technology is way ahead of other vehicles. The screen to the left of the speedometer (controlled by the five-way controller on the left of the steering wheel), handles the mechanical features of the vehicle. You can access miles per gallon readings, miles to empty, trip odometers and even set features like the MyKey. Continue reading