The new iPhone 5S, 5C, the new Apple iOS 7 and Ford Sync

Ford Sync and MyFord Touch  already work well with the iPhone 5 and should continue to work with the 5S, the 5C and early report show the new iOS 7 works seamlessly with the Ford Sync System.

Ford Sync and MyFord Touch already work well with the iPhone 5 and should continue to work with the 5S, the 5C and early report show the new iOS 7 works seamlessly with the Ford Sync System.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

Tuesday, September 10th will be a special day at Apple in Cupertino, Calif. as Apple will hold an event that it says will “brighten everyone’s day” by introducing the new iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

Think of the iPhone 5S like the iPhone 4S — an update to the current iPhone with some new enhancements. The iPhone 5S will look similar to the iPhone 5 though with some subtle appearance changes to the phone case. One expected difference might be a fingerprint reader.

According to internet “rumor mill” the fingerprint sensor will allow you to log into the phone with just a swipe of your finger. Improvements include the A7 chip (a faster processor) and a better camera that allows you to add filters and editing before shooting your photo.

One surprise in the debut will be a new iPhone, called the iPhone 5C. According to early intelligence, it will come in a series of case colors, including yellow, white, green and blue. This phone will be a cheaper model than the 5S and might replace the iPhone 4S or 5 on store shelves as Apple usually drops the price of older models when the newest iPhone is released.

The new releases in hardware isn’t the only story here, it will be a new, updated operating system. Apple previewed the new iOS 7 operating system in June. Everything has been redesigned with new colors and icons and there are new features too, including a Command Center for easy access to settings and a new camera app. Siri also has a different voice. The new iOS will update the software for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 and the iPad. The release date has not been set, but is expected this Fall.

We’ve received reports from beta-testers that say the new iOS 7 works very well with the Ford Sync and MyFord Touch systems. With the August release of the software upgrade v3.6.2, we’ve heard nothing but good reports on the new operating system for MyFord Touch. The Apple iOS has worked very well with the Microsoft Sync technology in the past and we don’t anticipate any obstacles with the introduction of new phones. One issue has been the voice-to-text messaging. Microsoft set the MAP protocol for vocal text messaging, but the introduction of Siri on the iPhones took the process to a whole different level. We don’t anticipate Apple changing their phones to comply with Microsoft standards – especially since iPhones seem to offer more convenience with their own operating system.


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47 thoughts on “The new iPhone 5S, 5C, the new Apple iOS 7 and Ford Sync

  1. I am having issues with IOS 7 and my Ford Sync. My Iphone 5 worked fine and then I upgraded to IOS 7. The phone, through my F150, starting having issues so I deleted it from Sync and tried to repair the devices. Now I can’t even get the phone to see the Sync. Says Sync unsuccessful, try again.

    Not having any other issue except wishing I hadn’t done the IOS upgrade so quickly. Any Ideas?

    • See my latest post… it seems that you got something out of sequence OR you might need to update the Sync software on your F150. In any case, you may need to turn off the truck, open the hood, loosen and remove the black battery cable clamp (the negative pole) for about three to five minutes. Then reattach it and tighten it. Close the hood, start the truck, allow it to run a few minutes and then start the pairing process on your iPhone. The battery clamp removal for several minutes forces the electrical system to refresh itself and reboot back at a factory spec.

  2. I am having the same problem on my 2013 Explorer that Rusty described. I’ve “forgotten the device” and re-synced and it will temporarily come up with messages, but then cancels out and gives me an error message saying that that the texting feature isn’t compatible on my phone. Any ideas?

    • Tony, one thing I’m starting to see a pattern on is… when you have done the iOS 7 upgrade it doesn’t necessarily turn on your Bluetooth on the phone. So when folks go to their vehicle, to the Sync Settings, and then search for their phone, since the BT is turned off, the Sync system cannot find the iPhone.
      Oh, and by the way, even though the Sync system may initially look like it will allow text-to-voice through Sync, don’t be fooled. Apple isn’t using the MAP protocol required by Microsoft… however, you can still push the “Home” button on the front of your phone and when you hear the tone over your vehicle speakers then your Siri is active, you can state “Read Messages” or whatever voice request you want… Push and hole the phone icon on the steering wheel to end the “conversation.”

  3. Prior to upgrading to iOS7 my iPhone 4S was speaking all my text messages. Now that I upgraded it says “the currently connected phone does not support text messaging via Bluetooth. So my voice to text has worked since the SYNC upgrade just fine but now does not.

    • I’m not sure how you did it before the iOS7– but your Sync system and the iPhone has never been supported for text-to-voice messaging. However, you could before iOS 7 and even now, you can push the Home button on your iPhone and when the “beep-beep” signals over the vehicle speakers, you are connected to Siri. You can say “Read Messages.” and Siri will read them (or “Send Message.” to have her send one..)
      Let me know what you did before the upgrade and what you are doing now….

  4. Update your device to IOS7.02 released on 9/26. I had similar issues with my IPhone and Sync and this update appears to have corrected the problem.

    • I’ve just updated my iPhone to iOS 7.0.2 released 9/26/13. Like early versions of new iOS, this is the first release to update and fix bugs in the original; release. I’m sure by next month there may be another update to fix additional bugs.

  5. After upgrading to iOS 7 the system can no longer find any of my contacts. Updating to iOS 7.0.2 did not resolve the issue. When I say call and give a name I am told there are no contacts. The system worked with iOS 6.

    I can dial on my phone my phone and the blue tooth system works. I can also speak a number and the system will use my phone to dial.

    Any suggestions?

    • Think about what you’re saying… if you cannot access your contacts they are either:
      A) not downloaded into the Sync system,
      or B) in the process of installing your new software you substantially changed your contacts to the point that they are not recognizable to the Sync system,
      or C) You have inadvertently installed some other App that conflicts with your contacts (i.e. Emoji II),
      or D) your Contact Settings substantially changed (i.e., you have your sort order at First Name last and Last Name first, so the way you speak the name is unrecognizable to the Sync system,
      or E) This could be a flaw in the iOS software that is expressing itself in your phone.
      Have you contacted Apple support about this issue?

  6. Is anyone having problems with playing music through sync now. Just upgraded my iphone 5 to ios7 and now my music won’t play. It will sometimes start for a few seconds then nothing. I’ve disconnected and reset but still nothing. Using the phone to call my contacts is fine. Just not playing music.

    • 1) I am assuming that your Music Source has been set to Bluetooth, specifically to your phone…
      2) When you push the Voice button on the steering wheel, do you say “Bluetooth Audio.”
      3) The system should respond “Bluetooth Audio.”
      4) If there is no response, do you push the Voice button again and state, “Play” (or some other Voice command)…?
      5) Please check, there is a new iOS 7 upgrade available on iTunes, you may need to upgrade first, and then do a Clean Pairing…

      • Thanks for the reply
        I have tried everything you suggested and it is still stopping halfway through tracks and going on to pause
        Could this be the handset??
        I have downloaded all possible downloads for i tunes

        • Speaking of the handset… is music playing on your handset at all? I mean, have you tried to play music away from the Sync system? I’m wondering if, during the Apple iOS upgrade, is something happened to the music stored on your phone…

    • Work at a Ford dealership. Just traded my 2012 F150 for 2013 Escape Titanium yesterday. It played music but I couldn’t use the track buttons – had to manually do it on my phone or plug into Aux. Was going to take it into our service dept. One of the salesmen heard my problem and told me to just turn my phone OFF and turn it back on again. Voila! It worked. 🙂 I feel a bit like Home Simpson – D’oh! Hope this helps some of you!

      • Some of the simplest approaches are best… such as, Is your computer plugged in? Is it turned on? Does it have an operating system?
        Power down and reboot — it’s my new mantra!
        It’s like Luke Skywalker’s face when he realizes that Darth Vader is his Dad… it’s time to power down and reboot!

  7. I am having a lot of trouble with IOS7 and Microsoft Sync as well.
    1) no longer does the phone automatically connect for a phone call
    2) sometimes I can’t play music through USB but Bluetooth audio works (undesirable, because song is not indicated on the display)
    3) phone looses all capability to make sound, phone calls, pandora, music are totally silent.
    4) my cheap cable doesn’t work anymore, only the apple lightning cable works

    I am going to try the disconnect battery reset, I think the system may recognize the device through the USB but with the new os things are different, maybe a new relationship is better. Any thoughts?

    • You mention a new relationship… I’m not sure what that means. I think it means you had things set the way you understood and it all worked. Now things may seem “non functional.” Yes, a reset would help. Please check to see if you have muted sound some where. Please DO NOT use iMatch to store/catalog your music files. This causes a major conflict with the Sync system (you can uncheck and turn it off in your Music Settings on your phone.)
      You didn’t mention what kind of SYNC system you have, but sometimes going first to the Media Menu and going to Select Source, and selecting USB, helps the system “Stay” with USB rather than hopping back to BT.
      AND YES, Apple wants you to use their cables, the update has made that very clear.
      Good luck with “re-building” your relationship…

  8. Have a 2012 Focus and just upgraded my phone from an LG that was bluetooth capable (but not a smart phone) to an iPhone 5c. Bluetooth on the phone is set to discoverable but when I press Phone and the attempt to connect the bluetooth I get the message “No phone detected”. I called my local Ford dealership and left a vm for the service desk rep my call was routed to but it was never returned. Any suggestions?


  9. I had the same problem in my new F150 that Pam referred to earlier. Could not use the track buttons to change tracks when playing my iphone 5 via blue tooth after upgrading to ios 7.2. I did as per her post – did a hard restart ofy phone and everything is working fine again. Thanks a bunch!!!!!

    • I’ve said it before (a million times)… always power down your iPhone at least once a week.
      Here’s some ideas from the iPhone iOS 7 manual:

      Restart or reset iPhone
      If something isn’t working right, try restarting iPhone, forcing an app to quit, or resetting iPhone.

      Restart iPhone.
      Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger
      across the slider to turn off iPhone. To turn iPhone back on, hold down the Sleep/Wake button
      until the Apple logo appears.
      Force an app to quit.
      From the Home screen, double-click the Home button and swipe upwards
      on the app screen.
      If you can’t turn off iPhone or if the problem continues, you may need to reset iPhone. Do this
      only if you’re unable to restart your iPhone.

      Reset iPhone.
      Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at
      least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
      You can reset the word dictionary, network settings, home screen layout, and location warnings.
      You can also erase all of your content and settings.

  10. I have a 2010 Ford Focus SE with Microsoft Sync in it. I have double checked on the Ford website under my customer profile and it says I have the latest version of the Sync software (it tracks it every time you update). I have a 64 GB iPhone 5 and I’m running iOS 7.0.3 on it. Ever since the upgrade to the new iOS 7 the Sync was flakey. It suddenly couldn’t understand any command I gave it with regards to playing an artist, track, or album. It didn’t seem to recognize or see all of the music either. So, I downloaded the iTunes Sync app from Ford’s site and let it re-catalog/change the file settings on about 35 tracks before I re-synced all the tracks on my iPhone from my Mac. I deleted the Sync Bluetooth profile on my iPhone and deleted the iPhone profile from Sync in my Focus. I clean paired the two devices and then Sync downloaded my contacts and proceeded with indexing the tracks. It completed indexing, so I went to give it a speech command and said, “play artist Pearl Jam”. Sync comes back and tells me it’s building speech commands. No problem, I get it, so I give it another 20 minutes as I drive down the road. I ask it again, “play artist Pearl Jam”, and it gives me the same reply. I try the same thing 10 minutes later and Sync now says, “Speech commands are not supported by this device.” Now that’s all it says. Really?

    • First of all, Apple has got an even newer software upgrade to the iOS to address media issues…
      Download as necessary…

      I would really recommend a hard reboot:
      Turn off the vehicle.
      Loosen and remove the black (negative pole) battery cable clamp for at least five minutes.
      Completely turn off your phone while you wait.
      Keep the phone off for at least three minutes. Power it back up.
      Re-tighten the battery cable clamp.
      Close the hood.
      Turn on the vehicle.
      Let it run for at least a few minutes before resetting anything.
      This should reset everything to a better degree.

      But here’s the biggest thing…
      It sounds like you are trying to use USB voice commands for streaming Bluetooth.
      You have very few voice commands available with streaming Bluetooth, i.e., Play All, Play Next Track…
      Plug your phone in via the USB port.
      When you push the Voice button and say USB, then the system will start “indexing” your music.
      After a few minutes, then you can say “Play Artist Pearl Jam” or “Play Song Daughter.”

  11. I have had nothing but trouble with my 2013 Ford Focus Sync system and my 4S I-Phone. The sync paddle stops working (no tone but the display shows)after a week or two after a master reset. Ford blamed it on my MP3 player first (San Disk)so I bought a new I-Pod Nano. Not the problem, it still shuts down. This has gone on for a year and now after countless trips to the dealership, they’re blaming it on my 4S. I’m being told I need to get a new phone and they want me to switch to an Android. I love my I-Phone and want a 5S but have been told that it isn’t approved by Ford as a compatible device yet. Is that true. I can’t could how many times this system as had master resets done. The dealership has been dealing with the IVT specialists but nobody seems to be able to figure this out. I’m ready to give up on Ford entirely. They don’t seem to care.

    • I would really recommend a hard reboot:
      Turn off the vehicle.
      Loosen and remove the black (negative pole) battery cable clamp for at least five minutes.
      Completely turn off your phone while you wait.
      Keep the phone off for at least three minutes. Power it back up.
      Re-tighten the battery cable clamp.
      Close the hood.
      Turn on the vehicle.
      Let it run for at least a few minutes before resetting anything.
      This should reset everything to a better degree.
      I’m not convinced that the Master Reset would affect your situation at all…
      Be sure to go to your vehicle settings and be sure your Voice Settings (for Sync) is not set on Advanced… to have this would mean you could pull the Voice paddle on the steering wheel and not hear a thing, but you would see the screen would show the action…)

      An issue that I have seen is the user who keeps a USB device plugged in all the time. When the vehicle is turned on the controller in your onboard computer “sees” the USB device and it causes the startup process to go wacky. Unplug your USB device after you turn the vehicle off. When you turn the vehicle on, push the USB back into place.
      And yes, the SanDisk mp3 player can causes operational issues with your APIM.
      Let me know how this works for you.

  12. @henniganV, I’m not using Bluetooth Streaming, I’m using the USB cable with Sync, I know the difference. I first tell it to switch to USB (Media button and say “USB”). It switches to USB and does as I described after giving it the USB commands. It never tells me that indexing is completed. Jesus, if I have to do all that crap just to use a damned phone then Ford needs to get its collective shit together.

  13. I think someone else here mentioned this, but here is my issue. I recently purchased a 2013 F150 with Sync and navigation, so I have the touch screen just under the dash. Anyway, when my iPhone 4s was paired (by the saleswoman at Ford) with my vehicle I had no problems. I could listen to OR read my texts from the touch screen, choose which tracks I wanted to play from the screen, etc. It was slick. Well, I “upgraded” to the 5c and now cannot listen to texts (says “device is not compatible with text messaging”), cannot choose individual songs from the Sync screen – must do manually from the phone and a new one I’ve just discovered: When I use a voice command “call so-and-so” it tells me that no phone is paired with this vehicle! When it clearly says on the screen that my phone is connected. Argh! I’m going to try some of tips you’ve mentioned here but how I wish I’d kept my old phone. I’m thinking of giving my daughter my 5c and taking her 4s!

      In the development of the Ford Sync info-tainment system, Microsoft required MAP for voice-to-text messaging.
      Apple chose not to do this. The Ford Microsoft-based system was not designed to display text messages for the iPhone (it does work with other droid-based phones).
      Yes, there are some iPhones that somehow did display the messages on the Sync system.
      Yes, Apple went forward and developed the Apple 4S, with Siri. Yes, Siri is the same “voice” as the Ford Sync system. The similarity is that the voice was developed by the Nuance software company for both platforms…
      Here’s the rub… as Apple has “upgraded” the iOS system (currently at iOS 7.0.4) the newer software does NOT work as it did in the past.
      This means if you have a iPhone 4S that display text messages and such on the Sync system then DO NOT upgrade the phone’s software if using the Ford messaging system is important to you.
      I prefer to use the iPhone Siri system to read and send my text messages. It is a viable option.
      On the topic of the streaming Bluetooth music allowing selection of individual songs from the MyFord Touch screen… I have heard that the streaming Bluetooth does not have enough bandwidth to allow the User to use voice commands to call out “Play Song Red Bandanas” or “Play Artist Arcade Fire.”
      You would if you were plugged in via USB or selected your Music Source (from the Media menu0 from a USB flash drive).
      The issue of no phone not being found…
      sometimes this comes from having the phone turned off (or Bluetooth turned off) when you get in and start the vehicle.
      Or, you may have the phone on when you start the vehicle, but the Phone has not been selected and designated from the Media Source menu as the device providing the music.
      Always watch also for Apple.. in the upgrade process they have been asking folks to backup music to the Cloud. Or, the suggested you use iMatch for sharing music… sometimes, in the backup process, the Apple software pushes self-recorded (or music not purchased from iTunes) into another category or sometiems, doesn’t even save this music. Check your iPhone’s Settings folder. Go to the Music folder and be sure the iTunes Match feature is turned off.. you may also want to turn off the Shake to Shuffle function…

  14. I recently bought the 5C and have not been able to sync it to my 08 BMW. It finds the phone and says it will give me a pin number to put in but nothing. I’m wishing I didn’t have the phone now….

  15. I have a 2011 F150 lariat with navigation. I am using a iPhone 4s with ios 7.0.4 My phone will always connect to sync and work fine, but after a short time period all features stop working. I can delete the phone and re install and will work fine for awhile. when it stops working, both the phone and sync say they are connected. I also know its connected because I cannot use the phone as a handset till I turn off Bluetooth. I have also noticed that when it is working the phone’s battery is displayed on the navigation screen, but it disappears when it quits working. any ideas?

    • To do this, turn off your vehicle, open the hood, use a wrench to loosen the nut on the black battery cable clamp. Completely power down your iPhone. After a minute or so, reboot the iPhone. While this is going on, remove the clamp from the battery for about a minute, then replace it and tighten the bolt back up. Close the hood and restart the vehicle. The Nav system will do a “reboot” and the system will start up again from factory specs.Things should be working normally again from this point. Sometimes I think these Apple software updates cause the Bluetooth protocol to change with the Sync system, leaving things out of kilter. A reboot seems to start things up from a common point and will work better.

  16. I have a 2013 Ford Focus and an iPhone5 that worked “well” together up until last night. After I got off a phone conversation with a fiend (which was thru the sync system) I could no longer hear music from my phone. I use the USB connection mostly, but tried to switch to Bluetooth with the same results – radio and Sirius play normally, but not anything from my phone. I have tried resetting my phone, and forgetting and resyncing it with the same results as before. Any ideas?
    Oh, I forgot to mention that Sync does recognize the phone (sees it and allows me to select it), and shows that it is playing songs, but no audio. I tried turning the volume up with no change…

    • Have you completely powered down the phone. And, turned off the Focus, then powered up the phone completely and then turned on the Focus?
      As a recommendation – don’t leave a powered device plugged into the USB when you’re turning your vehicle on…
      If none of this works, then please see your Ford Service Department and have them review this.

  17. I have 2012 Ford Foucs and I did the update to software on the Ford Sync and my i5 has the most updated version of the iOS, but when my phone is connected to Sync every once in awhile I get a series of beeps I hear through the speakers and I check my phone to make sure I dont have any messages pending, which I dont. It only happens when the phone is connected and I cant figure out what is causing it. Also up until last night I was able to “listen or read” text that came through my ohone on the nav screen, now that option is gone.

    • A lot of this is due to the recent iOS upgrades from Apple. The latest iOS upgrade addressed some security issues. The beeps you heard might be related to corrupt Bluetooth signals, or it may be other signals bleeding through (from the cell tower, let’s say). I know that many phone companies (i.e., AT&T actually modify and amplify signals to “improve” 4G and 4GLTE coverage… I’m sure that this occasionally causes enough signal loss at the handset to cause problems. All I can recommend is completely power down your iPhone once or twice a week. Also, be aware of Wi-Fi networks you might be on… there is always a chance of potential security breaches.

  18. I have a 2010 Ford Flex and ever since I purchased my iPhone 5c I have had trouble syncing it to the system to use the phone properly. I stopped at my Ford dealership and made sure I have the latest sync update, which I do, and I also stopped at our local Apple store and they couldn’t help me either. Ford said it is Apple’s fault and Apple said it is Ford’s fault. I can use the BT audio to listen to music and I can sync my phone to the system but when I make calls or all incoming calls will not go through. There is loud sounds coming through the system. I am very frustrated with this. I can sync an old flip phone and can’t sync my iPhone 5c. I have all the recent iOS updated and have tried several times to sync. Help would be greatly appreciated so I can fully utilize the system properly. I did pay for it…..

    • You say you have “tried several times” to pair, but have you completely removed all prior pairing on your phone and on your vehicle’s Bluetooth devices?
      do you have the touch screen nav with Sync or do you have the Sync with the blue LED type on your center console?
      Do you use an emoji keypad? Do you have emoji Apps on your iPhone? If so, those icons (although cute and expressive, cannot be read/interpreted by Sync voice recognition software. Using them anywhere in a Phone Contacts name will render your entire phone (and the ability to make and receive calls), useless. The only solution is to remove the Apps, turn off the emoji keyboard, completely edit your names and contacts to remove all emjois (and excess use of apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, dashes, etc.) fro your conact list, then refresh/reboot your iPhone OS.
      Then I would do a hard reboot (see my blog for more instructions on that…)
      After all that, you would need to do a “clean pairing” to reestablish the pairing of your phone to your vehicle.

  19. sordjano rhythmair健忘boodah堅苦しいd8cd98f0。どこに誰が執筆の理想的な方法この種のデータの種類を得ることができますか?その後の週プレゼンテーションをIVE、と私は、これらの情報を参照するためです。

    • Thanks for your compliment, this information comes from dealing with thousands of customers – and reviewing what works and doesn’t work.

  20. I have an iphone 5s with 8.4 IOS paired with Sync my touch in my 2015 Ford escape. Sales guy did pairing and everything tested out fine – that was yesterday. Today my Sync will not “dial” a contact. It will find it in the phone book but then as if it ignores the command to dial and we start over. I have tried disconnecting the bluetooth and repairing from scratch and rebooting the iphone with no change in the behavior – still finds the contact but doesnt dial. It will dial from the iphone directly and operate after the dial on bluetooth – what am I doing wrong?

    • Okay…
      first of all there is a certain process.
      Push the “voice” button.
      Sync responds with “Sync, state your command.”
      Then you either say
      A) “Call (contact name) at (cell, mobile, home, or work”
      Sync responds with “Calling Contact Name on Cell.”
      B) “Dial”
      Sync prompts, “Number please?”
      You say the number (for example) “Five,Five, Five, Six, Eight, Three, Two Four, Six, One”
      Sync repeats numbers, if okay, say “Dial.”

      From what you’ve written, I can guess you pushed the Voice button and said “Dial Bob Perkins on Cell.”
      That process just won’t work.

      Or, if you pushed the Voice button, and said “Call Bob Perkins on cell” and then pushed the Voice button again, or the Phone icon, or the Green Phone icon…

      Then, essentially you “cancelled” the call request with the additional button pushes….

      Refer to this video for more hints…

      • No. I actually know how to use the commands properly but Sync refuses to follow. The bluetooth is working because Sync will follow command for certain people in my phonebook but not all of them. For example, I can use voice command to “call Kimmy” and that works as it should. However, if I use voice command to call another person i.e. “Melissa” Sync does not follow and behaves as if I had not given a command at all. Salesman actually brought my truck in today to hard reset the computer – still didnt fix the issue. He was baffled as well because it is only recognizing some of the contacts in the phone but not all. Was just wondering if maybe someone here could offer more help. Thank you for responding. Let me know if you have any more suggestions.

        • OK, from what you’re telling me I have to ask this question… do you have any, and I mean any emjois, commas, slashes, periods or other graphical symbols mixed with alphabet characters in your phonebook? Sync was not designed to “interpret” anything other than letters. Graphical elements and especially emojis will not be understood (or acted upon) by Sync’s software. You will have to remove these extraneous marks from your contacts. Then completely reboot your phone and your Sync system and re “pair.”
          Next, how many contacts do you have in your phonebook? If you have more than 2,000 then Sync will not be able to index and access all of your phone book contacts… if you have an excessive size of contacts, then you would want tp reduce the number of contacts downloaded to Sync.
          Next, how do you store your contacts. If they are saved to a SIMM chip (inside your phone), then this is a security issue. Your phone will not allow Sync to find these contacts unless then are stored in the phone’s main directly (and not to a SIMM card).
          Next, please do NOT enter contacts in all capital letters. Sync has extreme difficulty with all-cap words.
          Have you call the Sync Hotline at Ford… 877-945-3648?

  21. after pairing with Ford’s SYNC I’ve lost the volume on my I phone for apps ie you tube, facebook, even I tunes. it only works when I’m in the bloody car ! when I switch off from the radio the volume button disappears in front of my eyes it’ a 4s on ios 9.3.3 all other sounds are fine ie ring tone or making a call through an app like messenger. I’ve tried most things like toothbrush, reset apps, reset everything but its still the same. driving me to insanity as my speakers in the house are Bluetooth which connects but no sounds aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggg help

    • What I know is that the iOS 9.3.3. upgrade has only been on the scene since the 1st of August or so. Something tells me that your 4S has not implemented the upgrade correctly. As you’ve seen, it’s all messed up. I would guess in this case to clear your phone from the Sync system. Backup your phone and reset it per Apple’s recommendations. Try to reboot the phone fresh… or contact an Apple store to see if they can check your iPhone. I don’t think this is a Sync issue.

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