Getting even more from your Ford Sync system with Sync Destinations App

Sync Destinations is a cool app that helps you have a voice-activated navigation system in some Fords.

Sync Destinations is a cool app that helps you have a voice-activated navigation system in some Fords.

By Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

Some Ford Sync owners, who also own a smartphone, may be missing a cool option to their Sync system – it’s a mobile application that’s customizable – called Sync Destinations.

With the SYNC® Destinations mobile application you can access traffic information, get turn-by-turn directions, manage Saved Points, and more, using your SYNC Services subscription on your tablet or smartphone.

A mobile application for Sync Services

SYNC® Destinations is a mobile app developed for use with SYNC Services – the optional subscription-based program offered by Ford available on some Ford vehicles. The Sync Destinations application is available for many iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and BlackBerry® devices.

To find out if Sync Destinations is available for your tablet or smartphone, check your device’s app store. The Sync Destinations App is made by INRIX, Inc. This is for active Sync Services subscribers and it provides downloaded voice-activated turn-by-turn directions, searched destinations and traffic information.

Features of Sync Destinations

View traffic and route information

Get real-time traffic updates, and find out if current traffic is better, worse, or average for your route. Calculate routes anywhere within the contiguous United States, look for alternative routes, and find out how long your trip will take.

Manage SYNC Services Saved Points

Using the app, you can search for a business or address and add it as a Sync Services Saved Point. You can also create Saved Points from your device’s contact list, or from any previously saved destinations.

One of the best features is that you can use your computer to access your Sync Services account and log into and create up to 25 Saved Points. You can also select information, like Sports, News or other information that you can quickly access on your smartphone or in your Sync-equipped vehicle.

First of all, make sure your Sync Services account is active. Visit the website. If you haven’t registered, please go ahead and do this. Use your e-mail address as your User Name and then select a Password. A lot of Ford’s vehicles since 2010 have had access to this subscription-based Sync Services system that works as a primary turn-by-turn navigation system or as a back-up system to Ford owners who have a touch-screen navigation system or a MyFord Touch system. In some cases, vehicle owners qualified for a three-year subscription to Sync Services. It’s regular subscription rate is $60 per year — and its a good value for the services it offers.

Sync Services offers Traffic, Directions, Business Search, Weather, Movies, Horoscopes and Travel. You can also set up “Favorites” with customizable information on Sports, News and Stock Quotes that interest you. With Sync Services, on the topics of Directions and Business Search, you also have the option of accessing a live Operator who can assist you in finding your destination. See the Sync Services page for more information.

The Sync Destinations App lets you access quick information about traffic and your saved points from your smartphone. You can even plan trips out of town on your home computer and have it available so you can download navigation assistance to your vehicle.

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11 thoughts on “Getting even more from your Ford Sync system with Sync Destinations App

  1. Does INRIX of Ford ever look at the reviews on the App Store? I was interested in adding this app to use with my new Ford Fusion but it sounds like it’s pretty much useless and/or buggy for most people. And, it hasn’t been updated since 2014! My iPhone has had at least 2 system software updates since 2015.

    • You have a good point… I know that with Sync 3 there are many changes (and updates) on the horizon. I believe the initial hardware could only go so far with the INRIX versions… the usage of Sync, the smartphone, computers and so much more change day by day… and in this case, I believe the “bring your device” format set a foundation. Equipment (such as phones) connect via this format, however, App developers are always out-pacing the equipment parameters (thus the constant iPhone updates)… I will continue to monitor this to see what unfolds.

  2. Hello! I’m hoping you might be able to help me out a little on this. I just purchased a 2016 F150, that came with just the base Sync with MyFord 4″ screen and Applink. I have a Sony Android phone.
    Setup the phone and it works fine, but because Sync is set as a Bluetooth Device I don’t get any audio from the phone itself. So, if I wanted to use Google Maps, I’d have to unsync the phone? I was really hoping that there was a way to have all of the audio broadcast through the speakers.
    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Also, I should note, I’m in Canada and Sync Services are not available here…

    • Well… I think I’m correct on this… but Ford wanted to make a system that was safe and didn’t compromise the driver and passengers with too much activity going on at the console. Due to this, only streaming Bluetooth music was designed to come out of the vehicle speakers. I thought that if you were not in Bluetooth mode, then you could tap your phone’s screen and open the Google Maps app and have it play through the phone’s speakers. Sounds like it’s not doing this for you. One way to supercede this is to turn off Bluetooth connectivity at your phone. When you see the Bluetooth symbol come off of your console screen, then you can access the Apps on your phone.

      • Got ya. I’ll have to play around with the settings and such a bit more yet. It’s too bad they didn’t build that functionality into….sounds like Sync 3 is light years ahead.
        Thanks for your help

        • Interesting… you said they didn’t build the functionality… They did it so someone wouldn’t cause a wreck and blame it on the equipment… Driver safety was the reason for it not working that way… and yes Sync 3 is an improvement because it offers an alternative way to access that information.

          • So, would it be safer for me to look down at my phone to see the directions because I didn’t hear it over the tiny phone speaker?
            I see what you’re saying – but if you don’t have Nav and you’re using a phone for GPS, it’s undoubtedly safer if you can hear the directions through the speakers, you’re less likely to have to look down at the phone

  3. What is the trick to getting the SYNC Destinations app to log on?
    I know my log in info is correct because I can log in on to SYNC my ride on the computer with no problems. When I try and log in the APP I get “the user ID and password combination you supplied is not working” I have reinstalled the app many times but now luck.

    • Give a call to the Ford Customer Service line, it could be something they have to clear on their end… the number is 800-392-3673.

  4. I use Google maps even on my 2011 Fusion. I just start it on the phone and say ” Bluetooth audio ” and the directions play thru my speakers just like Pandora music and anything else.

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