How do I pair a Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Ford Sync system?

The Samsung S3 is a popular smartphone this season and here are some tips on how to pair your phone with the Ford Sync system.

By Vincent Hennigan,
Ford Sync Specialist

One of the hottest phones this Christmas season is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and for many users, they will need a quick tip on how to “pair” a Samsung to a Ford Sync System.

First, go to your phone’s App menu.
Tap the Settings folder
If it isn’t already on, Tap the Bluetooth box to turn it on.
Start up your Ford vehicle, go to the Phone Menu.
On the basic Sync System, use the “Seek” arrows to go to the System Settings folder. Then go to Bluetooth Devices, press OK, then use the arrows to find Add a Device, then press OK.
Press the OK button to begin “pairing” and your Sync system will create a 6-digit PIN. If you can, use the Seek Arrows on the steering wheel to toggle the screen until it says “Special PIN.” Push OK and select/create a number such as 0000 or 1234.

On the MyFord Touch system, on the lower left of the Phone page is the “Settings” button. Select that, and on the next screen, push the bar that says “Bluetooth Devices.” On the next screen will be the list of your connected Bluetooth Devices. Tap the “Add Device” to add a new one. The system will say “Search for Sync on your device and enter the PIN provided.” Samsung phones prefer a 4-digit PIN, so you can use the touch screen to “create” the PIN of either “0000” or “1234.”
Go to your phone and select “Search for Bluetooth Devices.”
In a moment, it will either “find” and automatically connect to Sync, or, you may have another screen appear with a place to enter the PIN number. Enter the PIN number and hit “Pair” on your phone.

This confirms the pairing process.

In a moment Sync should come back with a few more questions. Such as “Make Primary Phone?” “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push the OK button on your Sync system to approve the questions. Use the Seek buttons to toggle the “Yes” to “No,” if you’d like.
When you push OK to begin “Download Phone Book” your phone will make a chime.
If a sub-menu appears, tap the box to “Always Connect” the Sync connection.
If no box appears, “pull down” the menu from the top of the phone screen. It is referred to as the PBAP screen. Once again, tap the box to “Always Connect” the Sync system.

For most Sync systems, push the voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” to access the music files on your Samsung. It may take up to 30 seconds for the system to start playing music on the phone. If it does not, go to your phone’s App menu and tap the icon for your music player. Or, tap the icon for an App such as Pandora. Your Pandora App will start streaming music through your dashboard.

Here is a Samsung and Sync video. (Special thanks to the folks at Phones4U – and you’ll like the English accent!)


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39 thoughts on “How do I pair a Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Ford Sync system?

  1. I tried to sync our Galaxy S3. Went through the process as shown, entered pin number on phone as request. Now I cannot start my car. Is it possible the computer system has been effected. I did not have the car running at the time on syncing, just the ignition turned on. Help…….

    • When you are in your vehicle, grab a hold of the steering wheel and turn it strongly to one side, then try and turn the key to start the car. If it doesn’t start, strongly turn the wheel in the opposite direction and try to start the vehicle. This sounds like a “wheel lock” on your ignition. Your pairing process does not affect the ignition of the car… if there are further problems, try Ford’s Roadside assistance at 1-800-241-7653.

    • What kind of phone? What year, model, trimline of vehicle? What type of Sync system? Is the phone book downloading but you haven’t allowed the phone to “connect automatically” to Sync? (See my reference on checking on the Phone Book Access file (PBAF) in this article… Please let me know more details so I can help.

  2. Hi, I have a 2009 flex, had a droid x nd text messages came through fine. Not the case with galaxy s3, it says unsupported. I have updated my sync to 1.3. Any ideas what I can do to get this to work?

    • Okay, as I said before, Ford Sync uses the MAP protocol to be able to read/speak text messages. Apple iPhones don’t (and won’t) upgrade to allow this. Some HTC Droids, old Motorola flip phones, the new Motorola Razr, the Blackberrys and some Samsungs — but for now, not the Galaxy 3s. Samsung will have to come up with a software/firmware update to get on board with the voice-to-text capability of Ford Sync. I have read that they are working on a solution, but I don’t have a time frame.

    • I said that incorrectly, the Samsung has the MAP 1.0, yes, but in some cases (I don’t know everything about writing code) the phone cannot relay the text-to-voice instructions to the Sync system. When you are on your Phone Menu, and you select Messaging, does the Sync system report “your device does not support messaging” or does your system respond when you push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say “Read Messages?”

  3. I have a problem with navigation on the S3 and Ford Sync.
    When I am paired with the phone my driving instructions will not work. If the phone is not paired the instructions come over the phone if the phone is not active the instructions come over the speakers of the vehicle.
    If the phone is connected it seems the phone is sending the audio to sync but it will not go over the speakers as the phone is set for phone audio. I have tried all the settings and nothing works. I have tried goggle maps and navigator and the exact thing happens.
    When I first start nav the first instruction is broadcast then it stops.
    Sync – 2010 F150
    Galaxy S3
    Goggle Maps or Navigation GPS.
    Any ideas?

    • Reno, I’ve done a little research on this… but I know there’s a lot more out there on the Galaxy S3’s issues with transferring voice commands from Google Maps or a third-party App. Apparently Samsung wrote their operating code in a way that could cause conflicts such as the one you are experiencing. Here is a link to a similar issue being discussed on a Google Product Forum…!topic/voice/y7YAylUs_LE
      I would suggest searching some of the Galaxy Forums to see if any other users know how to adapt the settings to allow your phone to connect better with your Sync system.

  4. Well I had some sucess.
    I have the GPS audio coming over the phone now while connected to bluetooth for the phone.
    If a connect the phone using bluetooth audio (media option) I can get the audio over the vehicle speakers but that means no media, usb, radio, sat but I can use the phone media.
    Here is something interesting. When I connect the phone to bluetooth media it auto launches the media player on my phone and I have sht it off.
    Somewhere along the way I turned on the phone audio and now it won’t shut up but I haven’t really looked into turning it off yet. Someone annoying when it publicly tells me who is calling or it starts to read text messages.
    Talk about being married to your phone, haha just kidding!

  5. Interesting
    text to voice is not supported in my version of sync.
    When I have sync on bluetooth audio and phone media checked on my phone text messages are read over the vehicle speakers.
    If I turn phone media player off but leave phone connected to vehicle using bluetooth audio then texts are not read. If I disconnect phone from bluetooth audio then text are read to me over the phone. Definitely a conflict with in the phone.

  6. I had my 2012 Edge since july of 2012 and had my Samsung Galaxy S3 since that time. My bluetooth worked just fine up untill an update that Verizon pushed on 5-29-13 and since that time, my phone pairs with SYNC but my bluetooth audio will no longer connect? I cannot find an answer on how to fix this? Is there an ap is there anyone else who is having the same issue? I used to use this feature so much that without it I am lost. I need help please!

    • You didn’t mention, but have you done a “re-pair?” Go to your vehicle, start it up, and go to the Phone Menu and Delete your Phone.
      Go to your Phone Settings and “un-pair” your Sync system from your Phone.
      Complete power down your phone for at least a few minutes, and then restart it.
      Go to the Phone Settings and check to see if your Sync system is still there… if it is, then try to unpair it again. Power down again. Sometimes Galaxies have to go through several attempts to delete Sync from the phone.
      When it is cleared, then go to vehicle (make sure it is running) and go to the Phone Menu and Add Bluetooth Device. Follow the prompts and pay attention when the Download Phonebook questions appears. Push OK on the Sync system, then watch your phone. It will make a chirp and the phone will show a PhoneBook Access alert. Be sure to check the box so that the phone doesn’t “Always Ask” to connect to Bluetooth devices. Then tell the phone to download the phonebook.
      Your phone’s Bluetooth signal was lost or corrupted and it needs to be reset.
      Bluetooth signals can get weak and signals can get lost, thus making a broken connection…

  7. Hi, I have a 2013 Fusion w/ Sync & Touch and a Samsung S3. I can get it paired no problem but when I run Pandora I only get the blue tooth symbol on screen, not the artist info and image. Also, says text is not supported. Any advise on how to get these to work, assuming the S3 is compatible with these functions?

    • Sync does not display the screen image for Pandora on screen, but it will show on the device (your phone). Not every Samsung 3 will display/handle text messages. And, have you tried to use AppLink on your Fusion to get more voice command usage of Pandora? See for more details

  8. I have a 2013 Ford Escape SE and had no problem pairing my iPhone 4 when I got the car. I recently lost my iPhone, and replaced it with a Galaxy S3. The car doesn’t recognize the phone, and vice versa. When I follow the instructions to pair, the car display says “no phone found” and when I look at my phone, Sync doesn’t show up. Help!

    • I’m not sure if you have the MyFord or the MyFord Touch system… but with MyFord, push the Phone icon on the steering wheel or the center console. In a moment, then the display says Phone Redial, use the up and down arrows to move through the Phone Menu to select System Settings. Push OK, then use the arrows to move to BT Devices. Push OK. Use the arrows to select Delete Device. Push OK. Use the arrows to find your phone, push OK to Delete phone. Use the arrows to select Return, then push OK (this takes you back a level on the menu… you can get back to the part of the Menu to Add Device, then Push OK, but for now…
      Go to your Galaxy’s Settings Folder to Select Bluetooth, if Sync is there, select it and choose the option to Delete it. But from the description, it sounds like you haven’t actually paired this device yet. Then, completely power down the Samsung. And then power it back up. If it is “clean” (i.e., no Sync on the Device menu) then go back to the vehicle’s Phone Menu and Push OK to begin pairing. The SYnc system will show the PIN number. When your phone discovers Sync, push the Sync tab on your phone and enter the PIN number. Answer the following questions with OK and get the phonebook downloaded (this may take a minute or two). Also, your phone will Ping when the download process starts, be sure to check the box to Always Allow the Bluetooth connection and push OK on the phone to allow the download. Then everything will be working better.
      On the MyFord Touch system, first go to the website and download the new MyFord Touch v3.6 upgrade onto a clean USB jump drive 2.0GB or larger. Then take the USB to your vehicle, run it on and plug in the USB. The system will prompt you to push OK to begin the download and it should take about 25 minutes to download the upgrade. During the wait time, go ahead and remove Sync from your phone. Power down the phone and reboot it. When the MyFord Touch upgrade is done, then you will have to pair the phone and everything will work great!
      More questions? See

  9. Hi. I have a problem with 2 Galaxy iii’s and my 2012 Ford Flex. This problem only started happening in the last 3 months. When I pair my phones
    and use the voice system to make a call, the first call goes through fine, the second call does not go through because of a “Bluetooth disconnect” on the Ford system. Because this happens on 2 separate phones I don’t think it is the phones.

    Would you have any ideas. Thankyou.

    • Please re”pair” your phones. Delete the Sync system from your phone(s). Delete your phones from the vehicle. But this time, when you pair. Be sure to power down your phones completely. WHen you pair the phone, be very careful, after you push OK to download phonebook, that you click “always accept” the connection of your phone to Sync. Turn off any feature on your phone that is asking to “Remain visible.” It sounds like your phones are disconnecting from Sync.
      Check out the website, they have a video for pairing the Galaxy or see this one:

  10. Hi again. Well I tried what you posted, watched the youtube video and still the same problem. So I decided to chat with Samsung and here is their response.

    1) Un sync the phones. Remove the batteries from the phones, reinstall batteries, sync the phones.

    2) If the above fails go to a “factory reset” on the phones.

    Have proceeded with number 1. One phone worked correctly right away and the other phone took 3 attempts of removing the battery and resyncing.

    LOL! At least it has worked for the first try…made 3 consecutive calls using Flex voice system from each phone without a disconnect.

    Hmmmm….what will tomorrow bring…I’ll keep you posted if I have to go to solution #2.

  11. One other note to the Samsung response…BACKUP your phone first. In fact I think when you are having problems like this you should always back up your phone…just in case.

  12. I have a 2010 focus se and a samsung galaxy 3. I have gone through the process of pairing, but when it tries to download the phone book, it says device is unsupportable. I had no problem pairing/setting up my ipad. Is there anything I can do to get my phone book downloaded? Thanks!

    • I’ve seen a LOT of problems with the Galaxy 3 lately…
      Be sure to review your phonebook. Please, separate the First Name to the First Name Line and Last Name to the Last Name line. Do not use extraneous typographical elements (and NO emojis)!!! Don’t spell names in all capital letters… Put the phone number into the box for Home, Work or Cell… Avoid use of AAA, ICE prefixes with names…
      Be sure you have deleted Sync from your phone.
      Delete your Samsung from your Phone Menu, System Settings, Bluetooth Devices folder…
      With your vehicle off, open the hood, loosen the black battery cable clamp (negative pole) and remove it from the battery for about five minutes.
      During the wait time, completely power down your Samsung. And restart it… verify that the Sync connection has been deleted… if not, delete it again and power down again.
      When the phone is back “up” you can reconnect the battery cable clamp, retighten the bolt.Close the hood. Start the vehicle and after a few minutes, reset the time (if needed) and go to the Phone Menu to Add Bluetooth Devices, and begin the pairing process to re-establish your Samsung.
      Enter the PIN as provided (or, if you feel luck, select special PIN)… in any case, be sure to answer the following questions with OK… it should ask the questions Download Phonebook. Push OK and your phone screen will show the PBAF screen, check “Always Connect” and “Pair” on your phone and after a few minutes the phone book should be downloaded.
      Everything should work better…

  13. samsung galaxy 3 phone recieved new soft ware up date. Since new update my phone will not stayed paired to my 2009 Ford Focus. Every time I turn the car back on I need to sync it up again. Is there something else I need to do?

    • Do a “clean pairing.”
      Delete Sync from your phone.
      Completely power down your phone and bring it back up.
      Delete your phone from the phone menu (BT Devices).
      Turn off your vehicle. Be sure to completely power it down (open and close the door), then restart.
      Pair the phone.
      But this time… please note, when it displays the 6-digit PIN, use the Tuning knob on the console, turn it until you see the words “Special PIN.” Push the OK (center of the Tuning knob). There should now be a four-digit PIN.
      Go to your phone, Bluetooth on, Search for Devices, select SYNC, enter the four-digit PIN.
      A secondary screen may appear, saying something about a MAP access, select the “Always Connect” box. and then OK.
      When the Sync system asks to download phone book, push OK (twice), then your phone will show another secondary screen, saying something about PBAF access, be sure to check “Always Connect” and then OK. Your phone book should download in about three to four minutes (don’t program anything else until you see the Sync screen come back with “Phone book Downloaded.”)
      Everything should be working fine at this point….

  14. Every time I get in my car I have to go to menu and select Bluetooth… Why doesn’t my phone just automatically sync with ford…. I have paired my phone already, but I have to select media-sync media-source-Bluetooth in order for it to work? Any way around this?…

    • Your phone has some built-in security protocols that come into play. Your phone is “Bluetooth Active” and so it only wants to share information with “known” sources. When you turn your vehicle on, it pings the phone to ask about connecting to the Bluetooth as an Audio Source. Your phone is halting the process and wants you to manually allow the connection with either a Voice command (i.e., “Bluetooth Audio,” “Play”) or using the console buttons to select it from the Media Source Menu. I believe this issue is based on your phone and not on the Sync system , so I don’t think there is an override.

  15. My Samsung S3 updated a couple days ago, but now it will not automatically connect with Sync when I crank my car. My phone says that it is paired but I have to manually make it connect now. Any advice?

    • Let’s do a clean pairing…
      See this video for tips.
      When your Sync system connects to your Samsung, it will bring up a secondary screen asking for text and/or phone book access, Be sure to click on the “Always Connect” box and hit Pair.
      This should everything back together. Remember to completely power down your phone at least once a week and bring it back up to power before getting into your vehicle… this refreshes your phone connection.

  16. I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and trying to sync it to my focus 2010. When I click the phone button it just says no phone. I try to scroll with both the volume and tune knob and nothing happens. Please help.

    • I haven’t seen your vehicle so let me ask some questions…
      On the center console, near the radio, is there a button with a phone icon?
      And, on your steering wheel, on the right hand side, is there four toggle (two-sided) buttons, with volume control, seek buttons, a voice (or mouth) icon and media, and one with a phone icon?
      If you have the first set up (phone icon on center console and no steering whee controls), then I don’t think you have the Sync system. The phone icon was for muting the radio volume so you could talk more easily on your phone handset.
      If you have the steering wheel buttons with the Voice and Phone icons, then you have the Ford basic Sync system.
      See this video link on pairing the using the phone…

      If you cannot pair the phone, then I would recommend a “hard reboot.” Go to my blog’s main paige and type hard reboot into the search line, you’ll see some directions…

  17. I have a S3 and I get it to sync to my Ford Focus. It recognizes that my phone is connected and the calls go through the car speakers. When I try and play my audio through the bluetooth stereo, it plays through my phone speakers. Is this my phone or my car?

    • I’m not sure if you’ve done this… but have you set your Media Source to Bluetooth Audio?
      You have to begin the Bluetooth process from your Sync system.
      Press the Voice button and say “Bluetooth Audio” when prompted…
      Go to your phone and tap the icon to play your phone’s stored music, or a streaming music app, and then go back to the Voice button, when prompted, say “Bluetooth Audio.” When the Sync system responds with “Bluetooth Audio, state your command.” Then say, “Play” and adjust your volume accordingly….
      I don’t know if you have the basic Sync system, or the more advanced system, so I don’t know what else to tell you… for more reference, see (go ahead and register if you haven’t already). This is a good source for info directly from Ford.

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