Sync Workshop: Setting up your iPhone 5 with Ford Sync

Worried about your iPhone 5 working with Ford’s Sync system? Don’t be, there’s just a few things you have to do to make sure it all works well.

By Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

There’s some frustration on the street with Ford Sync users since the release of the iPhone 5 — fear not, just take a moment to review a few things before you get started.

First of all, if you had a previously paired phone on your vehicle and you’ve got a new iPhone 5, then the first thing to do is to “re-pair” your system. Go to the  “Phone Menu” on your Ford vehicle’s dashboard.

With a Sync system with the blue LED readout on the center console, just push the “Phone” icon on your steering wheel. The words “Phone Menu” will appear and in a few seconds it will change to “Phone Redial.” then turn the right-side tuning knob until you see the words “Sync Settings” then push the OK button in the center of the tuning knob (or on your steering wheel. Go to the Phone Menu and go to Bluetooth Devices and delete the old phone from your list of BT Devices. Then select Add Devices, and push OK to begin “Pairing a Phone.” A 6-digit PIN number will be displayed.

If you have a touch screen navigation system, push the Phone hard button to the side of the touch screen, then go to the Settings button, it will take you to the screen for adding or deleting Bluetooth devices. Select the button with your old phone’s name. Touch it, and then push the button on the right that says “Delete Phone.” Then you can touch the button that says “Add Device.” Push OK to begin “Pairing a Phone.” A 6-digit PIN number will be displayed.

If you have a MyFord Touch system, push the upper left corner to access the phone menu, then go to the lowest button on the left side of the screen to access Settings, then on the next screen select “Bluetooth” and then another screen will show the list of Bluetooth devices. Touch the button with your old phone’s name, then touch Delete. Then touch the “Add Device” button. Push OK to begin “Pairing a Phone.” A 6-digit PIN number will be displayed.

Go to your new iPhone 5, to the Settings Folder and then Select the “Bluetooth” Settings (it should be the third bar from the top). Then be sure your Bluetooth switch is toggled to the “On” position. Your iPhone will begin “searching for devices.” In a moment your phone will first see a “Handsfree” device and then it will turn into “Sync.” Push the Sync button on your phone and within a moment or two a second screen will appear. Look towards your dashboard for the 6-digit PIN. Enter that into your iPhone and push the blue button on the screen that says “Pair.”

When your Sync system asks you to enable 911 Assist, then push OK. Push OK to set your phone as the Primary Phone. When the Sync system prompts you to push OK to Download Phone Book, then push OK. This will take a few moments but after that is done then you are “paired” to the new iPhone.

No software upgrades are needed for Ford’s Sync system to work with the iPhone 5 (or any iPhone for that matter).

Please note, Apple does use the MAP (messaging accessing protocol) to enable the Ford text-to-voice system. However, if you have an iPhone4S or an iPhone 5 then you are OK! Just push the “Home” button on the iPhone screen for a couple of seconds. You will hear “Siri’s” voice on the vehicle sound system. Then just say “Read Text Messages” and she will read them to you. If you want, continue to speak to “Siri.” Ask her to send a text and she will begin asking you questions of what text message and to whom you would like to send it.  When you are finished speaking to Siri, just push and hold the Phone icon on the steering wheel for about 5 seconds and she will be disengaged.

The iPhone with Siri actually seems to have the “best of both worlds” since it allows you to push the “voice” button on your steering wheel to make and review phone calls, to start streaming Bluetooth music, USB music and say “Mobile Applications” if you have a Ford equipped with AppLink. If you don’t, then push the voice button and say Bluetooth audio, then go to your phone and push “Pandora” or some other app to begin streaming music through your dashboard.

See for more information about your Sync system or using Apps through AppLink. Or see the AppLink video. Remember to do this tip once a week: Turn off your vehicle. Completely power down your iPhone for at least 30 seconds. Then start it back up. This helps your phone reset to your phone carrier’s settings.

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197 thoughts on “Sync Workshop: Setting up your iPhone 5 with Ford Sync

  1. I tried this and “phone menu” never came up. I figured it out and got it synced but “delete phone” never appeared as an option.

    • When you give the Phone icon on the steering wheel a quick push, the center console will show Phone Menu which turns into the words Phone Redial in a moment or two. On the standard Sync (blue LED characters on the center console)… turn the tuning knob (or if you don’t have one) use the up/down arrows. Turn until you see the title System Settings. Push OK on the steering wheel or in the center of the tuning knob. Turn the tuning know until you find “Delete Device,” if you push the OK, then the screen will show the names of the devices that are connected. Once you turn to the one you want to delete, then push the OK. Push it one more time to accept the OK to delete. If you turn the tuning knob to “Delete All Devices” and push OK, and push it once again, it will delete all paired devices. So do you have this screen , or do you have the Sony Touch Screen system or the MyFord Touch, if so, the directions are different.Let me know if you have more questions.

    • Let me begin with a question… did you “Unpair” your iPhone 3 from the Escape? If not, then that would be the cause of the connections issues. Your system would always be searching for the iPhone 3, even though you paired the iPhone 5. Also, be sure to turn off the Wi-Fi connection when pairing an iPhone. The Wi-Fi connection can conflict with the Bluetooth connection.And, are you having trouble with “dropped” calls in your usage of the new iPhone 5. Sometimes the connection issues stem from the phone’s ability to stay connected.
      Please note, when you have your phone on and when you start up the Escape, within a few seconds you should see the Bluetooth icon appear on the center console. If it doesn’t then you may need to do a clean pairing. See this video.
      Finally, completely power down your phone at least once every week. Let it stay off for a minute or two before “rebooting” it.
      Let me know if these solutions work for you.

  2. OK, I have an iPhone 5 and a 2013 Ford Edge Sport. I have paired my phone with the vehicle, but I am not receiving any alerts when a text message is received on my phone. I have gone into settings and selected a message sound, but no sound is being emitted when I receive a message. Furthermore, I have tried sending a message via Ford SYNC and the person never receives them (also tried sending myself a message and it was never received).


    • You’ve got a miscommunication here… since Apple does not use the MAP protocol to be in compliance with the Microsoft designed voice-to-text system I don’t think the alert system will ever work through the Sync system. Also, you can’t send a message with an Apple through the Ford Sync system (for the same reason listed above). However, with your phone paired to your Edge, you should be able to press and hold the “home” button on your iPhone 5 for about two seconds and you will hear a tone come through your Edge speakers… you can then speak to Siri by saying “Read Text Messages.” Then she will read them to you. Push and hold the Phone icon for about four seconds on your steering wheel to hang up when you are finished with Siri.

    • Apple phones do not work with the Ford Sync System’s voice-to-text system (in the basic Sync system and all the way up to the MyFord Touch system). The engineers at Apple have not made their phones compliant, however, some android based phones and a couple of Blackberrys will work (see your Sync handbook for reference on using the Ford voice-to-text messaging features).
      An Apple iPhone 4S or 5 (both have Siri) will work, but in a different way. With your iPhone paired to Sync (or the MyFord Touch)… press and hold the Home button (the large button on the front of the iPhone) for a few seconds. You will hear a tone over your Sync system and you can speak to Siri (such as “Read Text Messages”) and she will read you your texts. You can continue by saying “Send Text Messages” and Siri will ask you who want to send to and what you want to say. Press and hold the phone icon on the steering wheel for a few seconds to “hang up” Siri when you are finished with her.

  3. I have a 2011 Ford Edge with mytouch and haven’t had issues with the iphone 5 until yesterday. It went from playing music via bluetooth to not . It still shows which song is playing but nothing is coming out of the speakers. The phone through bluetooth works.

    Thoughts??? I’ve tried re pairing, master reset on mytouch.

    • Try this… unplug your phone from USB (if you had it plugged in) turn on your vehicle, you will see the system “Pair” to your Sync system. Go to your iPhone, power it down all the way. You will see the vehicle “un-pair.” Turn off the vehicle, open the door for a few seconds and let the vehicle completely power off. Power up you phone. Let the phone come back up all the way, then turn your vehicle on. It will “Pair” to your phone.
      Now, push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio.” It will respond with “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.” Say, “Play.” In a second it should start playing your phone’s stored music. It will not show the artist name/song title on the Audio screen. If you plug in your USB cable (between the phone and the console) you will hear the music stop. Now push the steering wheel “Voice” button and say “USB.” The system will respond with “The system has detected a USB device…” Wait a minute or two. Push the Voice button again and say “USB.” Now say, “Play.” The system will start playing your stored music, but your phone’s screen will be white and not let you access anything. However, your vehicle’s audio screen will show artist name/song title. You can then push the Voice button and say “Play Artist (artist name)” or call out the song title.
      I believe the issue has something to do with Apple’s proprietary usage of music. Let me know if this works for you.

  4. I have the same problem as Shelli and I tried the steps that henniganV suggested but as soon as I say Bluetooth audio is says no bluetooth devices available (even though I am paired to SYNC) but on the screen I see it connect to my phone and then it just as quickly says Bluetooth Media Disconnected and goes back to SYNC line in.

    • One thing that is important. Completely power down your iPhone at least once every week. Then after it’s been off for a minute or so, you can turn it back on. Then you can start your vehicle and when Sync makes the phone connection, then things are usually better.
      Also, if you have the basic Sync system, push the button on the console that says AUX. In the that first few seconds you should see the name of your phone appear on the screen and then it will disappear. If it doesn’t connect with the voice command “Bluetooth Audio” then push the Menu button on the console. Use the tuning knob to access the “tabs” of the Media Menu. Go to “Select Source” and push the OK button (the inside of the tuning knob). You should be able to turn the tuning knob and see the name of your iPhone. This name should have an asterisk to the left of it, if it doesn’t then push the OK button and the Sync system should “connect” to your iPhone.
      And, as I’ve said before, if you have connected your iPhone, used the voice command to request “Bluetooth Audio” and then while the music is playing, you plugged in your USB cable to charge the phone, then within a few seconds you should lose the music connection. At this point you have to push the voice button on the steering wheel and say “USB.” The Sync system make counter back and say “The system has detected a USB device…” Wait a minute or two. Push the Voice button again and say “USB.” Now say, “Play.” The system will start playing your stored music, but your phone’s screen will be white and not let you access anything. However, your vehicle’s audio screen will show artist name/song title. You can then push the Voice button and say “Play Artist (artist name)” or call out the song title.

  5. I have a 2010 Ford Edge with the basic sync system. Will SIRI interfere with the turn by turn directions provided by the sync navigation? I’m currently using a Galaxy S2 and I’m deciding between the S3 and Iphone5.

    • Valid question…. to activate SIRI you would push the “Home” button on your iPhone for a few seconds, you will hear the Siri tone come over your vehicle speakers and you could ask her questions, directions, etc. and of course, you could speak to her… however you are accessing your phone while you are doing it. So, technically, any incoming phone calls might might come in, but you would have to “flash” your phone to answer them and put Siri on hold.
      When you push your voice button on the steering wheel to access “Sync Services” it pauses, says “Connecting” and then you phone calls a toll-free number to access the computer-driven Sync Services. Once again, your phone is engaged in this call. If you ask for “Directions” the Sync system will drill down with questions. Once it has your address (or business search) then it GPS locates you and develops the turn-by-turn script. This has to be “sent” via the Cloud to your vehicle and “downloaded.” After downloaded, your Sync system “releases” your phone so you can may and receive calls (or mess with Siri). And, once downloaded, your Sync system has it turns by turn instructions. It will tell you of upcoming turns and road notifications.
      So, yes, Siri can be affected by the turn-by-turn instructions. However, I really don’t think you will overlap these functions that much.
      On the other part of your comment, Galaxy SIII versus iPhone, I am an iPhone user and I prefer how the iPhone works. I have worked with a lot of Samsungs. They seem clunkier to work with and I don’t think they work as easily as they iPhone. I realize that for some it’s a question of which phone is cheaper to operate and own… You are familiar with the functionality of the Galaxy II… have you used or played with an iPhone before? I would say the iPhone will allow more functionality of streaming Bluetooth music and/or music Apps (because of it’s link to iTunes). But this will have to be your call…

  6. Hi

    I have an escape 2010 – every time i get in the car, my iPhone (5) starts playing automatically. This is not through the speakers, so you cannot hear it, but the iPhone is still playing the music. I then have to go onto the phone and physically stop it playing (otherwise the battery will run down when I forget!)

    How do I stop this from happening?

    • A couple of things… at least once a week be sure to completely power down your iPhone for about a minute, then you can turn it back on.And, most importantly… double push on your “Home” button on your iPhone. A sub-screen extends out that shows all of your Apps that are sitting in “stand by” mode. Press and hold one… they will start to “shake” push the red circle with the minus in it and it will “turn off” your Apps. You’ll probably find that your iTunes was “on” and awaiting a Bluetooth “trigger” from turning your Escape on. You didn’t say if we accessing your iTunes music from calling out “Bluetooth Audio” on your Sync system or if you had it plugged in to the USB port (which means you would have to say “USB” to turn it on). And, on some Sync systems with the LED screen on the center console, you can go into the “Phone Menu” and get into the one of those tabs (the title escapes me right know, I’m texting this while at a relative’s house)… but you can “turn off” the automatic connection to Bluetooth…

  7. I have a 2011 Ford Explorer with MFT. Previously has an iPhone 4 which worked flawlessly via BT and USB. USB gave additional control over music. Purchased iPhone 5 last week. BT works fine but get absolutely nothing via USB connection. I have unpaired and removed old iPhone 4; tried hard reset of Sync; called Ford Sync tech support and was told some iPhones work and some dont and suggested that I buy an ipod. Most frustrating is that my sons iPhone 5 works perfectly. Please help.

    • Okay… let’s try some things.
      1) You mentioned that you “un-paired” your iPhone 4. I assume you have correctly paired the iPhone 5. I also assume that you have reloaded your music into your new iPhone. When you plug it into the USB port, you then have to use a voice command of “USB” for the system to start the music… the system should at first reply, “Sync has detected a new device.” Wait a minute or so, then push the voice button on the steering wheel again, and say, “USB.” The system should respond, “USB, state your command.” Say, “Play.” The system should then start playing music from your iPhone.
      2) Another idea is to… push the Entertainment corner of your touch screen. Have the iPhone plugged into the USB port. Scroll down on the left side of the touch screen to the USB button and push that button. It should access your iPhone’s music. In the “USB” screen will be a button to access paired devices… since your son’s iPhone is working, the system may think that is the preferred iPhone 5 for music. You can touch the button that represents your iPhone and then touch the “Connect” button on the right hand side of the screen. This designates the device that the system will be using as the music source (and this may be the reason why everything is not working right now).
      3) And, as you may know, playing music from your phone (Bluetooth) can run the batteries down. Plugging the phone into the USB will “trickle charge” it. What I prefer to do with my iPhone 5 is I transferred all of the music from my iTunes account onto a USB jump drive. I put that into my dashboard and play music from the jump drive. And, yes, you can actually see the artist name and song title with USB and you can use voice commands to access it. Why would anyone ever get an iPod to play music on the MyFord Touch when all you need is a clean jump drive (be sure there are no other files, especially any .exe files on the USB — it should only have mp3 or mp4A music files.)
      I would recommend you to power down the phone completely at least once a week. Have it “down” for at least a minute or two and then start it back up before you get in and start your vehicle.
      Also, check with your Ford dealer in about two weeks and ask them about the MyFord Touch version 3.5 update… your Explorer might be on the list for the upgrade and the new software may address your situation.
      Have a Ha-Ha-Happy Holiday!

      • Thank you for your reply and suggestions. Before trying any of these, I ventured to the Apple Store one last time. They suggested turning off iTunes Match. iTunes Match is a subscription service from Apple which allows your entire music collection, even those not purchased from iTunes to be stored via iCloud. Since I subscribe to iMatch, I went to Settings/Music and turned off iTunes Match. iPhone 5 now works perfectly via USB and Ford Sync/MFT

  8. I bought a pre-owned 2008 Ford Edge Unlimited. I can play music just fine through my IPhone 5 with USB. However, I cannot get my phone to pair with the system. Even when my phone is set to discoverable the system doesn’t find it. Is it possible that the system could be looking for a previous owners device? Its very frustrating not being able to make and receive calls hands-free. Thank you for all the assistance you are providing on this subject.

    • You may be right. If you are not the first owner, then chances are someone else’s phone may still be paired and the system is always searching for that device.
      First of all, go to your iPhone to the Settings folder. Tap the Bluetooth bar, be sure Bluetooth is on. If you see any bars under the Devices heading that say Sync, then tap the blue circle with the arrow in it, the next screen comes up, touch “Forget this Device.” Make sure all of the Sync buttons are deleted.
      Go to your Edge, go to the Phone Menu, go tot Sync Settings, go to Bluetooth Devices, go to Delete All Devices, push the OK on the steering wheel or on the dashboard (I think it’s the button inside the right hand tuning knob – if there is one on a 2008 Edge).
      See this video link for more reference.
      Now you need to pair your phone. See this video for reference
      And now that I’ve written all of this…
      I see you say you’ve got a 2008 Edge. Frankly, I don’t even know if Sync was offered yet on that model of car. It may have had the Line In music to play from your device/music. Do you even have the Voice Button and the Phone Icon on your steering wheel?
      Please let me know…

  9. Thank you for your response. 2008 was the first year for Sync. I am happy to say that, by following your instructions, once I deleted the previous owners phone number my iPhone 5 paired up just fine. Thanks for the help!

  10. I have a 2012 F-150 with the sony touchscreen. I just got a new iphone 5 and I can pair it with the truck and make and recieve calls. However when sync attempts to download the phonebook i get a “downloading error” on the touchscreen. According to syncmyride my system is up-to-date and I have performed the master reset a couple of times. I have also tried restarting the iphone5 numerous times and I always get the same downloading error. Any thoughts? Please help!

    • Okay, have you deleted the Sync system from your phone?
      Have you deleted your iPhone from the Sync system?
      Have you then turned off your iPhone and then rebooted the iPhone?
      Then when you go to the Phone Settings on your Nav system and tapped the “Add Phone” button.
      Then go to your Bluetooth settings on the phone and search for Sync.
      Then tap the Sync button, and on the second screen add the 6-digit PIN.
      Tap the screen to allow the Ford system to turn on 911-Assist (if it’s off).
      Tap the screen OK to make your phone the Primary Phone.
      The it will come around to the Download Phone Book question, tap the OK… and wait… don’t push any other buttons on the dash while it’s doing the download. If it still doesn’t download, I will ask the question… are your phone contacts “saved” on a SIM card? IF so, ask you phone company to copy those numbers back into the regular phonebook. Sync cannot access phone contacts at the SIM level. Also, are you’re contacts’ names written in Caps and lower case? For example, “Bob Jones” not “BOB JONES.” Also, have you checked your phone settings to see if you’ve “locked” your phone contacts, or maybe have a special privacy settings turned on?
      And, at worst case, visit your phone store and tell then you are having a problem. Most Apple stores will plead ignorance and say “see your Ford dealer.” But I’ve found — in almost every case – that Apple store techs can isolate and fix the connection problems at there end. Almost every day you here of some quality issues with the new iPhone 5, so good luck and let me know how it goes!

  11. I have a 2009 Ford Escape and I have no problem pairing my iPhone 5 or using the Blue Tooth media stream, but it won’t initialize through the usb port. It continues to say unsupported device. Anybody have a solution for this?

    • Please note, when you place your phone (an iPhone 5 connected via USB cable may have issues, see your Apple Support website for more details), or a USB jump drive into the Sync USB port for the first time, the system will reply with “The Sync system does not support playing content-protected material.” and it might say “the Sync system cannot index all of your material.” Be sure to have mp3 music files “on the first level” so the Sync System can find the music. Be sure to start with a clean USB FAT level 2 jump drive that is clean — be sure there are no other stray files. Most jump drives came with “free” sample software. These .exe files conflict with Sync. Also be sure your music is not a download from Napster or some other “free/sharing” music source… And, use a 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB jump drive, don’t use a USB-enabled portable hard drive. The system cannot index (recognize) multiple thousands of songs, playlists, artists and albums….

  12. I just bought a 2013 ford fiesta. When I bought my car I had a droid and now I recently bought the new iPhone 5. Before with my Htc one x droid phone sync worked perfect but now that I synced my iPhone and deleted my droid off the menu my sync won’t work when I tell it to make phone calls but the Bluetooth works perfectly it’s just an issue when calling someone.

    • This may be a phone book (contacts) issue. Have you reviewed your Contacts? Bear with me on this… sometimes the phone book wasn’t downloaded at time of pairing. If so, delete Sync from your iPhone. Delete your iPhone from Sync and re-Pair the phone and be sure to push Yes when the system asks for permission to download your phone. Also, be sure to check your Mail, Contacts, Calendars section (in the Settings Folder), to be sure that you’ve got your sort order so that when you call out a name its in the format “Call John Smith on cell” and not “Call Smith, John on cell.” And, be aware that you can’t have emoticons, extraneous punctuation, etc. in your phone book. This corrupts your Sync system’s ability to locate contacts by name.
      Please let me know if you have updated your iPhone to the latest software version…

  13. Hi, got a brand new 13 plate fiesta. iPhone 5 syncs very well but has started to turn on my music without me opening my app. I have powered down and re paired but this problem still occurs.

    Also sometimes when I get a call I do not get a ring tone come through and also the number appears rather than the name of the person in my phone book.

    I have had this happen before in a previous ford without sync. Can this be resolved as well?

    • Go to the main screen of your iPhone. Push the “home” button (the big button at the bottom center of the screen) and push it twice. You will see the screen “slide up.” Push and hold the App icon and soon all of these will start to wiggle. Touch the red circle with the minus symbol and the App will be turned off. When you have cleared everything off, push the Home button again. All of these open Apps require power running int he background, so closing them out will mean a little longer battery life.
      Once you start an App, it stays open until you clear it in this way. Your music program was staying on and when the vehicle is started your phone signals Sync to activate it.
      I’m not sure about what is happening with the ring tone. Sounds like it may be some interference on your Bluetooth connection. You may want to do a a “re-Pair” to reestablish the Bluetooth connection.
      On the number appearing on your screen rather than the contact… I think this may be due to the cell phone tower carriers in your area. Sometimes Sprint or US Cellular may be renting tower space from AT&T and this may cause the system revert back just to the phone number.
      This issues are not so much Sync issues, I think it’s based on your model of phone and the cell phone carrier.

  14. I have a 2011 Ford Explorer with a navigation system. I had an Android phone when I purchased the vehicle and the phone pairing and downloaded phonebook, including photos, worked flawlessly. I recently purchased an iphone 5 and now I can get everything to download, except photos. I also noticed with the new upgrade to SYNC, early February maybe, that an option exists in phonebook to make a contact address a navigation destination. However, each time I attempt that I receive a message that the address format in my phone is incorrect and I should edit my phone contact. I don’t know what format it needs to be set to so I need help.

    • I am assuming you have the MyFord Touch system in your Explorer. If you upgraded in February, then you probably got a new A-4 navigation SD card (if you have the SD card-based mapset). If so, then you have the newest version.
      What you are experiencing is part of the proprietary data that Apple keeps a tight control on.
      I have found that my phone contacts are “backed up” by data I’ve also put into Microsoft Outlook. I’m pretty sure that Apple will let you “back up” data to the Cloud as well. However, on my contacts, I can only get the Nav System to “Set the Destination to Favorites” if I’ve got the secondary address fields that are also in Outlook. I would think that maybe there is a setting you could change in your iPhone Settings folder to make it easier for you to update your address fields on your phone (so they could be transferable to the Nav System).
      Maybe you could contact someone at an Apple Store, or online, or by phone to get more assistance.

    • Yes, I believe you have the latest MyFord Touch software upgrade. What you are experiencing is part of “life” with iPhones. Apple has proprietary software code so that some things are not shared. I have an iPhone and I’ve noticed that my contacts which were “pulled” from Microsoft Outlook actually show up in my phone with two text books for the contact address information. These are the contacts that can “transfer the contact information to Favorites” in the Destination/Navigation system. I know you can also “back up” personal data to iCloud, but I’m not sure if those will transfer into your Nav system as well.
      I would suggest contacting your Apple store, their website, or by phone, to see if there is a proper file format needed to transfer the data to the nav system. As of now, it seems that it works with shared contact info from Outlook.

  15. As a follow up to my previous question…. I decided to try a few other devices in the USB ports. I tried an iPOD and a Jumpdrive with MP3 songs on it. They did exactly what the iPhones did which was display WHAT it was playing, but no sound.

    • I’m not sure what the problem is from what you are describing… Have you been to your dealership? You could have A USB port issue and they could check it.

  16. I have a 2012 Focus, and an iphone 5. My phone syncs just fine, but when i play music from my phone, either Pandora or itunes, I only have sound coming out of the right side of my stereo system. I have checked my settings on my car stereo, and I have checked all the settings on my phone that I could find. Any suggestions?

    • Please visit your Ford dealer and demonstrate the “un-balanced” playback. This could be the circuitry problem in your dashboard. I would have a Ford tech review this…

  17. I have been getting complaints about background noise when using my ipone 5 paired with sync, to make calls. I have also noticed that when driving on the freeway I have a hard time hearing anything they are saying.

    • One thing to check is the actual volume control on your phone handset. The more volume you select on your handset, the better (louder) on your voice being broadcast through Sync.
      You didn’t say which vehicle (what year, model) you have.
      It’s rare, but sometimes the mic can be picking up wind noise from the outside of the vehicle roof. Check with your dealer to see if they can check the microphone integrity on your Sync system.
      When it comes to playback (hearing callers on the other end of the line) that is probably due to the integrity of your cellphone/carriers signal and/or Bluetooth interference.
      I hope this helps.

  18. I have a new 2013 C-Max with an Iphone 6 (iOS 6.1.4) and the bluetooth streaming is not working. I get the message that the bluetooth stream has been detected, see my phone and can actually control the phone from the car’s screen (play/pause/FFW etc), but no sound throught eh car’s stereo. Instead the song plays through the phone’s speakers.

    • I don’t know how it happens, but I understand in the Sound Settings there is a way that you can Mute the sound via Bluetooth. In other words, I don’t think it’s your connection to Sync, I think it’s something to do with your iPhone… for example… go to the Settings Folder on your phone and select Music. Be sure iTunes Match is off, set your EQ level for the kind of music style you listen too… Under the Sounds tab, be sure your volume it set a high as you prefer… see if that helps. Still having problems? Then call Ford’s In-Vehicle Technology Team Hotline at 1-800-392-3673

  19. 2011 Ford Edge Limited with Nav. My iPhone 5 was synced but now its not. I have done all the attempts to re-pair but when the screen goes to the pin, it doesn’t stop so you can see the pin. It flashes by so fast and goes straight to pairing failed. I have: deleted sync from phone, deleted phone from sync system, tried the master reset (so now I guess I have to take updates again). Nothing has helped. Help?

    • First of all, which version of Sync (MyFord Touch) software do you have?
      Do you have the A-4 SD card for your mapset?

      If no on either of above, visit your Ford dealer to do the Performance Upgrade. (no charge for this for original owner).

      If yes, I would turn off the vehicle. Open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly for five minutes.
      While you do that, power down your iPhone by holding the button on the top right edge of the iPhone and the Home button (at the lower center of the main screen) at the same time until the Power Down (Apple logo on black background) appears.
      Let the phone stay off a few minutes. Then power it back up.
      After five minutes, reattached and tighten the black battery cable clamp. Close the hood.
      Restart your vehicle. Let it run for at least five minutes before resetting anything…
      Remove Sync from your iPhone.
      Pair your phone to the vehicle, it should work fine now.

      Please note: Yes this is a process but this goes well beyond pushing the “Master Reset” button on the MyFord Touch screen. You see, sometimes the APIM (part of the brains of Sync and how it connects to all of its functions) needs to be completely powered down and reset.

      • Thanks so much. I hope this works. I do have an SD card for my mapset but I don’t know if its an A-4…will check. Generation 2 version 1.8 with BT4T-14D545-BA, 14D546-AD, 14D603-AD. Am I up to date? Do I have to take these upgrades again now that I hit master reset?

  20. Hi
    I live in Equador, I have a 2013 FORd escape and IPHONE 5, I don´t have problems por pair with my car, but one week after, sync doesn´t recognize contacts of my phone, when I ask for some contact it allways goes for de first contact I have. Is there any problema to use sync with IPhone5 en escape 2013? A friend told me I have to delete pictures of my contacts is that true?

    • The iPhone 5 works very well with the 2013 Ford Escape. The issue is going to be a conflict with an App and your phone. See my latest blog on Emoji Apps. One of the things a bad App will do if make it so your Sync system cannot understand a name, so it defaults by going to the first name on your list.
      Please review the Apps on your phone. Remove any suspicious Apps. Then remove Sync from your phone. Then remove your phone from the Sync system. Then repair the phone to the vehicle.
      Oh, and about those photos… Apple has its own programming for matching photos to the phone contact list. It won’t transfer photos to the Sync system (unless it shares info with your Facebook account).
      See if you can re-pair your phone and redownload our phone contacts.

  21. I have a 2013 F250 and iPhone 5. I have tried everything you suggested but still cannot get it to work correctly. The entire system locks up regularly. The dealer recommended deleting the sync account, reestablishing it without adding my phonebook, but that didn’t work either. He told me that Ford is aware of the problem and is working on it. I am ready to turn in my iPhone for a Galaxy… Any thoughts?

    • Please give me a few more details…
      You mention that the system “locks up” but what was going on before it happened? Do you keep your nav maps on the highest detail settings? (meaning, is it magnified all the way?).
      Were you giving it multiple commands (i.e., voice, touch screen and console buttons) at the same time?
      Does the screen sometimes go black and the Sync logo appears and it states “system rebooting?” About once a week it is normal for the system to go to the black screen and reboot – the system usually does this while you are driving. Don’t worry, this is normal for any Microsoft product. This isn’t a system lock up, it is a weekly refresh ritual.
      How large is your phone book? The Sync system is not set up to handle more than 2,000 phone contacts. Otherwise I don’t think you need to re-pair without the phone book.
      Go to your Phone Menu and delete your iPhone from the Bluetooth Devices list.
      I would turn off the truck. Open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp on one of the batteries for about 5 minutes. Re-install and re-tighten the battery cable clamp. Close the hood and restart the vehicle.
      While the truck is running for a few minutes. Remove Sync from your Bluetooth Settings (push the blue circle and when the secondary screen appears, tap “Forget this Device.” Then completely power down your phone (for about three-four minutes). And restart the phone.
      Now, go to your Phone Menu and “Add a Phone.”
      Once Paired, follow the prompts to allow the phonebook download and access to your voice mail account. Give the system a few minutes to make sure your phonebook is downloaded.
      Now reset your Clock (from the MyFord Touch Settings touch screen button.
      Everything should be working.
      Continued problems may mean that you are getting severe Bluetooth signal corruption (are you any where near a high strength radio transmitter or EMF field?)
      It won’t matter what kind of phone you use if you have continual Bluetooth signal corruption. I’m guessing the issue is not with your Ford Sync system, but with the phone. However, continued “problems” can contribute to damage to your APIM (one of the essential components of your Sync system).
      And, have you tried calling the Ford In-Vehicle Technology Team at 800-392-3673????

  22. I have pared my IPhone 5 with my 2012 Ford Fusion and it works well with phone calls and I can get it to play a music file from my phone. I have noticed that my phone is silent when I get in the car, though. I tried to use a navigation app on my phone for directions and the audio sound will not work while the Bluetooth is connected. Is there a setting on my car or my phone that I can adjust to hear my phone applications and alerts while keeping my Bluetooth connected for possible phone calls?

    • Do youhave the basic Sync system or the Sony Touch Screen Nav?
      I’m assuming the basic since you are trying to use your phone’s Nav.
      Consider using the Sync Services at instead.
      Many iPhone Apps are sensitive to GPS movement and are not completely workable when you are moving.
      The whole idea is SAFETY, Keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
      Go to your iPhone.
      Tap Settings
      Tap Bluetooth
      Look for the Sync tab, tap the blue circle.
      Tap and turn on Show Notifications, if that isn’t already on.

      As for the motion detection by your phone (stopping you from using it while you are moving)… I’m not sure what to do about that. I believe it’s a built-in safeguard and I don’t know of a way to defeat it.

      • I have the basic Sync System. I have used my GPS on my phone in other vehicles as a passenger. I could have sworn that I used it before….I think I may have accidentally changed a setting while trying out things.
        There is not a “Show Notifications” when I tap Bluetooth and the blue circle on the Sync tab. The only options are Sync Contacts (which is on), Phone Favorites, Phone Recents, All Contacts. Could it be a setting on the car?

        • I think as we upgrade the Apple iOS from time to time, it has changed the access to certain GPS-based functions on the phone. Try looking for a GPS-based destination App that can work while the phone is in motion. And remember, be safe!

  23. I own a 2012 Ford Explorer with Sync. When I bought the vehicle I owned an Iphone 4 and things word OK. When IPhone 5 became available I got one and the Sync refuses to allow me to Sync the phone to it. When I add the Iphone 5, the entire sync freezes including the navigation. The only choice I have is to remove the phone from Sync and do a master reboot.
    The local Ford tech support says it is simply incompatible with the software in Ford and will be so until Ford tech gets their software up to the date of my Iphone 5 iOS.
    So I guess this means I will never be able to use my IPhone 5 on my Ford Explorer.

    • What kind of talk is this?
      The iPhone 5 is the phone that, I think, works the best with a Ford system!

      First of all, have you done my suggested hard reset?
      First, with the Explorer running, go to the Phone Settings, Bluetooth Devices, and delete/remove your phone from the list.
      Go to your iPhone, Settings, Bluetooth, and tap the blue box by ALL Sync tabs. Tap on the Forget this Device on the next screen.
      I would turn off the Explorer. Open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp on the battery for about 5 minutes.
      Completely power down your iPhone at the same time.
      Turn the iPhone back on.
      Re-install and re-tighten the battery cable clamp. Close the hood and restart the vehicle.
      Let the Explorer run for a few minutes.
      You will see the screen go black and the notice “Sync Rebooting” will appear.
      Once that has finished, visit the Touch Screen’s Settings button.
      Reset the clock.

      Now, go to your Phone Menu and follow the instructions “Add a Phone.”
      If you’ve got the latest version of Sync, then the system will automatically match the 6-digit PIN for you.
      All you would have to do is push Pair on the phone and OK on the Explorer’ touch screen.

      Once Paired, follow the prompts to allow the phonebook download and access to your voice mail account.
      Give the system a few minutes to make sure your phonebook is downloaded.

      And, have you tried calling the Ford In-Vehicle Technology Team at 800-392-3673????

      Finally, if none of this works. Then visit your phone store and tell that that you are having these problems and ask for a replacement phone.

  24. I have a 2010 Lincoln MKT with touch navigation and sync. I paired my new iPhone 5 and can make calls and play music over both Bluetooth and USB. However, no track title, album, nothing shows up in either mode (I understand it won’t via Bluetooth). My old iPod Touch shows this information.

    I’ve updated the SW on both Sync and the iPhone, ran Sync My iTunes, unpaired and re paired the phone but still nothing.

    The old iPod Touch would say “indexing” upon initial connection. The iPhone doesn’t show that. Am I just not giving it enough time to index or is there another step I need to take?


    Brad W.

    • Where did the music come from?
      Sync will state that “It cannot play content protected” music. So, sometimes music copied from iTunes won’t play..
      But I suspect that maybe your music is missing some data. For instance, Genre, in addition to Song Title and Artist Name .
      Sometimes when recording older CDs over to iTunes the info won’t transfer (Sync uses Gracenote technology to interpret what it’s playing).
      Also, was the USB jump drive (I’m assuming that’s where you’ve stored music), cleared of any other files? Be sure it does not have any .exe files on it when you store music on it.
      And, when you are plugging your iPhone into the USB recharger… do you pus the Voice button and say “USB” The Sync system will respond “USB”
      Then wait a few minutes and then push the Voice button and say “USB.” WHen the system replies “USB”, then say “Play All.”
      If it still doesn’t “see” song titles and such, then I would suspect something else… but I’ll have to research this one further.
      For now, give these ideas a try.

  25. Sweet OR sour chicken!

    Ford 2011 Edge Limited with the latest Synch installed by the dealer. iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4.

    I can pair the phone, no problem. I don’t care about texting, Siri, album covers and the like. Rather, when I pair, the Synch GPS goes haywire. The clock isn’t right. The map quite often isn’t accurate, and there is no detail about what road or speed limit. Setting a destination produces bizarre results. The backup camera often doesn’t work. It’s a total mess.

    Any ideas?

    • I would contact your dealer… if you are current on your MyFord Touch software, then to have all of these issues may be an indication of an APIM problem. This is the accessory protocol information manager. You see, your system uses input from steering wheel controls, voice, touch and the console buttons to control a variety of features (phone, audio, navigation, climate)… If you have issues across camera, clock, etc. it may require the dealer to reflash the entire system, or check other areas to see what’s causing the problem.

    • Ford announced July 18, 2013 that they are readying a release of MyFord Touch version 3.6 in August. More details to come. We will bring all details to this website. Also check with your Ford dealer or

  26. In the article, what version of Sync are these instructions written for. We just bought a 2013 f250 super duty, we have an iPhone 5 with IOS 6.1.4, truck has Sync Generation2 version 3.5.1. We are not able to get the system to work using the iPhone text messaging instructions on the ford site for iPhone. When we go thru the process in the instructions from the Ford site it indicates that our phone does not support this service. Are we stuck using Siri as suggested in this article above?

  27. I have a 2010 F250 with navigation. My phone syncs just fine and all functions work but it will not play music from my phone. I can control the phone music functions bet no music comes over the speakers and nothing on the graphic eq???

    • You don’t say what kind of phone you are using…
      But go to the settings on your phone and delete SYNC from your device.
      Go to your touch screen nav and delete the phone from it.
      Turn off your truck… go to one of the batteries. Loosen and remove the black battery cable clamp for about three to five minutes. Completely power down your phone while you are doing this. After your phone is off for a few minutes, power it back on. Replace the battery cable clamp and tighten it. Close the hood and start your truck. Let the truck run for at least three minutes before going to the phone menu and pairing your phone again.
      Now, once that is all done, push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio.” When the system responds with Bluetooth Audio, push the Voice button and say ” Play All.” It should start playing again.
      If you plug your phone in as a USB (to charge it, let’s say), then push the Voice button and say “USB.” When the system responds, say “Play” and it will index your music on your phone, recognize it as a USB source, and start to play it. If you tapped Pandora (or some other streaming music App) it would mute your phone’s music and begin to play streaming App music…

    • I’m confused… you could have never have used Sync to respond to emails on your iPhone… I think you meant text messages.
      However, when you push the “Home” button on the lower center area of your iPhone 5 screen for a few seconds, your paired phone will make a tone that you can hear through your Sync system. Then you can say “Read Text Messages” and the system – using Siri on your phone — will respond with unread text messages.” You could also, say “Find the nearest coffee shop.” or “Send text message.” Siri, will walk you through the process of sending the message or getting your info. Just push and hold the Phone icon on the steering wheel to “hang up” on Siri. Since the text messages aren’t processed through the Sync system, (Apple technology does not comply with Microsoft standards) then you can’t get the text message alerts on your Sync system with the iPhone.
      The Sync voice-to-text system works with a few Android phones. See for more information.

  28. I have a 2011 Ford Taurus limited. Just recently upgraded to iphone 5. My phone will pair. but when I try to call it says something to the effect that contact is unavailable at this time. I have done a reset of sync but this has not solved the problem. Any suggestions?

    • I see you have upgraded your phone… did the guys at the phone store “transfer” your contacts to your new phone? If so, and, if they used a SIM chip to transfer the contact info to your phone, then this could be the core issue. A SIM chip is a micro storage card that can store info from a phone and it can be plugged into another phone… The trouble is, this puts the information into and secure (and off limits) area that the Sync system cannot access.
      Check to see if your contact information is stored on “the phone” or to a SIM card.
      Also, go to your phone contact list and look for “issues.”
      If the first name on the “First Name” line, and is the last name on the “Last Name” line. You can’t store the whole name on the first line. Because, if you do, and you say to the Sync system, “Call Bob Jones on cell” and the system cannot “see” the name because “Jones” is not on the last name line…
      So in this case, “edit” your favorite contacts in your iPhone contact list. The next time you start your vehicle the Sync system will “see’ the name change.
      And, finally, you need to do a clean pairing. This means delete your phone from the Sync system’s phone menu (under System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Delete Device). And, delete the Sync system from your Phone (System Folder, Bluetooth, and then tap the blue button on the right of the Sync bar, and then tap “Forget Device.” Turn off your iPhone completely. Power it back up. Turn off your vehicle. Open the door for a second and close it, now start the vehicle.
      Now go tot the Phone Menu and to System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Add Bluetooth Device. Push OK to begin pairing and let the 6-digit PIN appear. Now go
      to the phone and to System Folder, Bluetooth Devices, after the tab Sync appears, tap it, and either enter the PIN number and pair, or allow the Sync system to do the automatic pairing (if applicable). Then push OK to accept the questions for Primary Phone?, 911 Assist On?, Use Voicemail number? and Download Phonebook? Wait a few minutes until the screen shows, Phonebook Downloaded
      Then everything should be running perfectly.

  29. I just bought a 2010 Mustang with sync. Everything seems to work except the text message alert is silent. Is there a way to get the alert to sound either through Sync or just through the phone?

    • I’m not sure if the 2010 Sync systems had the option to turn message alerts on and off… I know with the iPhone if you go into Settings, Bluetooth settings, and tap on the blue circle to the right of your Sync tab, you have the option to turn notifications on or off. You may want to go to Ford In-Vehicle Technology team for assistance, call 800-392-3673.

  30. I just bought the new Iphone5s and paired it with my 2013 Escape. I deleted the old Iphone4, appeared all was synced until I tried to make a call. When I give a voice command to call, she keeps telling me to say a command. Any solution? I can manually make calls but that defeats the purpose of the hands free option.

    • Could be several things:
      How did you get the Iphone5S so fast? Di you sleep overnight outside the Apple store?
      Is your iPhone microphone setting set to Mute?
      Is your Bluetooth settings turned on on your phone?
      Do you have the iPhone Wi-Fi Settings on? If so, turn them off when pairing.
      Does your 2013 Escape have MyFord Touch? If so, please upgrade to version 3.6.2 (see for instructions).
      As a fail-safe. Turn off your vehicle. Open the hood, remove the black battery cable clamp assembly (the negative pole). For about five minutes.
      While you’re doing this… go to your iPhone and remove Sync from your Bluetooth settings. Power down the phone for about three minutes and then restart it.
      Reconnect the battery cable clamp to your vehicle battery. Tighten the bolt.
      Close the hood, start the car and let it run for several minutes.
      Then go to the vehicle phone settings to add a Bluetooth device…
      Add your iPhone.
      Everything should be back to “normal.”
      If this does not work, then I think you should visit your Ford dealer’s Service Department for a review….

  31. I have a 2010 Ford Edge and iPhone 5. When I get into the car it automatically turns off all sound from my phone. I do not get message alerts, hear turn by turn directions or even hear the sound in a video (as a passenger). Is there a fix for this?

    • I’m not sure this is actually a Sync issue… I think it’s due to your phone losing or distorting it’s Bluetooth connection to the vehicle.
      First of all, if you prefer, use your iTunes on a computer (using wi-fi) to update your iPhone to the iOS 7. Be sure to back up everything on your iPhone before going through the upgrade process. Once you’ve done all of the upgrade, be sure to check to see that your Bluetooth Setting is on the iPhone.

      I would go to your phone settings and delete Sync from your list of Bluetooth Devices (if it is there).
      I would power your phone down completely after that and leave it off for about five minutes.
      With your car parked, turn off the car, open the hood, use a wrench (an 8mm or 10mm) to loosen the black battery cable clamp assembly (from the black, or negative pole). Remove it from the battery for about three to five minutes. Replace the clamp assembly and tighten it back up. Close the hood. Power your phone back up. Once it is “up” start your vehicle. Let it run for several minutes before messing with the radio or Sync. Now go to the Phone Menu, System Settings, Add Bluetooth Device, and start the pairing process. Answer Yes to all of the following questions and after the phone book is downloaded completely, then you can try to use the handsfree features again.
      What I mean is… use the steering wheel controls to make the call and to hang up the call…
      I’ve seen too many people use their handset to “start” dialing a call and then “keep” the call on the handset… this tells the Sync system to not even acknowledge your iPhone…
      The Sync system, once paired, will always be searching for your phone when you start the vehicle up. Not using the steering wheel controls and Voice commands disrupts the BT connection.
      And, I’ve never had my Sync system (I’ve got a 2010 Escape) send a message alert to my iPhone 5. I don’t even think it can do that (Apple didn’t follow the Microsoft protocol for the Ford voice-to-test messaging).
      Everything should be working fine for you now, if not, then please visit your Ford Service Department.

  32. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion and the iPhone 5. The Sync system was one of the main reasons I chose this car. I wrote before that my phone alerts and any apps are silent when connected to Bluetooth in the car. I noticed that there are others that have written about this. I will try removing the Bluetooth connection, shutting down the phone and unhooking the battery in the car and reconnecting. If it doesn’t work, I will live with it. However, many people have told me that they struggle to understand me when I am using my hands free phone through Sync. I’m told that it sounds like a bad connection, breaks up and they hear background noise. The tell me that it is very clear when I’m going slow or stopped. It seems to get worse when I’m on the highway or speed up. Is this something that can be adjusted on my vehicle?

  33. I have a 2011 Fusion. New iPhone 5c. Paired the new iPhone. Phone works via Sync. No Sound for music via USB connection. Song displays while playing, just no sound. Try to stream music via Bluetooth Audio. Says no Bluetooth device found – even though it’s connected and working for phone. Did a master reset of sync and still same problem. Any ideas?

    • You didn’t specify if you had the basic SYNC system or the TouchScreen Nav with SYNC version… Since this vehicle didn’t have the MyFord Touch at that model year, then there isn’t a Sync software upgrade that I know of…
      However, I suspect that you haven’t fully selected (from the Media Source menu) your iPhone as the Media source.
      When you push the Voice button and say Bluetooth Audio, the system will chime in “No Bluetooth Device found, I will try to connect one.” So wait a minute, then push the Voice button again and say Bluetooth Audio… the system will have recognized the source and respond “Bluetooth Audio.” So push the Voice button again and say “Play.” The music should start playing.
      Go to the Settings on your iPhone and check to see if you have set something to Mute on the sound output.
      Also check to see if iTunes Match is set to on… if it is, then the iPhone may be blocking playback (saving your music to the Cloud allows Apple to “own” your music and thus they can block what they feel you haven’t purchased from them…) If still a problem, please contact Ford Customer Service at 1-800-392-3673.

  34. When I try to use the maps on my iPhone 5 in my 2012 Ford Escape (and I have my phone synced with the car), the app will work but it seems that the Sync and overridden the sound from my map app. I will work any other place but my car. What am I doing wrong?

    • I’m surprised Apple doesn’t post this some where… with the motion sensors in the iPhone, there are certain Apps that are precluded from working when the device detects that it is moving. You see, Apple doesn’t want someone to sue them because an accident happens while someone is using their device.
      You handset is connected wirelessly to the dashboard (when your phone is paired with the Sync system). So what you are experiencing is a process designed by the Apple engineers.
      I guess the alternative is to use the Ford Sync Services voice-activiated turn-by-turn subscription service (see more about this at or your Ford touch screen nav system, or some other GPS App for the iPhone (maybe Scout? or ???)

  35. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer with the MyFord Touch. I purchased the iPhone 5s and everything works great with Bluetooth. When trying to use the USB, I get a perpetual Indexing issue, it never quite completes. It will start playing music, but the screen and steering wheel controls stop working 30 to 60 seconds in to the song. I also cannot use voice commands, because they never complete the sync process. Any suggestions? I have tried the master reset, reset all my settings on phone, restore iPhone, called ford, called apple.

    • Ok, I have some questions…
      Where did you get your music? Did you buy it from iTunes, or was it personal CDs that you ran through iTunes?
      Here’s the more technical question, is your music a WAV file format, mp3, or mp4a?
      How many songs on your USB?
      The Sync system cannot process certain files that are incomplete, or corrupt, or wrong file formats.
      I had a customer once who plugged a 1TB (yep, I mean one terabyte!!!) portable hard drive with more than 30,000 songs on the disk. Now wonder his Sync system was stuck in perpetual index mode.
      However, you mentioned it’s your iPhone plugged in as a USB…
      I would suspect you might have got iMatch selected in your Settings Folder (as a way to sore your music to the Cloud). This creates a proprietary issue with Apple on who owns your music… and Sync won’t play “content protected” material.
      When it comes to plugging in a device as USB.
      Within a moment or two, Sync may make a statement about playing USB content…
      Wait a minute or so, then push the Voice button on the steering wheel and ask for USB again.
      When it replies “USB, state your command.” Then you can reply “Play All.”
      In any case, completely power down your phone and restart it before getting in your vehicle…. then turn your vehicle on…
      sometimes it’s a power down and reboot issue.
      If you really want to access your iPhone music via USB, why not back the files onto a clean 16gb USB flash drive (FAT 2.0 format)… and use that to play off?

      • I have a lot of music which has come from many sources. I did run the SYNC my iTunes software on Fords site, but that didnt help. This same music did Index just fine on my iPhone 4. Everything ran perfect on my iPhone 4. I do not have iMatch on and had turned off show all music.
        Id prefer to not have to use a flash drive, because I like that fact that the iphone provides an all in one device. If I have to I will use bluetooth, but I feel the quality declines and I lose the album covers.

  36. I have the new ford fiesta 2013 and I have the iPhone 5, when I go to connect my phone with Bluetooth there is no problem but when I go to change song on the steering wheel it won’t allow me to but it will let me change the sound, what am I doing wrong here?

    • When you are outside of your vehicle, be sure to do a complete power down on your iPhone…
      Have the phone off for about five minutes.
      Turn the phone back on and let it completely boot back up BEFORE starting the vehicle.
      Many iPhone users are finding that a complete power down (on the iPhone) is necessary at least once a week.

  37. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion and have all of my Sync downloads up to date. I have the basic Sync screen, which is small, and not the nav screen. There is a button that says Text/Seek and I am wondering if I can have text read to me from my iPhone 5? Thanks for any help.

    • Please check throughout this blog… Apple has never complied with the Microsoft MAP protocol and therefore… you CANNOT use the Microsoft voice-to-text messaging with any iPhone.
      However, push the Home button on your iPhone for a few seconds and you will hear a tone over your vehicle speakers… this is Siri, you can now ask Siri to “read text messages” or “send text message”
      By the way… your text/seek buttons you are referring to deal with the Radio (seeking the next preset station) and the text button deals with the LED readout on the console screen (so you can read further into the song title and other information.

    • A couple of suggestions…
      Get a USB cable to either connect to your headphone jack or to your main phone power cord plug in and plug into the USB port on your Mustang.
      Go to your center console, go to media source, and select your device as the music source.
      When you’re done driving, turn off your vehicle, open the door, then unplug and take your phone to go…
      Before starting your Mustang, plus in your phone and start the vehicle. I believe this will let your vehicle start playing from the streaming USB (if you pushed the Voice button, you would say “USB” and when the system responds, says “Play all.” Tap the icon of the music or App on your phone and the system should “stay” connected (until unplugged, paused or switched off.)
      The other option, if you have digital mp3 or mp4a files for music, back your music files onto a clean USB 2.0 (FAT 32 formatted) flash drive. Plug that into your Mustang’s port, use the voice button or the media menu to select the music. Then you can use your steering wheel controls for volume, next son selection ad so on…

  38. I have a 2009 Edge and all my iphones worked fine until the iphone 5s. I can sync and make phone calls, but it is the music, and audible app that will not work properly. With all other “synced” phones I could use the steering wheel controls or the controls on my navigation panel, such as pause, or forward to next song. Those no longer work, and when I get in my car I have to turn on my phone and choose what I want to play through the system. iphone 4s always remembered where it was the last time I was in the car. This is very annoying. Any ideas. The phone is synced.

    • I would recommend a clean pairing (delete phone from vehicle, delete vehicle from phone).
      Turn off vehicle, open the door, turn off the phone, turn it back of, once phone is back up, then start vehicle. let the vehicle run for a few minutes before pairing the phone back. Once phone book downloaded, turn off the phone, turn it back and, yes, turn off the vehicle, open the door, power the phone back up, then start the vehicle. After a few minutes, Push the Voice button on the steering wheel, say “Bluetooth Audio.” When the system chimes back, “Bluetooth Audio state your command,” then say “Play.”
      Things should be working better.

  39. I keep reading that the iPhone 5, IOS 7.0.2, along with the latest Ford Sync update 3.6, that the system will read back text messages (not Siri) and the only drawback is that you cannot send a reply. Wish this were true, as I have tried everything and for the life of me. can’t get it to read back any text messages unless I go thru Siri which is very slow! Am I doing something wrong? I have a ’13 Explorer with the MFT. Thanks

    • Apple iOS is now up to version 7.0.3 and the thing that seems to be happening is, based on your phone provider and the system used at your cell towers, it sometimes appears that the iPhone can adapt and use the Microsoft voice-to-text messaging through SYNC. However, Apple has never conformed to the MAP protocol. So for now, let’s just stick with Siri on the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S.

  40. Have a 2009 Fusion have not updated any Sync software. I’m having trouble pairing my new iPhone 5s
    I put the PIN number in my phone but it won’t pair the new device.

    • First of all, if you are registered at, then you can check to see if you need any updated software for your Sync system.
      Be sure that Sync is deleted from your iPhone (if it is there at all).
      Delete your iPhone from the Bluetooth Devices menu (part of the Phone, System Settings section).
      Turn off your vehicle and open the door to make sure the power is off to the car.
      Completely power down your iPhone for at least two to three minutes.
      Restart your iPhone.
      Restart the vehicle.
      Now go the Phone Menu
      System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Add Bluetooth Device. Push OK to begin pairing, the system will display a 6-digit PIN in the console window.
      Go to your iPhone, Settings folder, Bluetooth, then want until the name “Sync” appears on the tab. tap that tab and enter the PIN. Or, in some cases, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit PIN to the vehicle and to the phone. Push OK and Pair. Be sure to push OK to accept 911 Assist to On and Download Phonebook.

  41. I have an iPhone 5 and 2014 Ford Explorer. Just updated phone to iOS 7.03 and phone will no longer sync. I have deleted the phone from the vehicle and tried a new add device and no luck.

    Amy help would be appreciated.

    • You didn’t mention it… but you would have to also delete Sync from your list of Bluetooth Devices on your iPhone.
      Be sure it is deleted from your list of Bluetooth Devices on your Explorer.

      Now, turn off the Explorer.
      Turn off your iPhone.
      After a few minutes, turn the iPhone back on.
      As it is booting up, be sure to open the door of your Explorer (to ensure the power on the vehicle is completely off).
      Once the phone is fully “up” now turn on the Explorer.
      Let the vehicle run for a few minutes, and go to the phone corner.
      To Settings
      To Bluetooth Devices
      Add Device.

      Everything should be working right…

  42. I have an Iphone 5S with a 2014 Sync, and it syncs fine, and plays music, but it won’t play an audible sound when an app sends a notification. I have an app that sends messages that I have to catch in 20 seconds, but I never get the audible notification when listening to Sirius and the phone is plugged in to USB.. HELP it’s a work thing.

    • I’m not sure the Apple iOS was designed to to create an audible tone to notify you of an incoming message on your iPhone – especially when the phone is connected via USB.
      One thing to check.
      Go to your iPhone Settings. To Bluetooth. Under Devices you will see the Sync tab. Tap the “i” in the blue circle. A second screen will appear. You will see a toggle switch to “turn on” Show Notifications. Turn that on ad see if it will work.
      Otherwise, since Apple didn’t use the prescribed protocol suggested by Microsoft, then I’m not sure if you can get the notifications to who or signal you…

  43. I purchased a Ford Focus 2013 three months ago, and just purchased a new iPhone 5s. Until now, I had an iPhone 4 which paired with the SYNC system in my car, and I had no troubles. Now, with my new phone, neither the phone nor the SYNC system are finding each other, and I cannot pair them. I have already deleted my previous iPhone from the SYNC system, and the SYNC system was never on my new phone. What is wrong, and how can I pair the two?

    • You’ve got to do a “hard reboot” on your Focus… with the car off, undo the black battery cable clamp and remove it for at least five minutes. Power down both phones at the same time and reboot them. Reconnect the battery clamp, start the vehicle and let it run for at least a couple of minutes before setting anything…
      Then do a pairing with both phone.
      I’ve had some time just getting to the battery cables in some 2013 Focus’, so you might have to got to your Ford dealer and asks them to do this reboot.
      The process causes the system to reboot from factory specs (it’s a flashing of the processor – the APIM).
      Apparently the new iOS has changed the way the iPhone works with SYNC.
      Sometimes you have to reset Sync (and the iPhones) to get them to communicate with each other.

  44. I have a 2009 ford Escape. I upgraded to a IPhone 4s. I tried to sync and it tried two or three times but did not work. Now, I have no phone menu at all. My voice button does not work and when I hit the phone button it displays “no phone” and no longer searches for one.

    I can’t delete a phone if I don’t have a phone menu. I have heard I may need to download updated software to the vehicle? HELP. I’m a bit challenged when it comes to technology.

    • Ok, my first question… do you have Sync on your vehicle? In the model years 2008 and 2009, many Ford vehicle had a Phone icon… but it’s function was to mute music so you could take a call on your handset.
      And, if you did have Sync, I believe the upgrade you’re talking about is a hardware and software update that allows the system to do Vehicle Health Reports and use the 911 Assist feature. See your Ford dealer for more details since there is a cost involved in this upgrade.
      I would turn off the vehicle. Open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly for five minutes.
      While you do that, power down your iPhone by holding the button on the top right edge of the iPhone and the Home button (at the lower center of the main screen) at the same time until the Power Down (Apple logo on black background) appears.
      Let the phone stay off a few minutes. Then power it back up.
      After five minutes, reattached and tighten the black battery cable clamp. Close the hood.
      Restart your vehicle. Let it run for at least five minutes before resetting anything…

      Pair your phone to the vehicle, it should work fine now.

  45. Ford Sync in 2011 Fiesta..iPhone 5s…was working fine now when i say DIAL it turns the radio on and doesn’t dial…what to do?

  46. hello hello, i have a Ford Edge 2008 and with my new iphone 5s this week, i couldn’t pair/sync… so glad i found this thread, my problem is now solved! it wouldn’t recognize my phone even if i deleted all and try adding several times… so i plugged it in with USB, turned bluetooth off the phone, turned the phone off and rebooted, bluetooth on and voilà, it worked! yay! thanks everyone for your different experiences, it helped me figure it out 🙂

  47. My IPhone 5 pairs with my touch screen ford sync system (2013 F150). However, it will not recognize my phone in the USB port. Consequently, I can’t play music or transfer pics.

    • I would guess this may be an issue where you think something is going to happen… but no one has shown you the standard procedures…
      When you’re driving, push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say, “Bluetooth Audio.”
      The system responds “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.”
      Say a response such as “Play.” (You will see other suggested commands on the black screen displaying on your console.
      The system will first go to your phone and play stored music.
      If you tap your screen and start an App, such as Pandora… then once it loads, your stored music stops and Pandora plays over your sound system.
      If you plug your phone into the USB hub (not to a USB port on a power charger plugged into the power port)…
      Then push the voice button and say “USB.”
      The system responds “USB, state your command.”
      Then (watch the black screen on the console for prompts), you have more options, such as “Play All.” Or, “Play Artist Garth Brooks.”
      Now, if you had music you saved and stored on a USB flash drive, and you plug it in, then the system recognizes the device and it usually takes several minutes before it “indexes” the music data. Music has to be mp3 or mp4…
      Then, when you push the Voice button and say “USB.”
      Then the system responds with “USB, state your command.”
      Then give a command such as “Play All.” and push the Voice button again to say “Shuffle.”
      The system will respond and randomly play music from the USB…
      In other words, you have to select the Media Source to get the system to move from radio, to satellite, to CD, to video input, to USB, to BT Audio, or some other device from the Media Source list…

      To transfer photos, you have to go to the Settings on your touch screen. Be sure to follow the prompts (800 by 384 pixel .jpg photos no larger than 1.5 MB and no more than 32 photos).
      Then push Display, then push the Edit Wallpaper tab… then select the photos and add them to your list of Wallpaper…
      And, you cannot transfer photos directly from your iPhone. Plug your iPhone into your computer, transfer the photos through a photo editing program to adapt to the specs you need and then save them to a clean 2.0 USB (no .exe files on the USB)….

  48. This is awesome! I was searching for information about how to set up properly my first iPhone and I found this post. iPhone has plently of features that I don’t know yet. Lucky me I also have a 2013 Ford Scape so I will try to connect my iPhone right now!
    Thanks for your comments.
    For those like me that are beginners like me I strongly recommend you to take a look to this page: – You will find tons of step-by-step tutorials.

    • Thanks, Alex… interesting that Apple of Canada works with Bell that well… I haven’t found much support here in the US…

  49. Hi! I have a 2009 ford edge, and an iphone 5s. the old iphone 5 paired just fine, but no one can get the 5s to pair!
    I deleted the 5, and added the 5s (so many times and deleted each time too) but when it says it’s downloaded contacts etc– ready to go… if I try to make a call, all I hear is a hideous bleep bleep noise and no one can hear me at all on the other end–like the call doesn’t go through, but I hear this awful noise that in length is like a phone ringing..
    No one at apple, ford or Verizon has been able to help, thoughts???
    Thanks in advance,

    • You say you deleted your iPhone 5 — I hope you mean you deleted the phone from your Edge.
      Once again, delete Sync from your iPhone 5S.
      Completely power down the iPhone 5S.
      Turn off the Edge, open the hood, pull the black battery cable assembly (on the negative pole) for at least five minutes.
      Power up your iPhone.
      Reattached the battery cable clamp.
      Close the hood.
      Start the Edge. Let it runs for several minutes before resetting the clock.
      Now pair your iPhone 5S.
      Check to see if you can make and receive a phone call.
      If it does not work, try pairing another phone to your system.
      Does the other phone work?
      Now, with the help of your Ford dealer, pair your iPhone 5S to another Ford vehicle.
      Does it work?
      If it does work with another vehicle… then maybe your Ford dealer should reflash the APIM of your Edge.
      IF it does not work with another vehicle.
      Then I would suggest backing up your iPhone 5S to the iCloud through iTunes. Completely reset (reflash) the phone. This will wipe out all personal settings, music, photos, apps, but it will reinstall the software.
      Now delete the iPhone from your Edge and completely power down the Edge.
      Now reboot the reset iPhone 5S.
      If this doesn’t work, I would request Verizon to exchange your iPhone for another…

  50. Are you able to play bluetooth audio without using voice commands? Are there buttons I can push instead to have music play from my iphone?

    • You didn’t say what kind of Sync system you have… I think there at at least six systems…
      However, if you have a correctly paired bluetooth device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, mp3 player), then go to the Media Menu (this is where I would have to know what system)…
      Go to Select Source, or Media Source, select your device from the list, and then hit the OK button (the one on your steering wheel or on your console)…
      This creates the connection, then you may have to go to your device to “start” the play.
      On some Sync systems, the OK button on the steering wheel will “Pause” or “Play” the music. The Seek arrows will either move you back to the beginning of the track or move you onward to the next track.
      One of our Ford dealers has this helpful video

      • Thanks. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion with Sync (not sure if that helps). It seems to be just the standard version. My iPhone 5s plays Bluetooth audio just fine when using voice commands, I was just looking for a way to play it without the voice commands. Also, when I select which media or the “Aux” button the screen displays “Line in” and waits for a command

        • Sounds like the basic Sync system with the blue LED display at the center top of your console.
          When the Aux button is pushed and the words “Line In” displays… use a Seek arrow (higher up on the steering wheel right hand side) as you push it, watch the display, it should change to said BT Audio.
          Now push the OK button on your steering wheel, lower right hand side…
          You may have to go to the iPhone screen to either start the App, or to resume playing, to get the BT audio source to start playing…

  51. Just got a 2013 ford focus. Plug iphone through USB and USB so I can voice control music and see song info on dashboard but charges at a crawl to the point use of the music and Bluetooth forcing me to plug it into a 12volt USB charger but the I loose ability to voice control songs and see song data. Is there any fix? I could probably turn off blue tooth and be ok but then won’t get calls. I can control the iPhone on the phone itself but defeats the entire purpose of hands free and using sync.

    • Sorry you’re having issues. Ford did not develop the USB protocols (which was invented 15 years ago). I believe USB ports operate on about 5 volts. as you know, a charging point on the dashboard is a 12 volt charger. But the real issue is that every manufacturer creates the standard rate their device will charge at when plugged into a USB port. iPads will differ from different models of iPhone. The charge state of your iPhone battery is probably low when you get in your Focus. You plug it into USB for access to streaming Bluetooth, so on top of the device charge rate there is a “demand” for more power to operate the BT. This will severely affect your battery recharge rate. This isn’t a Ford issue.
      Look at my latest blog — I’ve dedicated the whole article to address this issue that’s facing you.

  52. I bought a 2011 Fusion Sport with the MyTouch Sync. Have had 0 problems playing music or calling through Sync until yesterday. The Sync connects via bluetooth, then before I can do anything it says “bluetooth device disconnected”. Ive tried removing my phone from the list, a hard reset, and even other phones and the same thing happens. I could use some assistance as this is becoming very frustrating. Thanks!

    • You said you removed your phone from the “list”. Did you completely remove it from your phone as well? Did you completely power down your, too?
      What kind of phone is giving you problems?
      Be sure your phone does not have Wi.Fi on when you try to pair again…
      You said you have a Fusion with MyFord… I didn’t think the 2011 models had that…
      Let me know if you just added a new app or operating system to your phone.
      Anyway, let me know more about phone and the phone’s software…

  53. We bought a Certified 2012 MKS. I have an iPhone 5 that paired easily and I have no problems with any of the functions. My BIG problem is that when I make a hands-free call while on the highway, the person on the other end says it sounds like I’m in a convertible and I end up having to end the conversation. It’s clear when I’m stopped, but the noise begins when the car starts moving. I’ve tried making sure the fan is down/off and the sun shade for the moon roof is closed. The car has been to the dealership twice. Once to evaluate the problem and update the SYNC system (they ordered a new microphone) and the second to replace the microphone. Nothing has changed. The car is going back to the dealership again in a couple days to see if they can fix the problem. Had I known that this was going to be an issue, we would not have bought the car. My brother has a 2009 Pontiac G5 with no problem with his hands-free system. My husband is a die-hard Lincoln man, but I’m about ready to convert. I should add that we have ATT&T as our cell carrier with no problems with coverage.
    Please give me some kind of guidance.

    • A couple of things… have you tried to pair any other phone and use it under the same conditions? If so, what was the result?
      You mention you have an iPhone 5, is your iOS updated on the phone?
      Have you ever dropped the phone sharply? Does it has have internal damage you aren’t aware of?
      I’m not certain, but I’ve heard that the microphone in the MKS roof is shielded by sound dampening material and that sometimes that material can cause sound issues… but I’m assuming your dealership has checked that…
      Also, AT&T doesn’t really have “real” 4G and 4G LTE network and I’ve known cell tower reception/transmission to distort sound signals… your phone carrier will deny all of this however… so if you paired someone else’s phone (say with Verizon) and tried it, I think it might sound better.
      Finally, you didn’t say which Sync system you have and have you verified that you have the latest software installed?

  54. I have a 2014 Explorer Limited bought new in Sept. of 2013. Upon delivery the salesman paired my iphone 5 with SYNC. I paired my wife’s new iphone 5c in Dec. with no problem. Everything worked fine until about a week ago when we noticed that SYNC would connect to her iphone but wouldn’t connect to mine. I deleted my iphone from the Bluetooth Devices list and tried several times to re-pair it, but always received a pop up screen saying “Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure SYNC is turned on and in range”. I noticed in searching for a reason for this that the “Forget this Device” bar on the iphone was grayed out. Even with this “Forget this Device” bar back to normal, my iphone will not re-connect. I need help!

    • First of all, I would recommend that you push the “Phone” corner.
      On the left side, at the bottom, push the “Settings” tab.
      A second screen appears.
      Push the “Bluetooth Devices” tab.
      Another screen appears, you will see the phone or “devices” connected.
      To the right of one of the devices will be a symbol to show that it is the primary phone. You will see to the right some tabs. To make your phone connected, push the tab to highlight your model name or phone name, then push the tab to the right that says “Connect.”
      This makes your phone able to make and receive phone calls.

      Now, about the iPhone Settings folder, Bluetooth, Under the list it will show Sync Connection(s). Yes, you can pair the same phone several times to the same Sync system… this only serves to confuse the Sync system. In that case, push the blue circle to get to the secondary screen, then pus Forget this device. The grayed out version (I think) means that it isn’t present with the system it was connected to. After you’ve cleared off devices, then completely power down your phone for a few minutes.
      If you are pairing again, go ahead and go to the vehicle Bluetooth Devices screen, tap the tab to highlight your phone, then hit the Delete tab.
      Once you iPhone is turned back on. Go the the phone Settings, Bluetooth devices, when you go to the vehicle console screen and push “add a phone” then your phone will show the “Sync not paired” tab, tap this.Your phone and Sync system should automatically have the same number, push OK and pair to connect. Then on the vehicle screen it will ask if you want to turn on/off the 911 assist (keep it on) and if you want to “Auto Download” the phone book. Push OK or Yes, after a few minutes your vehicle display will show Download Complete… everything should be OK.
      If not, let me know…

  55. My iphone5 and Sync are used to work together perfectly. But, recently, not sure for the reason, there were no sound input and output when I make a phone call or pick up a call using Sync. But the screen did showed the connection bewteen iphone5 and sync and BT music function works fine. Thank you for your help!

    • See this website for the blog on this.. here is recap:
      First do this:
      Do a clean pairing…
      See this Youube link for a qucik video on “clearing” your phone and the Sync system…
      Now turn off the vehicle. Open the hood and pull the black battery cable clamp for about five minutes.
      While this is going on, be sure to power down your iPhone and reboot it.
      Re-tighten the black battery cable clamp. Close the hood and restart the vehicle. Wait at least a minute or two…
      Then try the Voice button to make a call…
      Now, push your Voice button (on the steering wheel), say “Bluetooth Audio”
      If the voice responds by saying “No Bluetooth device found, I will try to connect one.”
      Then wait for a minute or so and press the Voice button again and say, “Bluetooth Audio.”
      She should reply, “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.”
      Then say, Play”
      It should be back to working just fine.
      If not, visit your Ford dealer and ask them to review your system…

  56. I paired my iPhone 5 to the Sync system in my 2010 Fusion. The pairing worked and I successfully downloaded my contacts but when I make a call I can hear the person on the other end of the line but they can’t hear me. Any suggestions?


    • Several things to do…
      Be sure to check to see you have the latest Apple OS software update for your phone.
      You may have to plug in your phone and check through iTunes to see if you are current.
      After updating, then completely power down your iPhone.Do a clean pairing…
      put this url in your browser to see this Ford video:
      Borrow a friend (and their phone). Pair their phone, make it the primary and see if their phone works OK. If not, then I would go to the nearest Ford Service Department and have them check for any microphone issues, or software issues on your Sync system.

  57. I have a 2014 ford fusion with my ford touch and iPhone 5. The turn by turn directions show up on the screen but there is no voice sound. I have the turn by turn audio set to on and still nothing.

    • I am assuming on the MyFord Touch System that you have A) manually entered a street address or something as a Destination, or
      B) Used the voice command “Destination Street Address” and given the confirmation “Set as Destination”
      In the far upper right corner of the MyFord Touch screen there is a touch button with a “headset” icon… if touched this allows voice muting/list of turns
      The next button to the left is the “Menu” button. Touch the tab “Guidance Mute” to toggle the Voice on/off
      Also, if you go to the lower, center, to the “Gears” tap this to get to the Settings, then select “Settings” and then “Voice”, you can increase or decrease the sound for the Voice (sometimes it is too quiet to be heard over the music or entertainment source that is playing.
      After saying all of this… if you had asked your iPhone to give turn-by-turn navigation, then those functions are usually “stopped” when the iPhone is in motion.
      Paste this URL into your browser to see an “overview” of MyFord Touch Navigation:

      Another idea… push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Navigation, Help”

  58. I have a question, not a comment. On our first trip in our new 2014 Ford C-max we encountered an irritating problem with the phone system While the microphone (where is it?) was sensitive enough to hear my voice, it was not sensitive enough to allow my wife’s voice to be heard by the person we called. How can the sensitivity of the C-max microphone be increased so my wife can actually use it?

    • OK, there are a couple of things you might not realize…
      The SYNC microphone is located in the center of the headliner (located just above the rear view mirror). So if you’re speaking you need to be projecting your voice in that direction (not at the center console screen).
      Next, the sensitivity of your Sync microphone is tied to the volume you’ve got your handset set at.. so, the higher the better on the handset… The volume knob on the steering wheel or console only affects the “playback” volume of the speakers.
      Also, woman tend to have “thinner” higher-pitched voices, so they need to adjust their voices by speaking as low as they can and (in needed) as loudly and clearly as they can…
      Also, the C-Max does have a noise-cancelling system built into it. So the vehicle will try to “compensate” for road and wind noise. So be sure the windows are rolled up and the A/C fan is set lower…
      If all of this does not work, then please visit your Ford Service Department and have them run a diagnostic on the microphone to check it’s sensitivity.

  59. I have a 2012 Focus and an iphone 5c. When using Sync, my wifes phone and my sons phone (incoming calls) show up as private calls and will not play through the cars audio system. Other incoming calls work fine.

    • My suggestion is to unpair the iphones (all of them) from your Sync system. Go to the Settings on the phones and remove Sync from the Bluetooth Device list. Then power down the phones for about five minutes. Turn your vehicle off and be sure it is powered down for at least a few minutes. Turn everything back on and repair the iPhones. Then go to the lead phone, start the call from the vehicle (by pushing/pulling the Voice button on the right side of the steering wheel. Use the Voice command to call someone. I think it should be working fine. Then, go to the Sync settings and select Connect BT Device and choose another iPhone. Try to make a phone call by using the Voice commands from the Sync system.
      I’ve seen so many iPhone users start dialing calls from their handsets. Something about iOS 7 “trains” the iPhone to want to be the lead device for dialing calls and forces Sync to shift over to Privacy Mode. Unpairing and powering down helps clear that.

  60. hello, I have a 2013 ford c-max and an iphone 5c. it is paired properly and everything works fine, but the bluetooth voice is very lower for my listeners on the other end. i hear them perfectly, but they struggle to hear me. when i switch off the sync and speak thru phone they hear me perfectly. any thoughts on how i could increase my Microphone volume? thank you, mark

    • You may not realize it, but the volume of your handset directly affects the volume of the “microphone” that Sync uses. So, by turning up/down the volume knob or volume control on the steering wheel or console ONLY affects the playback (what you can hear).
      Now here’s the kicker… the C-Max has a noise cancellation system built into the cabin. The vehicle sounds quieter inside because there are devices inside the cabin that “hear” extraneous noises and a sound emitter creates “white noise” to cancel out the distracting noise.
      So what is going on the “sound environment” of your vehicle when you are on a call? Are the windows open? Are other people taking? do you have the fan/vent turned up and aimed at any microphone? Do you have a cover on your phone that might be blocking your handset’s incoming and outgoing sound?
      If no solutions can be found, then I would visit your Ford Dealer and see if they can recalibrate the interior microphone.

  61. When I bought iPhone 5s 7.1.1 on 1st May 2014 it automatically connected to my 2010 Fiesta which is fitted with Ford Audio (up until 1st May I was using a Samsung Galaxy Ace with Bluetooth without any problems). Few days later having spent money on a protective case the iphone no longer connected to Ford Audio. I mistakenly told iPhone to forget the Ford Audio device thinking I could refresh it. Have since reset iPhone to factory settings and set up as NEW iPhone but it still won’t find Ford Audio. Bluetooth is working on car and Bluetooth is switched on and iPhone is searching. Will not connect. I have successfully connect to my iPhone to another Bluetooth device so I know it is working. All info now refers to Ford SYNC not Ford Audio. Apple Support say they need me to check to see if there happened to be an update to Ford car Bluetooth in last few weeks (since iPhone was connected and now no longer connecting) before they will consider their next move. If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful!

    • You didn’t say if you went into the System Settings of your Fiesta (in the Phone Menu) to Delete Device. Then go to the phone and delete Sync form the phone. Power down the phone. Pair the phone back to your Sync system.
      Now when you go tot he Voice button on the steering wheel, say Bluetooth Audio. Wait a minute or so, then push the voice button again and it will respond “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.” Say, “Play” and then start your streaming app on your iPhone. Should be working now…

  62. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium with the touch screen navi system. My bluetooth was syncing just fine over the last year and a half I’ve had the car but for the last five days, my phone won’t sync with my car. I tried deleting the device from my car and forgetting the device on my phone and now when I go to connect, my phone won’t even find SYNC to connect, it just keeps searching and comes up with nothing. I’ve also tried turning my phone off and on to reset it but that doesn’t help. Also, before I deleting the devices from each other, when the PIN came up on the touch screen, it wouldn’t even stay up long enough for me to remember it to type it in if my phone ever got to the option to sync. HELP! P.S. I have the iPhone 5

    • Have you updated the iOS (operating system) software for your phone? There are two major releases that have been out for a month or more… sometimes iPhone 5 software just gets so dated that it doesn’t “work” like it should.
      I would say you should do a “hard reboot”, see below:
      If the Sync system is still not working, and if your MyFord Touch screen isn’t displaying properly, then you need to review this video to do a “Master Reset.”

      If the Sync system is still not working, then you can try this “hard reboot” process. Park your vehicle. Turn it off and remove the key from the ignition. Open the hood. Locate the car battery. Please be careful, do not touch both the positive and negative poles at the same time. Do not drop a metal tool across both of the poles. These things could result in a electric shock. So please be careful. Use the correct-sized wrench (could be an 8 or 10 mm), a socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench to loosen the black battery cable clamp. This is the battery pole marked with the “-“ (negative) sign. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp. Twist and pull the entire battery cable clamp off of the battery and keep it off for about five minutes. Now reattach the battery cable clamp and retighten the nut. Now close the hood. Start the vehicle and let it run for at least three minutes or so. The radio may start on the AM band and the clock may have reset itself to noon. Let the Sync have a few minutes to “reboot” before going to your vehicle settings and resetting the time. Just push the FM radio buttons to get back to your favorite radio channel.

      In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again.

      This should reset your system and get it working again… it’s part of the “necessary maintenance” of your phone, Bluetooth and Sync systems… once Bluetooth signals get scrambled, (due to interference, Apps, operating system issues, etc.) then things needs to be reset for all parts of the system.
      Let me know how things are working….

      • Yes, my iphone operating system is up-to-date.

        I also tried a Master Reset with the Sync system and was able to get my phone to connect to sync but it only lasted two days and they won’t connect again.

        Is a hard reboot with disconnecting the battery my only last option? I would prefer not to have to do that.
        Could it be something with my sync software that would be covered under my manufacturer’s warranty?

        Please let me know your thoughts.

        • I would suggest visiting your Ford Service Department. They can do the “hard reboot” if needed (and I think it is). They could cross-check your VIN number to see if there are software updates. There was a major SYNC and MyFord Touch update (to version 3.6.2) in August of last year and that may not have been done yet on your vehicle. I guess no one has mentioned to you that your electronics are covered as part of the 3-year 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty — that’s why you could start by visiting your Ford dealer.

  63. I have a 2014 Ford Edge, I am able to sync my iphone5 and play music through the blue tooth, however; when I plug it into the USB to charge and use it that way it does not charge it and tells me that the device may not be compatible. Will the USB not charge my iphone or is it another issue?

    • There are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you push the Voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” to access stored digital music, or if your start a streaming App like Pandora, on your iPhone… and then later plug your device into the console USB port, then you have changed the Source of our media. Now you would have to push the Voice button and say USB. When the system responds with “USB, State your command.” Say, “Play All.” Yes, the system will “index” the music source (if it is a USB flash drive, it may even say that the system cannot play content protected music.) Go ahead and listen to music (it’s a standard disclaimer).
      Now, for the other issue… some USB cords do not work at all in charing devices from the USB. Are you using an Apple USB cord? Some other brands (and cords that have been stretched or excessively bent) just won’t work. I have found that using a 12-volt charger with a USB plug in on it is the best way to charge AND use your iPhone while driving.

  64. I have a 2011 F150 XLT, I just got it two days ago, and for two days i have been trying to play music. I have been plugging it into the usb slot directly into my phone. I have iPhone 5 iOS 7.1. Is the only way i can play music is through the aux cable? I am very new to sync so if its something stupid I apologize, I just want to play my music on my phone!

  65. Hi, I have a 2011 F350 with sync, I have my iPhone 5 paired to it, and everything works well with it, only thing I’m not getting is when using Nav I’m not getting voice turn by turn directions?
    Also my iTunes descriptions don’t show on screen, plays just fine though

    • You didn’t say you had the Sony nav system with Sync… if you are, and you are using the voice-activated nav, then I would go into the nav settings and check to see if the voice prompts are turned on. I don’t think the iPhone nav information would be “played back” through the Sync system… When it comes to music, when you push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Bluetooth Audio.” Your iPhone music (or streaming app) can be set up to play. You won’t see song titles or artist info (Bluetooth is too limited in bandwidth to share that. If you plug in with the correct USB cable to the on-board USB port and then use the Voice button to say “USB.” And give the system a moment, then push the Voice button and say, “Play All.” Then your screen should display song title and artist info.

  66. I have a 2011 Ford F150 and I had my Bluetooth synced and working on my iphone5. but now it isn’t working. I did change the name on my iphone in “About” and I also deleted the device and re-entered the iphone. now it only works some of the time, not all the time. Is there something I missed?

    • Go to the Settings on your Phone, to Bluetooth, in the list of devices you will see a tab with Sync on it, go to the right side of the tab and you will see a blue circle, tap it. When the secondary screen appears, tap the button that says “Forget this device.” Completely power down your phone.
      Now delete the phone again from your Sync Phone Menu…
      Restart your iPhone, turn off the car (open the door just to be sure) and start your car again.
      Now pair your iPhone again to your vehicle… everything should be okay.
      I think you skipped the step of completely clearing Sync from your iPhone — which could cause the connectivity issue.

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  68. Hi – I have a 2013 Ford Explorer. I had my iPhone 4 paired to the Sync Bluetooth and then accidentally hit ‘forget this device’ on my iPhone. Now I can no longer re-connect my iPhone to Sync via Bluetooth. I’ve deleted the old phone from the ‘Device’ menu in my car but my phone still can’t detect the Sync Bluetooth from the list of discoverable devices. Any idea on what I can do to re-pair my phone to Ford Sync??

    • My question is… are you actually doing the correct “pairing” procedure?
      Delete the iPhone from the Sync menu.
      Turn off the vehicle.
      Go to you iPhone, to the Settings, check for any other Sync connections. Delete them. Then power down your iPhone.
      After a few minutes, start the iPhone back up. Once it is completely powered up. Then turn on your vehicle.
      Now start the pairing process with Sync by going to the Sync System Settings, to Bluetooth Devices, to Add Bluetooth device. Push OK to begin pairing the Device.
      A PIN number will be displayed… go to your phone and look for Sync (not paired) in your Bluetooth Settings. Tap the tab, a second screen will appear and enter the 6-digit PIN. With the newest Sync software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit PIN to your phone so all you have to do is push OK on the phone. Then follow the prompts to complete the pairing on the Sync system.
      Once the screen shows, Phonebook download complete, then everything should be back up.

  69. My iphone 5 was paired with my 2013 Ford Explorer but it would work and then not work. So I “forgot the device” on my iphone and then I deleted the device on my car. Now when I try to find the device through the car it cannot find it, it just keeps searching and searching as well as my iphone, it will not find sync on my phone.

    • Here’s a couple of things to check…
      Have you donwloaded the latest iOS for your iPhone?
      If not, then do so. Then, do a clean pairing to your Explorer.
      Also, I hope you have got the latest Sync software upgrade for your Explorer. It should be version 3.6.2
      If you haven’t installed, then do so. Go to for information on doing a self-install.
      And, finally, and very important… completely power down your iPhone for a few minutes and then restart. Now go to your Explorer and start it… you should be able to re-pair the phone now.

  70. I have an ’11 F150 Lariat and every time my girlfriend calls the sync won’t let me answer the call via the steering wheel. I have to manually answer the phone and change the setting to “sync”. How can I fix this?

    • So, are you saying that you can use the steering wheel controls to answer other incoming calls?
      Can you use the steering wheel controls to make outgoing calls?
      When you say “manually” answer the call… do you mean you pick up the handset and use phone?
      Have you deleted the phone from Sync, deleted Sync from your phone, powered down the vehicle and the phone. Then pair the phone again and, if it is a Android, be care to tell your phone to always “Accept” the bluetooth device… and then tell it to download your phonebook.

  71. I’ve just bought a 2012 Focus “S Base Model (no BT) w/ an Aux Line-in I’ve connected my iPhn 5s, for Earbuds-Free Podcasts, and Nav. What was my Surprise to Find Out–though NO BlueTooth–I’m Abke to Make and Receive Phone Calls **Through the Vehicle’s Hard-Wire Aux Line Connection!** (This begs the Question: WHERE IS The Mic.? (I’m a Musician/Know my way around Cables, Connections & Mics. though my iPh is quite a Distance from my Mouth (next to the Stick-Shift), my Friends ate Shocked to Find out I’m not holding the Phone either to my mouth, or using a (3-ring) Microphone cord. not believing them, I called myself left a VoiceMail, and the Sound is Crystal Clear. MY QUESTION IS: “WHERE IN THE WHEEL OR DASHBOARD IS THIS (INVISIBLE) MIC?” (Is the car always in “Listening” mode? This is Creepy!

    • Ok, I’ve got to ask a question… so you’ve connected a 5S (via the 3.5mm cord) to the Aux port… How do you make an outgoing call?
      If you push and hold the “Home”button (on the lower center portion of your phone screen) for a few seconds, you might hear the Siri tone come through your speakers. If you ask Siri to make a call or send a message, then I assume your phone’s mic is what is receiving your voice command and the playback is through the cable output to the Aux input on the vehicle’s console.
      However, if your steering wheel has a Phone icon, a “Voice” button (or lever) (an icon of a mouth with sound coming out of it) then you’ve got a Sync system. The mic would probably be in the lower portion of the rear view mirror. On some models, the mic is behind a little “screen” mounted in the ceiling above the driver (either near the center at the side of the sun visor) or to the left near the window.
      I’m just a curious, I’ve never heard of a Focus “with Bluetooth.” Most times people refer to having Sync or not having Sync. I guess you didn’t buy from a dealer and they didn’t give you an overview of how the system works…
      Copy and paste this into your browser to find out more….

  72. 2014 Ford Focus – Basic Sync no Touch no Nav screen
    2012 Ford Escape – Basic Sync no Touch no Nav screen
    Just switched from an Iphone 4s to a 5C.
    I followed the same basic protocol with each, In the Escape I had no problem, the menu options all made sense. In the Focus I have problems though.
    I’ve “deleted all devices” in the car & “forget this conneciton” in my iphone & reconnected Sync repeatedly so that’s not the solution.
    During the Pairing process Sync acknowledges successful pairing, I set to primary phone, Download phone book. At this point I can even get Siri & have her read new texts send new texts etc. Pandora playing on my phone speaker originally goes quiet & never starts playing through the car however even after I’m done with Siri. At this point I’ve tried menu options in sync to re connect the device, I’ve tried menu options for select source “blue tooth audio” to no avail, even though being connected originally at this point I get the message “No Blue Tooth Device”. My phone settings in blue tooth show that I’m connected to Sync though.
    I’ve turned the car off, turned the phone off and restarted both, I’ve deleted the device & forgot the connection several times. Upon re establishing the connection & getting the phone book downloaded & communicating with Siri through the car system, the screen reads “blue tooth audio” suggesting that I’m connected but I still can not get audio from any iphone applications, Pandora, Waze, Audible etc. If I then try to select audio source, sync always seems to loose my connection & tells me that there is no blue tooth device available. Essentially my phone gets paired OK, the car shows a connection the phone shows the connection but I get no audio through blue tooth. I’ve sent texts using siri through the audio system & even placed phone calls but still no audio from applications that I use.
    Seems like this is just a problem with the Focus since I paired easily first attempt in the Escape & have no problems there. At this point I’m ready to smash this phone even though I don’t think it’s actually the phone. Can anyone tell me if this problem is normal & how to overcome it? I’m out of (constructive) ideas at this point.

    • Don’t get too frustrated… visit this URL on your browser for more info on Sync AppLink
      At issue is the processing unit in the Focus is slightly different than the one in the Escape. And the way you’re accessing it doesn’t work (as it would in the Escape).
      I think you need to have Sync AppLink versions of your BT apps to get this to work better.
      If you’re still having issues, call the Sync Support (at Ford Customer Service 800-792-3673).

      • I checked out the link but this leaves me confused. Do I need to download & install a sync app from the app store? I’m going to have to connect the phone with a usb cord every time? Seems like it’s suggesting that I need to plug into the car with a USB & then lock the phone, Locking the phone will turn the screen off so how will I use my GPS application & hear it over the cars audio at the same time? I never had to do that with the Iphone 4. According to everything I read at that link location the results from connecting the Iphone 4 & the 5c would be mostly the same or am I missing something?

  73. Have been successfully using a 64gb USB flash drive to play mp3 files. After taking it in for service, I now get an index full message, then, even though it looks on the screen like a song is playing (i.e. song time is counting up), there is no audio. Radio audio will work, but USB device audio stops, even though I can access the Music Library, choose songs, and it looks like the song is “playing”. It was all working fine before the service. What might have changed to screw things up? The car is a 2012 Mustang Conv. with full NAV system.

    • Okay, you’ve got to try something here…
      Have you tried to use another USB with music in your Mustang?
      Are you getting the same result?
      You said you took it in for service… what kind of service? Did they have to replace the battery?
      If so, then do a “hard reboot” process. First, pull the USB flash drive out. Start the hard reboot process (defined elsewhere in the blog, it’s the process of shutting off the vehicle and removing the black (negative) battery cable clamp for at least three to five minutes and replacing and retightening).
      Then restart the vehicle. Insert the USB and give it a few minutes before doing any voice requests…
      If, after the reboot, your original USB flash drive still does not work (but other drives do), then the issue may be with the original 64 gb flash… by the way, you are pushing it with this size of device… there is a limit as to how much your Sync system can index. Once an index gets to full it’s better to start with a new drive and fewer files…

      • Thanks! Doing a Master Reset and then disconnecting the neg terminal on battery for a few minutes has it working again. The service was a normal oil change and multi-point inspection. Maybe they plug some diagnostic tool in that causes a problem? The no-audio situation occurred with any USB stick. I’ve read elsewhere now, that a no-audio situation arises from time-to-time for no apparent reason. Anyway, I’ve had 4 years of flawless service from Sync up till now. Hopefully, just a random thing that won’t happen again.

        • I think I should try this reboot process. Even using app link through a USB wired connection (something I’ve never had to do before with Iphone 4) to play audio with standard iphone applications doesn’t work 100% of the time. I get this same condition 3 or 4 times per day. Audio track is counting as if it’s playing but no sound at all which is all I ever get trying to play audio in “blue tooth audio”. I wind up fumbling with the phone & the wire, going back into menus “select source” etc etc. If it’s going to be this difficult to stay connected I may as well go back to carrying around CD’s.

  74. OK so I about to pick up my 13 SEL Escape 2.0L (touchscreen nav) from storage after 1.5 years. Right to the dealer for 2.6.2 and recalls. I want to get an iPhone 5S, but only if it can do text to voice (and reply) using SYNC. I don’t want to mess around with Siri. Does that work now? If not, I’ll go with a Samsung or something android. The compatability chart says that it will but I’m not sure after reading all these posts.

    • I’m sorry if you felt this kind of upgrade would have occurred in the past few years.The iPhone has never completely complied with Microsoft’s protocols for text messaging (as the Android system’s do).
      At present (until the new Sync 3 system is released in new vehicles later this year), the only way to effectively use text messaging with an iPhone 5S is to pair the phone to your Sync system. Then, push and hold the “home” button on the front of your phone for a few seconds and then you’ll be able to access Siri through your Sync system’s microphone and playback system.

  75. I have just brought a 2015 fiesta st3 I’m trying to connect my iPhone 5s to the ford sync hands free software it is connecting and it will read my texts out but when I get a call it will not let me hear what anyone is saying and they cannot here me…. Anyone know what this could be??

    • I’m not sure what’s going on here… is your phone’s mic turned off? (muted)
      When an incoming call comes in, are you answering the call correctly? You may actually be “canceling” the call by pushing the buttons in the wrong sequence…
      If they can’t hear you, it could be that your vehicle’s microphone isn’t working correctly (have a Ford Service tech check on this) or the issue could be that your iPhone needs to be checked by your Apple store. Apple sometimes has hardware and/or software issues that cause problems for users.

  76. So after reading long list of problems with Bluetooth / Sync in Ford vehicles and various phone spanning several years, it seems that there are some compatibility issues. Just got a F-150 with Iphone5 paired to it and worked flawlessly for about a week…lol. Now Sync goes into privacy mode and I cannot hear call or audio. The bluetooth audio streaming from phone works fine. Every time I make a call with phone connected to Sync, its no audio…if I switch phone to speaker its fine and I can hear audio. But that is not handsfree operation. Strange that even after call is disconnected I have a message on sync screen with the number I called and ‘Call disconnected’ with a 0:00 for timer and none of the phone menu buttons respond…or the steering wheel phone on/hangup buttons either. Only way to make another call is to disconnect bluetooth and re-connect it again. I have tried every reset on Sync and iPhone that I could more than once to resolve the issue and it still does not work. Only thing I haven’t tried is the battery cable disconnect.
    Pretty disappointing…had a GM vehicle for 3 years before the F-150 and not once did it have a bluetooth call issue with the same iPhone.

    • I’m sorry you are having issues… you seem to have issues that I have been working to correct for eight years now… you probably never had a salesperson help you pair your phone and show you the process. It’s common for iPhone users to develop their “routine” in making and receiving calls… if you don’t change that process when you start using Sync, then you will get the issues you seem to be having.
      First, clear Sync off of your iPhone.
      Go to your Sync settings and delete Sync.
      Check to see you have the latest iOS software installed on your Apple. Once, this is done, completely power down your iPhone.
      I’m assuming you have a new F-150 but you didn’t specify if you have MyFord or MyFord Touch.
      Yes, turn off your truck. Open the hood and loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp for a few minutes, then reattach and retighten. Close hod. Restart the truck. Let it cycle through its start-up process for a few minutes.
      Then restart your phone and pair again.
      Now, when you make a call on your iPhone ALWAYS push the VOICE button (the icon of the mouth), wait a second or two, and say “Phone.”
      The system will reply, “Phone, state your command.”
      Then say, “Call + (your contact name) + at/on (work, cell/mobile, home).”
      The system will reply, “Calling John Smith on cell (or however you asked).”
      The call will be placed…
      Hang up by pressing the Phone icon and holding it down for a few seconds, then releasing the button.
      When a answering a call, be sure to press the Voice button briefly (do no hold it down – if you do it forces the call to go to your voice mail).
      In a second or two, the call will be active.
      Hang up by pressing and holding the Phone icon on your steering wheel (or at the console or screen, at the END box).

      If you pick up the phone right after pairing and place the call by touching your iPhone screen, or if you answer a call by using your handset, then the iPhone will override Sync’s ability to answer and make calls hands-free. And, please note, you do have some options on your Sync Settings (on your truck) to always go to Privacy Mode. And, by pushing the Double Arrow button during an active call, you can push the Sync system to go into Privacy Mode.
      Did you know, that by pushing the Double Arrow buttons (when in Privacy Mode) and by selecting “end Privacy Mode” then using the OK button, you can go out of Privacy Mode and back into normal mode.
      When your phone goes into Privacy Mode, you can continue the call/conversation on your iPhone. End the call with by pressing and holding the Phone button on the steering wheel.
      For years I’ve been working with GM customers who have gotten into the GM process for making and receiving calls… and it doesn’t line up with the Ford process.
      More and more GM owners are finding that the Ford system understands commands faster and better than MyLink…
      The new Sync 3 (should be in F-150s in 2017 models…) will be even better (and should work best with iPhones).
      Also, set up your free account at and you can reference a library of information about your Sync system (and other Ford technology).

  77. I have a 2008 F-350 and Sync has worked perfectly with with iPod and both my iPhone 4s and now iPhone 5c….until just recently. I can no longer get audio to play on the iPod (although I see the song, there’s just no sound). Also, I can no longer get music to play via Bluetooth on my iPhone (but the hands free phone feature works fine). I’ve powered down my phone and also tried the reset option on Sync with no luck. Frustrated. Help!

    • How are you trying to access your iPod music?
      Through a cord coming from your earphone plug-in?
      By a USB cable plugged into you truck USB port?
      Or, do you have a Bluetooth enabled iPod?
      In any case, are you leaving the device plugged into the truck over night? Don’t do this. Unplug your equipment from the truck before you turn it off. Once you start the truck in the morning, let the system cycle up for a minute or so, then plug your equipment in…
      When you push the steering wheel Voice icon, when prompted say either… “USB” (if device is plugged into the truck’s USB port) or “Bluetooth” if the device is paired via Bluetooth.
      You can go to the console, and push the Menu button, use the tuning knob to turn to media source, push OK, use the knob again to select Aux, BT, or whatever fits your need.
      I believe that once you reestablish this “pathway” then your truck knows where to draw its Source from…

  78. I have a 2015 Ford F-150 fx4 and now when I get in my truck, I receive a text and all music stops playing. it then says i have an incoming call from the person I am texting. as soon as I close my phone, iPhone 6, by pressing the power button the music instantly begins playing again. how do I fix this?

    • When you’re in your truck, check your phone settings, go to Bluetooth, tap the blue (i) to the right of Sync Connected… what do you see? If the Show Notifications is set to be On, then tap it to turn it off.
      Now, completely power down your truck. And restart it… now you will not have your iPhone go to Notification status – thus cutting off your music.

  79. I recently took my 2012 F-150 into the dealership to have updates installed into the basic sync system on my truck due to the fact that I had to push the steering wheel button and say bluetooth audio every time I wanted my iPhone 5s to connect to the system. Whenever I started the truck it would power up to Line in automatically. The updates fixed the issue temporarily and now every now and then I have to hit the button again to say bluetooth audio to get them to connect. Why is it that my sync system won’t automatically recognize my iPhone (even though the bluetooth symbol is lit on the sync screen) once I enter the truck and power it up? The tech at the dealership seems to think that because my iPhone goes into lock mode that it loses its connection and therefore it requires me to re-sync my phone each time. I’ve tried your steps above regarding the power down and rebooting of my iPhone each time. Thanks for your assistance.

    • I have a feeling that this is related to the new updates released by Apple for the iTunes and iPhone iOS.
      Here’s a question… do you have something plugged into your USB port all of the time? When the Sync system initializes at start up it defaults to put USB, or LineIn first on the cue.

  80. I have a 2014 Ford Escape and an Appleiphone 5. when I first got the car the phone would sync properly most of the time. Now it is not letting the person I called hear me . I can hear through the speakers but nothing goes out .Also I cant make a call by my voice command. I have unpaired the phone and repaird it twice to no avail . Please tell me what I can do to make this work. Thank you.

  81. My battery died in my 2009 Ford Edge and now I can’t get the code to sync my iPhone 5? Tried taking fuse out of car…turned phone off and back on…phone was paired to car but I hit forget this phone on my phone! Keeps saying no phone found and won’t give me the code!!!

    • Have you tried to delete the phone from Sync?
      I realize that is it may not be “remembered” on your Edge as well.
      In any case, turn off the car, open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp for several minutes. Reattach the cable clamp, and retighten the bolt.
      Close the hood and start you vehicle.
      Be sure to update your software in your iPhone as well.

  82. Same problem as Andrew above: I have an iPhone 5 and a 2012 Ford Edge. Everything was working fine but I just updated my sync. Now, I have paired my phone again with the vehicle, but I am not receiving any alerts when a text message is received on my phone. In fact, none of the sounds will work on my phone while it is connected to sync. This wasn’t a problem before I updated sync. I have gone into settings and selected a message sound, but no sound is being emitted when I receive a message.

    • I would guess that with the release of Sync 3 and the introduction of Apple CarPlay, that your issues would be addressed. I don’t think the version of Sync (and/or MyFord Touch) was ever made to allow you to get tone alerts when texts come in while you are driving.

  83. I have a 2014 Ford F150 with SYNC (4.2.1.T) and an IPhone 5 (with IOS 9.2.1). The phone is paired with the truck and with voice commands I can place a call, but it then goes silent. The person I’m calling receives the call but they also cannot hear me. I have the same issue when receiving a call, the name or number appears on the screen in the center control panel, but upon hitting the phone button it goes silent. I was also on a call when I got into my vehicle and started it, the call transferred to SYNC, but they could no longer hear me & I could not hear them. I then switched to privacy mode on the phone to continue the call. I checked the volume on the phone & that is all the way up, I also checked to make sure it was not in privacy mode. I have done a factory reset and the master reset on the truck. I also deleted SYNC from my Bluetooth on the phone and did a second master reset and repaired the phone to the truck. I also powered off the phone multiple times. I have already taken it to the dealer & demonstrated the issue to them. They claimed to have never seen this before and recommended that I download SYNC updates to a USB drive and install it myself. When I attempted to download updates from my laptop it said that my SYNC was up-to-date and did not give me the option to download to the USB. I have had the truck and the phone for over a year and have had no issues until a few days ago. I’m not sure what else to try to fix the problem.

    • I’m not sure if you have tried to pair another phone to see if it has the same issues. I assume it might. That being said, I think your service guys need to contact Ford field engineers… I would suspect that something may be wrong with your APIM.

  84. I have been trying to connect my iPhone 5 to a 2011 Ford Escape. It doesn’t have a touchscreen or anything, just a plain as day panel. It has a USB port and Line in connector. I switched the connection to Aux and it says on the dash ‘sync line in’ even though I haven’t connected my phone via USB. When I first tried it, it worked perfectly. Then after about a half an hour when we were about to head off somewhere, my phone wouldn’t play. Any ideas why that may be?

    • First, check your iPhone to see that you have the latest iOS upgrades.
      If not, install them.
      Then completely power down your phone and start is back up before you go back to your vehicle.
      If you want to stream from your iPhone.
      Push the mouth icon – I call it the Voice button.
      Sync’s voice will speak to you
      Say, “Bluetooth Audio.”
      She will reply, “Bluetooth Audio”
      She will search for a link to your phone.
      Start the app of music (stored music in iTunes, or an app link Pandora).
      Push that Voice button again and after she makes her statement,
      say “Play”
      And your music should start streaming.
      The OK button on the steering wheel will Pause/Unpause your music.
      The double arrows will take you back to the beginning or let you skip.
      If you were to plus your phone into the USB.
      Push the Voice button and when she’s finished speaking say
      She will reply “USB”
      Once again, push the Voice button and when she’s ready
      say “Play”
      If you are listening to music and incoming call should interrupt and pause your music so you can take the call.
      If you want to make a call, push the Voice button and say
      She will reply “Phone state your command…”
      Then you can say “Call + (contact name) on (device) or Dial + (Number).”

      I have the feeling that your pushed a console button or the media button on the steering wheel and lost your connection that way.

  85. My iPhone 5S has begun to act oddly with my SYNC with MyFordTouch in my 2013 Escape. So much so that I cannot consistently give it voice commands to dial. Sometimes it asks for a full name, other times it ignores the dial command altogether and I have to manually dial my phone

    • Have you checked at to see if all of your vehicle software is current?
      Is all of your phone iOS current?
      Have you deleted the phone from the car and the car from the phone?
      Have you tried to do the “hard reboot?” (described elsewhere on the blog…
      Have you tried to re “pair” the devices?

      Sometimes bluetooth signals get corrupted and the system just doesn’t work. Try all of the above… if it still does not work, I would have your Ford Service Technicians review everything…

  86. I have a 2013 Ford Escape and an iPhone 5s and I have iOS 10.2.1. My phone is synced and has no problems except that I can not use hands free to receive calls.. I have tried removing my phone and resyncing with no change.

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