The New iPhones, the new Apple iOS 7.0.2 and Ford Sync!

The Apple iPhone 5C and 5S, along with a new iOS 7.0.2 -- all are working with Ford Sync, MyFord and MyFord Touch systemssystems.

The Apple iPhone 5C and 5S, along with a new iOS 7.0.2 — all are working well with Ford Sync, MyFord and MyFord Touch systems.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

The new iPhones are here as well as the new Apple iOS 7.0.2 and all are working with Ford Sync, MyFord and MyFord Touch systems.

Apple’s brand new iOS 7 operating system was introduced about Sept. 18 and today, Sept. 26, a new release, version 7.0.2 has been released to fix bugs.

The bugs in the original release made it easy to access the photo gallery, some emails, and social networking accounts on a locked iPhone. The bug addressed a flaw that some hackers had discovered and I’m sure other bugs existed in the original iOS.

The new Apple release iOS 7.0.2 is now available through iTunes. Visit the site or the Apple store to get the upgrade and be sure to back up your phone data. Also, back up your personal photos and music — don’t risk losing something in the upgrade process.


If  you’re wondering how you missed the iOS 7.0.1 upgrade, that’s because it was only applicable to iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S models, where it fixed a few bugs specific to those phones. If you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5, it wouldn’t have shown up in Software Update. That doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, install 7.0.2 though, as it’s recommended for all iPhone models running iOS 7.

The best advice for all Ford Sync users is to be sure to check your Bluetooth settings before getting the upgraded phone into your vehicle. It is recommended to “delete” your phone from the Phone Settings list on your Sync system. Delete Sync from your phone’s settings and do a clean pairing. See this video for tips on Clean Pairing.

If you have the MyFord Touch system, by all means install the software upgrade v3.6.2 before pairing your new iPhone.

The new Apple phones may indicate that they will use the Ford voice-to-text messaging, but Apple still has not complied with Microsoft’s MAP protocol. So iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S owners can still access Siri by push and holding the Home button on the iPhone for a few seconds. Siri will chime over the vehicle speakers and then you can converse with Siri – ask her to “Read Messages,” “Send Message,” or whatever your question is.

So stay tuned for more Apple updates!

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2 thoughts on “The New iPhones, the new Apple iOS 7.0.2 and Ford Sync!

  1. I got the iphone 5s …. I can’t get the phone book to work. I get that “call dot on cell” error. I have tried cleaning the contacts up. Tried app from ford for phone book sync….. Nothing works!!!!

    Any ideas ?

      You’ve done the first chore — clean up all contacts that were affected by the Emoji emoticons… (it’s best to ONLY use the emoticons on text messages — just not on phone contacts…)
      Next, do you have the MyFord Touch system? If so, please get the new Gen 2. Version 3.6.2 upgrade (from the or website).
      This new upgrade allows usage of the emoticons.
      If all else fails, delete Sync from your phone, delete your phone from Sync, do a Master Reset on your Sync system. Then re “pair” your phone with Sync… it should be working at this point.

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