VHR Sync App allows vehicle Self-Diagnosis

Vehicle Health Report

Car not running right? Ford’s VHR gets up-to-minute info e-mailed to you.

Since 2010, new Ford owners have had a really cool app, built right in their dashboard, which allows them to perform self-diagnostics on their vehicle it’s like having a doctor in the dashboard.

This no-charge program is called Vehicle Health Report and its true, the doctor really does make “house calls.”Since 2009 Ford has been adding into its Sync hands-free telematics system a couple of programs that don’t get much recognition. The 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report programs require a 2010 or newer Ford with the correct “hardware” and the Sync system.

The one app will automatically dial 911 on a paired phone through the Sync system if your car is in an accident and the airbags deploy.With your phone on and paired to the system, the Sync system calls the nearest 911 operator and relays latitude, longitude and elevation coordinates (thus giving the EMTs a GPS clue as to where you are) and allows you to speak to the 911 operator. With the introduction of the 2015 models, some Fords will also relay to the 911 operator the type of vehicle you are in and how fast you were going at impact.

The Vehicle Health Report app requires a little groundwork before you get the most benefit. When a customer opens a complimentary Sync My Ride account at www.syncmyride.com. A smiliar (and linked) website for internet support is support.ford.com they can specify their preferred dealer, what type of driving conditions they typically experience and more. After users register at syncmyride.com and activate VHR, they can conveniently generate reports using simple voice commands in the vehicle for display on syncmyride.com.

When the user initiates VHR, SYNC collects the vehicle’s mileage and diagnostic data from the major electronic systems and transfers the data to Ford using the customer’s Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone or you can have it sent to your preferred e-mail account.

A comprehensive report is generated from vehicle data and includes system information and recommended actions for any displayed vehicle warning indicators, open recalls, Ford scheduled maintenance, and unserviced maintenance and wear items from previous dealer visits.

Users can select to receive a text message or e-mail when their report is ready on syncmyride.com. They can print the report, e-mail it to others or, in one click, be at their preferred dealer’s Web site with their health report information waiting to schedule service online. Depending on the user’s preference settings, SYNC can also deliver a text message alert to the user’s cell phone if a severe issue exists with one of the SYNC-monitored systems.

The VHR system translates complicated codes and descriptions into easy-to-understand language for users and provides recommended actions specific to vehicle’s operating condition and service history.

It also gives users background information on what specific warning indicators mean and details beyond a light. This helps them learn more about their car and provides additional security and peace of mind with their ownership experience.

Even if the SYNC-monitored vehicle systems are “all green,” VHR provides valuable information about systems operation, maintenance and more.

Users also have the option to set up SYNC to automatically remind them to run a VHR when it’s time to perform scheduled maintenance. You can also set the oil change reminder depending on the mileage range you choose, right in the vehicle!

Through a single button click and a voice command, users can also reproduce their VHR in about a minute. Whatever the vehicle was experiencing at the time will be reported in the file. So now, if you pull into the service department and tell the advisor that you were having trouble, you will have a written report that states those things they need to follow up on. Usually, the advisor will ask “what kind of trouble?” and then it’s your turn to do an improvised description. Ford seems to be the only manufacturer out there with a program such as  Vehicle Health Report. More than a phone app, this program works where and when you need it. The profile information is easily transferred to Ford’s online appointment system to schedule service directly with the preferred dealership.

When I did a report I also got 14 coupons on brakes, tires, oil changes and more. And, I also found out that I had a credit from my Owners Advantage Rewards program. How cool is that?

This is a customer rewards program that most Ford dealers participate in. It gives a credit back for parts and service bought at the dealer. Seems that taking good care of your vehicle is a whole lot easier, thanks to Ford. Once again, with the introduction of some 2015 Ford and Lincoln models, the availability and usage of these two apps may change. However, you would still need the Sync system to use, have a internet account linked to an e-mail, a paired phone, and the App active for these two apps to work.

For those with Sync in their vehicles, see your account at www.syncmyride.com or at support.ford.com or owner.ford.com

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4 thoughts on “VHR Sync App allows vehicle Self-Diagnosis

    • If you haven’t already, please register on http://www.syncmyride.com. Be sure to check in the Vehicle Health Report section to select your preferred dealer, the type of notification preferred (email or text) and your usage. You can also select the oil change notice interval (i.e., 5,000 miles, 7,500, etc.). The SyncMyRide website has got some reference videos that show how to get the most out of system. Good luck and happy driving!

  1. Hi,

    I own Ford mustang-2013 V6 Premium model and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I synced my phone with sync ride and also registered on the website. When i try to generate the health report it says “The health report can’t be submitted”

    Could you please help me with what is the issue


    • Go back to support.ford.com and go deeper into the Health Report area, it seems like you have to tell it your preferred Ford dealership as well. Be sure that under your settings that you’ve got the phone number selected (you can have several phone numbers associated with your Sync account online). Also be sure that your e-mail information is correct…

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