Has Your Phone Lost its Bluetooth Connection to Ford Sync?

Here are some tips for pairing your phone and keeping your phone connection with the Ford Sync system.

Here are some tips for pairing your phone and keeping your phone connection with the Ford Sync system.

Has your phone lost is connection to your Ford Sync system? There are many factors that could be affecting the Bluetooth connection, and here are some tips to help you stay connected.

Most times, the Bluetooth connection loss may be because your phone has had signal interference. When you can, turn off the vehicle. Let your vehicle “power down completely” by opening the door. Wait about 30 seconds (or until the cluster gauges turn completely off)  and then close the door. Then turn your vehicle back on. In most cases, the Bluetooth connection will be re-established. If it doesn’t then read on…

If you push the Voice button on the steering wheel, say “Phone.” The system will usually reply “Sync, state your command.” If it states, “No Bluetooth device found, I will try to connect one.” If it can reconnect, it will and then you just begin the process again, but pushing the Voice button and saying “phone.” In many cases, the user had Bluetooth turned off on their phone before they got in the car. When the car was started the Sync system tried to “find” the phone, but it could not, because the phone’s Bluetooth connection was set to off. If you have tried all of this and you still do not have a connection, then read on…

Go to the Phone Menu on your Ford vehicle, go to Bluetooth Devices, select Connect Bluetooth Device, and then scroll through the devices that are available. Find your phone (by name or by model number), then push the OK button. The system will try to connect to the device. If you are unsure on how to get to your Phone Menu, then consult your Owner’s Manual or call your salesperson or dealership.

When you have a connected Bluetooth device, you will often see the Bluetooth symbol appear on your console display (if you have the basic Sync system) or on a touchscreen Nav system it will appear on your list of devices. On a MyFord Touch (MFT) system, the name of your device will appear in the upper left corner. Also, be sure you have the latest version of firmware for your phone. Completely power down your phone and then reboot it before you get in and start your vehicle.

If you have an iPhone, then see this video on pairing your iPhone.

Here are tips on pairing the iPhone:

Before pairing your iPhone with SYNC, turn Bluetooth On.

During pairing, you’ll be prompted to download your phonebook. To improve SYNC voice recognition, limit the number of contacts that download from your phonebook when pairing.

To use Favorite contacts:

Go to Bluetooth > SYNC settings

Set Favorites to On and under Other check None

Note that if you do this, only contacts marked Favorite will be available to SYNC.

If you have an Android-based phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola RAZR, HTC Evo, etc.), then refer to this video on pairing the Android.

You may want to delete Sync from your connected Bluetooth devices and delete your phone from the Sync system and then re-Pair your phone. Here are some tips:

Before pairing your AndroidTM phone with SYNC:

Go to your phone Settings and turn Bluetooth On 

Under Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable and Scan for Devices

Go to your vehicle, go to Add Bluetooth Device, begin the pairing process.

Your Sync system will produce a PIN number and ask you to enter the PIN into your phone.

Once your Sync system recognizes your phone it will begin to ask questions such as “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push OK or Yes.

The Sync system will ask if you want to Download Phone Book, then push OK

During pairing, your Android phone may notify you that SYNC wants to access your messages and phonebook. Choose Always Allow.

Still having problems, then call Ford’s In-Vehicle Technology Team Hotline at 1-800-392-3673; pick 1 for English; 2 for Spanish. Then pick 3 for the In-Vehicle Technology Team and then 1 for SYNC/MFT/MLT support). They provide live technical assistance with SYNC/MFT/MLT issues.

Or visit this web page: support.ford.com  This is the customer hub for all things SYNC/MFT/MyLincoln Touch.

Or, you can visit you’re your SyncMyRide website. If you haven’t registered yourself and your Sync system, then go to www.syncmyride.com. Once registered, then visit the SYNC My Ride Community Forum (located right hand side of the page under Owner to Owner. The link is: https://secure.syncmyride.com/Own/Modules/SupportContent/SupportHome.aspx

If you want to check to see if your phone is compatible with the Sync system, then go to the Phone Matrix at www.ford.com/technology/sync

Once at the link, select “Phone Compatibility Chart” and a .pdf document will appear listing all tested phones, mp3 devices and other features. This document includes features information on phone compatibility. Should not be considered comprehensive

When in doubt, check your Owner’s Manuals that came with the vehicle – especially the one referring to the Sync system or the MyFord/Lincoln Touch system.


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46 thoughts on “Has Your Phone Lost its Bluetooth Connection to Ford Sync?

  1. I have tried several times to get MFT to receive Text Messages from my Samsung Galaxy S3 and have tried all the solutions I could find on the web. However I am still unable to get them. I have a 2013 Ford Edge (sync 3.6.2). Galaxy is up to date.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Have you gone to your phone settings to ensure that Text Notifications is active?
      How do you check for messages? With voice commands? Or, are you awaiting an alert and an icon to appear on the MFT touch screen?
      I’m assuming that you do have a MyFord Touch system… I don’t think the Text Notifications work effectively on the MyFord system.
      I have heard, from multiple Galaxy S3 users that Samsung’s text notification doesn’t always work with the Sync system.
      I will scout the Samsung User’s Sites to see if I can find any additional ideas…

  2. I have lost the bluetooth in my 2012 ford raptor
    I have tried everything.
    i have selected bluetooth on and it will not turn on.

    • I’m not sure what could have caused this. I guess you have checked your phone to see that Bluetooth is turned on.
      On your truck, I’m sure you’ve gone to the Bluetooth Settings to verify that your phone is still selected as the primary phone and is connected. Right?
      If you have been around some broad band Bluetooth interference, you could have gotten everything scrambled on your truck.
      Please see my weblog on “reboot Workshop” to try a reboot, this should fix everything.
      And, be sure to completely power down your phone and let it start back up before going to your truck and starting it up and doing the reboot procedure…

  3. My wife’s 2011 Ford F-150 Super Cab keeps dropping the Bluetooth connection. (iPhone 5s (This also happened with an Android phone))
    This happens at least once, sometimes several times per day.
    She doesn’t have the fancy navigation system, just the simple Sync system. (I’m not sure what it’s called).
    We created an account at support.ford.com and it says she has a “Gen1-V3.2.2” system / software version.
    Is this the most current version of software?
    We have also tried running a “Vehicle Health Report”, that seems to start normally and run for a while, but then always seems to fail or never complete properly.
    The dropping of the BT connection is very frustrating, she seems to be able to get it going by pulling over on the side of the highway and shutting her truck off / opening the door trick.
    I’m sure I have not provided enough info. Ask any questions and I will reply back with answers.
    She would just like Sync to function properly, any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Okay, you have a few things going on here, and Sync may not be the cause of the issue.
      First, on your Phone’s Settings, Bluetooth, I’m sure you’ve got it set to ON, but look further, there usually is a place to set the phone to set the phone to “Remain Visible” to other devices. If this is turned off, or, if it has a short duration (some “go invisible” after three minutes)… then your phone may not have an active connection to Sync after several minutes of being in the vehicle…
      What other Bluetooth devices are paired to your phone? If you have a hands-free headset paired “ahead” (first in line) with phone, then your phone is defaulting to give priority connection to that device. If so, delete the headset. Power down the phone. Power it back up and then pair your phone to the headset… when you go to the phone Bluetooth settings you should see the Sync tab, ahead of the headset…
      Now, be sure to go the System Settings on your Sync system of your vehicle (with the vehicle running). Use the tuning knob (or the Up/Down arrows) to scroll through the menu to Bluetooth Devices, then to Delete Device. Push OK. When you see a phone model number or phone name with an asterisk next to it, this is your paired phone. Scroll and look for phones which are no longer used by you. When you find one (like your old Android phone), push OK to select and push OK again to delete it.
      Ok, now, when you are driving and let;’s say you push the Voice button on the steering wheel, if your system states “No phone found, I will try to connect one.” Double check your phone to make sure you haven’t turned off Bluetooth. Turn it back on if you have. Wait a minute or so, push the Voice button again, if the Sync system has found your phone, then it will state “Sync, state your command.” Then you can say “Phone” and it will reply “Phone, state your command.” Now give it directions on the call you want to make…
      As for the support.ford.com website… go to the Settings on that site and be sure that under primary phone you have the correct phone number (add it if you don’t).
      The 2011 Fords came with a three-year complimentary subscription to Services… this may have lapsed. You can follow instructions at the online site to update the subscription (if you choose, there may be a fee). Be sure to check your Vehicle Health Report status to make sure it is active…
      As for the most current version of software, the site will alert you if (and when) you can upgrade. You may already have the latest version available.
      If you have consistent problems, be sure to bring this up with your Ford Service Department at your next visit. They may have other suggestions.

  4. Vincent, thanks for the quick reply.
    I can answer some of your questions/suggestions…
    1/ I will have to check into the “remain visible” setting, although, I don’t think there is anything like that on an iPhone. (I will have to look tonight).
    2/ No other BT devices are used or paired to the phone.
    3/ At some point (a while back) we did a “Master Reset” and got rid of the Android and another phone in the system. This iPhone should be the only one listed (I will verify that tonight).
    4/ The correct phone number is listed on the Ford website site.
    5/ As a side note, my wife bought the truck used and is not the original owner, not that it has anything to do with the problems, but I think the Service subscription time frame has passed, and maybe that could be the reason the Health report doesn’t work.
    7/ Other observations: (a lot escapes me anymore) when she seems to start having issues with her iPhone, it also sometimes has issues playing (or seeing) a USB flash drive plugged in that has only music on it. “No device found” type messages. (Not sure of the exact verbage).
    8/ I will also look at you other suggestions when I am in front of the beast tonight 😉
    If I learn anything else, I will post back here.
    Thanks for you insight…

  5. My 2012 Focus has similar issue – in the morning when I start out it no longer automatically connects to Sync; I have to manually tell Sync to connect. Its good all day long after that, but the next morning it happens again.

    Any suggestions?

    • What kind of phone do you have?
      If it is an Android-based phone, did you pair the phone and answer the questions “Always Connect” right after you entered the PIN number? If not, then delete your phone from Sync and Sync from your phone. Power your vehicle off, and your phone off, then restart your vehicle and pair up again – this time making sure that you select and check “Always Connect” when prompted by your phone.
      If it is an iPhone, check your Settings.
      If you have more than one phone paired to the vehicle, then is your phone the Primary? Do you have “ghost” phones still paired? Then delete those… these are phones that have been paired but are no longer connected or used. NOTE: Let’s say you have an iPhone 4S, then upgraded to an iPhone 6 (same phone number), then the old 4S connection needs to be deleted…

  6. I always have my bluetooth set to ON on my IPHONE 6. However, every time i get out of my car either with or without my phone – when i get back in it, the music doesn’t resume playing. i have to go mess with things to get it to go. This is so frustrating!

  7. Same problem here. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and it is the only bluetooth device I have paired with my 2014 Fusion. Sometimes it automatically connects and other times it says “please connect phone”. It doesn’t let me just connect again even though it lists my iPhone in the list of devices on my sync screen. I have to go into my bluetooth settings on my phone, open the sync connection and tell it to “forget this device” and then pair it all over again. It then pairs, but usually after that, when playing music it doesn’t recognize any song titles or artist names until I shut the car off, open and close the door and start the car up again, then it works again… until the next day or two when it does it all over again.

    • Once again, be sure to clear all phone(s) and device(s) from the Sync system
      Clear all Sync connections from your phone.
      Update to the latest Apple OS (should be v8.1.3)
      Then pair the phone.
      Car must be running when you do this.
      When you Push the voice button.
      Say Bluetooth Audio.
      If the system hasn’t made the connection it will reply “No Bluetooth Device found, I will try to connect to one.”
      Give the system a minute or so, then try to use the Voice Command to access “Bluetooth Audio” once again.
      Now, it should connect… check to see that you have got your music app open and the play button tapped.
      Bluetooth as a form of bandwidth does not have enough “room” to transmit song and artist titles to the Sync system.
      If you have music in iTunes, then back it up to a clean USB flash drive.
      Plug that into one of our on-board USB ports, and use a voice command “USB” and “Play All” to get started.
      You will be able to see song and artist titles on your screen with USB.

  8. 2013 Focus Titanium sync does not recognize Bluetooth signals from my windows phone, my wife’s iphone and my sons android. All Bluetooth settings are on and we have deleted all pairings and tried to reset. The sync does not see a Bluetooth device. Help please. Thanks

  9. I have a 2010 F350 and just updated to the 4.4 Sync update. In the 3.1 update if I turned the vehicle off while playing Bluetooth audio it would resume when I started the vehicle again. Now after the update when I turn the vehicle off while listening to Bluetooth audio, when I start the vehicle again instead of it saying user device -Bluetooth it starts with User device-Line in. meaning that I have to again go to media and then tell it to switch to Bluetooth.
    How can I correct this?

    • Do you use your phone with other Bluetooth devices (such as speakers)? Since your phone was last using Bluetooth with another device, it may not automatically kick into BT mode when you restart your truck.
      I would make sure your Media Source is set to BT when you turn your truck off.
      By the way, did you set up an account with support.ford.com? I’m curious if you were prompted by that site to download and update to V4.4…

      • I did ensure that my stereo was set to BT before I turned it off, but it always defaults to Line In when I start the vehicle. My phone does have another device (a RIVA) but in the old version I had of the software it still always when to BT when started.
        I noticed the update when I logged into myford and it mentioned I had an update.

  10. I have a 2014 Focus with Sync MyFord, NO MFT. My phone is an LG Cosmos. About every 3 weeks, my phone will drop the connection to my car, or my car drops the connection to my phone. My phone still shows it’s paired to my car and the car will show my phone as well, but the 2 won’t connect. I have gotten a replacement phone that does the same thing. This is VERY annoying and I’m about ready to take the car back to the Ford dealership and going to another dealership to get a car that’s NOT a Ford!

    • I don’t think the issue is with your vehicle…
      LG phones (in my experience) have connection issues. You see, the Bluetooth signal can get corrupted by external forces sometimes – thus causing the phone to lose it’s connection. Sometimes carriers (such as Sprint or US Cellular) will have differing cell phone tower reception and output, thus causing Bluetooth signal loss.
      Heck, in my area the power company started switching homes to “electronic” meters using Bluetooth. People in those neighborhoods started losing Bluetooth connection to their vehicles quite often.
      The best thing would be to clean Sync off of your phone, and your phone off of Sync, and re”pair” the Sync system. Then, completely turn off your phone about every three or four days (maybe at night). Power up before you r get back in your car… this refreshes the signal to your phone from your carrier and reduces conflicting signal issues.
      And, by the way, LG Cosmos phones sold by Wal-Mart are different animals compared to other smart phones. They literally do not have the same functionality as other phones – I think this is one way to get a cheaper monthly operating cost. These pre-paid minute or TracPhones do not have the highest compatibility with the Sync system (and with other types of hands-free vehicle communication systems.

  11. I have a new 2015 Ford Fusion. Only a couple of months old. Sync has not worked properly from the beginning. I even bought a new phone to make sure it was not the phone problem. It looses sync. It tells me there is not phone. When it tries to connect it can’t, just goes around and around trying to connect. I get a litany of “You can connect USB, etc, etc” Your telling me I have to stop in traffic, shut down the car, open the door, etc, etc. to get it connected again. Sync s JUNK. Ford should be sued.

    • I’m sorry you’re having issues. Have you contacted your Ford dealership about any of these things?
      Since I don’t know the type of phone you have, the carrier you are using, and the environment you drive in… it would be difficult for me to guess what is going on.
      Please contact a dealer or call Ford Customer Service 1-800-392-3673.

  12. My iPhone will drop connection, I have to frequently erase device on both 2013 Explorer and my phone. It will then connect after several attempts,usually 3-4 times. Now my ford and phone say its connected but when i hit the voice command and say blue tooth audio. It tells me no phone found. I have to do a master rest on both almost every week to week and a half. dose anyone have any suggestions because now it won’t do anything?
    One other thing too, when it is connected and playing it will play maybe 5 sec of the song and switch on its own to another song. This will happen until i soft reset my iPhone (thats the only thing that i have found to work) pain in the butt…

    • Have you registered at support.ford.com to see if you have the most recent Sync software upgrade?
      Also, check to see if you have iOS 9.3.1 on your phone.
      I would unpair you phone form the vehicle and your vehicle from the phone.
      I would suggest a “hard reboot” (see elsewhere in this blog for details.
      Completely power down your iPhone.
      Restart your vehicle.
      Restart your phone.
      Be sure all previous Sync pairings have been completely deleted from your phone.
      Now, do a clean pairing.
      Things should work well.

  13. Hello!

    I am having the same problem (and a few others as well ) as Melisa above.
    Vehicle: 2011 Ford Escape
    Sync: Gen1 V-3.2 (no touch screen, just basic display, only 1 phone used with it)
    Smartphone: Galaxy S4, fully updated, works perfectly

    1. Every week to week and a half I need to pull the #3 fuse for the Sync module, delete Sync from the list of bluetooth devices on my phone, repair Sync to my phone, and set up all the options (phonebook, text, autodownload phonebook) in Sync again.

    2. No matter how I set up my Galaxy S4 with USB on the Sync system, Sync will not see or play music from the USB connection. It says no files were found. Is there some way I can browse the files on the SD card in the phone? I have them in a folder called “Music” on the S4’s external SD card… Sync will play from a regular USB flash drive when all files are put at the root of the USB flash drive…

    3. I know that there is update 4.4 for Sync (I’ve been lucky to even get that as it seems the site is down half the time), but even after doing a Master Reset, #3 fuse pull, OR #3 fuse pull and Master Reset without adding *any* devices to Sync, Sync *will not* install the update from any of 4 USB 2 flash drives I have which are formatted (newly) FAT32 or FAT. The error I receive when running “Install application?” is “No files found…”

    Any ideas how I can deal with these issues?



    • Sorry about your frustration, I’ve usually never had issues with a USB 2 flash drive… I know that sometimes drivers will download the files and then “extract the files.” The system will do that by itself… and it may not recognize extracted files.
      No, the Sync system will not go shopping for files stored on the SD card… if you started up Bluetooth, then tapped the app on your phone to start playing the music, then it should play through your system… however, the Sync system may not be able to let you use vocal commands to “Play Artis, The Rolling Stones.”
      And yes, the Sync system finds files at the root… it’s not going to intuitively find music on phones, SD cards, or USB drives unless they are accessible to the system’s requirements.

  14. My 2014 Ford Edge’s Sync worked with my Samsung tablet for the past two years. Recently my tablet got an update and now my Sync says “No Bluetooth Device” when I press “BT”. My tablet says Sync is connected. I cleared the cache on the tablet and did a Master Reset on the Sync, Deleted all BT Devices and repaired them with PINs and I still get “No Bluetooth Device”.

    It would certainly appear the update to the tablet had something to do with it. I called Samsung and there is no way to roll back the update.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions, other than pulling the battery cable, because I really don’t want to lose all other settings in the vehicle.

    • Try some of the ideas in this video:
      After you’ve re-paired the tablet (if necessary) I would push the quadrant to access music, then go to the settings to verify Bluetooth connectivity with your tablet. I think the system has a priority system to look for a connected phone’s bluetooth connection first before it would look for a tablet… that could be the issue.

  15. I have a 2016 F-350 Ford and 2016 Ford Explorer and my iPhone 7 Plus and my wife iPhone 7 Plus will not stay Sync for more that 30 seconds at a time but it will stay Sync in my Corvette so I am thinking this is a Ford problem any thoughts.

    • It’s interesting that you would say this “is a Ford problem.” The architecture of the two systems is dramatically different, but the constant between the two usages is your phone system. I don’t have enough information from your description to understand what you mean by “will not stay Sync for more than 30 seconds at a time.” If you get some time, why not visit your Ford dealer and demonstrate the issue to them. Sometimes it’s not equipment issue, but instead it’s how it’s being used. If you haven’t already, please register your vehicle at support.ford.com – they have a lot of videos and materials to support customers.

  16. Our phones hook up just fine in our Mondoe, but have problems when we switch drivers. If Im in the house when my wife takes the car, it tries to stay hooked to my phone, and doesn’t switch over when it goes out of range, leaving it searching for my phone until my wife stops, and shuts down the car so she can select her phone from the list. We’ve had the car 6 days and its driving us nuts.

    • I’m not sure if you knew… but when you pair a phone to the Ford Sync system, you have the choice of making it the “primary” phone. If you do, then this is the phone that the system will always try to connect to at first. If it doesn’t find that phone, then it connects to the next one of the list. Yes, you can pair of to 10 devices (phones, tablets, Mp3 players, etc. to the system).
      Also, when you start your vehicle, if any device is within about 10 meters, it can be “discovered” by Sync.
      It sounds like when your wife starts the car, it’s within range of your phone, so it pairs automatically to your… This will mean her phone is not connected…
      The system can “switch” between phones… but it’s a process that would need to be done before you start driving.
      Push the Phone button on the dash (or steering wheel).
      Use the Menu button to get to the Settings
      Push OK
      Use arrow buttons or tuning knob to scroll to “Bluetooth Devices.”
      Push OK
      Use arrow buttons or tuning knob to select the phone you want to have as the lead phone while driving.
      Push OK to connect…
      Push Phone icon again to begin using the connected phone.

      However, if your wife is driving the car when she realizes she wants to use the phone…
      And she pushes the “Voice (the mouth with sounds) button” and hears the reply…
      “No phone is found, I will try to connect one…”
      Then she should pause for a few seconds and push the Voice button again.
      The Sync system will automatically search for another phone…
      Then the reply from the system will sounds “Sync, state your commands…”
      They say “Phone”
      It will respond, “Phone, State your command…”
      Then she can make a phone call…

      I know, I know, it seems like a hassle… but you do have options to switch back and forth between phones…

  17. I have a 2012 Focus Titanium and a Galaxy S7 Edge. Until recently, I had a Galaxy S5. I use the bluetooth in the car all the time for music and video. It will occasionally just drop. Everything just sits there and I cannot select anything n the Sync touchscreen. Then after several seconds, it will switch to radio. Once it finally does that, I can go back and select Bluetooth Stereo/ my phone and it will work again. It seems random, although it seems to happen most when I am accelerating from a stop, and it seems to only happen when I am running YouTube (I listen to music playlists). When I first bought the car in October 2016, it only happened rarely, but it has been getting more and more frequent, and now it happens almost all of the time.

    • You didn’t mention if you “un-paired” your old phone before switching to the new phone. If you haven’t, completely remove Sync from your phone and your phone from the Sync system.
      Turn off the vehicle. Complete power down your phone. Power the phone back up… then restart the vehicle.
      Now do the pairing process again.
      For more information, please see this other blog on the topic:

  18. I have a 14 escape with sync touch (7″) screen it has the latest updates on sync website and i have an iphone 6 plus with the newest ios after it disconnecting in the middle of a call i called ford sync help desk they had me reset sync then forget it in my phone then said well if it doesnt work take it to a dealer i called 2 dealers and the second one said let me guess you got and iphone 6 plus before i told him he said ford sync (microsoft) has a problem with apple and are fighting over a fix but havent come up with a resolution yet infringement rights issue so you have to wait wait till they do end of story. i cant believe the sync and ford help desk wont just come out and tell people this instead of hiding it

    • I’m sorry you are having problems.
      There isn’t any “hiding” going on… Ford and the Sync system was built was a “bring your own device” platform. Every phone manufacturer has the protocol for putting together the way their phone interacts with any Bluetooth-based system (such as Alexa, App software such as Pandora, and in-car communications systems). Sometimes, when their is an operational issue, the phone manufacturer waits until another iOS software update to integrate “fixes.” Sometimes they don’t think it is a major issue, so the fix hasn’t been made yet…
      Since the iPhone is one of the most popular phones, you can bet the issues are reported to both Apple and Ford. Apple is very proprietary about its software, its Apps and co on…
      Rarely, the issue can be from neither of these parties, but instead from the phone carrier… not every call that goes through a cell tower has the wavelength, the connection system, or the network clearance to keep the connection. In those cases, a call gets dropped.. you may notice happening in certain geographical areas…

  19. I just bought a 2015 Ford Fusion SE. I am having trouble with the basic Sync system. The phone system frankly doesn’t work. I also do not have a way to update it, nor do I have any way to access the advanced features to do a master reset. To put it more succinctly, I have access to radio, DC, Sirius and media, however, that will not read my USB to update it. Occasionally, the phone does randomly connect, but it doesn’t always let you use the phone, even if it connected.

    Very frustrating as I had a 2013 Focus and that system was nearly trouble free.

  20. I have a 2016 f150 with sync3, it has lost Bluetooth compatibility. It is like it has lost discovering it does not show up in my phone Bluetooth connection. I have done a master reset and turned off my phone and restarted phone. Any idea on what might be happening

    • First of all, have you registered your vehicle at owner.ford.com?
      Check to see if you have the up-to-date Sync software.
      Be sure your phone has got it’s latest software.
      And, at least once or twice a week, completely power down your phone. Start it up, let it reboot, then start your vehicle…
      And, yes, when things such as “the microphone doesn’t work,” USB doesn’t seem to work, etc., then do the “hard reboot” with the negative battery clamp on your vehicle.
      Bluetooth connectivity uses a “rolling code” and interference to the code can foul up the connection. Despite what people think, a “Master Reset” doesn’t cause a bad Bluetooth connection to “repair” itself. That really comes more from the phone, and the way it is working, when you turn the vehicle on.

  21. The SYNC in my 2011 Lincoln Navigator (I just purchased in 12/2016) was working fine until about a week or so ago and all of a sudden the SYNC says No Service. My iPhone cannot even find SYNC. I cannot even perform a Master Reset because the functions are not available on the screen. I’d like to avoid taking it to a dealer. I am pretty certain it is not the telephone. I believe it is the SYNC system. The radio, media and navigation seem to be working ok, just not the SYNC Any ideas or suggestions

    • This sounds like an issue with your system’s “start up procedure.” I’m curious… before you had the “No Service” issue pop up, did you go on an extended trip out-of-town?

      If you don’t want to visit a Ford Service Center, then I would recommend a “Hard Reboot.” With your vehicle parked in your drive way. Turn off the vehicle. Open the hood. Located the battery. Identify the two poles – one is capped with red plastic and/or has a red cable connected to the positive + end of the battery. The other is the negative (-) pole and has a black cable. Use a small adjustable wrench and loosen the bolt on the cable clamp assembly. DO NOT touch the wrench between the two pole ends, or let your wrench touch other metal items in the engine bay. We are only trying to loosen the cable clamp. So, when you can wiggle the clamp off the battery pole… hold it away from other metal objects for about a minute or two. Then place it back on the battery, push it on securely and retighten the clamp. Close the hood. Get back in your vehicle and start the car. It will take a second or two longer when cranking before it fires up. The radio will have defaulted to AM and the clock will probably say 12:00 PM… Give the vehicle a few minutes to warm up and then reset the radio and the clock.
      Check to see if your Bluetooth connection to your phone is back on.
      If so, then you have successfully done a hard reboot of your system.
      If not, then it’s on to the next steps…

      First, if you haven’t registered for a free account at the support.ford.com website, then do so, Visit the site for ongoing information and to verify if you need a software update.

      Here is multi-step process for on-going maintenance of your Sync hands-free system.

      1. Start the “Re-Pair” Process by deleting device(s) from your phone:

      Go to your phone Settings, Go to Bluetooth, look for “Trusted Devices”

      If you see an icon or tab that says “Sync,” then tap the circle icon or the gear icon to the right and then tap “forget Device” or “Unpair Device.”

      Now, completely power down your phone for several minutes.

      2. Continue the “Re-Pair” Process by deleting device(s) from your Sync System:

      Push the “Phone Icon” on your steering wheel, on a center console button (if equipped), push the “Phone” button on the MyFord system, or tap the upper left corner of the MyFord Touch system.

      This brings up the “Phone Menu” on your Sync display console.

      Use the Tuning Knob (if equipped) or the Up/Down arrows to move through the Topics.

      Go to System Settings, then push OK (on the steering wheel or on the console).

      Now scroll through the menu to find Bluetooth Devices, push OK

      Go through menu to select Delete Devices, push OK

      Find your phone’s name (or model number), push OK

      The system will say “Confirm Delete,” push OK.

      Go to the menu, select “Return,” push OK.

      Now select “Add Bluetooth Device” from menu and push OK.

      Turn on your handset phone. Let is completely power up.

      The Sync voice will say, “Push OK to begin pairing a device.” Push OK.

      The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN, on most phones this is what you will use. On Android-based phones, go to Step 4.

      3. Pairing the iPhone and most phones.

      Go to your phone’s “System Settings” (usually in the App with the gears, or in the “Toolbox” or “Connectivity” folder.)

      Turn on Bluetooth (if it’s not already on).

      Go to the Trusted Devices/Add Device area.

      If you do not see a “Sync” tab, then pus “Scan for Devices.”

      When you see a tab that says “Sync” then tap that, a secondary screen appears. Enter the 6-digit PIN displayed on the vehicle’s console. On some newer models, the Sync system will send a new number that matches on already received on your phone. Push OK, Accept or Connect on your console and on the phone.

      4. Pairing the Android-based phone.

      For Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung phones, for HTC, LG and other Android-based phones, then do this:

      When you see the 6-digit PIN displayed on the console, then use the Tuning Knob (or Up/Down Arrows) to select “Special PIN,” push OK.

      “0000” will appear on your console, now go to your phone’s System Settings.

      Turn on Bluetooth (if it’s not already on).

      Go to the Trusted Devices/Add Device area.

      If you do not see a “Sync” tab, then push “Scan for Devices.”

      When you see a tab that says “Sync,” then tap that. When a secondary screen appears and enter the “0000” PIN. On some newer models, the phone will automatically accept the “0000” PIN without having to input it.

      Push OK, Accept or Connect on your console and on the phone.

      Once your Sync system recognizes your phone it will begin to ask questions such as “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push OK or Yes.

      5. The Connection Process

      After entering the PIN (as described above), the Sync system will “find your phone.”

      Android-based phones may chirp, or sound an alarm, and you will be a screen on your phone momentarily.

      Be sure to tap to check the box that says “Always Connect.” Then push the “pair” button on your phone for the MAP access, PBAF access screen, or other access protocol screens.

      Your console will show questions, such as “Set as Primary Phone?” Push OK twice.

      Set “911 Assist to ON” push OK twice.

      The Sync system will ask if you want to Download Phone Book, then push OK or Yes.

      During pairing, your Android phone may notify you that SYNC wants to access your messages and phonebook. Choose Always Allow/Connect and check “Yes”.

      On the MyFord Touch system, a single screen will appear with the multiple questions. Tap the screen to select and accept your choices.

      After a few moments (sometimes up to two or three minutes) the console screen will show “Phonebook Downloaded.”

      Then the screen may show “Phone Redial.” If so, push the hold the Phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds and let go.

      The console screen should now be clear, or defaults back to the radio or media playing on your Audio system.

      Now, try to use the steering wheel controls to see if the system is working properly.

  22. My Ford SYNC basic reads BLUETOOTH OFF, I turn Bluetooth on, then try to connect my IPhone 6. but SYNC reads BLUETOOTH OFF again.

    • You don’t say what year of vehicle (or the type of vehicle)… but I see you say “My Ford SYNC basic” – is this a MyFord system?
      In any case, some units – when you go into the Settings, to Bluetooth, it will show Bluetooth Off, and when you push the arrows on the steering wheel, it may then show Bluetooth On, then you have to push the OK button on the steering wheel. Try this to see if it works for you.

  23. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL with Sync and I originally had to pull the fuse and put it back in in order to pair my phone. My phone (phone model: LG G4) is now paired and on the list of the car as a favorite device. My phone as well recognizes the car on my list.
    However, the bluetooth simply will not pair/connect. It paired/connected the first couple times and worked well, but then it just stopped pairing/connecting altogether. I’ve tried all variations of manual connecting, both from my phone and from the car but nothing will work.
    The other problem is that when I try to clear the device list on the car and re-pair the phone, the phone pairing screen only stays up for about half a second and then says “No bluetooth device found.” The only way to fix this is a pulling of the fuse.
    I’ve done a soft reset on the sync and that didn’t fix it. The only way to remedy the problem is to pull the fuse and redo everything from the start.

    Any help would be awesome!

    • Have you searched this site for instructions on a “hard Reboot?”
      This is a process of loosening and removing negative battery cable clamp assembly for about five minutes. Then reattaching the clamp assembly and retightening the bolt.
      I’ve rebooted hundreds of cars and trucks, but I never do the fuse removal… maybe it’s easy, but not for me.
      Anyway, you didn’t mention if you checked to see if you had the most recent software installed in your vehicle.
      Visit the owner.ford.com website. Register your vehicle and check for the upgrades. If needed, they will prompt you on how to install the update. Also there are short videos and FAQs on handling usage of the Sync system. I’m guessing this is as simple as the Bluetooth discoverability is turned off on your phone when you paired it (or when you get in the car to drive it). If Sync can’t find your phone’s bluetooth, then it won’t be able to stream music.

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