MyFord Touch Upgrade Delivers on its Promise

Users of the new MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade report that the new system delivers an easier to read and easier to use interface.

The new MyFord Touch Performance Upgrade should soon be in the hands of existing customers… and those that have used it report that the system delivers on its promise to be easier to use and understand.

Ford Motor Company started mailing out more than 300,000 MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch Performance Upgrade packages last week. Dealerships all over the country upgraded the existing new vehicles in stock, so that means some users are enjoying the new system without ever experiencing the way it used to be.

At our dealership, we’ve delivered at least four customers into new Focuses, Edges or Explorers with the new upgrade already installed. The customers are happy with the system and they think it works fine. Of course, there is another type of customer – the ones who have owned a 2011 or 2012 Edge or Explorer, or the 2012 Focus. These customers have the fresh memories of frozen screens, misinterpreted voice commands, poor touch screen response, or worse, the dreaded black screen (followed by the system reboot).

One thing that stands out about this issue is that Ford heard complaints from its owners. They got a crew of engineers to design a new system and developed a beta test that worked. Then they created a fix that was easy enough that it could be installed as a “do it yourself” project.  This kind of “no charge” solution has not been done by computer or software companies before, but it is being done by Ford. Ford’s goal is to introduce and develop meaningful technology that can be used and enjoyed by its customers.

MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch owners are receiving a package from Ford with instructions, a new Owner’s Manual, and either a USB drive containing the software upgrade or the USB upgrade and a new SD cards (for those with the SD card-based navigation system).

As a do-it-yourself project this system upgrade is pretty simple task. Turn on the car in a well-ventilated area (on the driveway perhaps… but not in the garage). Turn on the radio, insert the USB stick into the port and the system will give you some information and monitor its own installation. It takes about an hour. Once complete, the user will have to re-pair” their phone. Do this by going to your phone’s Settings folder and removing “Sync” from the phone. Then pair the phone again to the vehicle. Any saved information that was held on the navigation system (i.e. Home address, Favorites, etc.) will have to be added again as well. Once done, the system will look different, respond faster and will be a little different to use… Of course, previous MyFord Touch owners who had the original system will see and feel the differences.

Yes, an owner can have the Service Department at their Ford dealership do the installation. They will have to call our Service Department to make arrangements. It will mean getting the vehicle to the dealership and leaving it, so it might be easier to do a self-install.

Here are some video links that give an overview of the process…

MFT Installation Instruction

A recent survey indicates that 46% of American adults are now smartphone user – up about 11% for the same time last year. It’s obvious that smartphone usage is the driving influence behind in-vehicle technology. Many people have complained and suggested that new car manufacturers stop the ever-increasing advances with vehicle technologies. However, the cat’s out of the bag! Now new vehicle customers are to the point that they want to take a “tech drive” first before they buy a new vehicle. That’s right, rather than just physically drive a car, customers also want to see how well their phone will work with the vehicle and how easy it is to use things such as the voice activation, Bluetooth entertainment or navigation systems.

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4 thoughts on “MyFord Touch Upgrade Delivers on its Promise

  1. Has anyone figured out that the MFT upgrade broke both the GPS traffic display, as well as ALL of the traffic icons? The dealer is no help because they say that all of their cars are acting the same since the update and likewise have no clue who to call/

    When is this going to be addressed??

    Jeff Staigh

    • The Performance Upgrade didn’t “break” the Map info (made by NavTech)… in fact part of the reason why the original system had so many issues was the way the MFT system interfaced with the Nav system. So when they upgraded and rewrote the operating system they had to get new maps (and there were some enhancements to the 3-D views). I haven’t gone into the system to see the traffic icon issue that you referred to… but I will. For getting information, please call the Ford In-Vehicle technology Team at 800-392-4040

  2. I recently received the upgrade, performed at the dealership. Within two weeks the voice response button does not work. There is no tone when pushed and it does not request your command. Is this a separate issue? Thanks!

    • This sounds like something that can be addressed by going into the settings file (the gears at the bottom center). On the next screen you can select “settings” and then “voice control.” You can choose basic or advanced voice command recognition. The basic makes the system use the tones and lots and lots of questions and disclaimers. The advanced setting skips skips the voice and tone prompts.

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