Sync Workshops: Correctly Pairing the Android Phone

 By Vincent Hennigan,
Technology Consultant

Is your Android-based smartphone acting up on the Ford Sync system? Today’s workshop and lessons will focus on the Android phone when used with Ford’s Microsoft Sync system.

The Ford Microsoft Sync system works well with most phones. However, if some phones, like the Android-based Samsung, HTC or even the Blackberry phones, need to be “paired” correctly. If paired incorrectly some Android-based and Blackberry cell phone will not download their phone books — making it impossible to “call” out a name to the Sync system. Also, the calls may randomly drop or the phone might randomly switch into “Privacy Mode.”

If you have already paired your phone, then you need to do a “Clean Pairing.” Begin by starting your vehicle, turning on your radio and your phone. Go to the Phone Menu (displayed on the LED screen in the center stack or on the Touch Screen navigation window). Use the tuning knob (or touch screen) to select System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Delete Device. Select your phone, and then push the OK button on steering wheel or dash to delete it. Then go to the phone, to its Settings folder, Bluetooth Settings, Connected Devices, and then “delete” the phone.

As an added measure, turn your vehicle off, and raise the hood. Then loosen and pull the black battery cable clamp assembly off the battery post for about a minute. Then replace it and retighten it. Close your hood and return to the vehicle. Turn it on. Let it run for about 5 minutes. Then turn the vehicle off, and open the door to make sure everything is powered down. Then restart the vehicle. Some people have been trying to pull the Sync fuse from their vehicle’s fuse box, this process accomplishes the same effect, and its easier. This procedure signals your vehicle to “reboot” from factory specs and it refreshes the system. It may require you to rest your clock and to check preset radio station selections.

This completes the initial part of the “Clean Pairing” process.

Now, to “Pair” a phone for the first time, to add a new Bluetooth device, or to continue the “Clean Pairing” process, now go to the Phone Menu, System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Add Bluetooth Device, then push OK to begin pairing and the system will come back with a 6-digit PIN. For those of you with the LED screen on your center console, turn the tuning knob until it says Special PIN, hit OK, and it usually comes up with “0000” (or the alternate”1234”). Then go to your phone, to the Settings, Bluetooth Settings, and push Add Device. When it recognizes the Sync system, it may initially say something like “Handsfree device.”  Wait until it shows “Sync.” Then then tap the Sync button on the phone. Usually, after a few seconds, it will come back and prompt you to enter the PIN number. Enter the “0000” (or the “1234” number) and then push Pair on the phone. For those with the Touch Screen NAV system, you have to use the 6-digit PIN. Some Android smartphones assume the PIN is “0000” and enters those numbers automatically.

Be sure to watch, some Droids come back with a sub-menu that asks you if you want to always recognize the Sync/Bluetooth connection, select  “Always On” and tell it OK. The Sync system will then ask if you want to make this the Primary Phone, push OK on the steering wheel or console. Tell it OK on the 911 Assist. When it asks to Download Phonebook, now you can push OK, and OK again, and it will download the phone contacts. It may take the system a few minutes to index all of the contacts in your cell phone’s phone book.

The 6-digit PIN gets an Android or Blackberry phone confused so the Phonebook does not download completely, or at all. The 6-digit PIN works fine with the Apple iPhone. Using the 4-digit PIN corrects that and it seems to hold the Bluetooth signals better so it doesn’t drop calls or shift back into Privacy Mode.

Be sure to register an account on Ford’s SyncMyRide website. This site is a resource for all Sync users and has a wealth of resource information and videos. Check to see if there are any software upgrades. If you want to upgrade, use a clean USB jump drive and follow instructions to download the update from the website. A common problem with outdated Sync software is to have the random switch to Privacy Mode. Sometimes if it seems the vehicle’s Sync microphone cannot “hear you.” This is usually due to out-dated Sync software. Once a week, be sure to power down your phone and then restart it. Also, from time-to-time, be sure the firmware on your phone is current and up-to-date.


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208 thoughts on “Sync Workshops: Correctly Pairing the Android Phone

  1. My ford escape sirus radio always goes to Privacy Mode after in use my Apple I phone for call. I have reinstalled the link, reset the system and still can not figure out why. It worked fine for the first two months, now I have this problem. Once I shut off the car and restart, the phone syncs and connects and again allows me to make just one call and again goes to Privacy Mode.

    • What kind of cellphone are you using? I had this happen the other day to a customer, they had an iPhone 4s, but it had the OS 5.0.1. We upgraded the phone’s OS to 5.1. I pulled the black battery cable for a minute and then retightened it. I restarted the car, then I deleted the Sync from the phone, I deleted the phone from the Sync system, then I re”paired” the phone and Sync. After that, everything seemed to work fine…

  2. My 2011 Ford F150 with Sync and paired with my Droid 2 seems to have very poor voice quality after it rains heavily. I can dial from the truck with my droid directly with perfect voice quality, but when I go through Bluetooth/sync, people can barely understand what I am saying. Is this a known problem, any recommended solution. I have not taken it back to the dealer yet. Thanks, Larry

    • Please visit your Ford service department and have them check the microphone. I’m not sure what you mean about dialing directly from your Droid — I’m assuming that you mean you are making a call directly from your phone and not using the Sync system at all. The microphone used by Sync in the truck may need to be replaced.

  3. I have a Samsung Brightside (let me say now that I hate this phone), and a 2012 Focus. I have been having trouble with not being able to make outgoing calls unless I either use the DIAL command or manually dial them on my phone. The CALL command wil place the call but I will not hear the person I called nor will they hear me using the SYNC microphone or speakers. This seemed to have started around the time that I updated my SYNC with the lastest update a few weeks ago. After lot of Master Resets and Phone Deletes/Pairings I finally figured out with the help of the above SYNC article that my SYNC is always defaulting to Privacy Mode for call made with thej CALL command. However, the PRIVACY idicator on my SYNC flat touch panel display is OFF. I found that if after placing a call with the CALL command if I immediately cycle the PRIVACY button by turning PRIVAVY mode ON then OFF, I can hear and be heard using SYNC. This kinda defeats the purpose of SYNC. Eh?

    So Mr. Ford/Mr. Gates. when do you plan on fixing this???

    • Robert, I’m sorry to hear of your issues. When I can personally sit in a vehicle I can usually correct any issue. With your situation I feel the issue may be your phone. I haven’t checked the SyncMyRide website but I’m guessing your model of phone may not interface fully with Sync. Visit to find further information, or speak with one of the reps to get more assistance. The Sync system is a “bring your device” system… The system can only do so much with certain phones. So please check out Ford’s online support website.

      • My Samsung Brightside worked PERFECTLY in my 2012 Edge. Not so much in my new Explorer. Dealer/Service stumped. Any explanation?

        • I need some help here…
          What Sync system was in the 2012 Edge – basic with LED screen, the smaller 4.2 screen (not the touch system) or the MyFord Touch?
          Was the software up-to-date in the Edge?
          What system do you have in the Explorer?
          What issues are you encountering in the Explorer? Does the Sync system not find a phone contact? Does it not play Bluetooth audio? Let me know…
          And, how long have you owned the Brightside? Have you ever updated the operating system?
          Do you use WI-Fi connections to get to the internet?

  4. I synced my blackberry with no issues, my address book came over and I can make calls. My issue is that no one can hear me well. I can hear them perfectly. Not sure how to fix this I problem?

    • A couple of things you should know… when you turn your phone microphone up (or down), it changes the sensitivity of the vehicles microphone. So, you might have your volume turned down on your phone.
      Another thing to check… do you have your phone “muted?” Sometimes, especially if your pair to the Sync system with a Blackberry, you might pair it as a Bluetooth device (like an earpiece)… your phone thinks it’s supposed to mute the phone speaker anytime it’s being used by Sync.
      Also, do you know where your Sync microphone is? Be sure to speak clearly and loud enough, in the right direction, for your Sync microphone to hear.
      Finally, although rare, it is possible that your vehicle’s microphone isn’t working properly. If you suspect this, then visit your Ford dealership and have a Service Advisor do a check.
      Good luck!

  5. I was having troubles pairing my new droid. I had my ‘old” phone paired to sync. Once I deleted the old phone, the new one paired right up.

    • Have you “deleted” your old droid from the Sync system? If so, then do that (go to the phone menu, to phone settings, bluetooth devices, delete device, serach for the old model number, then select and hit OK to delete). When you pair the new phone be sure to answer the questions (Make primary phone? Download phonebook? Say OK… when it starts the phonebook download your phone will ping adn ask you if you should “Allows Allow (check the box “OK” and click yes) access to the phonebook). If you don’t then your phone won’t stay “Paired.” If you missed this part, then delete Sync from the phone and your phone from Sync and start over with the pairing process.

      • Thank you. That was very helpful. I recently had to replace my MotoX three times in two months. The first two phones synced up with no problem. I could not get the third phone to sync. My car wouldn’t recognize the phone and the phone wouldn’t recognize the car. I followed the advice of the above comment and deleted the prior devises from the Sync system and that solved the problem immediately. It is now working perfectly. Thank you!

  6. Hello,

    Thanks for maintaining an informative site. I have an HTC One S running Android 4.0.4. sync’d with a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid (now about a month old). Any streaming via Bluetooth cuts out for a fractio of second about every 6 – 10 seconds. In addition, connecting the phone to the USB only charges the phone. Any thoughts?


    • I think that in the process of being “paired” two bluetooth devices will constantly be pinging inquiries back and forth between the receiving and transmitting devices. I bet that could be causing the “cut out.” Check with your phone provider to see if they have a software upgrade or a fix. Now, about plugging your phone in… if you start listening to your device by using the voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” then that identifies to the Sync system the source of the media. However, when you plug it into your USB port, then you have to push the voice button and say “USB.” Now the Sync system changes the media source — and then you can hear the sound. See if this works for you.

  7. I have a 2013 escape w/MyFord Touch. My samsung brightside phone also defaults to privacy mode when voice commanded calls are made. It worked great until the latest update to the sync system in march. Apparently the fix is to replace the phone—I want my update undone….by the way most dealers in omaha area don’t know what the problem is either.

    • I think this is actually related to the operating system software of the Samsung phone.
      My first recommendation is to remove SYNC from your phone Bluetooth settings.
      Power your phone completely off.
      Turn on your Escape and remove the Samsung phone (Delete BT device)
      I would turn off the vehicle, open the hood, and pull the black (negative) battery cable. After 5 minutes, replace the cable, retighten it. Close the hood.
      Restart the Escape. Wait a few minutes for things to completely reset. You will find the radio has defaulted back to AM radio. Reset the clock and find something on FM to listen to.
      Go to the Phone mode (corner) and add phone, click on this video link, for a refresher on how to pair your phone.
      Follow through with OK or yes on all of the follow up questions.
      PLEASE NOTE, when you approve the Download Phonebook question, your phone will ping and prompt you to “Check” on the Always Accept and Approve this Bluetooth connection to your phonebook. Be sure this PBAF alert from your phone is handled.
      After the download is complete everything should work fine.
      I know this seems like a lot to do… but in a a way its very similar to powering down and rebooting your desktop computer (which probably needs to be done about once a week).
      Also, once a week, after you are done driving for the day, power down your cellphone about once a week. Leave it off for a few minutes. Reboot it before your start the vehicle.
      And, when you phone call comes into Sync, use the steering wheel “Phone” icon to answer the call (give it a single definite push).
      Answering the phone call by accepting the call on your phone will confuse the system and make it flip back and forth between Privacy Mode.
      I hope this helps.

    • I dont know if your brightside is anything like the s4, but in the menu on the s4 you can turn driving mode on and off, When driving mode is on, the phone defaults to speakerphone which puts sync in privacy mode. Not sure if it’s related but maybe it will help.

  8. After doing this procedure twice, the same dropping of the voice prompted call occurs.. We’re getting different phones this week. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

  9. Hi Vincent,

    Congratulations on a great website. I am having some issues with the quality of my calls on the receiving end, I can hear people fine but people say that once the vehicle starts to move it, is as if all the windows are open. I’ve been told it sounds like I am sky diving while on the phone and it is nearly impossible to make out what I am saying, even when shouting!

    I have a Ford Focus 2013 and Samsung Galaxy note N7000.

    Any advice please?

    • Yes, since you have a bumper-to-bumper warranty…. why not visit your Ford Service Department? Ask them to do a performance check on your microphone. Rarely a mic can be seated improperly and it can cause interferring sounds.. Also, check your main air vent on the center console, do you have it aimed at the speaker?

  10. I have a LG Cosmos 2 (VN251)is this a supported version, and where is the newest list of supported phones for sync on a 2013 ford escape. Incoming calls connect but there is no audio. I have twice experienced complete Sync system audio loss for all devices and options. Waisting a lot of time on the phone with ford trying to resolve.

    • You can visit the page: go to the bottom for the place that has a “check for compatibility” link.
      I believe you are probably a Verizon user and I believe the LG Cosmos is compatible.
      When you paired the phone did you use the 6-digit PIN number provided by Sync?
      It would be wise to delete your phone from Sync, delete Sync from your phone and re-pair it.
      Then when the system displays the six-digit PIN, select Special PIN. Use a four-digit PIN (such as 0000 or 1234).
      I am assuming you have the MyFord Touch system…
      Have you done a hard reboot?
      Turn off the car. Open the hood. Loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp for five minutes. And then reattach, retighten and close hood.
      Restart the vehicle. Let the system go through a “reboot” and this takes about five minutes. Then reset everything…
      Also, I am assuming you have the latest V3.5.1 software for your Sync system? Do you have it? If not, set an appointment with your Ford Service Department.
      And, finally, borrow someone else’s phone (i.e., iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One…) and pair that to your system. Does that phone work? The problem may be with your phone’s firmware. Have you updated and rebooted your phone???

  11. Great Site! I have the Samsung 4GS (android 4.1.2) and everything works great with sync to my F250 except my phone book names downloaded alphabetically by first names? Any chance I can change settings so it uses last names?

    • In your phone’s settings are ways to control your phone contacts information. In this setting you can set first name, last name or last name, first name as the Sort Order for your contacts. Shift your setting to Last name, first name. The turn off you vehicle and power down your phone. Restart your phone after a few minutes. Then start the car. The Sync system should initialize and when it discovers your phone it will re-index the names… Give that a try to see how it works.

  12. after a few years of using my blackberry with no problems with Sync, it suddenly stopped working… and it will only sync as Audio Device… and not phone. I tried syncing a friends Iphone as a ‘phone’ and it hooked up, but I have now tried 2 different blackberries and neither will sync to my Escape as a ‘phone’, only an audio device. ????

    • Have you done a thorough “re-pair” — this means to remove Sync from your Blackberry. If you haven’t done it, then check with your provider to see if there are software upgrades for your phone. Do the upgrades if needed. Check in with your account to see if you have the latest software for your Sync system. Make the upgrades if needed.
      Then completely power down the Blackberry. Go to your vehicle, turn it on, go to the phone Menu, then “delete all devices.” Turn off the vehicle, open a door, then restart the vehicle. Then go to the Phone Menu and Add a Bluetooth Device to pair the Blackberry back to the Sync system. Follow the prompts to make it the Primary Phone, then say OK to Download the Phonebook. Everything should work fine now.

  13. I just recently purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL with Sync. I am able to do Bluetooth Audio and voice commands for Phone, but when I plug my HTC One into the USB port it starts to index and then doesn’t seem to finish. I have a decent amount of media on it (maybe aroud 10gbs). Is there another step I need to take or does indexing typically take awhile? And once it is indexed, will it need to be done every time?

    • OK, you have plugged your HTC One into the USB port.
      Then the system may “notice” the new hook up and it may indicate that it is indexing…. let it “run in this mode” for at least three or four minutes.
      Then press the “Voice” button on the steering wheel and say, “USB” at the prompt.
      The system will respond “USB.”
      Then push the Voice button and say “Play”
      The system should start playing a song.
      When it has “indexed” you should see the song title and artist name on the console screen.
      Then you can push the Voice button and call out “Play Artist + (Artist Name)” or “Play Track = (Song title).”
      Give it a try.
      I hope you have recorded all of your music with song title, artist names, and genre added… otherwise the indexing process will be worthless. Also, the system will play mp3 and mp4a material — I’m sorry buy WAV and AAC will only work on self-recorded CDs.

  14. I had to reset my cell phone and lost ALL contacts on my phone. My car has all the contacts !!! How can I get them from my car back to my phone ?

    • I do not know of a way to “send” phone contacts from Sync back to an iPhone. I would hope that you backed up your contacts to a hard drive or to the Cloud. I am not sure why your vehicle would still have the old contacts… but at very least, go to your vehicle, access the Phone book and scroll through the directory to see and recapture (by manual input) each contact. I would think that once you turn off your vehicle, the contacts that you see will be lost as well. The Sync system does not have a hard drive for storage of data… it only uses flash drive storage.

    • Can you see the names and numbers? If so those “tags” are probably only named references and are not necessarily data you can download from the car. The references work to link to your phone which maintains the data. Basically what you are looking at is an index system the files are on another device. lucky for you if this is the case and the index names and numbers are present you can at the very least input them back in your phone.

  15. I’m trying to add another phone to my 2013 Ford F150 FX4 off road, I have a motorola android 4G electrify M. Could someone help me to connect additional phone along with the primary.

    • I’m assuming you have the MyFord Touch system with the four-colored corners…
      Push the upper left “Phone” corner.
      Look at the left-side tabs, push the one marked Settings
      On the next screen, tap the Tab marked “Bluetooth Devices.”
      On the next screen, tap the button “Add Device.”
      Go to your phone, go to the Settings folder.
      Turn Bluetooth on, tap the button to Search for Devices
      When the tab comes up and says “Sync,” then tap the Sync tab
      The Sync system should recognize it automatically and send a matching PIN number to your phone.
      Push Pair on your phone and push the OK button on your truck’s screen.
      (if it does not automatically send out matching numbers, then tap the Sync button on your phone screen and then enter the 6-digit PIN that appears on the Sync console screen.
      Push Yes to turning on 911 Assist, setting your phone number as the voice mail number, and for downloading your Phonebook. In a minute or two the Sync system will respond with a small memo (Phonebook Downloaded.)
      That’s it, your in. When you look at the Bluetooth Devices screen, you will see a tab showing the names of each device that is paired to the system.
      Tap a phone name and then tab “Make Favorite.”
      Or, tap the button that says, “Connect.”
      When connected, this phone will be the one to make and receive calls.
      However, the Primary phone is the one that will automatically “pair” when you start the vehicle.
      Let me know if you have the MyFord system (the smaller screen with the LED read out).

  16. I recently purchased a used 2011 Ford Explorer with myford touch / sync. It is paired and typically works ok, however lately, when making a bluetooth call, it goes through the paces and says “calling so & so” then I don’t hear the phone ring. I have to switch from “headset” on my galaxy s3 to speaker phone or whatever to hear the person that I am calling. But then, I can turn around and make another call and it works just fine without changing any settings. Thoughts?

    • There are several things going on here…
      For one, s3’s can be quirky in the way they “connect” via Bluetooth. I don’t know why they get “out of sync,” but they do.
      My first thought is for you to try and “delete” your Sync connection from your phone. Most of the time I try this on an s3 I have to repeat the steps two, three, four or more times. I go to Settings, go to Bluetooth Devices, push the tab for Sync and select Unpair/delete. Then I completely power down the phone (pulling the battery can be an effective, yet cumbersome way to do this.
      I would go to the Phone corner, System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, tap your Phone (it may be listed as a model number or a name – if you’ve named your phone). Tap this and then touch Delete.
      Now turn the vehicle off, and open a door, then shut the door and restart the vehicle.
      Power up your phone.
      Now go to the Phone corner on the MyFord Touch screen, go to System Settings, Bluetooth devices, Add Device.
      Follow the instructions to “re-pair” your phone.
      Be sure to notice just after you agree to “Download Phone Book”
      That you tell your phone to “Always Connect” and then agree to Pair to the Sync system.
      I haven’t asked yet, but is your MyFord Touch updated to the version 3.5.1 software?
      If it isn’t, ask your Ford dealer to do an install. Or visit the site for more instructions.

  17. have no problem pairing or calling with my old t-mobile phone via the Sync connection, but when it downloads the contacts from my phone, it somehow is downloading contacts that I deleted previously. Do you know how this is happening?

    • You haven’t mentioned the model of car, what type of phone, or the type of Sync system, but I’m going to guess that when you “paired” your phone that maybe you haven’t cleared the former “paired” phone from your Phone System System (under BT Devices).
      And, be sure you’ve deleted SYNC form your phone’s BT settings.
      And, before attempting to pair again, completely power down your phone for about five minutes.
      Now, pair your phone to the Sync system. The system will ask to download your phonebook. Press OK to allow.
      Everything should be current.
      See the website for more information, as need.

  18. I recently purchased a 2012 Ford Escape with the Sync system (gen1 v3.2.2). I have an HTC One X cell phone (AT&T). It paired well but I can’t seem to get it to work with the text messaging. Any advice?

      • actually my phone (HTC one x) does have voice to text capability with the Sync system – I just had to do a master reset on the sync system and now it works perfectly

  19. I think my sync worked initally with my motorola android, but it only recognizes my contacts when someone calls me! when i call out, it just shows the number, so I thought that was odd. ALSO, the most annoying thing which I am hoping someone can help me with is EVERY TIME I get into my truck with my phone (as I keep it on me, not just in my truck, etc…) it stops my radio and gives me the 911 assist message!! I HATE that. I have gone into all the settings, advanced settings, all of them, turned OFF everything, prompts, 911 assist reminder, everything I can find, turned to off. Yet every time I get into my truck it stops my radio and gives me that message for around 10 seconds or so then goes away, back to my radio. How do I get rid of that?? PLEASE help.

    • WHOA!!! Let’s attack the “911 Assist is Set to Off” alert…
      Every time you turn the vehicle one, the Sync system “finds” your paired devices… and then checks to see if 911 Assist is set to ON.
      If it is not, then it posts the alert the “911 is Set to Off.”
      Do yourself a favor, go to the Settings Folder (you didn’t say which kind of Sync system you have), but go and Turn 911 Assist ON!
      Then the next time you get in and start your vehicle, she will be quiet.
      This is a safety feature, so even by turning it off, you will still be given and alert. Yes, you can tell the system to not give you the alert, but I think it will default back to giving the alert. So just turn it on.
      Paste this link in your browser for a short video on the subject:

  20. 2013 Ford F-150 with Droid Razr Maxx.
    Bluetooth audio streams fine. It is just that I have to tell Sync each time “Bluetooth Audio” each time I turn on the engine.
    I used the manual controls to do this each time until I found the voice command. However, I have to do this each time which is a pain in the rear. How do I get it to recognize this mode each time instead of it resetting to source?
    I mainly listen to podcasts on my Android phone, and occasionally Sirius and FM radio.


    • First of all, if you have the MyFord Touch system, then you are eligible for a software upgrade (downloadable from Other wise, on your system have you used your Media Menu to Select Source as Bluetooth Audio.
      And, when you’re at, look up using Sync Apps. If you have a SyncApp compatible truck, then you could be the Voice button to start Pandora (and I’m not sure about the podcasts).
      The issue might be because you play a lot of podcasts… I remember on one of the Sync media menus is the choice of turning AutoPlay on/off… I’m not sure what version of Sync you have, but there may be a way to toggle the music to always stream… (but it may be something on you phone).

  21. Thank you so much for keeping this website on, hope you can help me too…

    I have a 2010 Ford Escape with SYNC, and have just got an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4. After successfully pairing my cell to SYNC I can receive and make calls using the car system. The problem is that when I’m not in the car my cell just mutes to phone calls: I can neither hear nor be heard during a call, so now I can only make and receive calls effectively when I’m in my car.

    I turned Bluetooth off in my cell but it didn’t help. Sometimes restarting the phone will fix this, but only sometimes, and even when it works it does only until I get to the car again, even with Bluetooth off.

    Any idea on how to handle this?

    • This most definitely sounds like the firmware on your phone needing to be be re-set or re-installed. I would visit your phone carrier and relay to them the issues. As a cross reference, pair a friend’s phone (if it’s a similar phone) and see how it acts when away from your vehicle…

  22. I stopped by my dealership yesterday and had them help me setup a new phone to sync on my 2010 Escape. I have the led display, not touch screen. Yesterday I could make calls by voice command. Today it says there are no entries in the phonebook. If I dial from my phone the call works on sync. It just can’t find the phone numbers by voice command, how do I fix this?

  23. I have a new 2013 Ford F-150 with a droid razer. I have had the phone synced since I purchased the truck 3 months ago. About a week ago while making calls the speaaker in the truck became staticy and I’m unable to understand anyone. I have tried deleting and rebooting the phone but no luck. What else can I try?

    • You say the sound within the truck is “scratchy” — this sounds like your phone may be the cause. Your phone pairs to the Sync system, so the sound adjustment mainly comes from the microphone input/output from your phone.
      I would delete Sync again from your phone.
      I would pull the battery from your phone and keep it off for at least five minutes.
      I would delete your phone from the Bluetooth devices on your truck.
      I would pull the black battery cable assembly (on the negative pole) off of your F-150 battery for at least five minutes.
      Reattach and tighten the battery clamp. Close the hood.
      Start your truck and let it run for several minutes before resetting your radio.
      Pair your phone again.
      Things should be working OK.
      If not, take your phone to your phone store and have them check your microphone on your phone.

  24. I have just acquired a Fiesta 1.5TDCi (6 months old). I cannot seem to pair my Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 with Ford SYNC. There are two phones already listed and I cannot even delete these. I have checked and the Samsung is compatible. I get to the menu where is says phone cannot be found and then at the bottom of this display it shows Add Retry Cancel. Having read so much literature I still cannot find what I need to press to select Add (or any other option listed for that matter). I hate when tech beats me! Can anyone out there help please.

    • I think this is the procedure…
      Turn on the vehicle (engine running)…

      Go to you your phone, System Settings menu. Check to see that there is not a previous Sync connection (if it has one, push the tab on the right side to Delete (unpair) any previous Sync.
      Power down the phone for a few seconds. Turn it back on. Go to the System Settings Folder.
      Wireless/Bluetooth Connectivity, be sure Bluetooth is set to ON.

      Push the Phone hard button on the vehicle center console.
      Use the up/down arrows from the four way controller on the console to get to System Settings. Push OK.
      Use the arrows to get to Bluetooth Devices. Push OK
      Use arrows to get to Delete All Devices. Push OK, Push OK again.
      Now use the arrows to scroll to Add Bluetooth device. Push OK.
      The system will state, “Push OK to begin pairing a device.” Push OK, a six-digit PIN will appear.

      Go to your phone Bluetooth settings, push the button that states “Search for Devices.”
      When the Sync tab appears, press it. A submenu appears, enter the six-digit PIN from the console.
      When the vehicle pairs with the phone it will ask additional questions. Push OK to acknowledge.
      After the “Download Phonebook” question, go back to your phone and if the alert box appears asking is it is OK to connect/share the phonebook, touch the box to be sure to “Always Accept” the connection and push OK on the phone.

      Although this is the older Sync system format, paste this link in your browser to see this video link on pairing an Android.

  25. I have an issue where only about half of the contacts in my phone (Motorola Droid Razr) download to my truck (2011 F150 Platinum). I have searched high and low for a setting I might have missed and even deleted the contacts in my phone then re-entered them. At first I thought it had to do with the way my contacts were saved in my phone and compared the ones not syncing with ones that are. No difference. When I re-download, it is always the same contacts. I delete the phone book, then re-download, same effect. Also, when I get a text message, my name shows on the screen, not the name of the person sending the text (this started recently) and if I hit ‘call’, I get my own voicemail.

    I am not sure if this all has to do with phone updates or what. I am hoping it is a simple fix where I don’t have to take the truck in for service.

    Any input is appreciated.

    • You may have issues you haven’t even considered…
      1) In your phone contacts, when you create a new one, is there a place for First Name and Last Name? If so, check every contact on your phone to ensure that you do not have a complete name (i.e. John Smith on the First Name line and “blank” on the Last Name line.
      2) Do you spell your contacts in ALL CAPS? Sorry, all must be in cap and lower case.
      3) Do you use “good ideas” on placing your contacts in your phone book? For example, using “AAAJohnSmith” or “ICEJulie-Wife”? If so, a voice-to-text software program does not read/understand all caps mixed with names. Make appropriate corrections.
      4) Do you have more than 2,000 contacts in your phonebook? If so, please note, the SYNC system can only index about 2,000 names, any name past 2,000 won’t be “read.”
      5) Most importantly, I believe you have a Ford Sync system with Sony touch-screen Nav. There may be an update available (from or
      Your Android phone requires a 4-digit PIN while your SYNC system generates a 6-digit PIN. This will affect the download capabilities of your phone book. This will require a special pairing process… if you were close to Oklahoma I’d do it for you, but since I think you live too far away, please contact Ford In-Vehicle Technology Center at 1-800-392-3673.

      • HenniganV–

        No to all those, but I will certainly see if there is an update.

        Good point about the PIN. Something I hadn’t thought of.

        Thank you for the input.

        • Update–

          Yep, current SYNC version installed (3.2.5).

          Here is what I did- Turned off Bluetooth on my phone. Started truck. Deleted phone. Unpaired on phone. Turned off truck. Turned off phone. Sat and watched birds for a few minutes…. Turned on phone. Started truck. Paired with phone. To your comment about the 4-PIN thing: You are incorrect. Android will pair using the 6 digit PIN provided by SYNC. Moving on… Granted permissions to download and such. Downloaded phone book. Checked phone book. *POOF* all contacts there.

          Something I did notice and now recall- My phone has a profile contact which is all of my information that shows as a normal contact and I suspect that is why when I receive text messages it shows my name on the screen and not the person from whom I received the text. Technically, the text did come from my phone and was sent to SYNC. I deleted the profile but now I am unable to confirm until I get SYNC to pick up texts again.

  26. I have a Ford 2010 Explorer Sportrack with Ford Sync. I recently bought a
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For Bluetooth, the Note 3 syncs with no problem with phone audio but will not sync media audio. I deleted the sync profile took the battery out of the phone for several minutes and re-synced the phone. Still no luck. Also ran a Vehicle Health Report to make sure I had the latest sync version installed which I did. It appears that Ford has not had an update for Ford Sync – at least the version in my 2010 model – since 2011. Am I missing a step or is the Sync version just not compatiable with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

    • OK, let’s slow down a minute….
      You mentioned you deleted the Sync profile (it should be form both the phone and the Sync BT devices menu).
      Yes, you have to power down after this process with any Samsung.
      Next, do a clean pairing. Make sure your vehicle engine is on and running.
      When the Sync system brings up the 6-digit PIN, turn the tuning knob on the center console a click until you see “Special PIN.” Push the OK button. it will show 0000 or 1234, now go to your phone and once it “Scans for Devices” and finds Sync, then enter the four-digit PIN you selected.
      When you get to the question about download the phonebook, be sure to watch for the PBAF notice and select “Always Connect” and “OK” to pair.
      Once everything is downloaded, push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio.” They system may respond “No BT Device is found, I will try to connect one.” What a minute, and push the Voice button on the steering wheel again and say “Bluetooth Audio.” When the system states, “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.” Say, “Play.”
      Now go to you phone and push the App to start Pandora (if you want to access a streaming music app, let’s say). Or you can go to your Music App on your phone and push the buttons to start the play. It should all work, and you can use your steering wheel double-arrow buttons to “go back” or jump to “next track.”
      As you were saying… no Sync updates since 2011. I guess you didn’t realize that Ford uses a “bring-your-own-device” format. The Galaxy Note 3 was created at least a year after your truck was made. There have been operating system upgrades to the Note 3 — and at some point the phone’s software was made to work with the Sync system (and other similar systems.) It may be that Samsung is not adopting to the formats that exist for Sync and other similar systems….

    • You haven’t mentioned what vehicle, what model, what year, which SYNC system so….
      Go to the vehicle, start it up, go to the Phone Menu, select System Settings, the Add a Bluetooth device, push the OK (on the steering wheel or on the dash/console) until the Sync System displays a 6-digit PIN number.
      Now go to your phone, to the System Settings, turn on Bluetooth, go to Bluetooth Settings, Search for Devices, tap on the Sync tab when it appears, enter the 6-digit PIN (from the dashboard)… answer OK to the following questions, let the Phonebook Download (and be sure to check the Always Accept the Bluetooth connection on your phone, plus hit the Connect button, and once the phonebook downloads, you’ll be goo to go!

      Paste this link in your browser to see some information about your Moto X:

  27. I recently performed a firmware upgrade on my 2011 F-150 (from BG1T-14D544-AB to BG1T-14D544-AD), and now every time I turn the car off, I have to go back and select Bluetooth devices from Line in. The previous firmware would leave it at the last setting (on Bluetooth), unless I changed it. I am using an HTC EVO 4G as my phone/music player.

    • Ford uses a bring-your-own-device architecture… and yes, there are bound to be new things that happen with the updates. I am assuming you are using the Aux button to “select” the media source. Is it any easier for you to push the steering wheel Voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio”?

  28. I have a new 2013 F350 King Ranch, I’m not able to get the Sync system to show or access messages from the phone. I am using an ATT HTC ONE X Plus, with a newer software version 1.19 than is listed in the Ford compatibility page (1.15). Many phone calls to both Ford and ATT/HTC with no success. I’ve tried the re-sync, phone reset, master reset of the sync system, chance sync message notification to VOICE. No luck… When pairing the phone and then checking the Phone Info on the Sync system it shows sms messaging as one of the available options, but on the message page it always shows “no messages”. The Send Message button is illuminated and works.. so as far as I can tell, the only thing that does not work is the message reception and display or access to messages on the phone.

    • This is probably due to your phone carrier, the type of cell phone tower transmission or some other factor that is affecting your phone. The reality is not every cell phone made by a company is made the same way (Indonesia might use different components than a China made phone). The result is that sometimes the same phone, same model, same carrier, acts and performs differently. Since Ford is a bring-your-own-device format… the Sync system will do what the phone allows. You may wish to call the Ford In-Vehicle Technology helpline at 1-800-392-3672.

  29. I have 2010 Mustang GT …I just got a Galaxy S4. The phone pairs to SYNC…I can dial out a receive calls but it will not download my phonebook/history. It says its not available. I clear the phone out of sync and tried it again with the same results. Any idea why I can’t get my phonebook to download?

    • I haven’t got Galaxy 4 to work with… but I’m assuming you have the basic SYNC system… is it the system with 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report?
      The issue could be in your phone book. Were the contacts transferred into your phone through a SIM chip? IF so, you would need to edit the phonebook to save the contacts into the phone directly…
      So when you go into the Phone Menu to System Settings, can you get to the section on Auto Download for your phone contacts?
      I would also recommend contacting the Ford In-Vehicle Technology Team at 800-392-3673

  30. I have the normal Sync , with 2 line screen.
    I paired my Samsung Galaxy Ace and everything works except it doesn’t read out SMS messages.

    • I have scanned the list of phones that connect to Sync, yet I haven’t found your model number. I’m going to suspect that you will have basic connectivity… but with the premium connectivity you would get the text-to-voice feature. Call Ford Customer Service at 1-800-392-3673 for more assistance.

  31. I just purchased a 2014 Fusion. I paired my Samsung Galaxy S3 and both phone and Bluetooth audio worked great. I turned off the car and the next time I got in the Bluetooth media stopped working. The phone sync works fine. I tried re-pairing and a master reset with no success. If I press the media button, it just shows Sync Line-In and will not do anything else.

    • Let me know, do you have the MyFord Touch or the MyFord system?
      It sounds like you haven’t established a clear connection (through the Media Source) between your phone and the Sync system.
      Have you completely powered down your phone and restarted it before getting back into the Fusion and turning it on?
      Is there a possibility that you have your media player on your phone set to “off” on the music shuffle?
      If you press the media button, use the up/down arrows to select your source as BT stereo.
      Do you have something else plugged into your media hub (headphone jack, USB ports, SD card???)

  32. Just got delivery of a new 2013 Edge with MyFord Touch. My wife and I each own an Android phone, a Nexus One and a Galaxy Nexus 2 which use GMail Contacts. They both connect correctly but Sync does not see their respective phonebooks so I had to download manually from each phone and then everything is fine except for the function where the phonebooks addresses can be used as a NAV destination.
    I get a warning “Invalid Address. Please update the contact information on your phone”.
    Is this a feature still under development which is not yet implemented or a structure mismatch between the Sync and GMail Contacts data bases.
    Would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

    • You are a “classic” example of a “grey zone” user. Don’t take this out of context… but you are using your smartphones and the operating system it comes with and you are bringing into the MyFord Touch environment. Ford uses a “bring-your-own-device” platform. And, what happens from time to time is that a Ford owner is doing something not normally done (maybe it’s the start of something new…) and it pushes against the formats that previously worked and you are finding some “issues.”
      Long story short… GMail Contacts is storing your phone contacts in a way that is difficult for Sync to understand (due to the progamming protocol used). The Gmail Contacts is a proprietary format that probably uses some sort of security to prevent system (such as Sync) to read the info.
      On top of that, you are asking Sync to crossover your contact info to pull down a stored phonebook address as a “Destination Street Address” entry…
      I haven’t ever heard of any doing that with a MyFord Touch system before… However, it is a part of the Sync Destinations App. Look for an article about this on this website.
      This may be a Google tie-in between GMail Contacts and Google Maps, but, if you recall this is a Microsoft-based system — and aren’t Microsoft and Google rivals in the fields of data management and phone operating systems???
      Yes, if there is a way to “edit” your phonebook and not use GMail Contacts, then your contacts would transfer more easily into the Sync system. However, it seems like you have done a “workaround” through the manual download. The Nav system data transfer is a structure mismatch (for now) but everything connected with smartphone technology and in-vehicle technology is rapidly evolving.
      Stay tuned….

  33. I have a Galaxy S4 and a 2013 ford escape w/the ford my touch. My issue is that when I play my audible app or overdrive app to listen to a book, my system doesn’t show what I am listening to. It shows the song, for example, that iw as listening to, but never any books through these apps. I never had this issue with my iphone 5, but I have consistently had this issue with th galaxy s4. Any suggestions on how I can get the screen to show what I am listening to through these two apps?

    • I’m not familiar with using these types of apps for audible books on a Galaxy S4.
      How are you accessing these apps – as Bluetooth audio, and then starting the app on the phone? Or, with the phone plugged into USB?
      My guess would be that if you plugged in your phone via USB, that then you could have more bandwidth for track information.
      In any case, with a bring-your-own-device platform such as Sync and MyFord Touch, then there might not be sufficient protocol from the Galaxy S4 app to display complete information on the MFT system

  34. Ok. Thank you for your thoughts. The answer to your question is yes, my app is accessed and attached to BT audio. Again, my iphone worked fine, but the Galaxy isn’t.

    Thanks again.

  35. My wife has a ’13 Explorer and had no trouble syncing her HTC EVO with it. We got the sync recall done on 11/12, and coincidentally also got her a new HTC One. The HTC One will sync but only for a few minutes and then is dopped. Not sure whether the recall or the new smartphone is the issue…

    • Time to do a “clean pair.”
      Delete Sync from the phone.
      Delete the phone from Sync.
      Turn off the phone, on/or, pull the battery and then reboot everything.
      Turn on the vehicle.
      Start the pairing process, and when you push the button to start the phonebook download, this time BE SURE TO check the box for the phone to “Always Connect” the phonebook.
      This should get everything connected and then when the vehicle is turned off and reconnected, the phone will automatically connect.

  36. Hi Hennigan,
    My Ford F350 is synched with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Once paired, all works just fine. Once the phone is unpaired, and then return to the Ford F350 the phone is no longer paired. I must go through the process to reconnect the Bluetooth. When I go through the process to reestablish the connection, the phone immediately rings through my Ford radio. You cannot answer the ringing phone. It just rings until I make connection with a radio station in the phone or play music. When music is found, the ringing stops and the phone plays through the trucks radio. Help! I’m lost………….

    • See my article on doing a hard reboot:
      Be sure to power down your phone and restart it before restarting your vehicle.
      You may have to do a clean re-pair, see this video:

      However, I suspect this is a problem with the way your phone is working… the Galaxy S3 has consistently appeared to be inconsistent in the way the components work with its operating system… I know your phone company will say “it’s a Ford problem” but why do I hear so many of these issues happening with an S3????

  37. I’ve a 2013 Mustang with standard sync. I’ve finally gotten sync to send/receive messages, but all incoming messages appear to come from me. Anyone know the solution to this?

    • What kind of phone? Who is your carrier?
      This could be a result of the phone being connected via Bluetooth to the vehicle… in other words, the message comes from someone to your phone, but your phone is relaying the message to the dashboard…

      • AT&T. Correct, it is connected via Bluetooth. I should note, the S4’s work flawlessly in our new 2014 Focus. Just the Mustang seems to have this text originating issue.

  38. 2012 Ford Focus I continue to have problems just using the USB connection with my phone. After I plug in the phone, the computer system senses the phone is plugged in, begins to play music and then drops the connection after about one minute. Error message says ‘HTC One is no longer connected.’ I also had the same issue with my previous iPhone. I now realize it wasn’t the phone that was the problem.
    When I first got the car the usb connection worked fine, this problem has just developed within the past few months.
    Any ideas??

    • Does the HTC One have a motion sensitive feature? The iPhone does. If you don’t go into the Settings and turn off the “Shuffle to Play Next Track” feature, then as you drive down the road the device is constantly trying to move to another song until it usually stops playing…

  39. 12/5/13 I just updated my Galaxy S4 and now playing pandora via bluetooth the songs no longer appear, just shows unknown artist. Additionally while I have your attention, when will sync update so that I can play apps via the usb cord with my S4? Thanks,

    • Think a moment about how electronic devices “communicate” with each other… Bluetooth is a wireless, short distance transmission. The Sync system was not designed to allow artist name, song title info nor was it set up so a user could say “Play Artist Carrie Underwood.”
      Yes I know that with some phones, and some operating systems that you can see song title and artist info.. but the extra bandwidth from a USB connection makes a whole lot of difference.
      So, plug your phone into the USB port on the console, then use the Voice commands to say “USB.” When the voice responds “USB, state your command.: Answer by saying “Play All.” The system may reply that it is “indexing.” If so, what a minute or so, and try again with the “Play All.”
      Now, for your final question, the Sync system is a Bring Your Own Device format… it would be nice if Samsung would create an operating system what would be more compatible with the Sync system…
      As it is, with your phone plugged into USB, use the voice commands to access “USB.” Then say “Play All.” Now, go to your phone and start your App. The system may start playing stored music, but once the App is up and running it will stop the stored music and switch over to the streaming App input.

  40. After applying galaxy s3 4.3 upgrade my phone stopped auto sync Bluetooth for my Ford.I can’t play music anymore and although my touch says I have mail My Ford touch says my phone is not supported

    • I know, I know, I sound like a broken record….
      First, have you checked to see if you have the latest software upgrade for MyFord Touch?
      Then try this: The Hard Reboot
      Delete your phone from the Sync Phone Menu.
      Delete Sync from your phone’s Settings, Bluetooth Folder.
      Turn off your vehicle, open the hood, use a wrench to loosen the nut on the black battery cable clamp.
      Remove the clamp from the battery for about a few minute.
      While you’ve got the clamp off, completely power down the phone and then reboot it.
      Now replace the battery cable clamp and retighten the bolt.
      Close the hood and restart the vehicle.
      The MyFord Touch system will do a “reboot” and the system will start up again from factory specs.
      Don’t reset anything (such as clock, etc.) for a few minutes — let the system reboot.
      Things should be working normally again from this point.
      Now, pair your phone back to the vehicle.
      Be sure to check “Always Connect” at the phone prompts when you start the download your phonebooks. There may be a prompt to “Always Connect” for the SMS feature. And there will be a prompt for “Always Connect” for the phonebook access.
      And regretfully, some Galaxy S software/hardware configurations will not mesh well with the Sync voice-to-text functions. If this is happening, then see your phone store to see if they have a solution.
      A reboot seems to start things up from a common point and will work better.

  41. I bought a 2014 Ford Fusion the Saturday before Thanksgiving. When they synced my phone, Samsung Galaxy Centura using Straight Talk, it worked fine until Thanksgiving and then started acting up. I have had the dealership reset everything and Ford do it twice over the phone. I can only sporadically use the hands-free calling. Every time I turn the car on the phone chirps and says Bluetooth access request then chirps again and says Phonebook request. Generally, when I get in the car it will not work at all. It might work later if I get out of the car and go into a shop or the house for awhile and try again.

    I think I need the dealer again. I am not a computer/phone savant by any means and this is driving me crazy. I obviously cannot do this on my own. I am about to ask for my old car back!!!

    • I don’t know what the dealership has done…
      but the center of this issue is more likely your phone handset…

      If you haven’t already, you should do a clean pairing.
      Delete Sync from your phone, completely power down your phone.
      Delete your phone from the Sync system, turn off the vehicle.
      Open the hood, and remove the black battery cable clamp (the negative pole) for at least five minutes.
      Power up your phone.
      Replace the battery cable clamp and retighten the bolt. CLose the hood and restart your vehicle.
      Let the vehicle run for several minutes before trying to reset anything such as the time…

      Now pair the phone – refer to this video

      If your phone was chirping before to signal Bluetooth access, then the issue may be that you never checked the box “Always Connect” during the pairing process. It will ask this for texting, and again for accessing the phonebook.

      Please check… is the Wi-Fi on your phone settings? If so, turn it off in the pairing process…

      After all of this, when you are attempting to access Sync with the steering wheel commands… which button are you pushing? Only the Voice button is the one you push…

      And, if this does not get everything back to normal, then you should ask your dealer for an additional review.

      I personally would not recommend your phone to use with the Sync system. The pre-paid talk plan, coupled with this unusual Android technology almost always leads to constant issues.

  42. What is the problem with pre-paid talk plans? Is there any pre-paid phone that might work? I don’t know what else Straight Talk has that might be more compatible.
    My friend has a VW Eos and no issues using Straight Talk with that system. She just bought and iPhone, but had another phone for a year. What’s up?
    What type of phone/carrier do you suggest? The contract plans are way too expensive.
    The Sync people just confirmed that the prepaid phones do have issues with Sync. Bluetooth has to be 2.0 or over?
    Ford says the phone does not have to be a smartphone to use with Ford Sync. Verizon says on their end it must be a smartphone. This is with a contract and not a prepaid phone. Do other car companies have the same issue with prepaid phones other than Ford?

    • Thank you so much for your responses. I’m sorry you are having issues with your phone…

      I work at a Ford dealership and I handle about 2,000 customers a year. I get to explain how Sync works, set up their phones, and handle any issues.
      What I’ve seen is based on happy customers… I find more people who have a basic phone – such as Motorola Razr (I mean the flip phone that’s about five years old…) or a Samsung Solstice… will have no issues with their phones and using them with the Sync system.
      There are few problems with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, or 5S.
      There are some problems with the Samsung Galaxy 4s.
      More problems with the Samsung Galaxy 3s. Even more with the original Galaxy (your phone is a derivation of this model) and sometimes the Note…
      I’ve seen this trend… it seems phone carriers (At&T, Verizon, etc.) will take an out-of-date phone, a phone without all of the features, a refurbished phone, or a phone with old operating software and offer them to their customers as “free” phones. Or, with some, “no contract required.”
      These phones have their flaws… so if you paired a phone like this to the Sync system, you may be bringing your own set of problems to the Ford system.
      I realize that since you just purchased your vehicle that you are “reconsidering” if that was a good purchase. Ford is about the only manufacturer offering a “bring your own device” format to its hands-free Bluetooth system. Most other manufacturers will have an “app-based” system that really only works with a handful of phones. I am confident that Ford’s technology has the most capability and is the most flexible and can be of real value to the most customers…
      I’ve worked with several other hands-free systems and I am comfortable with Ford. I can’t believe the Consumer Reports articles and other on-line rants that “trash” Ford technology… They ALWAYS seems to endorse anything that Toyota and GM have to offer and, surprisingly, all other manufacturers besides Toyota and GM do not meet their “standards.” I really feel that their writers and critics have never a good technology presentation on their Ford. They are reviewing things that they haven’t learned to use and that they may not understand. You can’t just push a button and expect a certain result and then, if what you expect doesn’t happen, lay blame on the manufacturer. As an owner you need to read, discover, be shown and learn to use your new vehicle and its technology to get the most from it.
      I know that Ford offers a variety of support options for owners…
      the personal attention from your dealership, online support from and a ton of videos and materials explaining the systems.
      If you could ever get by my dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma I would personally take an hour and a half to explain the features on your vehicle. That’s what I do.
      And, I’ve reviewed the Verizon website and I see they have some Holiday specials… I’d recommend the LG Cosmos 3 (a basic phone) for 99 cents. If you wanted a smartphone, I’d go with the Motorola Droid Mini, or a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 3S. My preference would be an iPhone, but that may be too costly for you (for data plans, etc.). As you know, a smartphone costs more to operate, and because of texting and data plans, can really ramp up the costs…
      As part of this… I’ve seen many people start to realize the potential of what they could be enjoying from their vehicle technology… voice commands, touch commands, access to dozens of entertainment options, a ton of information to assist in finding or setting a destination. However, using a basic phone will not bring out all of those capabilities. And, frankly, some people don’t want or need all of these “capabilities.” That’s fine, because you can pair a basic phone and get value from basic services available at a pace that’s comfortable for you. So as your phone becomes more extensive in what it does, then with the Sync system, you offer access to more features and you can enjoy more as you choose, when you choose…

  43. Thank you so much. I have appreciated your insight. My dealership in Toledo, OH is about an hour away, so right now I can’t get there. They can do a hard reboot and try to pair it again. That is my only option if I continue with Straight Talk other than not using the Sync system at all. Of course, that is one reason I bought a car that had that feature.

    I also spoke with the local Verizon store. They do have the LG Cosmos 3. I only call on my phone and text on occasion. Rarely do I use the internet. I work online and choose not to do that on my phone. My Sync system does not have navigation, and it is not touch. I did not want that. I do understand what you are saying. I just told Verizon I did not want a data plan I do not use. I refuse to pay $80/month for that function. I am not doing anything until I get back from my holiday vacation and visit Brondes Ford again. That would be jumping the gun a bit.

    I wish I could visit you in Tulsa at the dealership as well. I think I would feel less frustrated and much better informed.

  44. I have one more question/hypothetical. If I bought an iPhone 4s through a Verizon contract or an iPhone 4s through Straight Talk, the Verizon phone would work but the Straight Talk phone would not? I would consider getting one through Straight Talk if needs be. The other option is too expensive.

    • For several times now you have mentioned Straight Talk – describing it as an add on feature to a regular phone contract.
      You see, I’m not well-versed in the various contracts and additional services that are added to a mobile phone from the phone carrier. The real question, I think, is does the Straight Talk program substantially change the programming of the hardware that operates your phone?
      The answer, right now, is “I don’t know”…
      I just know that sometimes when I have paired Tracfones and some other pre-paid plan phones I’ve found that the phones are reconfigured differently. They apparently interact with a cell tower differently than “normal” phone. They may have different firmware compared to a regular phone.
      The real issue isn’t so much how “Sync works.” I think it is more of how well does the cell phone, with that sort of plan, works in its connections as you move through a 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE cell tower and through Sync…
      I’m not sure if it helps, but here is a list of compatible phones with a MyFord system (I think that’s what you’ve got).
      I’ve been researching some of the on-line Forums and I’ve seen other folks having issues with Straight Talk, or Tracfone, plans. Usually the program is no texting and that the signal with Sync gets dropped after a few minutes…
      I will say that this could be the core of the issue… when you use Straight Talk you are pre-paying for minutes and minutes (usage) starts from the time you push the Voice button on the steering wheel just to start dialing the call… Since access to the cell tower system is what is being monitored, it seems that the phone will “time out” its connection to Sync within a few minutes to “avoid” possible charges and usage…
      If this is really the case, then, yes, using Straight Talk may/will cause a conflict with Sync. It would not with a regular Verizon contract (no matter which phone).
      I’m sure this issue is much more prevalent than what I can see on the internet (because I know there are a lot of Straight Talk users). I just don’t think Straight Talk users have gone to the source to see if changes can be made…

  45. When I call Sync they said that the iPhone 4s should work regardless of whether it is Verizon or Straight Talk. You say that it might, and I see what you are saying. They say that the iPhone 4s is what it is. That may not be true. I will call my local phone store to see what they say. They sell both Verizon and Straight Talk at Walmart. They should have some information.

  46. I have a new LG G2(VS980 4G LTE) from work that replaces my Droid X3 which work great since I got my 2012 F150. It pairs up OK, but on my side via BT the volume is really down – Droid was @ level 4-5/15-20% / LG G2 needs to be @ level 18-20/75%) Handset volume = 50%. This causes the other side to hear static humming + road noise. I’ve tried all the recommended suggestions including removing the battery ground option before reaching out here. What can be done to allow me to lower the volume control and get better voice quality experience for the other side of the conversation?

    • You provide more technical data than the average person…
      But here’s the scoop…
      The Volume controls on steering wheel or console adjust the volume of playback – not the volume of the microphone sensitivity.
      You handset’s volume control affects the input level of the microphone.
      So you are right, if you turn up the handset volume in an effort to create parity of volume between say the phone and your FM station, then it will jack up the microphone and cause the folks on “the other side” to hear way too much background noise.
      On the touch screen Sync system in the F-150, you can go to the Settings, System settings to adjust the playback volume of the “Voice.” This will also affect the playback from your streaming music.
      If you have the Basic Sync system (the center console screen with blue LED), then I would recommend visiting your Ford service department to see if they can make an adjustment, Also, try calling Ford’s In-Vehicle Technical support at 1-800-392-3673.

  47. I have a 2010 F-150 with sync. I recently upgraded my phone to the Moto X (Verizon) and I lost the the ability to have sync read the text messages. It worked with my previous phone (Droid RAZR M). On a side note it looks like my wife’s 2014 Explorer WILL read the texts from my phone. Any clues?

    • The protocols for the 2010 F-150 Sync system are “older” and are “aging” more as the newer smartphones have been released… the phone manufacturers are trying to get together on some SMS standards. The new Explorer Sync system is more advanced and can adapt to the changing protocols. It looks like the advances on the Moto X may be blocking your ability to have messages read… I’m not sure there is a “fix” for that.

  48. I have a new LG G2 phone and am unable to get it to read my Text messages on the Ford Sync basic sytem of my 2012 F-150. Is there a way to make this happen?

    • Hi, I’ve checked some Ford sources and it appears that the LG G2 can (in some cases) coordinate with the Ford basic Sync system… however, I personally have never worked with your combination of equipment and Sync system.
      When you “paired” your phone… did your phone “ping” and ask you to “Always Connect” for SMS access to your phone. I’m pretty sure that if your phone did this, and you didn’t tell your phone “Always Connect” then your phone would not alert you of messages or let you send them.
      Try deleteing Sync from your phone. Powering it down and rebooting it, then deleting your phone from Sync. Then completely powering down your vehicle. Restart it and then start the repairing your phone.
      Watch for those secondary screen “notices” during your pairing process (you may have two screen that pop up, the next one would be after the request for download phone book).
      If it does pair and work with texts (refer to your manual on receiving/sending texts) then all is OK. If it does not, I’m going to say then your phone isn’t compatible in that area with your version of Sync.

  49. I own an 08′ Fusion Sel. Previously paired to what I believe is a basic Sync system with a Samsung Exhibit. No troubles on that phone. I just upgraded to the LG G2 (D801). It all syncs up. Will not connect via USB.
    The Sync had been updated within the last six mos. The G2 was updated straight out of the box. Sync states “initializing.” and then ultimately “unsupported” and disconnects. Advice on how to get use of the USB?

    Thanks for your valued advice.

    • At first glance I’d say what we have here is a “failure to communicate.” Sorry, that’s a quote from a Paul Newman movie…
      The “Bring You Own Device” architecture in your vehicle was originally set to operate with 2008 era flipphones and USB flash drives or mp3 players. Here you’re trying to plug in a 2013 smartphone…
      I’m assuming that when you have the vehicle running, and you plug in the phone via the Fusion’s USB port, that you wait a few minutes (it allows the system to get a head start on indexing), then pushing the steering wheel Voice button and saying “USB.”
      The system should respond “USB, state your command.”
      Then say, “Play All.” The Sync system would begin playing resident (accessible) digital music files… or tap your icon for a music streaming app (such as Pandora). Once Pandora “boots up” your resident music will pause and Pandora will stream…
      The “unsupported” script is for music that may be “encrypted”… or if the Sync system runs into a .exe type file that could ruin the Sync software…

  50. Thank you, I will try that. I did have trouble getting the phonebook to transfer and resorted to making a copy in a differentstorage location on the phone. That seemed to work when I tried to reload the contacts. I will follow your instructions and try the reboot of the system hopefully later today. Will update the results.

    • Make sure your contacts are “clean.” In other words, put First Name on First Name line, Last Name on Last Name line. Don’t use graphical elements like asterisks, ampersands, slashes, periods… and so on in your Name fields. Never use emoticons (smiley faces) in your phone book. Once clean, power down your phone. Start it back up. Then go to your vehicle and start it up. The Sync system should “see” the changes you’ve made. If not, do a clean pairing on your Sync system and your phone.

  51. I have my phone synced with my Ford truck. I would like to add it to my wife’s Ford car. Under devices it already show Sync so how do i do this? The car is displaying a pin but i don’t want to overwrite my truck sync.

    • It’s okay. Before going to your wife’s car, go to your Phone’s Settings. Go to Bluetooth, you will see Sync on a tab. To the right it will say “Not Connected.”
      When you start up your wife’s car, start the pairing process. Have the Bluetooth Screen up on your phone. You will see your truck’s Sync tab. When you push “OK” to begin pairing, a 6-digit PIN appears on your dashboard. On your phone you will first see an IP address appear (a bunch of numbers and letters) but after a few seconds it will change to Sync. Push this tab, a second screen appears on your phone, now enter the 6-digit PIN you see on your vehicle dashboard. Push OK on your vehicle to the next series of questions. One the one that says “Set as Primary Phone?” — if you don’t want to be the primary phone, first push the OK button and when the word “YES” appears, use the tuning knob, the double arrows on your steering wheel controls or the double arrows on your console to give a push, the YES will change to a NO, now hit the OK button. After your phonebook is downloaded, you are good to go!

  52. Hello Again,

    Just got my new iPhone5 and will be taking it to the dealer on Monday to pair with my 2014 Fusion. I see you said to put the first name in the appropriate line, etc. Does one have to enter a last name? I normally do not. If I have two phone numbers for someone, say myself, I would use one as Mary on the first line and one as Mary G on the first name line for the next phone such as home phone and a cell phone. Is that OK? Would there be problems otherwise?

    • 100% YES!!!
      The voice-to-text system is based on the significance of a phone book of having a first and last names… if you only put a first name, or if you put the entire first and last name on the first name line, then the voice recognition system looks for a last name and finds none, it then defaults to a similar sounding name… and then it can get dicey. For example, you say “Call Mary G”and the system looks for something and may come back with another contact, say “Harry Bee,” because it rates higher in the match due to its placement in the alphabet line-up…
      So definitely edit your phone contacts. Put first name and last name in the appropriate places and put the number into the box for home, work, mobile, etc… then you can with confidence say “Call Mary Garrison on cell” and the system will do it right every time.
      AND!!! do NOT put periods, slashes, asterisks, graphic elements into the name lines… this will really mess up the ability of the system to find anything, so it will default to saying “Call Dot on cell, is that it?”

  53. I have an old phone Samsung rugby and have sync in a 2012 Ford Escape. Having problems with party I am speaking to hearing me. They claim it sounds like I am in a tunnel or drum and voice is scratching and broken up. I have had the dealership move the microphone closer but that did not solve the problem. I speak loud so I know it is not my voice. Do you know of anything else that could be done to solve this problem. Hands free talking was the only bells and whistles that I really wanted in my new vehicle. I am not a happy ford owner.

    • Sorry to hear of your problem…
      You mention you have a Samsung Rugby… do you have a Rugby Pro?
      I’ve read that you can “boost” the sound quality in your phone Settings… but the result can be a tunnel-like sound quality.
      As a pointer, your volume level on your phone determines the potential sound quality your Sync system will receive…
      As you probably have been told, the things going on in the vehicle cabin will affect sound quality (i.e., fans blowing at high speed, whether or not the windows are down, sometimes the sound/vibration of wind coming over the top of the windshield and over the vehicle roof can cause a harmonic that can be transmitted to the vehicle microphone.)
      I would say, borrow another type of phone, pair it to your vehicle, call your friends and get another report of sound quality from that device. It may just be your Rugby has sound quality issues that are being transmitted through the Sync system.

  54. Before a recent software upgrade to my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, both the artist name and song title displayed while using Pandora through Sync. Now it states “Unknown” for each, this bothers me. It worked perfectly fine before the upgrade, is there anything that can be done to bring the song title and artist name back? 2014 Ford Explorer. Thanks.

    • This is a phone issue… the software upgrade on your phone OS has changed the way it interacts with Sync. I am assuming you have the MyFord Touch on your Explorer… one idea is to plug your Galaxy into the USB port on the console. Then access the music by pushing the Voice button and saying “USB.” Then going to your phone and tapping the Pandora to start it… usually the increased bandwidth can provide the artist name and song title (as compared to a Bluetooth stream). If you have the MyFord system (without the big screen) then I would check out SyncApps at…

      • Thanks for the idea but it was a no go. SYNC either did not recognize the device when plugged in or if it did just made a strange sound.
        Had Verizon send me a replacement phone that had not received the “update”. Delay the crummy “update” every morning at 5:30.
        My Galaxy S III, SYNC and Bluetoooth love each other again. All is right with the world, except I miss the good old days of Global Warming!

  55. I have a 2013 F-150 Lariat and Motorola Razr Maxx, it has always paired up fine and worked great for a couple months. Recently I get no audio when making or receiving calls, nor can the person on the other end hear me. I did a master reset on SYNC and it didn’t change anything. I suspect something with the phone, but I have no idea what steps to take.



    • First, I assume your Lariat has the MyFord Touch system. Do you know if your truck has has the v3.6.2 software upgrade? If not, then go to to download the new verison.
      Otherwise, I would delete your phone from the truck’s Sync system.
      Then delete Sync form your Razr.
      Turn off your truck. Open the door to make sure it’s completely off.
      Completely power down you phone and keep it off a few minutes. Then power it back up.
      When the phone is back completely, then turn on your truck.
      Now pair your phone back to the Sync system again.
      Everything should be working again.
      If not, visit your Ford dealer to have the audio inout (microphone) checked. But more than likely it’s a Bluetooth signal mismatch…

  56. Ever since I update the OS on my Samsung Galaxy s4 the sync on my 2012 Ford Explorer has gone crazy. The phone book works fine and when I tell sync to call, the right contact comes up… but the call doesn’t go through via sync, it dials on my phone and obviously the person can’t hear me. I have to go in and either disconnect the phone from sync or turn off bluetooth on my s4. Same thing with texts, sometimes listen via sync works but most of the time it doesn’t. Also, without any warning Sync turns off radio/all connections and goes into maintenance mode, which can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Any suggestions?

    • There are several things going on here, please see my latest blog (coming out later today). It should address several ideas on this topic.

  57. I have a droid which syncs and the phone works for my 2012 raptor. The issue is that after pairing it says that 911 assist is been deactivated. Also my text messaging does not eork at all it will not send or recieve texts and i am not able to download my texts as well.

    • WHen you phone was paired, did you check the “Always Accept” option for SMS and PBAF alerts?
      Did you check “OK” on the SYnc system screen to keep 911 Assist active?
      Do you have the GPS trackers on your phone turned off?
      Not all Droids will work with the Microsoft voice-to-text program… have you checked the list to see if your phone will work with this new system? Let me know the phone model and operating system…

  58. Fantastic service you are providing, thanks. I have a 2011 Merc Milan with a Ford Sync system. Both my LG800g and Lg840g paired up with the system just fine. However when I got a LGL38c it wouldn’t pair up. (They are all Tracfones, I noticed from your earlier post that you’re not too keen on them). I contact both LG and Tracfone for ideas and got none. I stumbled on this site, followed your recommendation to delete all other devices and used the four number pin and it worked. None of these phones are listed on the SyncMyRide site for phones that will work with the Sync System. So people with Tracfones, there is hope!
    Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the feedback… yes, so often folks don’t know about the four-digit PIN. Tracfones often have “less features” or features that are turned off. Sometimes their Bluetooth signals get corrupted and it requires a re-Pairing. But they will work, and yes, they are often not on the list of phones that don’t function to a full degree with the Sync system.

  59. Recently bought a 2012 escape. Trying to pair my samsung galaxy, but the phone keeps giving me a message that It cannot find any device to pair. Any thoughts?

    • See my other blogs on doing a hard reboot. Also be sure to completely clear Sync from the Galaxy. Once you do that, completely power down the Galaxy and bring it back up. Check to see if Sync “reappeared” on the Bluetooth Device list. If it did, delete it again and power down again until it is cleared.Then do a Clean Pairing, but this time be sure to use a 4-digit PIN in the pairing process. If you didn’t know, when the system displays a 6-digit PIN, then use the Seek arrows to scroll to Special PIN and then push OK. Then go to 0000, enter that in your device as the PIN and push OK. After you download the phonebook be sure to push “Always Accept” on the phone and allow the Phonebook access. Then it should be working fine.

  60. My Android (Droid Razr M) recently did an operating system upgrade and now my 2012 Fusion Hybrid won’t recognize the phone any more. Do I need to do a master reset to kick out the old data and install as new? Just an FYI – it downloaded the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS. I don’t want to have to do a master reset particularly; help? Ideas?

    • Try this “hard reboot” process.
      Park your vehicle.
      Turn it off and remove the key from the ignition.
      Open the hood. Locate the car battery. Please be careful, do not touch both the positive and negative poles at the same time. Do not drop a metal tool across both of the poles. These things could result in a electric shock. So please be careful. Use the correct-sized wrench (could be an 8 or 10 mm), a socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench to loosen the black battery cable clamp. This is the battery pole marked with the “-“ (negative) sign. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp. Twist and pull the entire battery cable clamp off of the battery and keep it off for about five minutes.
      While you are waiting, go to your Razr and see the Bluetooth Settings.
      Delete Sync form your list of devices.
      Completely power down your phone for a few minutes and then start it back up.
      Once it is up, check to see if Sync is gone fro the list. If not, do this delete procedure again.
      If okay, then…
      Now reattach the battery cable clamp and retighten the nut. Now close the hood. Start the vehicle and let it run for at least three minutes or so. The radio may start on the AM band and the clock may have reset itself to noon. Let the Sync have a few minutes to “reboot” before going to your vehicle settings and resetting the time. Just push the FM radio buttons to get back to your favorite radio channel.

      In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again.

      Now everything should be working.

  61. I have a 2010 Ford F150 Supercrew. For years, the Bluetooth and Sync have worked perfectly. Now, I dial off the phone, the radio shows the number dialing….but I hear no ringing like before through the speakers, and don’t hear the other party answer. Please advise on what might be wrong, or what I need to do.

    • First of all, go to your Phone Settings on your phone. Go to Bluetooth settings, delete or unpair your phone. Completely power down your phone for a few minutes, and then turn it back on.
      Push the Phone icon on you truck steering wheel. Go to the right radio tune knob, and turn it until, you see System Settings, push OK on the steering wheel (or center of the tuning knob). Use the know to select Bluetooth Devices. Push OK. Turn the know and select Delete Device. Look for your phone’s name of model number. Push OK. Now, turn it to Add Bluetooth Device and Push OK. You will hear the Voice say “Push OK to begin pairing and search for Sync on your device.”
      A six-digit PIN will appear. If you have an Android phone, turn the tuning know until you see Special PIN, push OK. Turn the knob the until you see 0000 and push OK. Search for New Devices on your phone (at the Bluetooth Settings). Tap Sync when it appears and enter the 0000 PIN and OK on your phone. Push OK to accept the 911 Assist On, Set Primary Phone, and Download Phonebook questions on your Sync system. Be sure to check “Always” connect and Pair on your device. In a few minutes the Sync screen will show Download Complete. Push the Phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds to clear the console screen and everything should be back to working fine.
      Consider this process to be part of the ongoing maintenance of your phone and the Sync system. Most users’ phones need to be cleared off and re-paired at least once a year to ensure that your phone has the strongest connection to SYNC. Remember, at least once a week, completely power down your phone and restart it before getting back into your truck.
      Let me know if you have additional questions.

  62. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion. My Motorola Razr HD used to connect fine. It was not working at all so I disconnected the phone to relink it. It now tells me Bluetooth needs to be set to on. I did that and every time I try to pair the phone it reverts back to Bluetooth set off on the system for the car.

    • One of the operating system glitches of a Razr HD is that its system NEVER forgets…. With your car on and running, go to the Sync Settings and delete your phone. Now go to you phone settings and delete Sync from the phone. This will sound weird, but you’ve got to completely power down your phone for about three to five minutes and start it back up. Go back to the Settings and delete SYNC again. You may need to go through this delete/power down process three to four times before your phone’s system “forgets” sync. I have found that I have to do this process as least three times with any Motorola (and, most HTC phones). While in the middle of this process… why not turn off your vehicle at least once and start it back up.
      No go through the pairing process again… and I would STRONGLY recommend using a Special PIN (4-digit, such as 0000) instead of the 6-digit PIN that appears. With this, I think everything should work… if not, see my Workshop on doing a “Hard Reboot.”
      The issue isn’t Sync so much as it is the Motorola operating system…

  63. 2014 Explorer

    Is there a way to update the GPS / mapping? There is a newly finished Parkway in Savannah, GA that the GPS will not pickup. Thanks. Bill

    • Check out the new A-5 SD-Card with new maps available at your Ford Dealer’s Parts Department. I have seen that these are also available on E-Bay. This latest update (been out for just over a month) is not associated with a Sync operating system update (like it was with the A-4 card), it’s a mapping update. I wouldn’t be exactly sure if it has the new Parkway changes for the Savannah area…

  64. My friend has a 2010 Ford F150. I have been trying to help him with the Ford Sync; in syncing his LG G3 android phone to this. We have tried all the suggestions on here in trying to get the music to play. The phone usually syncs with the Ford. Everything on the phone is set correctly. When he gets in the pickup and turns it on, the Ford Sync starts up, sync’s with blue tooth audio. The he can push the steering wheel voice and say blue tooth audio, it finds the G3, then he pushes voice again and says play music. Its then plays……sometimes. It is hit and miss on this. The times that it syncs up, blue tooth audio is displayed, pushing voice and telling it blue tooth audio, then pushing voice again and telling it play and it does not work….he has to get the phone out, select the music app (Google music), and push play, then it works. Other times he can get in the Ford, start it the engine and the music (blue tooth) starts playing with out doing anything.
    Any way to get this to operate correctly and on a regular basis? Are we doing something wrong? We have done everything but actually reset the Ford Sync.

    • I’m not sure you understood… when you have a Sync system, you have to select Media Source. So by using the Voice button, saying Bluetooth Audio, then the system responds “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.” Then say, “Play.”
      Yes, you have to select the App and turn on the App at the phone – unless you have Sync AppLink (which was not available in 2010).
      If you did not select an App to start, then you might go to your phone’s music library and select a song and push play… some phones, like the iPhone, once they are activated… the next time you get int he car and ask for Bluetooth Audio, that same app will start again. I’m not sure why the LG always defaults to “inactive” mode and has to manually kickstarted.
      You mentioned that the Sync system plays hit or miss, I’ve noticed that it’s pretty consistent… what seems to make things change is the sequence of commands. For example, some folks may listen to bluetooth audio off of their phone for a while, then push the hard buttons on the console to select AM/FM and listen to radio. Some folks will push the Aux button a few times to pull up Bluetooth Audio rather than use the Voice button. The Line In/Aux button sometimes always defaults to Line In first (especially on 2009-2011 models).

  65. Hello togehther,

    I hope you can help me.
    I am from Germany and a six months old Grand C-Max Titanium.
    The Radio is the Sony Sny (Gen1) without navigation.
    My phone is a Google Nexus 5.
    Everything works well until the last Friday.
    While I was driving the sync was disconected from the phone, And was not able to reconnect. I tried to connect by hand but after a few secondes it was disconnected again.
    Si I tried to upait it and to delete it.
    But I am NOT abled to delete the phone in from the sync it still stay. I tried a rest in the menue also the Nexus 5 is still in the Sync available.
    BT media works (but I do not use it) but the handsfree works not.

    There mus be a way to reset ALL ( I cann setup up the radio, clock etc. this is not the problem) There must be a way to delete also the Neus 5.

    I hope there is a way.


    • First, start up you C-Max.
      Go the Phone Menu on your C-Max.
      Select Bluetooth Devices.
      Delete your Nexus from the list.
      Go to your Nexus, to Settings, to Bluetooth, look for Sync on the list of trusted devices…
      See the gears to the right of the Sync tab? Tap the gears, tap Unpair.
      For reference, paste this URL in your browser:
      Completely power down your phone for several minutes and power it back up.
      Do this THREE times.
      Now, pair your phone to the Sync system again.
      Everything should work fine now.

      • Hello Vincent,

        thank you for your help, but it does not really work.
        The Nexus 5 still resits in the sync, I cannot delete it .

        Is there a hard reset?


  66. Hi
    2012 Fusion…I have my Samsung Intensity 3 phone paired and it works. I have my iPod hooked to USB and it works. When I get a call, instead of the iPod muting and the cell phone ringing via the car, the music keeps playing over the iPod and the cell phone rings internally. Can you help?

    • Did you pair your iPod to Sync via Bluetooth? Yes, you can have a USB flash drive, an iPod or MP3 player connected to USB… but those aren’t a phone that makes or receives phone calls, so I don’t think the system ever was designed to mute them when a phone call came in.
      I would push the OK button on the steering wheel (on the right side of the phone icon on the button cluster on the right side of the steering wheel) or the OK button in the center of the tuning knob on the right side of the radio unit (center console) to pause the music, then tap the phone icon to pick up the call…

  67. I just picked up a 2012 F-150 and the SYNC will not pick up the phone. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have turned on the blue tooth and checked to make my device open/available for two minutes. I even turned the WIFI on and off. I have hit the scan button a few times to pick up the signal along with the phone button to start the scan again on the truck. Still the SYNC will not connect. Any suggestions?

    • I’m assuming you have the basic Sync system…. with the truck on and running (but parked) have you pushed the phone icon on the steering wheel. When it does it will display at first Phone Menu and then in a few seconds “Phone Redial” on the center console screen.
      The use the tuning knob (right side of radio) to select “System Settings.” Push OK (center of tuning knob)… turn the knob until you see delete all devices, push OK. Now turn the know until you see, “Add Bluetooth Device.” Push OK. The Voice will say, “Push OK to begin pairing a device.” Push OK.
      Now, go to your Phone’s settings, make sure Bluetooth is on, push “Search for Devices.” Sync should appear within about 10 to 15 seconds. Tap the bar on the phone. Go to you truck’s console screen, turn the tuning knob until it says Special PIN… push OK. The screen should display 0000.
      Enter 0000 on your phone’s screen and push OK. Be sure to push “Always connect” and “Pair.” Everything should be finished after your console display shows “Phone book downloaded.”

  68. I have a 2011 F150 with the basic Sync. I recently switched from an Iphone 4s to the LG G3 phone. I deleted the old Iphone from Sync and connected the LG. Bluetooth, phone seem to be working but i’m having trouble listening to pandora through the USB cable. The iphone use to do this flawlessly, and while it will work over the bluetooth method, I miss the lack of data on my screen. Is there a way to stream pandora through the USB cable?

    • I’m assuming that when you plug your LG into the USB port in the console, that it’s going into the factory USB port. Then, when you push the Phone icon on the steering wheel and say “USB”…. then pause, push the Phone icon again, and say “USB.” Now, go to your LG and tap the Pandora icon. Push the Steering wheel Phone icon again and “USB.” When it responds, “USB, state your command,” say “Play All.” If it doesn’t work this way… push the “AUX” button on the center console and use the tuning knob to select USB, then push OK (in the center of the right hand tuning knob.)… If this still doesn’t get it to work, then call the Ford Sync hotline at 800-792-3692.

  69. 2013 Escape – Samsung s4. Just got the vehicle and paired the phone. There are many contacts showing up in the Escape’s phone book that are not in my phone’s phone book. Any idea where it might be pulling them from?

    • This sounds strange… you see, when a phonebook downloads it is merely being “indexed” by the Sync system. The system “reads” the contact names to determine how to interpret them when a voice commands is used to call that contact. Many, many times, I have seen folks with phone books that have had contact info “dumped” in by their phone carrier. AT&T a lot of times will have Contacts included in your phone books for Bal. Information, Customer Service =– is that what you’ve got? Sometimes, a smartphone will “attach” itself to your Outlook files, your Facebook friends list and include that into your Contact list (even though you never input the data) — is that it?
      I’m not sure where this data came from because I don’t know what the data is… it is true that when you are in discovery mode and pairing a phone, you could actually be pairing a phone that is outside of the vehicle — up to 34 feet away — but the person and that phone would have to match up the PIN number from Sync and accept the download — it’s doubtful that this happened.
      The best things would be to clear your Sync system, clear your phone’s bluetooth connected items, and do the pairing process again. Be sure to complete reboot your phone before doing this and, be sure you are not connected to a iCloud (or similar could storage) app. Some phones (if they lose all data, will recall contacts and such from a previous time when all the info was saved to the Cloud).

  70. Vincent,
    How can I get my Ford my touch screen to display artist and song title for
    Amazon Music like it does when I stream Pandora?

    Galaxy S3 / 2014 Ford Explorer. Thanks. Bill

  71. Hi,

    I have two vehicles with Sync. My bluetooth phones do not always connect when I switch from one vehicle to another. How do I resolve this pairing issue?

    • What kind of phones do you have?
      What year, model and Sync system do you have?
      I think the main issue is which phone are you setting as the “Primary”?
      And, do you have an Android system that is “timing out” in its Bluetooth discovery mode…

  72. Great site. I’ve got a Galaxy S4 and 2014 Ford Focus. No problems syncing with the phone. But I do have a question. When the phone rings, Sync recognizes it appropriately and plays the phone audio through the car, as expected. I would like to know if it is possible for Sync to auto-recognize the media audio. For example, I use Google Maps with Google Now for my traffic updates. If traffic is bad it will change my route home. When it does the updated audio directions, Sync does not recognize the media audio so it won’t play through the Sync. it will only play if I have manually selected “Media”. I would like to continue to listen to the radio, and have it “interrupt” the radio with the directions. Is this possible? I seem to think it did this with my previous phone HTC Evo, but I can’t remember.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Wow, you’ve got the question of the day!!! You see, the Ford Sync system is an open system (bring your own device), but it does not currently have enough programming in the operating system to allow the specific handset to override the Media with interruptions for the phone’s Nav system. The MyFord Touch nav system works in this way… but there isn’t a way to allow your phone to do this at this time. 🙁
      And, you’re right, some phones have compatible programming that allows it (however, sometimes installing the next phone OS upgrade may block it from working).
      The engineers and programmers of the world have not united to create universal codes and standards for all vehicle platforms… maybe someday!

  73. I have a 2011 Ford F-350 and I am using a Galaxy s4 and having problems syncing my phones music using usb or Bluetooth it says that my phone is not supported please help and is there any way i can sync my phone to my jukebox? Also, I forgot to say that my phone will sync and my music will play but i would like for my screen to tell me what is playing my friend’s iPhone worked but my phone will not also won’t let me get text notification.

    • Thanks for your question… with a 2011 F-350 (if you have a Jukebox function) then you’ve got the Sony Touch Screen Nav with Sync. This particular unit was out there for several years on the Super Duties and the Expedition… and it’s unique feature was a built-in hard drive for music storage. This features was known as the Jukebox and it allowed you to play CDs and record the music straight to the Jukebox. Then, in the future you could access Jukebox to play your pre-recorded CD’s. The issue you have is that Apple is very possessive of it’s iTunes and the contents of your iPhone. There is no way to “move” music directly from an iPhone or a USB (plugged into your dash) to the Jukebox. However… with your iPhone, iTunes or personal music saved to your desktop or laptop computer (mp3, or mp4a files), you could burn that music to a good old trusty CD-R. Then take that self-created CD and play it in your F-350. Then, you would have the option of recording it and saving it to your Jukebox.
      Now, as for playing Bluetooth music from your Galaxy to your truck… I assume you have paired your phone to the Sync system.
      Now, when you start up the truck, your phone should be paired.
      Now, push the Voice icon on the steering wheel (the button with the mouth and sound waves).
      The system will respond with a “Sync, state your command.”
      Reply with, “Bluetooth Audio.”
      The system will respond with “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.”
      Reply with, “Play.”
      The system will seek music files from your phone.
      So go to your Galaxy, find the Music App you wish to play (it could be your music files, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc.)
      Tap the App on your phone. As it boots up, then push the Play arrow on your App.
      The music will begin to play through your Sync system.
      Adjust volume with your steering wheel controls.
      Use the Seek Arrows to move (left arrow) to go back to the beginning. Or, the right arrow to skip to the next track.
      On some steering wheel controls, the OK button at the lower right of the steering wheel controls, when pushed, will pause the music. Push it again to restart the music.
      Use the Voice button for additional commands, such as “Phone,” “Pause,” etc.
      Push the hard buttons on your center console (Media or Radio) to get to the AM/FM, CDs, Jukebox selections.
      As for text on the screen to show what is playing, this is a combination function of the Gracenote software (when used with certain CD’s).
      There is not enough “bandwidth” for the Sync system to know what is playing from your phone when using the Bluetooth streaming music.
      However, when playing Apps such as Pandora, iHeart Radio and so on, they do transmit the Song title, Artist name through to the center console screen. The phone screen images of album covers and advertising will not show on your center console.
      Music that you have recorded onto a USB drive (that has the Artist name and Song titles attached to the files) can show on your center console screen when you plug your flash drive into the center console USB ports.
      You would want to push your Voice button and request “USB” when doing this.
      When the system responds with “USB, state your command.”
      You can reply with “Play All,” “Shuffle,” “Play Artist Arcade Fire,” or “Play song Shake It Off.”

  74. I have a 2013 Fusion with Sync. I replaced an HTC 8X Windows Phone with a Samsung Galaxy S5. The HTC phone worked fine. I got the Call audio and phone book to work with the S5. I am unable to connect the media player using Bluetooth.

    When I look at the Bluetooth settings of the Sync pairing I see the Call audio enabled but am unable to turn on the Media audio checkbox. After reading the other posts in this thread I suspect the issue is the six digit PIN used to connect the phone to Sync.

    Is there any way for me to create a four digit PIN using the latest version of Sync? I have not performed the “factory reset” procedure disconnecting the battery but will do so if this will correct the problem.


    • Go to your phone settings and delete Sync from your trusted Devices list (inside the Bluetooth Settings).
      Completely power down your phone.
      Go to your vehicle and delete your phone from the BT Devices list.
      Turn off the vehicle and open and close a door to ensure that everything is off.
      Turn your phone back on and after a few minutes start your vehicle.
      Now go to your vehicle’s Sync System Settings to Add a BT Device.
      It will prompt you to “Push OK to being pairing a device…”
      When the 6-digit PIN appears, use the Seek arrows on the steering wheel or dash to change the screen.
      The System should display “Special PIN”
      Push OK and 0000 should appear.
      Now go to your Phone’s Bluetooth Settings.
      Search for New Devices.
      When the Sync Not Paired tab appears, tap it, then enter the 0000 PIN number and push OK or Accept on the Phone and the Sync settings.
      Follow the next few questions with OK and when the Download Complete appears, everything should be paired.
      Now, what Voice commands are you using to access Bluetooth Audio?
      Here’s a YouTube video that may help:

  75. I followed the directions to remove SYNC from the phone and powered it off. I removed the phone from the car’s BT devices and powered off including opening a door.

    I then started the pairing process. I tried the seek buttons both on the steering wheel and the dash but no luck getting the prompt for a special PIN. When I first start the Add Device process I get a screen that says “Find SYNC Begin the Pairing Process from your Device and PIN option will Appear.” The display includes a six digit PIN. Pushing or holding the seek buttons does not change anything. SYNC does show as a device to select on the phone.

    When I select SYNC on the phone the car display changes to “Phone is trying to pair with SYNC. Does this number match the one shown on your device?” The six digit PIN matches on both phone and car. Pushing or holding the seek buttons does not change anything. The display on both phone and car include OK or CANCEL choices. Selecting OK starts the standard pairing process and does not allow changing the PIN. Selecting CANCEL halts everything.

    I also tried the process searching for the device from the car rather than the phone. Similar results and am unable to get an option to enter a different PIN other than the six digit one generated by the car.

    Am I missing a step somewhere?


    • Leo,
      What year?
      What vehicle?
      What Sync system?
      What software version of Sync?? (It should be current…)
      Have you registered at the website?
      Let me know, Thanks!

      • What year? 2013
        What vehicle? Fusion Hybrid
        What Sync system? SYNC with MyFord Touch
        What software version of Sync?? (It should be current…) Gen2 – V3.6.2
        Have you registered at the website? Yes

  76. I’m helping someone with a Samsung Brightside (no update avail.) and a 2013 Focus which has just had the latest software update. The phone works fine with voice commands except when connected to “services”. After connecting, Ford’s system does not hear or understand our commands. I paired my phone with his car and the system worked fine. Before the latest software update, I did a master reset and it worked. Then he came back saying that it stopped working soon after. Any ideas? (besides getting a new phone or using a portable gps instead of SyncMyRide)

    • I would call the folks at Ford’s Sync helpline at 800-392-3673. The culprit may be the type of phone you have. Not every phone will be compatible with all of the Ford Sync (or Sync Services) features…

  77. Hi – Thanks for such a great website. I have a 2013 Focus Trend, and have paired 5 phones with my car (2x iPhones, 3x Galaxy S4’s) with no problem in the past. After having issues with my Galaxy S4, I received a replacement phone yesterday from my Telco. However, for some reason it is not working with Sync. I deleted all old devices from the car, deleted sync from the phone. When I go via my car to phone –> add device and then via my phone to bluetooth –> Sync, it will give me the option for a 6 digit pin as always, and I enter that into my phone, and it says it was successfully paired on both my car and my phone. However, my car still says no devices are paired and will not recognise my phone at all. I’ve tried everything I can think of and still had no luck. Any ideas? I don’t know if it is a problem with the phone (since I only got it yesterday and that’s when the problem started), or Sync (which on my old identical make/model device would connect flawlessly the second my car turned on).

    • Yes, you have a new phone, but I’ve found that depending on which country (and what components were used) that some Galaxy’s will not pair correctly with the Sync system.
      Sometimes telcos have “deals” on under equipped phones…
      Also, have you registered your vehicle at ?
      This online site is a source for checking for software updates.
      If needed, you’ll be able to download and self-install your own updates…
      And, if needed, call Ford Customer Service and ask for Sync support.
      The US number is 1-800-792-3673

  78. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid and recently purchased a Galaxy Note 4. While it did download some of my phonebook, it doesn’t have all the names. Unfortunately, the ones it didn’t download seem to be the ones I use the most. I deleted the old phone (Galaxy S3) from the menu.

    • Something is definitely going on here… do you use Emojis (symbols, pictographs, etc.) along with the names of your favorite contacts?
      The system cannot “read” punctuation marks used along with the letters…
      And, how many total contacts do you have?
      The system cannot process more than 2,000 names and contacts….
      I would recommend “cleaning out” (editing) your contacts of extraneous marks, etc.
      Delete Sync from your phone.
      Delete your phone from Sync
      Completely power down the phone.
      Completely power down your vehicle.
      Start up your phone.
      Then start up your vehicle
      Re-Pair your phone and be sure to wait for the system to report back “Phonebook Downloaded.”

  79. Good moorning
    I have a ford scape 2014, ican connect my phone without any problems
    but in the last two days the clock was stopped at 9:00 am and when i change it from setting it not changing and stay 9:00 am, and today it comes 9:06 am

    Second thing
    how can i make the car autonatically connect to my media in phone, because every time i should go to setting and make it manual.
    thank you

  80. I’m having trouble syncing my HTC phone up with my 2013 Ford Fusion with basic LED display screen — I just bought the car. Can you help?

  81. My husband just bought a F150, 2015 truck with the synch with my Ford Touch. He has a Samsung S3 phone with Verison which is on the list to be compatible . Everything works well except the reading of text messages. When a message is received it will show an envelope on the truck touch screen and you can read who it is from but it will not read the message? Says the phone is not supported. Any ideas?

    • I think there is some confusion about what the Sync system will do with handling incoming and outgoing messages. A Samsung S3 should have the basic message handling – as per the way Sync was made. The whole idea was to limit the availability of message while you are driving… even though Sync wasn’t designed to “create” unique messages, the iPhones do a much better job of this (through Siri) rather than the Android phones…

  82. Hi, I have a 2012 Edge and an LG G3 phone. Everything works–including being notified when I get a text and it reads the text aloud to me. I can also send one of the Sync’s pre-written text messages when I use the screen…But when I try to use voice commands to send texts, it says “this device does not support text messaging”. I should have mentioned that I have the full Nav Sync system. Any ideas on why it only fails on this one thing? Thank you!

    • There’s a default legal disclosure for almost everything nowadays. Yes, the system will block your vocal commands to create your own text message. This is not the case with the Apple iPhone. However, the iPhone requires the use of the “Home” button on the phone to initiate the voice-created texts. The idea with the Android phone is to require the use of the Sync standard text message replies. So, to recap… the system is not failing… it was designed to discourage texting while driving – except in limited vocal usage…

      • But the problem is I can’t even send sync standard message replies using voice (sync says my phone doesn’t support text messaging). I can only send them using the sync screen.

  83. my phones sync system seems to being having an issue connecting to my iPhone correctly. The sync system will pick it up as a Bluetooth device to play music but will not connect to the actual phone to be able to use the voice recognition or anything, how can I fix this ?

    • Can you tell me… what year of vehicle, what model of Sync, what software version of Sync… what type of iPhone and what iOS?

    • Throughout this blog are helpful stories with video links to help pairing almost any phone.
      Here is a YouTube video that’s helpful click here….
      Watch this for the process.

  84. I have a 2012 Ford Flex and I just want to add one phone number to my sync system. I did download all of my contact numbers into the system which ended up with too many contacts. I was able to errase most of them but now I just want to enter my mothers contat info. Is there a way to just add one contact name and number so that my system will recongnise it when I want to use my hands free dialing?

    • The way the system was designed, any time you add a new contact name and phone number to your phone, then the next time you start the vehicle, the Sync system would recognize the addition, deletion or correction and add it to the Sync accessible contacts. This won’t happen if the contacts are added to the phone’s SIMM card memory

  85. I have a 2012 F-150 with the basic sync system. After updating to the newest software version of Sync, the “Sync Ringer” rings an additional time after the answer call button has been pushed. If i push the answer button on the steering wheel the phone immediately answers the call and starts the active call second counter. However, the sync ringer continues with one additional ring after the call has been answered. I have tried the master reset and reinstalling the sync software update. I have also disconnected and reconnected, turned on and off Bluetooth. Not sure what options are left. Very frustrating when a call is answered and the sync system keeps ringing. Any advise?

    • Delete Sync from your phone. Delete your phone from Sync. Completely power down your phone.
      Turn off your vehicle (then open and close the door). Restart your phone. Restart the car.
      Then “pair” the phone back to your Sync system.
      Check to see if the system works correctly.
      If not, repeat this process again, but before you restart the truck, open the hood and loosen and pull the black (negative pole) battery clamp assembly off the battery for about three to five minutes. Then replace it, retighten it and then restart the truck.

  86. Hello, i just picked up a new 2016 F150 with Sync 3. I have paired my phone, Samsung Galaxy S5, and allowed Sync access to my contacts and messages and clicked the Dont Ask Again tab but i keep getting an error message saying that Sync failed to download my contacts. The Bluetooth works fine for phone calls but i cant use the voice commands because there is no contacts. I called the Sync support phone # on the screen and they were unable to help me. Do you have any ideas on how i can fix the problem??

    • I’ll have to check the sequence again, but something tells me that you tapped a command that “defeats” accessing the contacts. I would clear things out on the phone and in the vehicle and try to redownload everything again.

  87. Hello! I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer with Sync. I paired my phone and everything worked great up to a couple weeks ago. My car will show I have a text message that came in and when I select read the message I hear nothing. Could someone help me with this?

    • Bluetooth connected devices (phones and Sync) can suffer from corrupted signals quite often. Even my home wireless routers from AT&T needs to be rebooted about once a week.
      I would recommend clearing Sync from your phone, and clearing your phone from Sync. Powering both devices down completely for several minutes and then restarting them.
      After a few minutes, then do another pairing (be sure to do the pair with the engine running and your vehicle in park.)

  88. Thank you for the above post. I do have a G 3 android and for 3 months had no phone book entry, although I could received calls over the blue tooth. I followed the above directions and am now a happy old guy once again.

    • The lesson:
      When Android phones are “pairing” they will ping back at least once to “Always Allow (YES)” phone book access and/or “Always Allow (YES) for sharing contacts. Otherwise, you’re phone will be paired but there will be no voice access (through SYNC) to make phone calls.

  89. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer. when i use text message via sync with my LG G3, i can get my text messages, and listen, then use steering wheel controls to reply one of the preset responses. The text message replies seem to go through, and the receiver gets the message, however, on my phone, it will always show that the message is still attempting to send. Any fix for this?

  90. my 2008 ford explorer has suddenly stopped “seeing” my HTC 1 phone …. I’ve never had a problem before now, just one day it won’t connect and I get the message that “no BT device found” … can anyone help???

    • The simplest thing to do is… with your vehicle off, completely power down your phone. Then after a minute or two, turn it back on and let everything reboot. Go to you settings to see if you can see Sync in the trusted Bluetooth devices section. Then start your vehicle up… it should reconnect.
      If not… then do a “re-pair”
      Go to the System Settings on your Sync System, to Bluetooth Devices, and Delete your HTC from the list. Turn off the vehicle.
      Go to your phone, to the settings, Bluetooth Devices, delete Sync from the list. Power the phone down. Turn it back on and let it reboot. Turn the vehicle on and let everything come back up (give a minute or so after turning it on). Now, pair the phone to your vehicle… everything should work now.
      Just a note… a Bluetooth connected device doesn’t always stay “connected.” There are multiple sources of interference that could cause a loss or corruption of signal.

  91. Hi. My 2015 ford kuga (escape) is displaying a 6 digit pin code on the screen (Bluetooth pairing sync) but the 6 digit pin isn’t the same on my Samsung s6
    So it will never pair. It’s strange because I had previously paired my phone successfully a few months ago. I accidentally deleted it from the sync
    Has this happened to anyone before.
    I’ve tried rebooting my phone, master reset on sync with no success.

  92. I can sync my HTC One to my Sync 3 and all is good except my sms messages. It says it’s a text message but it is actually my emails which cannot be read aloud properly.

    • I haven’t gotten a clear answer on this yet, but apparently not all Android-based phones allow text messages to be read back to the driver on command. E-mails have never been able for “Read Back” on the Sync systems… The MyFord Touch and original Sync system was only set up to allow pre-set text messages to be sent with Voice commands….
      Visit to register your phone and vehicle with Ford, they will also have videos and maybe Chat support for more information.

  93. We have a ford kuga, we have paired our iPhones with sync,
    It shows our recent call list, and receives in coming calls with no problem.
    But when it comes to texts, it does not show up any texts and texts also do not come through
    Would anyone know the reason for this

    • I’m not sure if you knew this, but Ford designed the Sync to be a bring your own device… the device has to comply to the system requirements of the Sync system The Sync system was never designed to receive texts and show incoming texts, or to read back incoming texts from an iPhone through the Sync system. Why? It’s because of the safety factors of the driver interacting so much with the phone and the texts that they might take their eyes off the road. But did you know… with an iPhone, with your Siri activated, you just need to push and hold the Home button (on the iPhone 8s and older main screen) until Siri responds. Then, ask Siri to read texts messages. If you wish to send a text, you can ask Siri to send a text. She will ask you to whom you want to send to and what you want to say. She will read it back to you before she responds and then you can just say “send.” On the new Sync 3 system there is a Apple CarPlay interface which will allow the same functionality.

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