Sync Workshop: Upgrades and updates

Check to see if the "Bluetooth" logo is displaying on your dashboard to verify that your phone is connected to the Ford Sync System.

As the Ford Sync system enters into its fifth year of existence, many people are asking about Sync or MyFord Touch upgrades and updates. This workshop focuses on “keeping things current.”

Ford Motor Company has been building automobiles for almost 110 years and now it’s in the computer and software business. In working with Microsoft, Ford has developed a software-driven in-dash telematics system. Since the 1970s onboard vehicle sensors have expanded everywhere in a vehicle. With the advent of electronic fuel injection years ago, computers started taking over the engine functions. Computers in the dashboard are now handling phone calls, Bluetooth streaming and USB-driven music and, with a few phones, text-to-voice messaging.

And, of course, sometimes there are problems or “things start acting up.” So let’s go over some of the things you need to be aware of.

If a Sync system is acting up, the first thing to do is to check to see if the vehicle identifies the Bluetooth connection.Get in your vehicle. Turn it on, within a minute or so, you should see the Bluetooth icon appear on the LED display or at the top of your dash touch-screen. If you don’t see it, then check to see if your phone is on. Check to see if the Bluetooth settings on your phone are set to on.  Sometimes phones, such as Samsung, Motorola or HTC Android-based phone will display on the phone handset screen a message that says, “This phone has detected a request to connect to Ford Sync, should this connection be made?” Check yes, and if there is an additional question of “Always connect?” then click “Yes” on that question as well. If this happens, make sure the phone connects automatically every time to Sync. Then, turn the car off, open the door for a few moments, and restart the car.  Once again, check to see if the Bluetooth symbol appears on the dash screen.

If the Bluetooth symbol still hasn’t appeared, then push the “Phone” icon on the steering wheel or on  the dash console. The display will initially show “Phone Menu” and then “Phone Redial.” Now, use the search arrows on the steering wheel or the tuning knob on the dashboard and go through the main topics displayed on the dashboard screen. When it states “System Settings,” then push the OK button on the steering wheel or on the dashboard (the center of the tuning knob). Use the arrows or the tuning know to select “Connect to Bluetooth Device,” then push the OK button. The dashboard screen should show a phone by name or by model number. Select the one that is your phone, and check to see if it has an asterisk, a star or interconnected arrows to the left of the phone name. If it does, then it is “connected” to the phone. If not, then press the OK button and it will connect the phone. Then rotate the knob or use the search arrows until you see the word “Return” appear and then push the OK button. Do this search for “Return” and hit the OK button until you have cleared out of the Phone Menu.

You should now have the Bluetooth connection and be able to make and receive calls on the selected phone.

One thing to do at least once a week is to completely “power down” your phone. And, check to be sure you have the latest version of firmware on your cellphone. Your will need to visit your cellphone store or the cellphone manufacturer’s website to verify this.

Also, please visit the website. If you haven’t already done so, set up an account. This is the main online support website for all Ford Sync users. Once you have an account you can check to see if you have updates. If you do the system will walk you through the process of upgrading. For a quick video overview, visit this video link:

If you do perform an upgrade, or if you have persistent phone issues, then consider doing a “Clean Pairing.” For reference, see this video link:

For more information, see the website, or contact your Ford or Lincoln service department.

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4 thoughts on “Sync Workshop: Upgrades and updates

    • You have in both of these vehicles a 10 GB hard drive for music storage (aka Jukebox)… you can go into the Jukebox section, select options, and edit or delete files, but there really isn’t an effective way that I know of to transfer files off of the drive. If there is, it would have to be done at a dealership by one of the electronics techs. Please call you local dealership and ask to speak with one of the techs that works with the Sony nav systems.

  1. I recently had an issue where my Bluetooth completely locked up on my Ford F150 Supercrew Ecoboost (2012). I could not get any menu to come up on the truck panel LCD. I finally took out the #2 fuse and put it back in — everything came back fine. I was able to call up phone menu and re-connect my iPhone 5s.

    • Removing the fuse and the location of the fuse, is specific to each vehicle. Sometimes it’s difficult for some people to remove and replace the fuse on their vehicles. The hard reboot I describe elsewhere in this blog accomplishes the same result — it let’s the system reboot and reset upon startup. Good work!

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