Mastering the Ford Sync System

We’ve compiled about 20 links to short videos to help drivers master the Ford Sync System.

Mastering the Ford Sync system takes a little practice but in time a driver will learn to effectively use this hands-free system!

The whole idea of the Sync system  (initially created in a partnership between Ford and Microsoft) is to help drivers get more out of driving while staying focused on the task at hand – safe driving! Please focus on good driving whenever you are operating a vehicle on the road. Keep driver distractions to a minimum.

The best thing to do when exploring this system is to have your vehicle parked in your driveway. Once you have mastered some techniques, then you can try them while driving.

Have your cellphone(s) and media player(s) or USB devices with you and turn on your vehicle. To get the most out of your Sync Services system, make sure you have established your account at Often times, your salesperson will have set up this account for you even before you took delivery of the vehicle.

Your Sync system, which allows hands-free making and receiving of phone calls, accessing and playing Bluetooth, media player or USB music, along with apps such as Vehicle Health Report or 911 Assist, is standard equipment on most Ford vehicles built since mid-2010. If you are having trouble, please contact your Ford sales representative or one of the dealership Service Advisors.

There are a variety of topics listed here. Just click on any of the following video links to get a short look at some of the features you may need to know on your Sync system.

Getting to Know Sync

Sync Introduction

Making Calls

How to Speak to the Sync System

Using a Media Player

Doing a Music Search with your Media Player

Receiving Audible Text Messages

Please note, currently only a few phones have this text-to-voice capability with the Sync system. Apple iPhones are not set up to receive text messages through Sync. However, the iPhone 4S and newer phones with the Siri function can be used to allow Sync to read and send text messages.

Registration and Activation of a Sync Account

Using Sync Services

Setting up a Sync Services Account

Using Turn-by-Turn Directions

Using Business Search

Getting Real-Time Traffic Reports

Using 911 Assist or Vehicle Health Report

Pairing a Phone

The above video is for adding a phone or other Bluetooth device to your system.

Clean Pairing

The above link allows you to correct problems with a previously paired phone.

Common Problems and Solutions

Using the iPhone with Sync

Using the Android-based phone with Sync

Using a Blackberry phone with Sync

Thanks to the folks at Ford for putting together such a good source of quick reference videos. For more information, please refer to your Sync Reference Guide which came with your vehicle Owner’s Manual. You may also visit Ford’s Sync My Ride website.


By Vincent Hennigan, Ford Sync Specialist
The author is a Ford Master Certified Salesperson, Sales Manager, Internet Salesperson, Customer Relations Manager and Sync Specialist. He has been writing articles for Ford Tech Lane since 2011. He has worked with hundreds of Ford customers at a Tulsa, OK Ford dealer. He helps them better understand and use their Sync, Sony touch-screen navigation and MyFord Touch systems.

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4 thoughts on “Mastering the Ford Sync System

  1. Recently, my Ford Sync has stopped the calling feature from my phone contacts. I have not changed phones or made any seetings change. When I press the call button and say “Call John” system keeps asking for a name to call and will not connect. If I manually select the person on my phone, the call goes through. However, I tried other services and directions work fine. Sync responds and I can speak and ask for whatever service I need. How can I get the hands free voice back to make a call to a phone contact?

    • I would be sure your phone settings have the Sync system cleared out… be sure to power down your phone as well.
      When your vehicle is off, open the hood. Locate the battery, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp for at least five minutes.
      Replace the cable clamp and re-tighten it. Close the hood.
      Start your vehicle, wait about three to five minutes.
      Pair your phone to the Sync system. See this video
      Follow the prompts and push the OK to be sure 911 Assist is set to ON.
      That the Phone is set as Primary.
      And, Download the Phone.
      Yes, you will have to reset the Clock and be sure the radio pre-sets are OK.
      But your phone should be back to working as it did before.

    • こんにちは、ありがとうございます!私は車載技術フォードに関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます。素晴らしい一日を過ごす!
      Kon’nichiwa, arigatōgozaimasu! Watashi wa shasai gijutsu fōdo ni kanshin o o yose itadaki arigatōgozaimasu. Subarashī tsuitachi o sugosu!
      Hello, Thank you! I appreciate your interest in Ford in-vehicle technology. Have a great day!

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