SYNC: It’s in the way that you say it!

Voice Commands

Using voice commands

Getting to know the Sync technology and using it is the best way to expand your driving fun and pleasure. So don’t be afraid to ask about the things you can do and say now in your vehicle. And, remember, with Sync, it’s all in the way that you say it!
This is a Voice activated software infotainment system. It uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to access the phone with your voice while driving. So learning the sequence of voice commands is important. Here’s some tips on how to “be on speaking terms” with Sync in your new vehicle.
Ensure that your phone(s) and music device(s) are paired to the Sync system. For more information, please see this video Or, you can refer to the Sync manual or ask for assistance from your salesperson.
If your salesperson hasn’t already done it for you, create your own account at and start getting the most out of your Sync experience. Most Ford new vehicle owners get a three-year complimentary subscription (which requires annual renewal). This site also provides a wealth of information about Sync, it allows for personalizing some services, and it is where you can obtain the software updates to keep your system up-to-date.
Phone Voice Commands
When you push the VOICE button on your steering wheel, the voice will prompt you with “Sync state your command.” Say “phone” and the system will prompt with “Phone, state your command.” Then say “Call (name as it appears in your phone’s phonebook,” “Call (name) at work” or “Call (name) in office,” “Call (name) on mobile OR cell,” “Call (name) at home.” Or say “Dial.” After saying “Dial” the system will prompt with “What number please?” Then say the whole number smoothly and fairly quickly. The system will repeat the number, if correct, then say “Dial” again and it will make the call. If the number is incorrect, press and hold the “Phone” logo on the steering wheel for a few seconds and try again. Press the VOICE button on the steering wheel and when prompted, say, “Services,” The portal (the voice on the other end) will guide you, but you can say any of the following:
“Traffic,” “Directions,” “Business Search,” “Sports,” “Weather,” “Movies,” “Horoscopes,” “News,” “Stock quotes,” or “Travel.”
The Sync Services are voice-enabled, not data plan enabled so you don’t need an extra cost data plan on your phone to use this feature. When connected to services, air time use charges will be incurred. However, once the directions are downloaded, (takes a minute or so), the call disconnects. Your system will offer Voice commands prompts on the route as it progresses.
Some words of advice… Sync only recognizes your contacts as they are listed in your phone book. So, if a contact is listed as, “Wilson, Joe,” you must say, “Wilson, Joe.” Contacts listed in all caps require you to spell them (i.e., JAKE, will be J-A-K-E).
Bluetooth Audio Voice Commands
If your phone also is a music device, you can access music with voice commands. Some devices, such as the iPod Touch can “pair” to your system just like a phone. It will let you play music through your vehicle sound system using Bluetooth instead of using a cable connection. Some Mp3 players will need to be plugged into either the 1/8-inch RCA port or through the USB port.
To access Bluetooth audio, push the VOICE button and when prompted, say “Bluetooth.” The you can say “Play,” “Pause,” Play previous track,” or “Play next track.”
If you have plugged in through the USB port, or have plugged in music saved on a USB flash drive, then push the VOICE button and, when prompted, say “USB.”
You may say any of the following:
“Play all,” “Play album (name),” “Play track (name),” “Play song (name),” “Play genre (name),” “Play artist (name), “Play playlist (name),” “Play next song,” “Play previous song,” “Shuffle on” or “Shuffle off.”
Getting Results
To get the best results with the Sync system please let the voice prompt finish before you speak and ensure the vehicle’s environment is quiet, windows closed, no one else is speaking, etc. Voice recognition software is sensitive, so speak the voice commands in a normal, smooth, steady and confident voice. It’s all in the way you say it. Try saying “Yep” instead of “Yes” as sometimes the “s” is more difficult for the system to pick up.
So don’t be afraid! Go ahead and speak to your car! It will listen to you and it will serve you! For more information


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