MyFord Touch Problems? Use this “Reboot” Workshop…

Here’s a procedure to help correct some problems with the MyFord Touch system.

Since the MyFord Touch introduction in 2011, some Ford owners have experienced problems. This workshop offers a way to reboot and reset the system.

This is a general system “reboot.” This procedure varies from what is suggested in the Owner’s Manual, but it accomplishes the same thing. Both procedures require the owner to open things up to remove and replace things… but with this process, it seems a little easier to do.

I work with people every day with the Ford Sync system. I have discovered there are a number of people with issues with their Ford MyFord Touch system. The MyFord Touch was offered in some of the 2011 and 2012 Edge, Explorer and some Focuses. By the 2014 Model Year it is also in the F-150, the Super Duties, C-Max, Mustang, Fusion, and Taurus. The Sync system uses Bluetooth to allow your phone to “project” its functions through the vehicle. Bluetooth is what it is – a low-power short-range way to connect devices wirelessly. Often the system can get out of phase and cause connection problems. Here’s what you can do to set things back to normal…

The “Reboot” Procedure: First, go to your phone’s Settings, to Bluetooth Settings, and delete Sync from the list of connected devices. With your vehicle on and running (in park), go to the Settings tab (in the Phone corner of the MyFord Touch). On the next screen, tap the Bluetooth Devices tab. On the next page, tap the phone tab (usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone). On the right side of the screen, touch the Delete tab.

Now, turn your vehicle off, open the hood. Loosen the bolt holding the black battery cable clamp assembly (on the battery’s negative pole). Remove it from the battery for about five minutes. Completely power down your phone for at least a minute. Turn your phone back on. While it’s rebooting, replace the battery cable clamp assembly and retighten the clamp. Close the hood.

Return to your vehicle and start it up. Let the vehicle run for at least four or five minutes. Your vehicle may start up with the AM radio on, so for now, just turn down the radio and give the vehicle a few minutes to reboot before resetting anything (such as the time).

You may see the MyFord Touch screen show the a progress screen showing that the system is “rebooting.”  Allow the reboot procedure to finish and let the system runs for a few minutes to make sure everything comes back “online.” This reboots the electrical system from factory specs. Turn off the vehicle again and open the door (this completely powers down the vehicle). Then restart the vehicle. Within a new minutes the system should be functioning normally again.

Now you can tap the Pair Phone” tab and pair your phone. Be sure the Bluetooth Setting is turned on your phone. The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN number when it begins “searching” for your phone. When your phone “recognizes” Sync, the it will show Sync Not Connected in your list of trusted devices. Tap the Sync tab, your phone will either ask you to enter the PIN number from your console screen, or, with the latest MyFord Touch software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit number to your phone. If so, just tap the “pair” button on your phone and on the MyFord Touch screen.

The Sync system may ask another question, such as “Download Phone Book.” Pusk the OK to start the download. Android phone users may see a screen appear on their phone asking for SMS access. Check the “Always Connect” box and the OK. Before the phone allows the phone book to download, it will show a secondary screen asking for your permission. Check the “Always Connect” and the OK button. Sync will then complete the download in about a minute or so. Wait for the screen that says “Download Complete.”

Now, everything should be working better with your MyFord Touch system. Of course, if this process doesn’t work, then please, visit your Ford or Lincoln Service Department.

The MyFord or MyLincoln Touch system uses an interface module that works kinds of like an automated traffic signal light. It tries to let the onboard computer receive and send commands between the voice system to the various “departments” (such as phone, media, navigation, climate, Sirius and so on). Sometimes the touch screen moves at such a slower rate that it causes the system to slow down or “freeze.” A “freeze” results in a black screen as the system tries to self-reboot. This is why the manual “reboot” with the battery cable helps.

The alternate “Reboot” Procedure: As described in many online Forums, this process calls for you to turn off the vehicle, find the fuse box, and (refer to the manual please) remove the fuse for the MyFord Touch/Sync system, and, after a short while, replace the fuse, close up the fuse box and restart the vehicle. I would check with the website before attempting this procedure. Briefly removing the black battery cable clamp assembly is an alternate way to reboot as compared to “pulling the fuse.” Of course, it is highly recommended for an owner to visit their Ford or Lincoln Service Department.

Doing the manual reboot (by temporarily removing the black battery cable clamp) may result in the radio resetting to AM, or the clock resetting to 12:00, but those items can be easily reset. Just go to the Settings button, then select “Clock” from the tabs on the left side of the screen to find and reset the clock information.


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  1. I recently (2 weeks back) had the software on my 2011 Ford Edge upgraded at the dealer. Now the screen has gone blank and after disconnecting the battery it still doesn’t go though the reboot process . I will call my dealer but rebooting was quite simple before the upgrade was loaded. So I’m saying, how about going back to the old version?

    • Thank you for commenting…. this is very NEW ground. I have not heard of this happening before. This probably warrants setting an appointment with your Service Department so they can access what is happening. To not have a reboot after a (black) cable clamp is pulled would indicate to me that something else may be the cause of the issue. And, I don’t think going back to the original MyFord Touch software is an option. If I recall the new software set up new standards and I’m not sure if this is backwards compatible. So please contact your dealer’s service department.

    • I had the same problem tried the reboot by disconnecting the negative cable. This would allow my radio to work for about a minute then nothing. Then I tried the fuse # 29 removal same result. I made an appointment with ford for repair went out the next day started the car nothing no radio no navi black screen backed out of driveway with no camera. Put the trans in drive then woala screen lights up Microsoft sync reboot in process everything works fine. I’m thinking I did not allow enough time for the reboot process to complete

      • Sometimes the reboot process is interfered with if you immediately start switching radio stations, change climate controls and so on – and not allowing the complete reboot process to finish. Sometimes folks will have USB cords connected, or USB flash drives in the ports, which can interfere as well.

  2. Reboot,really it’s so much easier and with voice commands too. With Voice commands enter a street address like (I’m in Florida) 14 SW 12th Street Ft Lauderdale. Once the system understands and gets the address correct it will say press the button and say set as destination or change something. So press the button and say change something and the system will say change what? Change Street and the system will prompt for the street and save Eleven, wait a minute or so and your system will reboot and perform a scheduled system maintenance. Works every time on my 2012 Explorer with the latest update.

  3. I own a 2013 Explorer, have had it for a few short weeks (less than 400 miles). I have experienced the reboot and freeze related issues that many are discussing online. Aside from wishing I had known how many problems MFT was causing, I wish I would have known that there are so few qualified technicians to troubleshoot the issues thoroughly.

    That aside, I have taken many of the steps discussed online and think I may have isolated something. At least in my case I have found that when the system is fully shut down (after having previously done a battery disconnect and factory reset in the UI), keeping the SD card for the Navigation software out of the SD card slot has dramatically improved the health of the MFT system. At least for now (let’s see if this holds over time), I no longer receive the random reboots, freezes, and other strange behavior. I am hoping that this is not just a short-lived coincidence.

    Just wanted to share, in case this might help others suffering some of the same problems.

    • First of all, have you had the most recent software upgrade to version 3.5.1 MyFord Touch? And, are you using the A4 mapset set on the SD card? Both are available at your Ford dealership.
      The software upgrade was purposefully made to work better with the new mapset. As you can know, you have a microprocessor using flash memory… so having constant graphic output (of the map on display, or the turn by turn directions) can create a lot of demand on the processor. Also, you’ve got a controller that’s taking commands from the steering wheel, from the voice, from the touch screen and the capacitive touch. And, if you’ve got a router-connected network at home or at the office… you know there always a chance that there can be a garbled Bluetooth signal. You can bet in a moving auto the chance for the Bluetooth rolling codes to be affected is greater.
      You see, the software developers allow the option for the driver to pull the SD driven mapset and just use the Sync Services. Your system will work fine without the mapset. Use it when you need it and you will have fewer reboots. The reality is that most people don’t need a full-time turn-by-turn voice-activated, SD-card driven navigation system all the time. Once again, pull the SD-card if you don’t need it. Plug it back into the slot when you do.
      Heck, even my computers at home and at work have at least one reboot and system refresh from MicroSoft every week. So it is not unusual for your MyFord Touch system screen to go black while you are driving and then reboot. Your system is connected via the Cloud — the internet accessible via the wireless phone network. So if you are driving in and out of “dead zones” it’s not unusual for your system to refresh it’s source.
      You mentioned few qualified technicians… it’s interesting that you put it that way. There are billions of personal computers, laptops, pads and other smart devices in the world. I personally know of one or two people that I feel are qualified to work on them. I am a user. I know how to set up the software, how to use the software and how to reset the software. I don’t know how to write code. I’ve never had the reason to… Most Ford dealers have service technicians who can test, review and replace MyFord Touch equipment. If something is broken they don’t “fix” it. They replace it. The MyFord Touch equipment is covered with a warranty. I’ve never bought an electronic device that came with a warranty as good as the one that comes from Ford.
      The biggest challenge is letting new MyFord Touch and Sync users that these system work well. The best way I know how is to help people understand how to use the systems. Yes, in some cases you may have to adapt to the system (based on the device you have, or the task you’re trying to perform on the system). If you’re ever in the Tulsa, OK area, please stop by for a personal appointment to learn more about these dynamic systems.

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    • The folks running Forum used info this Blog to aid their readers. This procedure helps do a better reset – usually let’s things get back “in tune.”

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  6. thank you. my screen was black and my radio stayed on. It stayed on even when I turned off the car, left the car and locked the door.

    Once I unplugged the battery and followed your directions, all is back to normal.

    • Please check with either or your Ford service department, if you went to a black screen and the radio was on, it sounds like you have an older version of MyFord Touch (i.e. v3.5 v v3.6) You may need an upgrade to solve this issue.

  7. I’m having problemss with the sync in my 2011 ford fusion, lights don’t automatically turn off when car is shut off, DVD,radio, and blutooth not working. Light on steering wheel don’t light up, door locks don’t lock automatically etc.mdoes anyone know what the problem may b? HELP!!!!!

    • You mention that this is a Sync issue… It,s probably more than that. I would have anFord Service Department review this…
      If that’s not an option…
      First… Turn off the vehicle. Open your hood. Loosen and take the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly off the battery for at least five minutes. Then put the clamp back on the battery and retighten it. Restart your car and let it run for several minutes before resetting anything.
      Reset your clock. Check other functions (climate, etc.) and things should be working okay.

  8. My 2013 Ford Explorer Sync problem is unexceptable. I am taking my car back again to the dealer Ugh. I also have a problem with rattle coming from the chassis when I go over a slight bump in the road.

    • Bluetooth connected devices can and will lose their signal through a variety of issues — using this reboot process usually clears everything back to normal.

  9. Thanks for the info. My problem is the black screen. Pulling the battery cable allows the radio to run for 2 minutes (almost exactly), then it shuts off and the dash (behind the steering wheel) says Audio Off. The screen never changes from black during the two minutes so Sync never reboots (the scheduled maintenance…) Seems it may be a major issue that I have been reading back two years worth of blogs. Has Ford not found a cure for this disease yet?

    • You’ve got me at a major disadvantage. You haven’t said what year, what vehicle, what SYNC system, what phone you use, what phone OS
      You haven’t fully explained “pulling the battery cable”
      If I were to venture a guess based on what I don’t know… I would say if you have a 2011 or 2012 Edge or Explorer with MyFord Touch, then please see your Ford Service Department. This isn’t a disease, it’s a component issue that first needs a diagnostic review… maybe a hardware reflash or replacement. But, since I don’t know all of the factors… I could also say your phone, your phone’s apps and possibly the phone book configuration could have led to a the system issues with the Sync system… hard to say without an actually physical review. Please see your Ford dealer.

      • Ford Edge 2011 LTD AWD. GEN2-V2.4.

        All I am saying is that is should not have failed in the first place. I’m taking to the dealer today. Thanks for your time.

        • Hello Ian I have the same vehicle with the same problem. Black screen and radio came on for about 2 min then shut off. What was your problem and what did you have to do please let me know ASAP thanks in advance

          • You didn’t mention the year, the model and the Sync system you have. It’s hard to tell what to do… but, I’m guessing you have a MyFord Touch (touch screen) system in a 2011 to 2013 model year. A black screen sounds like you need to do an upgrade on your Sync system software.
            Log into and register your vehicle on to see if you need an update. You’ll be able to download the update on a USB flash drive and take it to the car to do a self-install.
            Otherwise, do what the article suggests:

            The “Reboot” Procedure: First, go to your phone’s Settings, to Bluetooth Settings, and delete Sync from the list of connected devices. With your vehicle on and running (in park), go to the Settings tab (in the Phone corner of the MyFord Touch). On the next screen, tap the Bluetooth Devices tab. On the next page, tap the phone tab (usually shows the model number of the phone or the name you have given your phone). On the right side of the screen, touch the Delete tab.

            Now, turn your vehicle off, open the hood. Loosen the bolt holding the black battery cable clamp assembly (on the battery’s negative pole). Remove it from the battery for about five minutes. Completely power down your phone for at least a minute. Turn your phone back on. While it’s rebooting, replace the battery cable clamp assembly and retighten the clamp. Close the hood.

            Return to your vehicle and start it up. Let the vehicle run for at least four or five minutes. Your vehicle may start up with the AM radio on, so for now, just turn down the radio and give the vehicle a few minutes to reboot before resetting anything (such as the time).

            You may see the MyFord Touch screen show the a progress screen showing that the system is “rebooting.” Allow the reboot procedure to finish and let the system runs for a few minutes to make sure everything comes back “online.” This reboots the electrical system from factory specs. Turn off the vehicle again and open the door (this completely powers down the vehicle). Then restart the vehicle. Within a new minutes the system should be functioning normally again.

            Now you can tap the Pair Phone” tab and pair your phone. Be sure the Bluetooth Setting is turned on your phone. The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN number when it begins “searching” for your phone. When your phone “recognizes” Sync, the it will show Sync Not Connected in your list of trusted devices. Tap the Sync tab, your phone will either ask you to enter the PIN number from your console screen, or, with the latest MyFord Touch software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit number to your phone. If so, just tap the “pair” button on your phone and on the MyFord Touch screen.

            The Sync system may ask another question, such as “Download Phone Book.” Push the OK to start the download. Android phone users may see a screen appear on their phone asking for SMS access. Check the “Always Connect” box and the OK. Before the phone allows the phone book to download, it will show a secondary screen asking for your permission. Check the “Always Connect” and the OK button. Sync will then complete the download in about a minute or so. Wait for the screen that says “Download Complete.”

            Now, everything should be working better with your MyFord Touch system. Of course, if this process doesn’t work, then please, visit your Ford or Lincoln Service Department.

            The MyFord or MyLincoln Touch system uses an interface module that works kinds of like an automated traffic signal light. It tries to let the onboard computer receive and send commands between the voice system to the various “departments” (such as phone, media, navigation, climate, Sirius and so on). Sometimes the touch screen moves at such a slower rate that it causes the system to slow down or “freeze.” A “freeze” results in a black screen as the system tries to self-reboot. This is why the manual “reboot” with the battery cable helps.

            The alternate “Reboot” Procedure: As described in many online Forums, this process calls for you to turn off the vehicle, find the fuse box, and (refer to the manual please) remove the fuse for the MyFord Touch/Sync system, and, after a short while, replace the fuse, close up the fuse box and restart the vehicle. I would check with the website before attempting this procedure. Briefly removing the black battery cable clamp assembly is an alternate way to reboot as compared to “pulling the fuse.” Of course, it is highly recommended for an owner to visit their Ford or Lincoln Service Department.

            Doing the manual reboot (by temporarily removing the black battery cable clamp) may result in the radio resetting to AM, or the clock resetting to 12:00, but those items can be easily reset. Just go to the Settings button, then select “Clock” from the tabs on the left side of the screen to find and reset the clock information.

  10. The other day, I suddenly had a “911 assist cannot connect” warning come up after starting my 2013 Escape. Nothing would work after this warning would come up, but I was able to go in and disable the 911 assist to get the Sirius to turn back on. Later I was able to go in and enable the 911 assist again, but now I can’t get into my Sirius screen. I can get to the home screen, then go into the 3 other screens (phone, info, climate), but Sirius won’t open and it’s driving me NUTS! What’s the deal? And if I do the reboot, will I loose all of my presets in my Sirius system, along with my alerts for my fav songs?

    • Something I’ve got to ask right off… have you updated your MyFord Touch software to version 3.6.2?
      If not, then you’ve go to.
      If so, then I’ll move on….
      If you pull the negative battery cable for a minute or so. Be sure to turn your phone completely off as well. Turn your phone on. Reconnect the battery cable, start your car.
      Your settings will stay (for presets and such) but your clock will need to be reset.
      This should clear this out…
      If this is happening again, I would say there is something else going on… such as Bluetooth being turned off on your phone. Or a conflict with Wi-Fi settings on your phone.
      Do the reboot and let me know…

  11. 2011 Ford Edge: — i had a dead battery, while i was jump starting the car, sync went into low battery mode or something like that. I bought a brand new battery and after replacing the dead battery, sync refused to come up. if i remove the battery negative terminal and replace back, the AM radio comes up without the sync screen but the radio will go off after say 10 to 20 seconds.. please i will appreciate anyone with useful information on how to get sync come back. i am residing in Africa. no ford dealer here.

    • I have never had this issue asked before… Do you know if you have the latest Sync software update. Visit for more information (you may have to register an account at this site). I’ve read that in some cases jump starting can cause power surges that damage the radio head unit. In some other reports, I’ve heard that there are “codes” that have to be input via the OnBoard Diagnostic connection to re-establish everything.
      How long are you removing the black battery cable? Do this for at least five minutes, then reconnect the cable assembly. Then start the vehicle and let the vehicle run for at least three to five minutes before trying to reset anything on the radio or clock.
      Try these things and get back with me so I’ll know what to do…

      • I am still not able to get Sync to come up. I can confirm the Sync firmware is Gen2 – V3.0.2. Is this the latest for 2011 Ford Edge Limited?
        Also I have pulled out Fuse 29 for a full day then put it back without any success. How can Sync come back up?

        • I don’t know if you have the MyFord Touch system… if you do, then Gen 2 V3.6.2 is the latest. There are probably three versions newer than what you have… have you gone to and created you account? If you did, this website would be able to verify the version your vehicle needs. It will also guide you on downloading the software…
          So you pulled the fuse… I’ve never done that. Is the fuse still good? Does it need to be replaced? Maybe the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with a Ford Service department. Sync systems on your vehicle were granted an extension to five years of warranty — so your service visit may be completely covered by warranty — just ask them to review the situation.

          • Yes.. I have MyFord Touch system. I created an account at the support website. Please how do I download the latest firmware? Like I said earlier, I reside in Nigeria not the states. How can Sync be upgraded when it cant even come up? Do I need some special gadgets to do that? Please guide me, I am a control systems engr.

          • Visit and register your vehicle to set up an account. This website has technology information, videos and offers downloadable software updates.
            You mention that Sync can’t come up… is your Sync system plugged in (meaning, it hasn’t been disconnected from the dash has it?); have you checked the specific fuse int he fuse box to see if the fuse is good and your circuit is active?; and, have you done the hard reboot (pulling the black battery cable clamp for about five minutes then reconnect and then restart the vehicle)? I realize that a Ford service department may not be available… I would recommend searching for YouTube videos on self-diagnostics (and I’m not sure what their might be available).

  12. For the 4th time in 10,000 miles my sync system has acted up with the latest after touching my media button on the steering wheel, my screen says scheduled maintenance. Why wasn’t I given a message before hand if it was a scheduled maintenance reboot? I will never buy another vehicle with all of those bells and whistles because as the vehicle gets older more problems crop up. I think 4 problems in 10,000 miles is ridiculous. And, as a former programmer there is no excuse for an error message not telling me about some problems or issue.

    • I can see your concern here… but let’s review what we’ve got: you have a computer system, installed in a moving vibrating vehicle, that has to withstand extreme temperatures. It has to “refresh” signal thousands of times a minute. It has to work with not just “a program” but with audio, phones, navigation and climate — all while taking touch commands, steering wheel commands, vocal commands and “old school” button commands (depending on the model).
      My desktop computer at work usually has a few to more than a dozens “updates” a week. I have to power down and take time to let the system reconfigure itself. Your Sync system can only do it’s updates while the system is on, and yes, when a computer is downloading and reconfiguring its system, not all features are accessible or usable.
      You might not have thought about it, but the act of using your system with a voice command or touch command may have been the actual signal to the Sync system’s main operating system to recalibrate itself…
      Also, since I don’t know the year, make or model of your vehicle and the type of Sync system, I can’t say whether or not if you need a Sync software update. What you’re experiencing sounds like you have the Gen 2 v 3.5 software, which was updated to Gen 2 v3.6.2… so installing the major update would reduce the maintenance reboots. Just because your system does a reboot does not mean that there is a “problem.”
      But stop by your account (if you haven’t registered and create one, then please do). Check out whether or not you need a software update.

      • I have ford focus titanium and Hyundai Santa Fe limiyrd
        while my focus sync is useless santa fe works like charm
        same city same weather conditions same, so please admit sync is not a finishedépolished product.

        • I suspect you have had some issues with the Sync system. I have seen and worked with the Hyundai system… if that was the one I first learned, then I might have trouble using the commands on the Ford system. The system’s do work differently, like an iPhone is different than an HTC droid phone.
          However, I know the Ford system and I think it’s the best for handling such a wide variety of phones, music/media, climates controls and navigation. I would suspect that you might not have received a good presentation on how to use the Ford equipment. If you aren’t familiar with something, then it’s easy to get frustrated and not have confidence in using it.

          • Vincent,
            My problem is a black screen every week, which is unacceptable.
            Ok, you can say that it’s difficult for a computer inside a moving vehicle be always operational.
            But it’s the same with Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and usually their systems don’t freeze.

          • There are many things that could force the system to do a reboot/refresh. Do you always have some device plugged into the USB port? Are you charging your cellphone as you are driving, yet using it frequently to make Bluetooth calls? Or play Bluetooth streaming music? Do you use AudioBooks? Do you have the most recent software update for your system? Have you contact Ford’s Sync Hotline at 1-800-392-3673?

  13. Just got a new LG G2 phone. Can’t seem to get the phone paired to a 2012 F250. Will performing the reboot procedure enable the Bluetooth to work between phone & truck? The display on truck is saying “No phone found”. The phone is saying “no Bluetooth connections available”. Was wondering if the LG G2 phone wasn’t compatible with Sync?

    • Anytime you have a software driven computer using Bluetooth connectivity in a vehicle that’s driving all around (especially within known interference like other BT signals and radio) you will have connectivity issues.
      The standard protocol to assist almost any computer issue is to do a refresh/reboot. This “resets” everything.
      I would recommend that before you try to “pair” a phone. Turn on your vehicle, start it up, then go to your phone menu, system settings, bt devices, delete device and then delete any phones you see on the list (select and then push the OK button).
      Now, you can go to the phone menu, system settings, Bluetooth devices, add Bluetooth device (add phone), push OK to begin pairing. Go to your phone’s System Settings, Bluetooth, select “make discoverable” (if an option). Then search for (or add) new devices.
      When your Sync system displays a 6-digit PIN — if possible, use the up/down arrows on console, to select Special Pin, then push the OK button to select the 0000 PIN number, when you see the Sync (unpaired) tab on your phone, then select that and enter 0000 at the prompt. Then be sure to watch your phone as you say OK to the Sync system’s questions of “Make Primary phone?” hit OK, then Turn on 911 Assist? Push OK, and finally “Download Phonebook.” Your phone might ping back and ask if you should Always Connect? Select Yes on the phone and then pair to Sync…
      Everything should be working once the phonebook download is complete…
      More questions? Then visit and register for your own account…

  14. Good Afternoon,

    I received my 2014 Ford Explorer on March 7th 2014. I have an LG Motion mobile phone. I noticed immediately any time that I try to play my music from my phone or listen to iheartradio and Pandora, from my phone, the music skips or pauses a lot. You can actually see on the screen most times that the pause/play button changes to and fro. This doesn’t happen when the normal radio or sirius xm is playing though. Yesterday, I was so frustrated with this problem that I just turned the radio off in disgust and rode in silence. I didn’t have this problem with my 2011 F-150 and the same phone was being used. This is a concern for me. There’s nothing in the manual to trouble shoot this particular problem. I have tried to delete the devices from each other and start over again. I even did a master reset in the Explorer. However, I didn’t do a reboot from under the hood. Will this even help? Great features and functions of new cars are greatly considered before buying or leasing vehicles. People don’t expect there to be any to many problems after spending a great amount of money for these vehicles, and features. Please Help?

    • Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ve heard of this issue, but it’s not a Ford Sync issue…. For some smart phones… There is a motion sensor within the phone. This sensor causes havoc with the digital music system when you’re bouncing down the street in your vehicle. Go to your phone Settings and search for something in the Music settings (it might be referred to as Shake to Shuffle. Turn this off and completely power down your phone and restart it, before turning your vehicle on. This should stop this issue.

  15. Sorry Vincent, but it’s not the phone. I didn’t have this issue with my 2011 Ford F-150. On the syncmyride community site, it is a host of complaints
    commenting on this problem. Different model and year Fords mostly with the My Ford Touch System. I also saw another possible fix but I may have to call the service dealer because the fuse panel box is some what difficult to get to.

  16. Today, I was driving along and the my touch screen on my 2013 Limited suddenly went blank. 30 (?) seconds went by and it started to reboot, then the screen went blank again and stayed that way. I pulled over and turned the car off, and attempted to restart the car. Nothing happened and the check engine light was illuminated. I hit the start/stop button again to turn everything off. Waited a couple more minutes and hit the button again, the car started, synch started, etc and everything was fine. Is this normal? The sync tech I spoke to suggested corrupt software. It is the latest version? Did the check engine light illuminate and my inability to get any response when I hit the start button occur because I didn’t give MFT time enough to completely reboot? Thanks.

    • Please understand, you have a military grade laptop computer system built into your dash. It has to take extreme heat and cold, extreme vibrations and strange power variations…
      If you have the last software, version 3.6.2, then I will assume everything is OK.
      In the future, when you turn off your vehicle… remember that after you put your foot on the brake, put the car into park and then hit the On/Off button, you are only “partially” turned off. Your electrical system remains active until you open a front door. Then when you restart, it starts fresh.
      Yes, you probably stopped the reboot process in midstream… but this kind of system has to reset itself from time to time. Even my desktop computer needs to be powered down and rebooted a least once a week. I would assume the same is true with any Microsoft products (and that includes a Sync system).
      Be sure to power down your phone and turn it back on at least once a week (before you get in and turn your vehicle on).
      And, yes, occasionally you will even have to turn off the car and pull the black battery cable for at least three to five minutes, reattached and retighten it, close the hood and restart your vehicle at least once a year…
      What wold corrupt your Sync software might actually be the phone, the apps and the way you use your equipment on the Sync system…
      And remember, STAY AWAY FROM EMOJIs!!!!
      Emojis may look cute, but they cause tremendous issues with the Sync system’s ability to interact with your phone book… and, yes, it can cause system failure on the Sync system is you don’t take corrective measures…

  17. This page saved me from a trip to my dealership! Thank you so much! 15-20 mins later my 2013 ford escape was back to normal!

  18. I have a 2011 Edge, the 911 assist shows disabled and the entertainment system becomes unavailable. I have done the master reset with no results, this is on going for a while now. We drive without a radio now because of this problem. I am up to date on software, any suggestions ?


  19. We have a 2013 Explorer that we bought used about a month ago. I got into it yesterday morning and the touchscreen was blank. The music still plays and I am able to control the volume with the steering wheel controls, but cannot turn the station. I have signed up with the online syncmyride and it definitely needs an update (hasn’t been done since May of 2012), so I dloaded the update and tried to update it with a USB, but nothing happens – music still continues to play and nothing lets you know that there is an update happening like the syncmyride instructions tells you it should. Any ideas before we make the hour drive to take it into a dealer? Thanks!

    • Sara, you mentioned that you downloaded the update… but it doesn’t sound like you downloaded into your Explorer. If your USB “was downloaded” correctly, when the vehicle is one, in park, in the driveway, and you put the USB into one of the center console USBs… within a few seconds, the Console touch screen should show a notice that informs you that it is about to begin the download. You have to push OK and then it takes about 25 minutes to download and “unpack.” The vehicle must be running the entire time and the screen may flash on and off and the sound may come on and off several times while its doing the software upgrade.
      If your screen is black and doesn’t respond then do this… turn off the vehicle. Open the hood. Use a wrench to loosen the battery cable clamp on the negative pole of the battery (I call it the black side). Remove the clamp from the battery for at least five minutes. Then reattach it and retighten the clamp assembly. Close the hood. Start your Explorer and let it run for at least two to three minutes. It may show a “reboot process” on the screen. Wait until all of this is done. Your screen should be up again and then try to do the download process.
      You should be able to get all of this done in about 40 minutes…

      • I’ve put the USB into the Explorer when it is running and nothing happens – the screen remains black. I will try disconnecting the battery and hopefully that will do the trick! Thanks!

  20. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion – I’ve been playing music from an old iPod Touch connected via one of the USB slots. Everything was working fine until I uploaded some news music to the iPod. Now when I connect it I hear no sound although the track appears, the counter runs, the album art appears, I can change tracks etc but no sound is produced.The strange thing is that I can hear sound via the radio or my iPhone connected via BlueTooth. What should I do? Thank you!

    • I would recommend a couple of things…
      Plug your iPod into your computer or laptop, turn it on through iTunes and check to see if you have the latest OS for the iPod.
      Then completely power it down.
      Go to your vehicle, unplug all USB cords…
      turn it off, open the hood. Use a wrench to loosen the battery cable clamp on the negative pole of the battery (I call it the black side). Remove the clamp from the battery for at least five minutes. Then reattach it and retighten the clamp assembly. Close the hood. Start your vehicle and let it run for at least two to three minutes. It may show a “reboot process” on the screen.
      Now turn your iPod back on and let it completely come back up.
      Now plug the iPod back in.
      Push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say USB…
      The system may start saying all of the disclaimers, but wait for about three to five minutes.
      Now push the Voice button again and say USB again.
      WHen prompted, say Play All.
      Everything should be back up and working…
      Apple has been increasing the restrictions on playing content protected material — and all of their downloads are encrypted with these blockers.

  21. I own a 2012 TAURUS SEL. Today all of sudden the sync display doesnt come on. All it shows is FORD TAURUS on the display. Took it to a dealer, he tried to do the reboot using the battery but still the same issue. He asked me to come back later this week to get it fully diagnosed.

    Any idea what could be the issue and the resolution?

    • As you know, you have the equivalent of a military-grade laptop computer in your dashboard…. unlike your desktop computer at work or home, this one has to sit in extreme cold, extreme heat, while vibrating down the road, and possibly with wild voltage swings — especially on a vehicle approaching three years.
      You didn’t say is you have the base Sync system (but I’m assuming you do) or the Sony touch-screen navigation. You didn’t mention what phone you use, what Apps you might use on the phone, what USB devices you might have plugged in…
      An infotainment system wouldn’t just go out suddenly. In fact, electronics sometimes go out “in a flash” very early in their life. The ones at your stage may have been “hung up” on some misdirected command or an issue with the APIM. If the “hard reboot” didn’t work with the battery cable, then your dealer will have to run a complete bench test. The culprit may be in your controller (accessory protocol information manager, I believe).
      I will say that this may be covered under your bumper-to-bumper warranty.
      Also, this is a rare event indeed. I work with thousands of Sync customers and I’ve only seen a handful of systems go completely down and have to be replaced…

      • Hi Vincent,

        I have the basic sync on 2012 taurus sel not the touchscreen one. And i usually pair it with my iphone just to play songs via bluetooth and attend calls.I was working well so far until yesterday when i start my vehicle to work everything jus froze.

  22. Hello, I’ve tried looking on the internet to fix my issue, but mine seems to be unique. I have a new 2014 Ford Escape Titanium. The car is less then two months old and has less then 2000 miles. The navigation stopped working, it says to insert a SD nav card. Also, the USB ports don’t have power. It seems the card reader and the USB ports aren’t getting any power, hence the reason I don’t have navigation. All fuses I’ve looked at look fine, so if it is a fuse, I haven’t found the right one yet. All other power outlets work. The touch screen works fine. I’ve never synced up a phone. I have done a system reset. Any advice would be appreciative, taking it to service later in the week.

    • You didn’t say if you have the SD-Card based MyFord Touch (and I will assume that you do…) so I’m sure you’ve tried to pull out and then re-insert the SD-card a few times to let the system reinstall the map base…
      What concerns me is the USB ports not working… definitely take your Escape to a Ford Service department for a diagnostic. This isn’t something that a reboot would affect.
      As you may know, electronics that are going to have problems will have it early on in their life… so don’t think the whole system is bad. It seems that the USB may be causing other portions of the APIM to be compromised. Your Ford Service guys should be able to fix this.

    • I have exactly the same issue. The power to the center console (nav card, USB ports) powers down and I can’t get nav or music (from usb). Connected phone – nothing happens either – no power or connection. Then i stop the car for a while and next time it works again. Transitory issue. i am taking it in for service to see if they can figure it out. Did your service guys come up with an answer?

      • You didn’t say what year, what model, what type of Sync system…
        The reboot procedure will always help reset the APIM and generally get things back to working order, but if it’s happening frequently then there may be something else going on. What kind of phone do you have? Do you drive through areas with a lot of broadcasted radio signals? By a radio dispatch, TV station or radio transmitter?

  23. Hello, Just got a certified 2013 Ford Escape SEL FWD with MyFord Touch.
    The syncmyride site told me I had an update 3.6.2. i had the 3.0.2 version on the vehicle (Guess I should have had the Ford Dealer update it before i purchased). As soon as I did the update, my calibration is out of whack. By that i mean i press on the Information , instead it gives me radio. I click on Phone, instead it gives me Climate control.
    Needless to say when i try to bring up the APIM diagnostics, i cannot actually touch the TouchScreen Calibration option.
    Is there a way to unplug the fuse easily on this vehicle or am i bound to go to the dealership and spend more time on this?
    (Sorry, looks like version is 3.6.1 build 13171 from the file name.)
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Curious New Ford Owner, FL

    • I’m sorry you’re having some trouble. 2013 was a pivotal year for the MyFord Touch system, I recall at least three upgrades that came down the line. It seems that you jumped from the original version to the third version (I think) and the transitional software change is causing some anomalies in your system.
      I have known customers that have partially downloaded or incorrectly downloaded the version 3.6.2 update and therefore didn’t download it correctly.
      The correct files download right at 25 minutes and, once installed, I’ve never had the components go wacky like you’ve experienced.
      If you haven’t already, turn off your Escape. Open the hood and use a 10 mm wrench to loosen and remove the black battery cable (the negative pole). Keep this clamp off the pole for about five minutes. Then reinstall and retighten the clamp. Close the hood and start your vehicle. Let it run for at least three or four minutes. It will start up on AM radio and the time will need to be reset. But do this after the “rebooting.”
      From your second statement, I’m wondering if you do have the latest software upgrade. I believe version 3.6.2 is correct, but be sure you have an A-4 SD card for your navigation system.
      You mention unplugging a fuse. I wouldn’t be able to tell you the correct fuse and, besides, it’s difficult to to pull fuses. It seems easier for me to the battery cable thing.
      You mention bringing up the APIM diagnostics… Really? Unless you’ve got the appropriate laptop computer plugged into the OBD II (diagnostic port) and have the appropriate software (and the knowledge to reset things) then I wouldn’t be messing with that.
      Yes a Ford dealer service department would be the best place to get into that kind of diagnostic and repair. But, trust me, if things are not reset properly and they are continually used improperly, then it can lead to failure of the APIM.
      By the way, for more assistance, you may wish to contact Ford-s In-Vehicle Technology Team at 1-800-392-3673.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        OK since i am a software programmer I was able to “meddle” with it enough to figure out where to touch to actually touch where I originally wanted to touch (if that makes sense to you) and was able to get to the APIM > Calibrate. Once there, it was 5 touches with my finger (not stylus) to the X on the screen to calibrate. Made me think for a minute what to press for ENTER (when the screen prompted to hit ENTER to accept) i think i touched a couple of the on wheel buttons (don’t know if that really helped or not) but magically it went back to home screen after a minute or so and calibration was completed.
        *I did notice, when I uploaded my “results” XML file from the USB drive, SyncMyRide page says i have version 3.5.1 – but i verified that i downloaded 3.6.2. So Maybe I didn’t finish the full installation? Maybe it only installed one of the 14 files found on the initial download?

        *So I will try and see if i can “continue” install from the USB drive.

        *Or “Do I feel lucky?” and leave it alone?

        • A software programmer, eh?
          This could be the reason!
          Seriously, you’re one in seven million users (okay, maybe there’s a handful) that would go the the “depths” that you have.
          If you downloaded the software update onto a clean USB FAT formatted flash drive, and you plugged it into the USB port, the MFT screen would have automatically started the download process (after a couple of prompts). And it should take almost exactly 25 minutes to download. One of the files takes almost 10 minutes by itself to download and self-extract (some people will see the progress screen and assume than 3 of 9 is just “hung up.”) This not the case. The software does acknowledge complete installation and success at the end…
          You didn’t say if your tweaks recalibrated and brought every back on line properly…. if it did, then you’re probably OK.
          Stay in touch, the World needs programmers!

          • Yes, it did go through the whole process and said Installation Complete. Then went onto ask to add my Phone. at which time i wasn’t able to touch OK – that was the beginning of the story.

            At the end, “YES!” it did fix my calibration issues when I performed that adhoc calibration myself yesterday. So far so good.

            Thank you! And thanks for your suggestions and this site!!

            P.S. The trick to getting to the right “Touch” with the incorrect calibration was pressing down and holding the press on the touch screen and not letting go while moving the finger around until the correct button was depressed. Once I let go the touch was “registered”.

  24. I just bought a 2014 ford fiesta Titanium a couple of weeks ago (April 1st), and I got the black screen three times already! It usually happens in the afternoon, after work when I start the car, there is no video or audio. I tried turning the car off and on and still the black screen! I made an app with service but I am beginning to hate this car already! Having to drive back home on the 405 Fwy for 1.5 hours with no music is very frustrated. There should be a reset button on the dash!

    • What kind of phone do you have? (is the operating software current?)
      DO you have emoticons (smiley faces) in your phone book contact list? (Remove them if you do)
      What do you have plugged into the USB port? (Don’t leave an iPod plugged in all of the time).
      Do you have an SD-card based Nav system? Is there an A-4 SD card in the SD slot? (this is preferred). Don’t use an SD-card with anything other than mp3 or mp4a music on it.
      I’ve never seen or heard of this issue with a Fiesta — so definitely have a Ford Service department do some diagnostics on this!!!

      • I have an iPhone but do not connect it to the MyFord system because I do not want to get distracted while driving. I don’t believe in phone and driving going together! I also have an A4 Sd card with navigation but I have removed it from the slot because I heard this is one of the problems that causes the MyFord System to crash. All I want is to be able to listen too the radio, or cd while driving. I do like the rear camera with sensors on the back but none of these two work when the system crashes and won’t reboot. I have to take time off from work to it to the dealer already with only 400 on my car!

        • You didn’t mention the year and model and type of Sync system you have. I would ask you to go to to set up an account. This is an online source of information and you can access and download software there (if you need it).
          I would suggest that you “pair” your iPhone, but turn your Sync system to “Do Not Disturb”. (A feature on MyFord Touch). This sends all incoming calls directly to voice mail without disturbing you while you drive. You will be able to make all the hands-free outgoing calls you wish. This process allows you to use 911 Assist in case of an accident.
          Or, pair your iPhone but keep your Bluetooth turned off. This way, incoming phone calls will not distract you. However, you will have to use the handset to make all outgoing calls.
          You mention crashes caused by the A4 card… the latest software update essentially stopped any of those problems. Those problems were caused by people who drove with the map display always on– the need for constant moving graphics was overloading the system. So focus instead on using the entertainment corner…
          If you haven’t done it already, then do the “hard reboot” process outlined in several of my articles (including the latest one on Bluetooth Issue Troubleshooting. This refreshes the system and makes everything work better…

  25. I have a Ford Escape 2013. I am using a Samsung S4 SmartPhone with the car, what I have noticed in the past 6 months, that every two months that my navigation turn by turn directions stop speaking out loud and the text feature that reads texts out loud stops working. The sound for the radio will get soft but the directions won’t be read out loud. The ford dealer ship undid the battery wires and reattach them and the turn by turn directions started working again. Will I have to do this every two months for the life of the car to get the turn by turn directions working correctly again. It is very frustrating to have it work correctly and then stop working again.

    • Any computer system needs routine maintenance, such as power downs and reboots, software updates and so on. For one, have you set up an account at to check to see if your vehicle needs a software update? If so, you can download from that sight and install it into your Escape — that may solve the problems,
      I know the idea of doing resets seems frustrating, but you’ve got a sophisticated computer in your dashboard that can take a lot, but it does need attention from time to time. The larger issues isn’t the Sync system itself… it’s the devices connected to them. You phone and its Bluetooth connection is affected as the device travels around the city and country… the BT signal can get corrupted depending on a variety of factors.


    • I’m not sure I understand what your issue is. I would recommend visiting your Ford Dealer for Service. They may need to reprogram your system. I don’t think the issue you have is “fixable” with a battery cable reboot (that works on APIM – Sync processor issues).

  27. I have a new 2014 Ford Escape Titanium that’s barely a month old (not even 3000 miles on it yet). Just today, as I was backing it up, the rear camera didn’t come up and I got an error message: “Camera not available at this time. Contact your dealer.” Also the Bluetooth just randomly disconnected from my phone as I was using it (later in the day). When I first got it, I noticed that when streaming music via Bluetooth audio, the music was intermittently choppy and skipped as if playing from a scratched CD. I’m thinking the MyTouch wiring is bad, but since I’m not familiar with it, I don’t want to do anything extravagant to try to fix it. If you’ve heard of this issue and do know a quick fix, that’d be great. Otherwise, I’ll just take it back to the dealer.

    • The backup camera may use the center console as a disply, but it is not connected to the Bluetooth side of the processor. Random Bluetooth disconnection is the nature of Bluetooth (not the Ford system). I often suggest that folks, delete Sync from their phone. Delete their phone from Sync, power down the phone and re-Pair the Phone. Be sure to follow through the final steps of 911 Assist and downloading phone book.
      Once this is done, go to the Entertainment screen, scroll down to Bluetooth Devices, tap the button on the screen and designate your phone as a music source. Then you may need to go to the phone to ensure that you have the “Shake to Shuffle” in the Settings Folder, Under “Music” turned off. Use the VOice button on the steering wheel to call up “Bluetooth Audio.” Then tap the app for Pandora to start music. If no music, push the Voice button and sya “Play.”
      Then it should be working.
      See your Ford Service department about the rear camera issue.

  28. I have a 2011 Edge Sport where I’m having the same Sync/MyTouch/Nav and audio not working (black screen) Tried all the above reset procedures with no luck. Also had this problem a month ago and took it to dealer for software upgrade. Everything worked fine (for 3 weeks) then back to this. Any suggestions other than taking it back?

    • There have been at least three software upgrades for the 2011 Edge MyFord Touch since your vehicle was released.
      Do you know if you have software version 3.6.2?
      Which SD-card do you have for your Nav System? (It should be A-4) (The A-3 card came with your Edge at time of delivery, but it won’t work with the software upgrade).
      What phone do you have? There has been a somewhat major iPhone OS upgrade… it requires the user to delete their old iPhone connection from Sync… and pair the iPhone back top Sync again… if you have an iPhone, the latest version is 7.1.2
      Let me know any other questions…

  29. The TSB upgrade was 3.6 done June14th, 2014. Have a Verizon LG phone and could never Sync up with it. More concerned with not having mytouch screen Nav and audio. Maybe the APRIM module is bad. Tried every reset with no luck. Vehicle is out of warranty now,(June 30th) with only 23,000 miles. Hope this is still covered under there attempted fix.

  30. Anybody know where the APIM module is located in 2011 Ford Edge…thanks.
    Just wanted to probe to see if power is going to it.

  31. Bad Sync module (APIM). It was covered under extended warranty and dealer provided with free loaner until it’s replaced.

  32. Well, the apim module wasn’t the fix! Dealer had to order new touch screen (which will take two more days). In the meantime, I’ll be looking to order a new vehicle. lol

  33. Loved this vehicle, but in the dealership 3 times in last 3 months (3 weeks downtime)… is not acceptable for price I paid for a high end Ford Edge Sport.
    I’ll look elsewhere…

  34. Have a 2014 Ford Explorer Limited and have just realized that it seems my car has the wrong software installed. I cannot control the climate from the steering wheel column/instrument cluster, which I know for a fact you can do. In fact, the pictures on Ford’s website of the dashboard instrument/sync cluster in completely different than what I have.

    I called to speak with a service tech at my dealership and he informed me that it sounds like I have the wrong software installed, although he told me, my software is “up to date” he asked me to swing by, they would investigate and send the issue to Ford.

    Would a reboot help solve this problem?

    • I’m not sure what photo you saw that made you think your dashboard was incorrect… I know that there are videos with all kinds of Ford vehicles and variations of the MyFord Touch system. The MyFord Touch system is entering it’s fifth model year.
      However, this is what I know… last year’s software for a MyFord Touch was a Gen. 2 v3.6.2 using the A-4 SD card for navigation. Within the past few months some 2014’s (and all 2015’s) were/are set up with a software version (Gen. 2 v3.7.1, I believe) and there is a new A-5 SD card. The A-5 card was updated primarily for street info/data info and not as an OS. The MyFord Touch software updates wouldn’t have “turned off” functionality. You may have an issue with one of the steering wheel controls.
      A hard reboot could help this situation, but not if it’s a switch/control issue.
      Please contact and see your dealer.

      • I am referring to this photo

        My instrument cluster does not feature the little icons on the right and left side, nor do I have the climate control feature.
        It is my understanding that I have incorrect software installed. However, when I log into my account, it says that I have the most updated version Gen 2 v3.7.1

        Can I do a hard reboot myself? If so, how?

  35. Hello. I am a Ford Senior Master Technician, and am having some problems with my own car. I have a 2012 Focus Titanium with the MyFord Touch, and Navigation. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone is rooted, but otherwise stock 4.4.2. The problem I am having is that the SMS MAP profile will stop working. I will be able to receive and send SMS through MFT, and then all of a sudden, SYNC will say that the connected phone does not support SMS. The only “fix” is to remove my phone from MFT, and SYNC from my phone. Redo the pair procedure, and continue until the next time it happens, again; repeat. I understand this is nothing more than annoying, however; it’s annoying. I’ve replaced the APIM about 3 months ago for an issue where the car would drop the bluetooth connection to the phone under 12M02. Thoughts?

    Thank you.

    • Sorry to hear about your troubles…. I’ve found that there are some build quality issues with the Galaxy (i.e., Indonesia vs China assembly). Some of the components just start to fail — while the phone calling, Apps and other stuff may work just fine… I know some Samsung reps may not agree with me, but I’ve asked folks to take their phones back to the store and ask for a replacement, or at least a diagnostic check to see where the real problems are… I don’t think the APIM would have much to do with an SMS connectivity issues. However, having a hodge podge cell tower network (i.e. AT&T towers, mixed with Verizon and other carriers) can cause the phone to flip from 3G to 4G to 4G LTE. This could cause the phone’s connection to Sync to be compromised. I would ask that if you lose support for SMS, to get to your final location. Turn off the vehicle and power down the phone. Then restart both and try again. And, as you may have heard, when you upgrade to certain OS levels with a Samsung, one of the first things to go astray is your SMS connection. However, you really can’t go backwards with your OS software…

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  37. 2014 Focus Titanium – SYNC with MyFord Touch – Gen2 – V3.6.2
    Purchased approx 45 days ago… currently has 1645 miles

    So, my problem involves the black, unresponsive touch screen that so many others have reported. However, neither the fuse reset nor the negative battery cable reset methods work. Additionally, the USB delayed reboot option provided on another website does nothing. Here are the symptoms:
    – Upon starting the car, the screen shows the standard Ford splash screen (white background)
    – This, in turn, goes to the Sync splash screen (black background)
    – At this point, the screen stays frozen with the Sync splash screen for approximately 2 minutes
    – During this time:
    – The default Sirius station plays and there is no way to change stations or audio input sources
    – The volume CAN be controlled with the physical button AND the steering wheel control
    – The voice command system can be initiated with the steering wheel button, BUT no commands actually seem to work (even though the confirmation “ding” activates)
    – After the approx. 2 mins of the black “Sync” splash screen, the system shuts off and then restarts the entire process again
    – After shutting off the vehicle, the audio and screen will remain on until it does its automatic shutdown (I don’t think it comes back on until the car is restarted)
    – None of the physical, hardware, buttons below the console (power, source, sound, tune, etc.) work

    I’m calling the dealership in the morning, of course, but any additional input you have would be great. I don’t like to talk to any dealer service department without knowing everything I can possibly know about the issue. Thanks in advance.

    • Proceed to your Ford Service Department. This seems to be advanced Sync issues that may require some diagnostic to determine the root cause and way to reflash the drive… this is a rare situation, but the reality is, some electronic components, if they are going to fail, will do it early on in their life. Have a tech check it out.

  38. I have a 2014 ford taurus that is having trouble playing music through my phone plugged into the usb. It will start playing the first track in my library but will only sometimes allow me to skip tracks. I am also unable to browse through my music library, as when I push “browse” it says “no files on this device”. Also, a small thing I can’t figure out, can you upload photos from your phone using usb for wallpapers? Or do I need a usb drive?

    • The issue could be your USB cable causing some problems in the system “reading” (or indexing) your music You mentioned that your pushing “browse” — I’m assuming that this must be on your phone… I would use the Voice commands on the Sync system to request “Play Artist Katy Perry” or “Play Tract Hells Bells.”
      Also, see my other blog on posting photos to wallpapers. You cannot upload from the phone… depending on your Taurus system it’s either from a clean USB flash drive, or a DVR-ROM disk…

  39. I purchased a 2014 C Max SEL 303A one week ago and already having problems with the nav. On the home screen it says the veh location is at my home when I am at work. When I turn the nav on the screen is blank and white. Really…one week old and problems? Syncmyford says update was done on the day of purchase. To keep hearing how this is a computer in a car and blah, blah, blah is ridiculous! To tell your customers to lower their expectations of the functions they purchased the car for is insulting to my intelligence and pocket book. I have owned Acuras for 13 years with touch screens, nav and bluetooth and never once had an issue. How can Honda get it right but Ford can’t? Only reason I switched was because of the Hybrid aspect and it had all the bells and whistles I’m accustomed to. Wish I had done more research and saved myself the aggravation of this Ford fiasco. My first Ford and my last.

    • I’m concerned about your comments. I can tell that you’re upset about the navigation system, if I were your salesperson I would have gotten into your vehicle with you and 1) seen the issues, 2) worked on addressing the issues, and 3) worked to make things better with you.
      I would guess that your navigation system needs to be reset so it can orient your map from the proper location.
      I know you’re upset, but I apologize if you felt I was insulting your intelligence with something I said. I write a technology blog based on the experiences that I have from meeting with thousands of Ford customers in northeastern Oklahoma. I get comments from people around the world. I don’t often get to actually “see” the problems some customers are having. Sometimes I’ve found that the customer either wasn’t explained the proper way to use something, or the customer was doing one thing and expecting something else to happen. This is where one-on-one consultations are very effective.
      I realize that your salesperson and your dealership might have not taken the time to address your concerns and solve them for you. You did choose an awesome vehicle and it does have all the bells and whistles, but that is the kind of vehicle where I would spend as much time as it takes to educate the customer on how to get the most out of the vehicle. It seems that you weren’t given a lot of overview and you were left to understand on your own. This is not the way to help a new owner understand their new vehicle.
      And, there may be a need for an expert to do a diagnosis to determine if you have an electronics issue that needs reprogramming or replacement. This is covered under your warranty. So a visit to your dealer’s Service Department is probably in order.
      Also, please address your concerns to Ford’s Customer Service at:
      Ford Customer Service – United States
      1-800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)
      Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time
      Saturday, 9:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time

      • The salesperson did get in the car, did go through the functions etc. I read the entire owner’s manual just so that I could get the most out of and efficiently operate the features. The nav was working fine for a few days, then one morning decided to never leave home. The operation of the system is simple and user friendly. The system seems to be flawed. Again, I am familiar with navs, voice commands, touch screens etc., what I am not familiar with are problems on a brand new car that seem to date back quite a few years. It is incomprehensible to me that these issues are still occurring and the best fix is to remove the battery cable, unsync your phone, don’t insert the nav card until you need to use it, reboot your system, stop/restart the car, and finally hope like hell these issues don’t continue to plague your vehicle and suck all the enjoyment out of owning a car with really cool features. I have an appointment with the dealership but am perturbed with the inconvenience of servicing a one week old car.

  40. All of a sudden, every time I start my car I have to ACCEPT the SYNC with MyFord Touch disclaimer. Does anyone else have this problem? I haven’t had to do this since I bought the car 5 months ago and all of a sudden it’s every time. Really annoying!!!

    • You didn’t say what year, model or trimline of vehicle, or the Sync system… so it’s hard to say what to do first.
      Have you tried to the do the hard reboot (see articles elsewhere on this blog)?
      And, do you know if you have the latest software for your SYnc system? If you haven’t registered your vehicle on then I suggest you do so, to get any available updates and to get more support.

  41. I just want to say a huge THANKYOU!!!! you have saved me so much time and money! The elusiveness of my problem was driving me crazy and your solution was brilliant!

  42. Our 2012 Ford F150 has recently been having problems with the radio/sync. Prior to it acting up, there will be a very large popping/banging noise that sounds as if it is coming from the speakers. Once this happens, the screen goes blank with the exception of the time flashing in the center of a black screen. We deleted our phone and resynched everything and it will work for a while, and then we will hear that low bang again that sounds like it’s coming from the door and then the radio/sync goes out. When I heard this noise, I thought something had been thrown at the vehicle, that is how loud the pop/bang noise is. Any ideas what this could be? Thank you.

    • Unless you have driven over 36,000 miles, I believe your Ford dealer could check this malfunction out — and it could be covered under the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. It sounds like your radio amplifier is having power surges… not sure if this is Sync-related. If your radio power amplifier is tripping out the main processor then it will override other nav system functions.
      I would highly recommend taking your vehicle to a Ford Service Department for review – they will run a diagnostic to identify the problem. They’ll discuss solutions with you as well.

      • We will definitely do as you have suggested. Unfortunately, we are way over our warranty, but appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Holly.

  43. The Sync Touchscreen goes black on occasion due to “System Maintenance”. Ford should email a heads up as to when this is supposed to happen in order not to stress out the owner. At least have a message appear on the screen when this does occur.

    The Navigation system should understand voice commands. A Pizza parlor is not a Police Station. Another thing about the Navigation system is that it forces you to take your eyes off the road to select a line number from the POI screen.

    The low tire pressure sensor system should have a better way of resetting after proper tire inflation. Mine mysteriously alerted me to a low tire pressure reading although the tires are properly inflated. No matter what I’ve tried the sensor will not reset. Why not just have where you OK to indicate the tires have proper inflation.

    • Interesting…. a computer that gives you an alert through e-mails… I know it sounds like a good idea… but my desktop computer needs to be rebooted and receives “updates” at least once a week from MicroSoft. Your Sync system (also made with help from MicroSoft) probably needs to reboot at least once a week. It won’t do this while your vehicle is turned off — it would only come on during operation. I would suggest allowing the system to maintain itself without worrying about it.
      The navigation system uses Nuance sound recognition software… so technically pizza parlor and police station are indeed related… the letters and the number of syllables are what triggers the recognition. Maybe try to pronounce these words differently (and with less background interference) for better recognition.
      On you tire sensors, you may need to have a Ford Service Department review them. These sensors actually based their feedback on temperature. If you’ve got your tire pressure correct (in all tires), then the sensors should reset when travelling in excess of 20 mph for more than two minutes.

  44. 2013 Taurus Limited, no navi. Suddenly the ambient light over the driver door controls will only glow red regardless of which color is chosen on the screen. One of the colors chosen will turn off the lights over the driver and passenger door controls. The other colors chosen change everywhere else except over the driver window controls which remains red. I have tried a master reset, no help. Have not tried the battery disconnect yet. Any ideas?

    • I don’t think what you’ve got here is a “resettable” function… it seems like your LED color diodes have “stuck” on red. I would recommend visiting your Ford Service Department for a review and they will suggest solutions.

  45. Same car, update Gen2 – V3.6.2. The temperature display is VERY slow to update. If, for instance, the car is used in the AM when the temp is 65 and then sits for some hours until the outside temp is 90 the temperature won’t start updating until the car has been driven several miles. When it finally starts to change it will jump up 5 or so degrees at a time until the temperature is correct. I was told about 5 months ago that Ford was aware of the problem but didn’t have a fix yet. This also affects how cold the AC blows when it’s hot in the car which makes things uncomfortable for a while. Have you heard anything? The problem started after the latest upgrade which I wish now I hadn’t done.

    • No, I haven’t heard of this being an issue. I do know that some of the 2015 models are coming out with a Gen 2 v 3.7 software version for the MyFord Touch. This typically has the A-5 SD nav card as well. I’m not sure what fix they would have for this outside temperature display. If you have your Climate control on a set temperature and not the Auto function, wouldn’t that maintain your fan speed?
      It sounds like you have already checked with your Ford Service department about this. Touch base with them to see if they has received a Field Service Advisory on fixes…

  46. I have a 2013 ford focus st. Last night after driving for a few hours, my serious xm radio began to shut off intermittently. This morning it is doing it with 30 seconds of turning it on. If I press the M button on my steering wheel I can switch to another set of Sirius xm channels and they work for 30 seconds.

    Software version is 4.30.13171_product. Not sure if maybe updating software might help situation or resetting the system might help?

    • I’m not sure if software updates would have much to do with this… Sirius uses a different received for it’s signal and it’s ported into the radio head. The program could have been Sirius’s signal getting distorted. Visit and follow instructions on refreshing your signal. This could solve the issue. If possible, swing by a Ford Service Department and have their Service Advisors review this. A tech might have to plug into your system to do an overall diagnostic.

  47. I have a 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback SEL. 51k miles. While driving there was a load popping noise through out the speakers and the screen on the radio went black. When this happens I am unable to turn on or off the radio there is no sound. Just a black screen that shows the date and time. The only thing I can do is remove the CD and change the clock. I have checked all the fuses and did the hard reboot with removing the black wire from the battery. Nothing worked. I had No radio for about 3 weeks, then all of a sudden while driving the radio came back on everything worked for a week. Then the pop noise happed again and now once again no radio, just a black screen. Both times this happed, I did have a phone charger plugged into the USB. Please keep in mind I never synced up my phone and according to Ford Sync I have the latest update. I bought this Car in March and this is the 3rd time the car had to go to dealership.
    Thanks again for any advice.

    • I strongly recommend getting a 12-volt plug in charger with a dedicated USB port for charging your phone. Apparently smartphone energy demands create a HUGE drain on the built-in USB port. Using a 12-volt charger will charge your device much quicker and create less demand on the Sync system…
      The way these systems are wired, something plugged into the on-board USB port gets precedent in the booting process.
      In any event… I would have your Service Department run a complete diagnostic to determine the root cause of this problem… it could be related to the APIM (the main processor control) — and this is covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty.

  48. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer with touch screen my radio wont turn on sometimes I have to turn off the truck and turn it back on

    • Do you leave items (iPods, phone chargers, and other equipment) plugged in all time? These items can interfere with the start up procedure and prevent the radio (or other equipment) from turning on in sequence. Next time you’re visiting your Ford dealer for an oil change, have them do a diagnostic to see if there is an issue with the APIM (the processor that handles the commands internally).

  49. My Ford Edge has just recently started showing a “driver door ajar” message even if the door is closed. You have to open and close the door a few times before it will go away. There have been a few occasions that it has killed the battery and we have had to jump start the vehicle. Any suggestions?

    • Unless you have some OMB-II equipment,then visit your Ford Service department. This really isn’t something you can “fix” through a reboot. You would have to determine if you have a sensor failure, a switch issue, an issue with the line, or something else…

  50. I have a 2013 Ford Fusion with touch screen system. This morning when I turned the car on the Audio system won’t turn on. Everything else seems to be working correctly. I have tried all of the available buttons to turn the audio from off to on, not just the touch screen, and still no audio. Turned the car off and back on, still no audio. I then did a system restart, still Audio Off and can not be turned on. Again, all other functions work fine including Sync phone. Thoughts?

    • If you have a MyFord Touch system, there was a software update in late 2013. Do you know if you have system 3.6.2.? To check your software status you may want to visit If you haven’t registered and set up an account, then do that. This site will give you instructions on updating your system. If you are still having problems, I would suggest a hard reboot… a blob on this site (click here)
      If you do not want to try this, then please visit our Ford Service Department for assistance… they could check to see if there are any additional concerns…

      • I have done the software update about 3 months ago which resolved some other issues I’d been having. I will try the hard reboot. Thank you.

        • Just as a follow up. I started the car that evening to head home from work and everything is working fine without me doing anything else. seems to be just a glitch that fixed itself. Thanks.

  51. Hello! I have a 2013 F-150 Lariat. I have checked the website and I have the latest software upgrade. I have also tried all of the methods described on here and elsewhere to reset the system (pulling the battery cable, fuses, etc.) My problem is this: the touchscreen will not respond to anything when I touch it. It’s as if the sensors are dead or something. It just quit working out of the blue. I can use the manual controls below the screen to control the radio, Sirius, etc. It will still connect to my phone (as long as I hit the bluetooth on my phone, obviously when I try to hit “connect a phone” it does nothing. Heated seats won’t turn on because the only way to control them is on the screen. I intend on taking into service, but I ran across this and figured I would at least see if this was a common problem. It’s strange, because all of the media and phone items function just fine, but the screen itself is completely dead to touch (the display is fine, but it is stuck in the four quadrant look since I can’t change the screen). Any input would be great, if I need to take into the dealer, that’s no problem. Thanks in advance, and appreciate it.

    • Thanks so much for your question — I believe I might have an answer… One time before I ran into this same phenomenon. There was an F-150 with a “frozen” screen and the reboot process did nothing. I found a tiny piece of hard debris had fallen at the base of the screen and caused the whole issue.
      So here’s my recommendation… on a bright day… take a fine hair brush (like a thick water color brush) and a pair of tweezers with a fine point.
      Carefully look at the bottom of your touch screen (this is where brightness will help). There is an area of the screen that has a very thin “seal” and then the hard plastic frame that makes up the edge of the touch screen. If a particle of something (i.e. a broken bit or plastic or glass, a chunk of dried goo, etc.) has fallen to the base, then this item can be putting constant pressure on the screen. Use the brush to clear this thin “zone” and, if needed, use the tweezers to pull out any debris. Once this thin “zone” is completely cleared, then do the hard reboot (the battery cable thing). After this, everything should be back to normal. You see, if there is a constant “push” against the touch screen, then no one touch response will work.
      Otherwise, if you can’t find any debris, then yes, you will have to visit your dealer for a service review…
      Good luck!

  52. I have a 2011 Ford Edge. My touch screen has gone back and forward working and not working (totally black). Without doing anything it fixes itself as well as goes dead. However screen close to the millage count reads “NO AUDIO”. What should I do? This has happened 3 times in two months and is driving me crazy!!!

    • I know you’ve probably thought of this, but have you installed the latest software update (v3.6.2)?
      The “reboot” will only do so much if you’ve got the wrong software, or if there is an issue with the APIM.
      I believe that if you’ve got MyFord Touch (in a 2011, 2012 or 2013), then Ford extended the warranty on your Sync system for five years, so it’s still under warranty. Why not visit your Ford service department and have them do a complete diagnostic?

  53. Thank you so much. I do not have the MyFord Touch but I have a 2011 Ford Fusion that died after getting a jump start. My menu would only say no phone and the Bluetooth symbol would not appear. This master reset worked perfectly. Thank you

  54. I just purchased 2012 f150 Platinum. The navigation screen and all options can be seen on the but they do not respond to touch. There appears to be a air or moisture bubble behind the screen. How should I proceed?

    • This sounds like a rare occurrence… I’ve never heard/seen an air bubble develop in between the “skin” and the screen. Yes, I’ve heard of people never removing the “protective” screen placed there at the factory and – yes, it can interfere with the touch capability. I’ve also screen small bits of debris collect at the bottom of the screen and lodge in between the outer rim and the touch screen – thus forcing it to always feel the debris and defeat the touch capability. In that case you could dislodge the debris and everything will reset.
      But, if you’ve got an air bubble, then let your dealer’s Service Department know. This may still be covered under the warranty.

  55. I have a 2011 Ford Edge and I did a software and navigation update from CDS purchased through Ford direct just recently. Everything worked fine for a few weeks (or a month) and Monday I could no longer sync phone. In fact, if you press the phone button – nothing happens (goes nowhere). I get message to contact dealer. Please help.

    • Have you set up an account with You would be able to download the latest software and do a self-install — which is what you probably need to compliment your nav update. Otherwise, try a hard reboot process (explained elsewhere in the Blog, you can search for it).

  56. I have a pre-owned (Certified) 2011 Ford Explorer with 31k miles. The MyFord Touch screen has gone completely black, not showing anything. While searching for cause and solution, I came across this FordTechLane. I have gone through all the write-ups. I have set up account with Support.Ford.Com, checked my sync version and was instructed that I have the current version (Gen2-V2.4) updated December 2010 on my vehicle. This cannot be correct since I know there newer versions up to, if not beyond, Gen2-V3.6.2.

    I have tried to follow your recommendation as to removing of fuse #29 and/or the “hard reboot” process. I have done the hard boot procedure repeatedly without any luck. I don’t have a dealer to go to because this vehicle is in Nigeria. Nice, good looking vehicle, fun to drive with people stirring at it with envy and admiration. My fun, however, is dead or gone without the screen (no radio, phone, cd, navi, etc).

    Is there anybody with similar experience in Nigeria? Please Help!!!

    • Good to see you have registered with
      When an owner does a self-install, and they take the USB flash drive back to the computer where they downloaded the update, they can use the installation software to “report” the upgrade and it will modify your file to show the Ford website that your vehicle is up-to-date.
      I’m not sure if your vehicle is one of the few that can actually upgrade again to version 3.7.1
      If, with the hard reboot you are still coming back with no MyFord Touch screen, then there may be more problems. As Ford service department would need to run diagnostics to determine that plan for repair… I’m not sure if you’ve got a hardware issue with your main processor… the screen could be “dead,” or any of several other issues may be going on.
      Contact Ford Customer Service at 800-392-7653.

      • Thanks for your response. I have never had the Sync/screen problem while driving the Explorer in USA before shipping it to Nigeria and so was not aware or have reason for an upgrade. Now, what a time and place for this predicament.

        I have sent an email to Ford Customer Service but if you or anyone could come up with a solution, it would be highly appreciated. Is this something OBD II could dictate or reset?

  57. dear sir , thx for your help , im trying to upgrade my ford edge 2011 sync touch , register in support and download upgrade , go to my car , put the flash and starting the process , in the first screen when system restart , sync turn off and never return back up , i tried remove fuse several time , tried also hard reboot process you mention and in each time sound return back for 2 min and show ( Audio off ) again with black screen in each time . hope if you have a solution to this problem

    • In reviewing what you’ve said I think you have a 2011 MyFord Touch system with the earliest version of software… It may not work to try and update it to version 3.6.2 (since there were about three updates in between).
      I would recommend visiting a Ford service department… your year of vehicle has had the warranty on the Sync system extended for five years (unlimited miles)… you may even have some other issue that they could check by running a complete diagnostic.
      In any case, it sounds like you may have started the update process correctly but “stopped” the process in a critical place… this may have damaged your equipment. The download process takes almost 30 minutes and the vehicle has to be running the entire time… if you turn off the car, or stop the process you would have to “reflash” the APIM.
      Once again, see your Ford service department.

  58. I own a 2011 Ford Escape. The Sync works flawlessly until I open the hood to check fluids etc.. My wife loses the sync to her phone everytime I open the hood. The car is always off when I do this. Everytime I check the oil etc., I know my wife is going to report to me she had to re-sync her phone. I know this is a weird one, but I thought possibly others have experienced this and that there is a reason such an anomaly could be happening. Thank you.

    • You win the “weird” trophy for this!
      I’ve never heard of this happening. Ever.!
      However, I do know there is a electronic sensor that is triggered when your hood is opened or partially open.
      I would suspect there is an electrical ground issue afoot and this causes additional issues in your vehicle.
      Please check with your Ford Service department – I’m not sure if this is a warranty issue or not.
      But your Ford Service technicians could run a diagnostic to determine what, if anything, is causing this issue.

  59. FWIW – I had a non-touch 2014 C-Max with the dead-battery-then-media-clock-won’t-set issue. I had one paired device, my phone. I had given up after trying this and that, was going to bring the car in – but took a trip, decided to turn bluetooth off on my phone just for grins before we started. Once it had been off for an hour, the bluetooth indicator in the car next to the clock display turned off – and then the clock was settable.

    • Good feedback… have you got a Sync support account at
      If so, please check to see if there is a software update for your vehicle.

  60. Hola tengo una explorer 2012 y tengo el siguiente inconveniente.
    Mi consola sync no enciende. ¿A que se debera esto.?

    • Así que, ¿tiene usted un explorador 2012 con MyFord Touch?
      Al encender el vehículo encendido, es el negro centro de la pantalla de la consola? ¿Qué sucede si se pulsa el icono “voz” en el volante?
      Tenga su creado una cuenta ( es gratis ) al y registrado su vehículo?
      A 2.012 Explorer tiene una extensión de garantía para cubrir cuestiones MyFord Touch hasta el año 2017.
      Si usted está teniendo grandes problemas que podría debido a la necesidad de hacer una actualización de software (ha habido al menos tres ya que el vehículo era nuevo ) o puede haber un problema del equipo ( si es así, por favor, consulte a su departamento de servicio Ford).

      So, do you have a 2012 Explorer with MyFord Touch?
      When you turn the vehicle on, is the center console screen black? What happens if you press the “Voice” icon on your steering wheel?
      Have your created an account (it’s free) at and registered your vehicle?
      A 2012 Explorer has an extended warranty to cover MyFord Touch issues until 2017.
      If you are having major problems it could because of a need to do a software upgrade (there have been at least three since the vehicle was new) or there might be an equipment issue (if so, please see your Ford Service Department).

      • Hello, thank you for your soon answer.
        I am in Venezuela and I can not creat an account at the support.
        What shull I do.

  61. Recently bought a 2013 Ford Fusion Se certified with 16500 miles on it. Owned it for 3 weeks,during which I have actually driven it 4 days. The rest of the time its at the dealers with an issue witht the backup camera. Screen fades to black,then pops up saying not available contact the dealer. They at first said,oh you just have to shack the gear shift lever.. Really,duh? Next they said,oh you had it washed at the car wash( I didn’t) and that off set it.. Again,really? Now they said,oh the camera is “burned out” and they are putting a new one on it. They “hope” it helps..
    Yes,its been updated,yes,rebooted,yes new battery,fuse pulled,blah blah. Got it back tonight and it did it again,and NO shaking the shift lever didn’t help,can’t imagine that being a “fix”?.! Called them and they said,bring it back we will put a new cable on it to connect.. The garage has had it more than I have,and that’s depressing.. maybe the dealer should send the men to school and learn more on these issues.. I love the car,and fyi,NO PHONES connected(had not had it long enough),nothing attached or charged so please don’t imply that. Any more clever ideas?

    • Has your vehicle been in a rear end accident? If so, in the reassembly it might not have been put together correctly. You said it was certified, usually a CPO unit can’t have a major accident, so let’s just say, that there are a multiple list of things that could be wrong. Stick with your Ford team, you are under warranty (for certain items) so you should be handled with the camera change.

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