New, improved Ford Sync support with more user-friendly website!

The original web screen, now the site is called

The original web screen, now the site is called

Ford now has 24/7 support to improve the customer’s experience with the SYNC system – with a rebuilt user-friendly website now called

The critics lash out at Ford for creating too much technology at a rate that’s much too fast. The reality is more like the constant development is just keeping up with the public appetite. Also, bringing so much new and important technology to the vehicle does require a new emphasis on consumer education and support. It’s funny, computer companies never provided this kind of support when as they rolled out new operating systems and new devices over the years.

Now when someone visits (formerly called  they are greeted with a user’s perspective of a MyFord Touch system with the words “Sync. Say the word. Available voice-activated technology personalized by the people who use it.” You can choose to review it from the Ford or the Lincoln perspective. Or, if you are already registered, you can go ahead and log in.

For the researchers, this is the biggest plus. You can review almost every function – you can see it and hear it being used so that you can get a feel for it.

Ford offers introductory videos that appeal across a wide age-range. You see a busy young married woman planning a surprise party for her husband using Sync. You see an urban guy get his groove on with the Sync system’s music interactivity. You see a Dad knowing he has peace of mind because his daughter drives a Fiesta with the 911-Assist feature. You see a 60-year old who doesn’t even have e-mail at home, using turn-by-turn technology to find his way around with ease.

The website viewer can get Sync support (live chat, email and more), check on phone compatibility, explore voice commands and review the four main Sync systems and how you can access them in the Ford vehicles.

Once you register and enter the main SyncMyRide site, the viewer can access the general topic areas of Using Sync, Making Calls, Playing Music, Sync Services, Community (forums and more) and Manage Sync.

Here the Sync user can personalize their Sync system by creating “Saved Points” for the system to track and select service intervals and vehicle health report parameters. You can add additional phone numbers to account. You can find out how to get the route information from Google Maps and Mapquest.

Best of all, they have frequently asked questions and the answers in an easy to find place. You will find videos that explain and demonstrate using the system.

It is still amazing that Ford Motor Company has tied together such an impressive number of features offered through the Sync program. There are four types of systems: Sync (with the LED readout on the dash); Sync with voice activated navigation (a touch screen, voice activation and much more); the Sync My Ford system (with a smaller screen that offers a lot of useful information), and the Sync MyFord Touch (voice activated, with color coordinated corners on touch screen and expanded steering wheel controls). And these systems are offered on 13 Ford models in 2012.

Using the theme, “Eyes on the Road – Connected to your world” the Ford Sync system offers advanced telematics not found in other vehicles. You can stay in touch with hands-free calling, 911 Assist, and audible text messages (not available on some phones). You can manage your entertainment with voice-activated music, internet connectivity (on some models), and get news, sports and weather. In the area of driver assistance it offers turn-by-turn directions, traffic alerts and 411 business search. And now, with a Sync Services subscription you can even get live operator assist to help with directions (if needed.)

At the core of all of these services is the Sync system is found on most Fords and it provides driver connectivity and interactivity that doesn’t require subscriptions. You can get the support you need from your Ford dealer, from the SyncMyRide website and even from other Ford Sync users. And, there is expanded services that are complimentary for three years. Even at the $60 a year price, the Sync Services easily beats the competition.

So if you’re interested in finding out more about Ford’s Sync system, visit, or just stay tuned to this website.

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5 thoughts on “New, improved Ford Sync support with more user-friendly website!

  1. Ie = have just purchased a 2014 Ford Escape with mysync. My dealer has shown me the car and said I have mysnyc. I am reading the car manual and other than a few hints the dealers has apparently left the discovery to. There is an update that I have downloaded but find I must use winzip to decode for my car. I am computer literate and think the system is better than “sliced bread”.

    I would appreciate any guidance you can supply

    • First of all, the MyFord Touch upgrade on a USB flash drive is automatically unzipped and downloaded when you plug the USB into your vehicle. You do not have to unzip anything. Allow about 25 minutes for the software to download and update your system. Once finished, you will have to pair your phone(s) again.
      If you haven’t already, visit to register your software update and access additional info on the use of the MFT system. There are several short subject videos available at that site as well. You can access additional stories on this website as well.
      Thank you for purchasing a Ford. E-ail additional questions to me or at the website

  2. Just setup my account on SyncMyRide so I could get the SYNC update for my model unfortunately I selected the wrong model, since I was not given but one option. Now I am not sure I have the right update for my model SYNC, I do not have the touch SYNC. The website does not offer an option to change your selection very frustrating….now the ask how do I change the SYNC model in the account so I can get the correct update?????

    • Yes, you can go on the website and do a Live Chat or call Ford Customer Service at 800-392-3673 and navigate through the voice menu to Sync Support and get a service representative and they can make the change for you.

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