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One of the overlooked things with all of the new technology available in vehicles nowadays is the vehicle manufacturer’s commitment to online customer support. Ford’s technology website, allows someone who’s just shopping for information to get what they need as well as provide complete support for the customer.

By visiting this website, Ford Technology, you can find a wealth of information about Ford Technology – navigation, infotainment, lane keeping, EcoBoost engines and everything else.

By visiting the main support site, Support.Ford.Com , you can explore the hands-free technology on Ford vehicles. As an owner, you are encouraged to set up your own account. It’s pretty straight forward… enter your e-mail address as the User Name, create your own password, set a security question and, if there are no conflicts, then you get to go further. Then you input you VIN (vehicle identification number), then your name, address, and cell phone number (used in the vehicle). It’s possible that, if you bought a pre-owned Ford, that the original owner could still be linked to the vehicle’s VIN number. If you get online and go to online tech support you can create a new and separate account. Also, if you have more than one driver (and cell phone) you can add additional phone numbers to the account of one vehicle.

Once all that is in, you can activate your vehicle health report, select your favorite Ford dealer, personalize your Sync Services, get Technical Support with live chat, or visiting the online community forums, get how-to guides or troubleshooting tips.

It is well worth visiting the account to learn more about the Sync Services program. It’s very easy to personalize the information to your needs from the site.

All through the site you have access to frequently asked questions with answers and video links. The video links are invaluable because it demonstrates how to use your phone with the Sync system to get the results you want.

Another area you can link to is the Ford Owner support site, it’s at: This is where you can pay your Ford Credit bills, learn about special offers, schedule and track vehicle service, you can even get access to your vehicle’s owner’s guide.

So when it comes to problems, issues, headaches and the like, it’s nice to know that you can go to the online chat support. You can “speak” with a tech rep who can usually answer any question. Another option is the Community area… you can “post” your question and when you check back other owners or Ford technicians will have found an answer or response. Another option is sending an e-mail to the Ford support people. They will get back with a response at the very latest within a day or so.

You can also check to see if you have the latest software version of Sync for your vehicle. If there is an upgrade, they will walk you through creating a USB jump drive that can download the latest version to your vehicle.

For all others, be sure to visit the Ford Technology site. This is a good site for reference on which phones or devices work with Sync systems, or to call for Ford In-Vehicle Technology support, call 1-800-392-3673.

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14 thoughts on “Getting in Sync with Sync with Tech Support

    • I believe your phone may not be compatible with some Sync systems.
      What kind of Sync System do you have on the Escape? The Basic (with LED blue screen on center console) or the touch screen nav?
      What problems are you experiencing? Give me some more details please…

    • I am assuming that you are pushing the Phone icon on the steering wheel or console, and when the screen shows Phone Redial that you are using the Tuning Knob to turn to BT Devices (or Pair BT Device). Then use the knob to select “Add a Phone.” Push OK, and then the system will say “Push OK to begin pairing a device.” Than push OK. It will then show the 6-digit PIN. If it does not, then you should take your vehicle to a Ford dealership to be reviewed.

  1. I’m having a problem having pairing my phone again with the sync system in a 2009 F350 Super Duty. Had problems after trying to sync my iPhone 5 with a external wireless speaker. My phone does pair with our other vehicles. It simply won’t find my phone. Any ideas?

    • I would recommend a hard reboot and a clean pairing.
      Delete your phone from the Phone Menu, System Settings, Bluetooth Devices, Delete Device….
      Delete Sync from your iPphone’s Settings, Bluetooth Devices list.

      Turn off the vehicle.
      Loosen and remove the black (negative pole) battery cable clamp for at least five minutes. I know you’ve got two batteries, so pick one…
      Completely turn off your phone while you wait.
      Keep the phone off for at least three minutes. Power it back up.
      Re-tighten the battery cable clamp.
      Close the hood.
      Turn on the vehicle.
      Let it run for at least a few minutes before resetting anything.

      Now pair your iPhone with the truck.
      This should reset everything original specs.
      And, you might have to reset the clock…

    • The Sync system automatically creates a new PIN number every time you start the pairing process.
      Then your go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, and search for the Sync tab Tap it, then enter the PIN shown on your system…

      Here is a good reference video:

      And, take a little time to search around my web log, there are tons of references to pairing a phone.

    • Help me out… what year and model of vehicle? what kind of Sync system? Which buttons are you pushing? What happens after you activate the button?

  2. I have HTC 6995LVW Windows phone and 2013 Edge Limited. Sync is basic “blue screen”. Phone connects via bluetooth and full access to phone features are obtained with the exception of streaming audio. Please advise if there is a conflict with this phone as I am unable to listen to bluetooth and auxiliary (hard cord) audio through sync.

    • Have you registered your vehicle at If so, check to see if there are any Sync software updates. And, it is highly possible that your phone may have some conflict issues. When you visit the Ford support site you can check for compatability of phones with certain Sync equipment.

    • I’m not sure if you made a typo, but in 2005 there was no such thing as RCA plus, USB, SYNC, Bluetooth or smart phones in ANY vehicle. I’m not sure if it was there in 2015 – in any case it was probably meant for video such as DVD players (or even game controllers) access and not for audio input. That would be limited to CD, USB, radio or USB for audio playback.

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