Sync Destinations v4.0 – An Awesome New App For Your Sync System

The latest version of Sync Destinations offers even more features to this free app.

The latest version of Sync Destinations offers even more features to this free app.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

A powerful free app from your smartphone’s app store provides a broad source of information that is customizable by you, to assist you in your day-to-day driving.

The app is version 4.0 in the evolution of Sync Destinations and is powered with maps and traffic information by INRIX. Many Ford/Lincoln owners will to need to first register at (or to establish a link between you, the vehicle(s) you own and the mobile phones you use in those vehicles.

The app is compatible with the Sync Services feature — a subscription-based voice-activated turn-by-turn assistant that can be used with the basic Sync system, as well as the MyFord and MyFord Touch System. You can access and customize Sync Services from the main page of the web page.

Click here for info on the iPhone app.

Click here for info on the Android app.

Here is an overview of the different sections within this app:

Vehicle Finder – To use the Vehicle Finder, you must mark your location when exiting the vehicle using the “Save the location” button. To set a new location, simply press the “Reset All” button and save the new location. Note: The app makes use of your phone’s GPS to save the parked location.

Roadside Assistance – A simple approach to quick dial a Ford or Lincoln roadside assistance agent.

Find a Dealer – Shows Ford and Lincoln dealers in your area with a hyper link to access their phone number, their website and a place to select them as a Preferred Dealer.

View Traffic – Let’s you view your area traffic with color highlighted map markings to show Stop & Go, Slow, Moderate and Traffic moving at rated speeds.

Route Me To – Select a Saved Point, Select a previous destination, Search for a business, Provide an address, Select a spot on the map, Select from my phone contacts..

Report Incident – You can report a traffic incident at your current location. You can even report a police situation. SYNC Destinations does not report traffic incidents to emergency agencies. If you witnessed an accident, you can call 911 or a local emergency number.

Manage Saved Points – Manage Saved Points (up to 25 locations) which calculates arrival time based on current traffic conditions. You can also create New Saved Points.

About – Provide licensing information about this version of the App.

Settings – Which includes: Manage Your Profile – Based on establishing a personal profile, your name, your preferred dealer, your birthday. And, Manage Your Credentials – Your USER ID and Password can be used to access any website in the Ford/Lincoln Portfolio, including SYNC Owner and the Lord/Lincoln Owner.

I have used Sync Destinations from the beginning (more than three years ago) and I find this version to be a lot more feature-rich. Of course, some users will have experience with some other app and will obviously either find this app easy to understand or they may have a learning curve to understand the variations offered with this app. In any case, having an app like this lets you input and monitor data into your website and your phone as a throughway to your vehicle’s NAV system. I think the days of keeping folded up road maps in your glove box are essentially over.


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2 thoughts on “Sync Destinations v4.0 – An Awesome New App For Your Sync System

  1. Hello,
    I have the Android app and was curious if when routing to an address on my phone if I could alter the route like on mapquest. Drag and drop the route to highways instead of it taking all back roads for example.

    • Have you tried logging into your Sync Destinations account at a computer? I believe you could modify a route from an original format, but save it with another name…

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