Ford Sync Bluetooth Troubleshooting Tips

Ford Sync relies on a good Bluetooth connection to operate. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Ford Sync relies on a good Bluetooth connection to operate. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

From time to time, Bluetooth signals get scrambled and this causes system problems. Here are troubleshooting tips to help solve the most common problems.

Ford Sync is not a subscription-based system.  If there is a bad connection it’s not because your subscription ran out. Basically the major issues are caused by loss of, or a corrupted, Bluetooth signal; a phone software or firmware issue; a driver’s misuse of the system; a cellphone carrier or network issue; or, rarely, a software or hardware issue with the Sync system in the vehicle.

Your phone is basically a hand-held computer and your Sync system works on a computer-based system. Both communicate with each other using a communication technology called Bluetooth. Both of these systems need to be reviewed to see where a connection issues are.

For reference, please visit – this website is your on-line resource for information about Sync and other Ford technology. Register your vehicle to set up your own personal, complimentary account. This is the site you would visit for future software updates.

First, completely power down your phone. Turn it off and keep it off for about five minutes. It is best to do this before you get in the vehicle and start it up. It is recommended to completely power down your phone at least once a week. Always check to see if your phone’s operating system has all of the current updates.

Once your phone has powered back up, go to the Settings on your phone to make sure the Bluetooth connection is turned on. Check your “Trusted Devices” list to see if Sync is on the list. If it shows “Sync” and “Not connected” that’s because your phone recognizes the Sync connection and is waiting for your vehicle to be turned on before it links up with the Sync system.

Go to your vehicle and start it up. Within a few minutes your Sync system will connect to your phone. On the MyFord Touch system you will see the name or the model number of the connected device displayed in the upper right corner of the center console screen. Other Sync systems will show an oval Bluetooth symbol to show that it has connected to a phone.

With your vehicle running and your phone (with Bluetooth connection on) now try to see if the Voice commands (using the steering controls) work. See this short video to be sure you are using the hands-free calling process correctly.

Sometimes the issue is how you are speaking to the Sync system, see this video for more info.

Next, if the Sync system reports back “No Phone Found” then it cannot recognize your phone and it may need to be “paired” again to the Sync system. If necessary, go to the Sync system settings and check to see which devices are “recognized.” You may need to “connect” a phone back to Sync to establish the Bluetooth connection.

Click on this video link for a short video on “clean pairing” a phone to the basic Sync system.

Click on this video link for a short video on “pairing a device to MyFord Touch.”

Here is an overview of the pairing process:

Before pairing your iPhone with SYNC, go to the Settings folder and turn Bluetooth On.

If you have an Android-based phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola RAZR, HTC Evo, etc.), then go to the Bluetooth Settings and turn it on. Refer to this video on pairing the Android.

With Android-based phones you may want to first delete Sync from your connected Bluetooth devices list. After you do this, completely power down your device. Turn it back on and let it power back up. Check it again to see that it has “cleared” Sync from the phone’s system. Once it is cleared, then you can re-Pair your phone to the Sync system. Here are some tips:

Before pairing your AndroidTM phone with SYNC:

Go to your phone Settings and turn Bluetooth On 

Under Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable and Scan for Devices

Go to your vehicle, go to Add Bluetooth Device, and begin the pairing process.

Your Sync system will produce a PIN number and ask you to enter the PIN into your phone.

Once your Sync system recognizes your phone it will begin to ask questions such as “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push OK or Yes.

The Sync system will ask if you want to Download Phone Book, then push OK or Yes.

During pairing, your Android phone may notify you that SYNC wants to access your messages and phonebook. Choose Always Allow/Connect and check “Yes”.

Now, try to use the steering wheel controls to see if the system is working properly.

If the Sync system is still not working, and if your MyFord Touch screen isn’t displaying properly, then you need to review this video to do a “Master Reset.”

If the Sync system is still not working, then you can try this “hard reboot” process. Park your vehicle. Turn it off and remove the key from the ignition. Open the hood. Locate the car battery. Please be careful, do not touch both the positive and negative poles at the same time. Do not drop a metal tool across both of the poles. These things could result in a electric shock. So please be careful. Use the correct-sized wrench (could be an 8 or 10 mm), a socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench to loosen the black battery cable clamp. This is the battery pole marked with the “-“ (negative) sign. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp. Twist and pull the entire battery cable clamp off of the battery and keep it off for about five minutes. Now reattach the battery cable clamp and retighten the nut. Now close the hood. Start the vehicle and let it run for at least three minutes or so. The radio may start on the AM band and the clock may have reset itself to noon. Let the Sync have a few minutes to “reboot” before going to your vehicle settings and resetting the time. Just push the FM radio buttons to get back to your favorite radio channel.

In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again.

Now everything should be working. Yes, it may seem like a lot of things to check, but the phone and the Sync system are computers. Computers need to be powered down and reset or rebooted from time to ensure that everything is working properly.

If things are still not working, then the issue could be the phone, the phone software and or its operating system. This may require a visit to your phone store or service provider. As mentioned, if all of the above troubleshooting techniques have been checked and the system is still not working, then please visit your Ford dealership Service Department. On new vehicles any Sync repair issues may be warranted for several years, ask your Ford Service Advisor for more details.

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357 thoughts on “Ford Sync Bluetooth Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Followed your advice and now the phone Sync works perfectly.
    Did the master reset, cleared the phone, disconnected the battery in the car and now a happy person.

      • My SYNC connection is fine, able to listen to music on the phone, make and receive phone calls, but when I do make/receive calls the microphone doesn’t seem to work, the person on the other end does not hear me as long as I am on the sync, the moment I switch to the phones receiver they here me fine, is this a hardware malfunction?

        • Not sure if this is a hardware issue. This sounds like you have the setting (on the Sync system or maybe on the phone) that puts the call into “Privacy Mode.” This means the microphone for Sync is turned off. You can only speak into your phone. This seems to happen a lot when people skip using Sync to make and receive calls. In other words, users are picking up there phone and dialing to start a call. This often forces the Sync system to go to Privacy. Sometimes with incoming calls, you can look at your phone screen and it will show the options of answering the call (on your phone), answering with Sync (which keeps your Sync system active) or with the speakerphone. Check your Phone Settings to see if your Privacy Mode has been turned on.

          • Vincent,

            I have the opposite problem. When I make a handsfree call using mytouch (2015 F150), it always puts the calls in privacy mode (very annoying). I can’t find any setting in the options on the mytouch or my phone to disable this from happening. Do you know a way?


          • Park your car in a driveway.
            I would recommend “un-pairing” your phone from the Sync system and deleting the Sync system from your phone.
            Completely power down the phone for a few minutes.
            Turn off the vehicle.
            Open and close your door to ensure a complete vehicle power down.
            Start the vehicle up again…
            Start your phone and let both “reboot” for a few minutes.
            Now, pair the phone again.
            The next time a call comes in… DO NOT answer the call by using your phone.
            Instead, push the icon of a “Phone” on your steering wheel.
            The call should stay on the Sync system.
            If a call goes into “Privacy Mode,” push the Menu button on the steering wheel…
            Use the Up/Down arrows to look for “Privacy Mode” in the Settings.
            Push “OK” on the steering wheel.
            Use the arrows to selection ON or OFF (depending on what you want to do) then push “OK” again.

            I’ve had users go straight to their phones to make and receive calls… this seems to train the Sync system to always take the phone into Privacy Mode…
            With an iPhone, if you do dial directly from the phone… in the first couple of seconds when making the call, a sub screen will ask if you what to keep the call on the iPhone, on Sync, or on Speaker… Select Sync to keep the call on the vehicle speakers…

    • I am new owner of Ford mustang and recently had this problem. Nothing seem to work except disconnecting the cable on negative battery terminal. My question is why does this happen and why the Master Reset doesn’t fix this problem?


      • The processor and mother board of a Ford Sync system is similar to a slow, but steady laptop computer. It’s built to handle constant energy fluctuations, vibrations and temperature swings. The hard reboot forces a restart – that’s the way it was designed. I really don’t know the use of the “Master Reset.” I guess it’s more for reset the software… but it seems that Bluetooth signal loss or interference can best be reset with the hard reboot. A lot of times, it’s the device (the iPhone, the iPad, etc.) needs to be rebooted as well. Bluetooth uses a rolling code technology and it’s switching frequencies about 80 times a second… as you’re driving through radio and Bluetooth frequencies, it’s no wonder that signals can get distorted and cause a failure. That’s why you may need to do a lot of resets. I have had several customers who parked near radio transmitters and they constantly had to reset and/or reboot.

        • I have reset the sync system twice … it works wonderfully for about 30 hours then it goes DOWN again I have downloaded the update on a clean brand new flash drive tried to install it in the car but it says NO FILES FOUND. this is the common problem with many posts I have read.

          • Let’s go over the procedure…
            Have a USB flash drive (at least 1 GB, a 2 or 4 GB is perfect) that is clean, with no other files on it.
            Follow the download instructions from the website
            Go to you vehicle, parked, in a driveway.
            Start the vehicle
            Go through the Sync Settings menu to the download update section
            Then install the USB… within a few minutes the system should acknowledge that it’s found a USB drive, and that is has found the file…
            Here’s a note… you can’t download the files from Ford and put them into a file folder…
            If you do, then the Sync system in the car only sees a folder and no downloadable files…

            And, you can’t have music files, or any other files on the drive…

      • OK!!! – I’ve been googling for a couple of days now. I’ve seen a lot of “Fuse restarting” solutions, which I’m thinking there has to be a better way of doing this…

        I do work with software daily, so I wanted to go through the whole system selection to see if there were any options I missed… THERE WAS. I am not saying this SYNC menu selection is fool proof, it’s a hassle to go through and hopefully it sticks once selected.

        ****Make sure to set up your Bluetooth before this. I assume you already did just like me and the SYNC was not playing music through the system.

        Push the MENU button
        Use the arrow down or up to SELECT SOURCE
        Push the OK button
        Use the arrow down or up to BLUETOOTH AUDIO

        at this point it selects your phone since it was already set up as a Bluetooth device.

        and YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I was starting to get buyer’s remorse after a week of buying a “newer” vehicle hoping to play music off my phone. I hope you now enjoy your vehicle HANDS FREE. (wireless) :-jammin

        • Thanks Paul… you discovered the way to connect your Bluetooth device… Sync can handle up to 10 different devices… sometimes people connect more than phones… such as Mp3 players, iPads and such… and the Sync system needs to know what Bluetooth source someone may want to pull music from…
          As for fuse restarting… I’ve never done it. I always use the temporary negative battery cable clamp removal from the battery (while the vehicle is parked). See the topic “hard reboot” elsewhere in this blog…
          The hard reboot, combined with “un-pairing” and “re-pairing” seems to fix about 95 percent of all Sync/Bluetooth issues…

          • Hi Vincent ,

            I have a new ford fusion 2016 SE , i just had this problem few days ago , i cannot use Sync Media program , when i push Media Bottom it’s just going back to radio station , when i push Phone Buttom nothing happend and also Voice buttom and usb are not working ? i have really headacke because of this ? could you please help ?

          • I don’t know if you have a problem with your system, or that you might be using the system improperly.
            Did you buy from a dealer? Did they show you how to use the system?
            On the steering wheel, when you push the Media button it will “toggle through” every available media option that’s active… so if you push it while listening to FM1 level, then a push will turn on FM2, then AM1 or AM2, or CD (if one is loaded), then Satellite (if you have a subscription and there are multiple levels), and then Bluetooth (if you have paired a Bluetooth device).
            When you say “push the Phone button” do you mean the one with the “Mouth” on it, or the one with the “Phone” icon. Push the Mouth (I call is the Voice) button and then the system should ping and say something like “Sync, state your command.”
            If you just push the “Phone” icon, your screen should show “Phone Redial.” This button is used to “hang up calls or pick up incoming” calls.
            If you have a USB (loaded with the correct format of songs such as mp3 or mp4), then when you push the Voice button, and when prompted, say, “USB” then the system will activate the USB files. However, do not push in a USB loaded with other files, especially those with .exe files. ‘
            Visit to find out more.

          • Hi Again Vincent,

            When i bought the car everything was working fine and i know how to use all what you already mentioned , but in one day as i said few days ago , i couldn’t use anything from Sync Media , when i push the “Phone” icon it’s not giving anything on the screen ( normally it has to give the availability to pair phone like before , when i push ‘Media buttom’ it’s not giving the available media connected ( usb or Bluetooth ) like before , USB port is not connected ( when i connect the phone over it it’s not giving anything not even error message ) the voice buttom on the steering wheel it’s not working too . i already tried with disconnecting the battery and the fuses but without result . i think the windows system for ford sync is the problem . do you have any advise please ? if you need i can send you video ?

          • Based on the newness of your vehicle, I would say you should set an appointment for your Ford Service center. Your system will have to be reviewed by a technician to see if there is something wrong with the equipment. You have done everything a user can do to “reset.”

    • The dealer was loading My Ford Pass and after he put in the VIN number it booted him off the site. I never got to activate in the car and now no one knows how to fix this. It won’t let me og on, get a new password or create another account. Ford Pass guides are a joke. Any help ?

  2. 2012 Taurus all bells and whistles, Ever since sync was updated to allow text messages I have trouble connecting to sync. Connects whenever it wants to. I’m a retired IT professional and tried all the fixes. Phone off, sync off, open door close door, turn off car, turn it back on., manual connect from sync and from iPhone 4gs. It connects, disconnects radio says it’s connected but nothing is heard from speaker and when I speak no one hears me. Yes I have master reset it several times and it tanks when it whats to. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    • The iPhone operating system was never made to be compliant with the Microsoft MAP messaging protocol. Yes, I know it seems like there has been operational messaging in the past, but as iPhone cranks down on its security, they have changed the way the iPhone works with systems like Sync.
      You mention the 4GS, I’m not familiar with that. There was a 3GS, a 3G, a 4 and a 4S. The 4S has Siri, which (if your phone is paired the Sync system), you can push the phone’s Home button for a few seconds and after the tone, you can speak to Siri through the Sync system. You can then ask Siri to make and receive messages and much more.
      I know the Sync system has a master reset, but I prefer to use the “Hard Reboot” process (outlined in other sections of this blog which deals with temporarily removing the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly for a few minutes.
      If none of this seems to work, why not visit your Ford Service Department, then may need to run some diagnostics on the system. Besides, the microphone may have failed (or lost its connection) which could affect the entire operations of the system.

  3. I have a 2015 mustang and Sync was working perfectly for my phone and my wife’s phone. I have an LG G2 and she has the Samsung Galaxy s4.
    Now the system kicks us out right after we connect but on our phones it says it is connected. We tried the master reset, taking the battery out of our phones and we still get an error message on the screen of the Mustang saying that there is an error connecting the Bluetooth device.
    We also deleted all the phones out of the system and even when my phone is the only one in the system. After I add it, it tells me that another phone has been disconnected.

    • I believe what we have here is a “failure to communicate.”
      When you pair ANY Android phone (this includes the LG and the Samsung), in the pairing process you have to pay very close attention…
      When the system says, push OK to begin pairing a device…
      Then a PIN number displays, you enter the number (or approve it on your phone and the console screen if it matches the numbers automatically).
      As the system begins pairing, the notice appears on the console screen “Download Phonebook.”
      When you Push OK, your phone will immediately ping and show a screen that says “Always Connect” Be sure to check OK. Then also push the accept option on your phone… if you skip this step then your phone will “disconnect” every time from the Sync system when you start your car…
      I would recommend to delete the phones from your your Sync system. Be sure to delete Sync from your phones. Power the phones completely off… Turn the car off. Start the car again. Turn your phones back on… and do the pairing process again and be sure to check “Always Accept” when it appears on your phone. This should solve the issue. It’s an Android phone thing… you don’t have to do this step on the iPhone.

    • Did you ever find a solution? My boyfriend is having the same issue with his 2015 Ford Focus Sports Edition Sedan, please let me know what you did to solve your issue!

      • The Ford Sync system is a “bring your own device” system… sometimes the phones (and for some reason more Androids) have issues getting connected, and staying connected, to the Sync system. I know some users try to “reset” Sync to solve the connection issue… the real reason may be their phone, the operating system on their phone, the chipset and hardware components on their phone and, more often then not, the Apps might be the cause of the problem. Sometimes it’s the Settings on the phone that conflict with Sync. One way to “cross check” is to pair a friend’s phone (even if it’s a different phone) to see how it works with your Sync system. Lastly, be sure to check the compatibility chart at Ford websites or check in with Ford Customer Service at 1-800-392-3673.

  4. Hi…I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited. All was working well with the MyFord touch, then as I was driving, it reset itself. Since then, my Bluetooth says it’s off; even when I turn it on, it will not connect with my phone. I have an iPhone 5s, if that matters.
    Would unplugging the battery also work for this?

    • It’s very common for the MyFord Touch system to reset itself. Even my work computer (a Dell PC) needs to have Microsoft updates at least once a week. If you haven’t already, register (or log into) to verify that your Edge has the latest MyFord Touch software. Follow instructions from the website and update it. Then delete the Sync system from your iPhone. Then pair it back to the Sync system again. This could solve problems.
      Pair your iPhonePart of what is happening with your Edge is that you have an iPhone. iPhones get a little “out of whack” if they haven’t been kept up with software updates.
      Do you have the latest iOS for your iPhone? If not, then please update your phone software. After you do, be sure to completely power down your phone before getting back into your Edge. The software update should wipe out your “pairing” to the Sync system. So, delete your iPhone from your Edge’s Sync system. Then pair your phone back to the vehicle.
      ANd, yes, if all of this still doesn’t work, then do the “hard reboot” procedures as outlined in this blog.

  5. I have tried all your suggestions. Now, every time I start the car, the system has to boot up. And each time it says it’s scheduled maintenance.
    Bluetooth is still not working either.
    Should we unplug both battery terminals?
    Or do you have any other suggestions?
    Navigation & everything else works.
    Also, I noticed there is an extension on the warranty covering accessory protocol interface module.
    I don’t know what that is, but could that be the problem?

    • Please schedule an appointment with your Ford Service department. Yes, this is covered under warranty and it could be an issue with the APIM (accessory protocol interface module). and PLEASE – DO NOT unplug both battery terminals… this will wipe other information needed for the car to operate. It could also cause the vehicle to run rough — because the vehicle stores information on your driving habits, how the throttle works and a whole lot more. I would just recommend having a Service Technician do a complete diagnostic on your equipment.

  6. I have a Ford Fusion 2010. My battery went dead and my sync no longer works. Nothing works when I hit Auxillary it does nothing. I’m not sure what disconnecting the battery would do since a dead battery is what caused the problem. I have seen where people pulled the # 14 fuse and it works but my diagram looks like sync is # 13. Can you tell me which one for sure and do I turn the key off to do it?

    • Many people don’t know that when engineers design a vehicle’s electrical system that they have to have a certain protocol for handling the power supply.
      As you may know, a battery has a positive side (+) which connects to the vehicle through a red cable.
      The negative (-) side connects to the vehicle with the black battery cable.
      And, when a battery goes down and has to be replaced, both cables are disconnected from the old battery, a new battery is added to the vehicle and the cables are reconnected.
      This disconnection from the old battery essentially “wipes out” the Sync system’s ability to stay paired. Specifically, removal of the “red” (positive) cable clamp assembly will wipe out the system.
      Once the new battery is installed. It will create power and with the generator create the necessary power to start the engine, run the lights and other electrical components.
      Just reconnecting the cables will not “reconnect” the Sync system.
      Turn off the vehicle.
      Open the hood, loosen and remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp assembly for about five minutes.
      While you’re doing this… go to your phone.
      Go to the Settings Folder
      Find the Bluetooth connection.
      Delete (or unpair) the Sync system if it is showing in the Trusted Devices list.
      Completely power down your phone.
      Power it back up.
      Reconnect the black battery cable clamp assembly to your vehicle battery.
      Close the hood.
      Start your vehicle.
      You will need to let the vehicle run for a few minutes, then reset the clock. Set your radio back to the frequency and station you were on.
      Now, pair your phone again.
      Everything should work fine now.
      I wouldn’t recommend messing with the vehicle fuses…
      IF you need further assistance, see your Ford Service Department.

  7. i have ford edge 2011 and suddenly from last week my phone is not getting connected to sync with bluetooth. initially i restarted my phone hoping this will help as this method has worked in past. i have also unpaired the devices and deleted the phones from sync phone list. But no luck.

    Interestingly the bluetooth stereo is still working but phone is not getting connected for calls.

    • What kind of phone do you have?
      What kind of Sync system – MyFord, MyFord Touch, basic Sync?
      I would suggest no only powering down your phone, but doing a soft reset.
      You may need to pull the black battery cable clamp assembly (the negative pole only) for a few minutes and then reattach the clamp assembly and then restart all.
      This should clear and reset everything.

  8. I have a 2012 Focus Titanium. My Bluetooth works fine for my phone calls but cannot connect to my Bluetooth stereo. I’ve owned the car for just over a year now and this problem just started happening. I’ve tried deleting the device from my car and deleting Sync from my phone and then powered down my phone for several minutes. Then re-synced my phone and still nothing. Do I need to try a hard re-boot?

    • In the past couple of weeks I have received a wave of similar issues… it appears that Apple is once again creating iOS updates (the latest is version 8.1.3) and the protocols are conflicting with Sync’s… What version of OS do you operate?
      I would repeat the “re-pair” process and try to do a hard reboot. I’ve always had a tricky time with 2012 Focuses… it seems the battery cables are 1) buttoned down and are hard to get too and 2) it may even take a different tool (it’s not just a bolt – it’s like a bolt in the middle of an “axle” that’s connected to the battery cable clamp)… so if you’ve got some time, call you Ford Service department and see if they could assist in the issue. Or, call Ford’s Customer Service at 800-792-3673.
      And, I bet there will be another iOS software update for your phone to fix the issues that the previous software update was trying to fix…

  9. I recently started having issues with Bluetooth. When I start the car, my iPhone 4s pairs normally to my 2014 Mustang, but the first phone call always fails and the phone disconnects. I reconnect the phone and after that, the system works normally. I did a master reset over the weekend, and deleted the sync entry on my phone, but it did not fix my issue. I read somewhere that turning off the automatic contact update can help… Do you have any advice? Thanks!

    • Apple and the iPhone has had a lot of issues lately… it seems that about once a week there’s a new iOS software update from Apple…
      First of all, I would go to iTunes and check your phone’s software.
      Next, do the “clean” pairing. Take Sync off off of your phone Bluetooth device list. Take your phone out of the Bluetooth Devices on your Mustang’s list.
      Completely power down your phone.
      Turn off the car (and open the door). Start the phone back up and when it’s completely rebooted. Now begin the pairing process again.

      As for the contact update, this is meant to refresh the indexing of your contacts on your phone when you r start up the vehicle and the Bluetooth connection opens up…

      And, just for clarity… be sure you are “answering” the phone call correctly. When the call comes in, just give the phone icon on the steering wheel a quick push. I’ve seen folks press and hold the button for a second or so and it “hangs up” and cancels the call.

  10. Here is my issue. I drive a 2014 Ford Fusion and I have an iPhone 6. It worked flawlessly for 4 months until yesterday. I was talking and it suddenly lost a connection with the phone. The bluetooth audio works but not the phone. I cannot delete the phone from Sync. Pressing ok when deleting the device gives no response, ho matter how many times I press ok. Deleting all devices says all devices are deleted but the phone is still in the system. The master reset doesn’t delete it either. Any suggestions? I have not tried the battery since it is a company care. Maybe I can ask our mechanic to do this. Any suggestions?


    • Here’s what I would do… push and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top right side of your phone and at the same time also hold the Home button (located on the lower front face of the phone) for about ten seconds until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the phone “reboot” and restart.
      Your phone should be “unlocked” now.
      Turn off the vehicle completely (open a door and close to be sure), then restart your vehicle.
      Your connection should be okay now.
      You may have had a corrupted Bluetooth signal that affected your phone (causing it to lose connection to your vehicle).

      • Hi Vincent,

        Just to clarify, I believe the problem is not with the phone but with Sync in the car. I cannot delete the iPhone in the menu. When I go to delete it, with hopes of adding it again, nothing happens. When deleting it, pressing “ok” does not give a response. When I delete all devices, pressing ok says that everything has been deleted but the iPhone is still there. System default and master reset do not remove the phone.

        I have shut the phone down, etc. I get connected but only have access to Bluetooth audio functions with Sync. The phone functions are not recognized.

        Any advice?


  11. Don’t see quite my problem above so here goes:
    2013 Focus, Sync (not touchscreen). First got the car, paired our 2 phones – everything worked great, Bluetooth connected no problem, usb stick no problem. Should add, phones are Galaxy S3 and S3 mini…
    Now, I have to unplug the usb stick to get the Bluetooth to connect. Once it connects, I can plug the usb stick back in and everything works…
    Have reset everything, re-paired everything, no difference.
    Anybody have any ideas?

    • You probably don’t realize it, but your Sync system is run from a chip much like a laptop or tablet.
      Having the USB flash drive plugged in means the system goes to the USB drive before the main chip and it starts the process incorrectly.
      You see, upgrades come from the USB drive… and, by the way, is there anything other than music files on your flash drive? Clean off anything that is not a music file. The system prefers mp3 or mp4a… don’t even try to play any lossless files or WAV files.
      Try this…
      When you are finished driving for the night, unplug your USB after you turn the car off.
      When you start the car in the morning… give the system a couple of minutes to boot up.
      Plug in the USB flash drive.
      Push the voice button on the steering wheel and, at the tone, say “USB.”
      When the system responds, say “Play All.”
      And, once a week be sure to completely power down your phones and start them back up before you get in and start the vehicle

      • Thanks, this all makes sense – I had not considered the system looking for an update on the stick.

        Nothing on there but music, all in WMA lossless – works great btw 🙂

        Unpluging at end of drive, replugging after startup seems to be doing the trick.

  12. Hi, here’s my issue. I haven’t seen it mentioned yet in here. I just got an iphone 6. i was able to pair it with my 2010 Ford Edge no problem and it worked. I then updated the phone to os 8.1.3 and now it wont pair. It wont even find ford sync in the bluetooth section. I’ve deleted the phone from the car, I’ve rebooted the phone, reset network settings and nothing’s worked. According to the Sync site it states its only compatible with os 8.0.2. Is this true and is this causing the issue?

    • There may be more issues here… based on the upgrade.
      I’m using OS 8.1.3 with my 2010 Escape without issue… but you’re right. After I made the upgrade, I had to redo everything.
      Have you done a hard reboot on your iPhone?
      And, I know it’s strange, but there is already an iOS software update to 8.2… have you downloaded that one yet?
      This could be the fix to the fix to that other fix to the fix on the original iOS that came with your phone….

  13. I’ve rebooted my phone and updated to the newest IOS and it still doesnt work. My wife has a 2013 Ford Fusion and none of our 3 Iphones runnin OS 8.2 can find the Ford Sync in the bluetooth section in either vehicle.

  14. Unlisted problem: When I first synced my 2015 Explorer/Samsung Galaxy Note 4, everything went well. Suddenly this week, I now have to unlock my phone before I can do anything through Sync. (The first car/phone connection needs the phone to be unlocked before a call can be made). Once it’s unlocked the first time, everything will work fine even when the phone has been relocked. However, once I cut off and exit the car, the need to unlock routine starts over.

    • If I’m guessing right, your phone has changed the status of your Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t consider your connection to your Explorer as “trusted device.”
      Delete your phone from your vehicle’s Phone Menu (Bluetooth Devices).
      Completely power down your vehicle.
      Meanwhile, remove Sync as a connection on your phone (Inside the Bluetooth settings).
      Completely power down your phone for a few minutes.
      Power up your phone.
      Start up your Explorer.
      Pair your phone again to the Explorer… AND take note during the process of a sub-menu that briefly pops up and prompts you to click “OK” and click “Always trust this device.”
      Once the pairing process is complete, things should be working better.
      If not, then I would contact your phone store to see if there is an update or an issue with your phone.

      • This is very interesting, as I experience a similar problem with my Galaxy S4 phone (SGH-M919V, connected to “basic SYNC” (no “Touch”) on a Ford Fusion 2011 SEL). I voice-command to dial a phone number and the call goes through *if the phone screen is unlocked*. Then, I let the phone lock itself (programmed delay in the phone) and try again to make a call. I voice-command, but right after SYNC says “dialing”, the SYNC display shows “call ended”. Would a “master reset” of SYNC (from the menu options) likely to correct this problem, or do I need to perform the hard reset (disconnect the black cable from battery) ?

        • The issue isn’t really a Sync issue – it’s a phone issue. Completely power down your phone (if possible, pull the battery from a few minutes and replace it) then reboot.
          Also, check your phone settings to see if you can adjust the Sleep Mode and lock-down modes… even the Make phone visible in Bluetooth mode would greatly affect this phone behavior.

  15. Hi, I have a 2013 Ford Focus which was working perfectly with my HTC One M7. I have recently gotten a Galaxy S6 and it too was working perfectly for about a week. Most functions still work, but it has stopped skipping tracks on streaming music services. It will skip tracks if I am playing an MP3 from my phone. I have made sure the car’s software is the most up to date, attempted to re-pair the connection, and I’m fairly certain they did a master reset at the dealership today. I guess I still need to check if it works with another phone, but I am wondering if you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

      • I haven’t noticed a setting like that and I wouldn’t have activated it knowingly. Not to say I didn’t do such a thing, but I don’t think that is the problem. I have tested a different phone and it worked just fine with the systems, skipping tracks as it should. Then I kept downloading more music streaming apps to see if it was all of them or just some. Turned out that it was only some of the apps, Rdio worked. So, now my best guess is that it was a recent update for Slacker and Pandora that must have cause this to happen. Thanks for your reply.

  16. I have a Ford Fusion 2015. My Iphone 5 (Verizon) and Iphone 6 (AT&T) was connecting to the sync Bluetooth system normally. I have had no issues with it until yesterday. I have had the vehicle for less than 30 days. I called SYNC trouble shooting and did the master reset. Removed phone and devices, turned off car, opened door closed door. You name it i’ve done it and for some reason my phones do not recognize sync and the car does not add the phones. How do I do a system reset for the Ford Fusion 2015? Do you recommend i do the battery reset?

    • Many times folks are encouraged to do a Master Reset on their Sync system at the dashboard… I’ve been dealing with Sync systems since early 2008 and i don’t think I’ve ever had a time when the Master Reset did much of anything. Yes, I would recommend the “hard reboot” process. But first, delete Sync from the phones and delete the phones from Sync. Power down the phones. Do the hard reboot by only removing the negative pole (black wire) for a few minutes. Power the phones back up, then reattached the battery cable clamp. Start your vehicle, let everything run for about three to five minutes, and then pair the phones.


    • It sounds like your phone could be the cause of the problem — because you’ve done a lot of things to reset the Sync system, but you didn’t mentioned that you rebooted, reset or upgraded software on your phone… also check you phone settings (have you changed to Airplane Mode, etc.?)

  18. A Ford dealer worked on and replaced some stereo components that were not working. Now, everything works except for the steering wheel voice controls and my microphone. Any suggestions? 2011 F150

    • Please contact your Ford service department about this… The way Sync is accessed is through the steering wheel controls (linked to the microphone) and/or from the console/dash controls. It’s possible that in the stereo repair that not everything got reconnected properly – thus causing a situation like you’ve got. The steering wheel controls and the microphone are just two items that have to connect to your vehicle’s “radio head unit” in order to work properly.

  19. 2015 ford fusion bluetooth synced fine with iphone 5 but now it won’t come on.System keeps saying bluetooth off…I’ve delete my device and done factory resetting on both sytem and phone; still nothing. also, it doesn’t respond to voice recognition..only had the car for 3 months, what gives:(

    • When you say “System keeps saying bluetooth off…” which system is reporting this?
      If it is your phone, then turn your Bluetooth on in your phone’s System Settings.
      If it is your Sync system, then go to the System Settings in the Sync Phone Menu and set the Bluetooth connection to ON.
      I would also check to see if you have the latest iOS system on your phone.
      Once, you’ve got the phone iOS updated, then do a soft reboot on your iPhone.
      Then you might do a hard reboot on your vehicle — just word search within my blog for Sync Hard Reboot.

  20. I have a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon. We received a recall notification on the SYNC system so I took it in on Monday to have it fixed. There was another issue so my husband picked it up last night. They gave us a loaner, no issue with connecting my Galaxy S5 to it but now on the Transit it is saying no phone. I have tried everything that I can think of but I can’t help but wonder that since the dealership worked on the SYNC system that something happened with the Bluetooth. Am I missing something or should I just call the dealership? I have not tried the hard reboot as of yet.

    • Let’s go over a few things….
      If your vehicle’s Sync system was worked on… I’m assuming that if you went to the System Settings on your vehicle, to Bluetooth Settings, if you checked Connect Bluetooth Devices, that you should see nothing. If anything, then go back to the BT menu and select Delete BT Devices… and delete anything that’s on the system.
      No turn the vehicle off.
      Go to your Galaxy S5, go to its System Settings, Go to Trusted Bluetooth Devices, if you see Sync, then Delete it.
      Once cleared, completely power down your phone.
      After a few minutes, power it back up.
      Turn on your vehicle.
      Now, when you go to Sync’s System Settings menu you can pair your phone and create the proper connection.

  21. My vehicle will not upload my applications. I have Slacker, iHeart Radio and Pandora downloaded to my phone but only Pandora shows up when my phone is connected.

    • Have you established an account at ?
      If you go there and access your account, you can downloads any AppLink software you need and there are links showing how to use it. Also, be aware, AppLink is not available on all Fords – -usually on the basic Sync and MyFord systems – not on the MyFord Touch…

  22. Samsung Galaxy 4 in a 2015 Ranger. I am using sync and after the car is turned off and the key is still in the ignition in any position it will turn Sync off after about 10 minutes. Is there any way to extend the time or should it stay on longer. Once off sync will not turn back on until the vehicle is turned back on again.

    • This way the way Ford designed the system. If you’re on a call and your are parked, you can keep the vehicle running to talk on the phone as long as you want. When you go to accessory mode, the radio and sync will “time out” at ten minutes. I don’t think there is a way to reprogram the system. This is set up to keep you from running your battery down.

  23. My SYNC won’t come on. Not by the steering wheel controls or the phone button on the dash. The radio and clock work fine. It is like SYNC has no power or has been turned off. How can I get it to come on again?

    • I would do the hard reboot – see elsewere in the blog for details… of visit your nearest Ford service department.

  24. I have an iPhone 6 and a 2014 Ford Fusion. I’ve been tagging songs on the radio but they won’t download to my iPhone. Every time I try, I get a message that the tags could not be downloaded due to a communications error. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • I believe the sequence is… hear a good song, push the TAG button.
      Then, when you hook your iPhone to your computer (as if to backup data), and open your iTunes… then the iPhone transfer the Sync TAG data which, in turn, triggers iTunes to ask if you’d like to buy the selected items… thus it gives you the option.

  25. I have a 2014 Mustang, running version 4.4 of SYNC- paired to a Samsung S6 phone.

    Last week, the buttons on the radio stopped changing stations on Pandora. My SYNC has always had trouble finding Pandora on my phone (I now shut the phone off and restart right before getting in my car- which seems to help).

    I’ve tried doing a master reset, shutting my phone down, etc.- but my radio still will not change stations on Pandora (track name still displays, and I can use the button to skip a song- but no control of the stations). When I’ve disconnected the battery before, it does not reset SYNC (all my radio stations are still saved and the time on the clock is retained).

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Do you use the Double-Arrow buttons to shift from station to station?
      Have you got an account on
      If so, check to see if you can get a version of AppLink. You may need to reinstall that on your system.

  26. I have a 2015 Ford Focus and a Galaxy Note 3
    Ive had the car for a month and a half and bluetooth has worked until yesterday
    When I go to stream music it disconnects the bluetooth and wont work…i have removed and resynced restarted my phone etc..

    • Galaxy Note 3 systems are “persnickety.” I’ve found that you can “delete” Sync from the Note, but you have to clear it off and completely power off the phone, at least three or four times just to “reset” it… It’s some sort of programming protocol that Galaxy insists on using.

  27. I am having issues with a samsung Galaxy Note 4 . The phone bluetooth works well however people on the other end hear an echo. They hear their voices when talking.
    I had someone try calling me from 3 different phones and its annoying she is getting the echo repeat on her end. What is this issue how can I resolve this

    • I would recommend setting an appointment with a Ford service department and request that they check your microphone.

      • Thanks so so much I am scheduled for this saturday . Its so annoying and I know its not the Phone. I had to change my phone got another new phone and its still happening. Its so bad for people on the other end. I hope they find the issue Problem. 3rd time going

          • Found out Monday that the there is a flaw in the radio design of this car. When increasing the Volume the echo gets worse on the other end. Technician has me calling Ford Corporate headquarters. Hopefully this will get resolved. Appreciate your advise

          • There are a couple of things going on here…
            The microphone for the Sync system picks up the sound of your voice (or noise in the cabin) while on a call.
            The volume on your handset greatly affects the sensitivity of the Sync “reception.”
            If the part on the other end is having trouble hearing you, then turn up the volume on your phone (not on Sync).
            If you just turn up the volume at the steering wheel (or the console) it may “over-amplify” the sounds that the other party can hear.
            Also, be aware of the sounds in your cabin.
            The AC running at full blast, with the vent aimed toward the Sync microphone, can change your voice to sound modulated or distorted.

  28. My bluetooth sync works fine but every time I get in my truck I have to say “bluetooth audio” in order for it to connect. In other people’s car it just automatically connects. Is there any way for me to do this?

    • Can I assume you have a Galaxy or some other Android phone?
      This seems to happen more often with these types of phones.
      Have you tried to go top your vehicle’s Sync menu, go to Media Source, and select BT Audio before turning off your vehicle?

  29. 2014 F150 and a Samsung S 5 Android 5.0. Phone connects via Bluetooth with Sync very well every time no problems. My issue is that sometimes it is able to play Pandora through the mobile apps and other times it tells me no apps found. Sometimes I get in the truck, go to Mobile Applications and there is Pandora and sometimes it’s not there. Very inconsistent. Any ideas?

    • Samsung Galaxy has got variations of software (operating systems) all over the map… this causes havoc with Sync because the system requires devices to comply with the Sync specs… a Samsung phone (and the variations offered by several phone companies) seem to be inconsistent in the way they work with Sync.
      One thing I would recommend would be to completely power down your phone about every other night. Let is completely reboot before getting back in your F-150 the next day. It should work better.

      • Thanks Vincent. Restarting the device does help the issue. Just wanted to be sure I didn’t have something set up incorrectly.

  30. Our new 2015 Ford Transit (just purchased in June 2015) has the Ford Sync, and just today, the microphone stopped working completely. My commands are not heard, and I cannot be heard on my phone when I make a call with the mic. Please help~!

    • Sorry about the microphone issue… there’s a chance, that because your equipment is so new, that something like the microphone did fail and needs to be replaced. I would recommend visiting a Ford service department to have them diagnose this issue. The hard reboot procedure I use for most issues only affects software and some processor issues.

  31. I have a 2015 Ford Mustang with Sync with MyTouch and I have a Galaxy S5. Over the last few months the song/artist display is not working with Pandora. I’ve uninstalled/installed Pandora, deleted my phone from Sync, made sure I have all updates for phone, Pandora & Sync & power down my phone at least once a week. Also, the first phone call made with Sync upon entering the car never connects…always on the second try. I love my car but this is a major irritant. Any ideas or am I heading for the dealer? Thanks for your help!!

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve got some challenges…
      Have you registered your vehicle at ? There may be some more tips there…
      But my guess is that your phone (and the phone’s operating software) and/or some other things in the Settings of your phone, that has complicated the ability of your phone and the Pandora App to connect.
      Your Ford dealer may (or may not) be able to help. However, I’ve found that the Galaxy platform varies by model, by OS, and country of origin (where the phone was made) and by the carrier offering the phone.
      BY the way, I hope you love your 2015 Mustang – they’re awesome!

  32. I have a 2014 Ford focus SE. I don’t have the touch, just the regular radio. My Bluetooth has been working great playing music from my phone but it stopped yesterday. When I go to media and press Bluetooth it says not found but if a call comes in, I can answer it through the stereo. I’ve done a master rest on both my iPhone and the stereo. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • Try this on your iPhone:
      Force a restart…
      You should force restart your iPhone. To force restart your device, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. Then let go. Let the iPhone stay powered down for a minute or so and then press the Sleep/Wake button to restart your iPhone.
      Sounds like you might have had some Bluetooth signal corruption.

  33. my iPhone 5 does work only one way: sitting in the car it pairs with SYNC, and I can talk and people on the other side of the line hear me, but I cannot hear them. also when I dial I do not hear the dial tone in SYNC. anyone any idea?
    thank you

    • I think maybe you’ve had a Bluetooth signal corruption…
      Unpair your phone, delete Sync from your phone.
      Delete your phone from Sync.
      Completely power down both your vehicle and the phone.
      First, power up the phone.
      Then power up the vehicle.
      Re “pair” the phone to your vehicle.
      Things should be working better.
      If not, you may want to schedule a visit to a Ford dealership for a diagnostic review.

  34. I have had my Bluetooth active for over a year, today it has switched the connection to “Privacy,” I cannot get it switched off. During an active call, I have gone to menu, privacy and hit ok, it says turn privacy off, I press ok and it does nothing. Bluetooth is useless if I cannot get the privacy off. I even disconnected the system and reconnected and it still has it as private. Help?

    • I would recommend deleting your device from Sync and Sync from your phone. Completely power down the phone. Turn off and completely power down your vehicle. Turn your phone back on and turn your phone on. Go to your vehicle Settings to make sure Privacy is set to Off. Now, pair your phone again.
      Now, avoid picking up your phone and dialing a call. Or,if there is an incoming call, do not pick up your phone and accept the call there. These two actions throw the Sync “Privacy Mode” into a tail spin.

  35. 2015 Mustang with SYNC MyTouch. My iPhone5s pairs with SYNC but when I make a hands free phone call the call goes through the phone only instead of the car speakers.

    • I’ve seen this happen before… you pair a phone and at some point, when you’re in your car, you initiate the call or answer a call directly from the phone instead of through the Sync commands… and then the calls always go back to the phone.
      Try this, delete your phone from Sync. Delete Sync from your phone. Power down the phone. Turn the vehicle off…
      Reboot your phone. Once it’s back up, then start the car back up and then pair your phone again…
      Everything should be back to normal.
      Completely power down your phone at least once a week before you get back in your vehicle and start it up…
      Refrain from answering calls straight from your phone when you’re in the vehicle.
      And, yes, you can call up the Phone Menu.
      Go to Privacy Mode to switch an incoming call from the overhead speakers….

  36. I have a 2014 Ford Fusion. Ever since I have had the car, I have had issues with the bluetooth. I have no problem connecting my Iphone 6 to the car and it will work properly for a few minutes. I have noticed that anytime I am listening to music through the bluetooth audio or am making a phone call, issues come up. The issue that I have is every 10 seconds (either during a song or call) the connection will stop for 10 seconds, then re-connect. This is very annoying for calls as I miss 10 seconds of conversation every 10 seconds. Also annoying to have the music cut out for 10 seconds every 10 seconds. I have done the clean pairing, and master reset. Any other suggestions? I saw some people talking about the “battery reset” but I don’t know much about that.

    Thanks you!

    • I’ve worked with hundreds, maybe thousands, of Sync users and I’ve never heard of this one. I would guess that this is an iPhone issue. I would recommend taking your iPhone to an Apple store for review by a Genius.

      • That was my thought as well. However, I had this same issue with my LG G2 prior to getting the Iphone. It does the same with with my wife’s phone and have tried a few of my friend’s phones as well. Same issue occurs.

      • Hello – I know this thread is a bit old but I found this when searching for my issue, which appears to be similar to Thomas’ – My phone (android) will connect to the car just fine most of the time, but when I try and play music it cuts out every 10 seconds or so (but it’s only for a second at a time). If it doesn’t do that, then it will automatically advance to the next song after only playing a song for maybe 30 seconds or so. Also, sometimes it says my phone is connected but then a call comes in and when I answer through my car I can’t hear anything and have to switch off bluetooth to be able to talk to the caller through the phone.

        • I wish I could sit in your vehicle with you to see what’s going on… I would suspect that you are using the Sync system in a way that “kind of” works, but there is probably another process that would work better. When you are trying to play music is it: 1) Music stored within your phone; 2) streaming music from Spotify, Pandora, etc.?;
          And, are you going strictly bluetooth? Or is there a power cord from the phone to the USB port?
          To access your music did you 1) push the Voice button and say “Bluetooth audio” or 2) Push the Seek arrows on your steering wheel to access Bluetooth music and then push “Ok” or 3) start by tapping an App icon on your phone?
          Now, when a call comes in… how are you answering the call? 1) By pushing the “Phone” (looks like a handset with up and down arrows), or 2) by tapping the screen of your phone?

  37. I have a 2012 Focus that I purchased about a month ago. Everything with the Sync has been working perfectly until last week when my auxillary jack and the USB port quit working along with the Sync and Phone. The Sync and phone will not connect but I am going to try the hard reboot. Following instructions for the fuse reboot, my fuse panel only has 8 fuses in it and F14 is not one of them. Can you offer any suggestions as to what I can do to get the auxillary jack and USB port working again?

    • I’m sorry to hear about these problems…. I know that the Aux Jack and USB ports are wired into the back of the radio head unit. Occasionally this units will fail. My suggestion is to take your vehicle to a Ford service department for a diagnostic review.
      As for the fuses… I never mess with them to do a hard reboot. And then again, the 2012 Focus has got to be one of the hardest ones to do a reboot on – it seems that they purposefully don’t have access to the battery cable clamps…. once again, I’d see a Ford Service Department.

  38. Hey. My husband just bought a 2013 Explorer Limited 4×4. He has a Samsung Galaxy 5s. The problem is that his bluetooth connection turns on and off as he’s talking on the phone. It didnt do this in his last car. Any help would be appreciated as his phone is his work lifeline! Thanks

    • Please check the phone’s settings, is it set to be “Discoverable” in the Bluetooth mode. Sometimes (without adjustment) the phone automatically defaults and shuts off Bluetooth.
      Also, delete Sync form the Phone.
      Delete your Phone from Sync.
      Turn off the car.
      Turn (power down) your phone. Turn it back on to reboot.
      Turn the vehicle back on.
      Now, re “pair” the Sync and the phone.

  39. My 2011 Ford Escape has always done fine connecting to my phone… Even when I got a new phone I had no problem sync’ing it up to my car…. However, now it does not sync and sync is no longer even an option my car provides. Where did it go? Why did it just disappear? Additionally, i can no longer use my USB to charge my phone.

    • Are you registered at if not, get registered and check for updates. I have installed the new update on my 2010 Escape and it works better with the new devices out there. Also, I’m not sure you knew this, but the USB ports in your vehicle were never really designed to “charge” phones and devices. It is better to connect a 12 volt USB charger to the “cigarette lighter” plug for charging. The power output of your onboard USB is too low for charing, it was designed to play music devices (phone, mp3, iPods, USBs, etc.) Also, your USB port could possibly have failed, or the wiring/connection damaged. Please see your Ford dealer for assistance.

  40. can sync and download all contacts. I can ask to make a call, I hear the ringing but when the other person answers, I hear nothing and the other side hears nothing. I have tried everything. I even got appointment with Ford service tech. ford tech was on the phone with Ford. they could locate my vehicle. but still no phone service on my new truck.i have a apple phone 5, att service carrier. att tells me it ford , ford Tec don’t know. I need help

    • You didn’t say if this is a 2016 F-150… So what year, what model, what kind of Sync system???
      Is your Apple iOS the most current?
      Here’s the real test… try pairing another phone, maybe even a few phones. Do those work?
      If they do, then AT&T should try to switch out your phone.
      Obviously, if your phone is pairing then the vehicle “sees” the Bluetooth signal but something else is wrong…
      Can you access Bluetooth music stored on your phone?
      Contact Ford Customer Service at 800-392-3673 for further assistance.

  41. Hi,

    I have a 2013 Fusion Titanium Hybrid with the Sony HU. Ever since the IOS 9.0.2 update when I plug the iphone 6 into my USB port a message comes on the screen saying my phone is using too much power. It will not allow me to play music or access the phone at all when plugged into the USB. I am one of the lucky ones with regard to my blue tooth still working for streaming and making phone calls.

    Any suggestions?

    • Here’s what may seem confusing… an onboard USB port is NOT a recharge station. It is designed as a low power plug in. It can handle a certain “load” and that’s all. I would get one of those USB ports mounted on a “cigarette lighter” plug-in. Those offer a “12 volt” charge capacity, which is usually enough to recharge a phone and let you play music…
      At the heart of this issue is the iPhone 6. Depending on the Apps running (and running in the background) plus your location services, etc. who knows what sort of “demand” your iPhone 6 has. This is why your phone has to be recharged so often… especially if you’re using an App like Pandora…
      So if you used a 12 volt charge with USB, you could stream music via Bluetooth (as the Media Source) rather than from the USB source.

      • My Iphone 6 was fine prior to the update. I am unaware if apple partitioned the power to be more demanding with the update. Anyways, Using the cigarette charger in the front and the back seat will not charge the phone either. It will for a second, then cut out and repeats until I unplug on both chargers. Also note Bluetooth sound quality isn’t on par with a direct connect. Considering the market share Apple has on smart phones(roughly 88% of market saturation in the US) this would seem pretty much inexcusable for Ford to have 2 USB ports that are completely useless. I am still under warrantee . I have an appointment tomorrow with the service department. Oh and forget syncing contacts etc. None of that works.

        • There may be more issues going on with your contacts… do you have contacts saved on or to a SIM card?
          Sync can’t access that level (due to security issues).
          And, if you contacts are saved in Last name, First order but you try to ask for the contact through Sync by First name, Last name then their might be conflicts…
          And, on board USB ports are about 5 volts, an cigarette lighter (or on some Hybrid, the 110 volt outlet) allows 12 volt charging.
          The Sync 3 system (just now coming on on some 2016 models, but will be more extensive by 2017) does utilize more functionality with the iPhone platform.

  42. I am a new owner of a mustang 2015 and the Bluetooth connects to my android galaxy note 4 but, the audio keeps disconnected I tried a master reset and also a restore. I also tried to unpair the sync with my phones and it still disconnects the audio any advice. Should I disconnect the battery?

    • I’m not sure what is going on…
      Are you streaming music from your stored music files? IS it playing an App like Pandora?
      Are you getting a lot of text messages while listening to music?

  43. I have a problem which I have not seen posted yet .I have a android LG-3 phone and a 2014 ford F150.The first phone was a HTC .It paired well except when driving it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel to the person I was speaking to however when stopped or parked it was fine. The new phone is doing the same thing but also now keeps unpairing with Blue tooth .Any suggestions Ford say’s it might be a compatibilitie problem but to bring it in.

    • I’m in agreement… LG-3 phones tend to have “hit-or-miss” connection and sound issues… have you tried using another phone with your system? I found Evo to have Bluetooth issues as well…

  44. I have a 2015 Mustang GT (base-no navigation) with an iphone 5s. The car is now not playing apps like Pandora or TunedIn through the cars speakers? The phone syncs with the car and I can see my phonebook and make and recieve calls but the music will not play through the speakers. The display window in the car shows the artisit and how long I’ve been on Pandora but I get no audio? This is the case whether the phone is plugged into the car directly or unplugged from the USB. It worked fine yesterday and has worked the past 9 months I’ve owned the car. I have deleted sync from my phone and turned both the car and phone off and re-synced but to no avail? Any other thoughts? Thank you

    • I know that Apple has yet another iOS update that just came out a fe days ago. Update your iPhone’s iOS. Be sure to check all of your phone’s sound settings. It seems you’ve got Sync “turned off” for the sound output through your phone.

  45. 2015 Ford Taurus with My Ford Touch. iPhone 6. Both my ford and iPhone have latest updates. When listening to Bluetooth audio using My Ford Touch voice commands, I can only say commands such as play or next track. My Ford Touch doesn’t work when saying artists name, like saying play REO Speedwagon. Does My Ford Touch not work by saying band or song name? This works fine if I press and hold talk button and use Siri.

    • The Ford Sync system uses a voice-to-text recognition… which can be complicated…
      For example, is the request “Play artist Joe Cocker” or is it the exact text used on the sound file, such as “Play artist Joe Cocker, Leon Russell & The Shelter People Mad Dogs & Englishmen (Live 1970 Fillmore East) [Deluxe Edition]”
      It is the last one, because that is the file that the system would find that matches the song titled “The Letter (Single Version Stereo Mix)”
      I know, that’s different than how iTunes searches for music (which is similar to a Google search, it goes off lead names such as “Joe” and “Cocker”.
      I usually just put together playlists and let it go…

  46. I am new to Ford and SYNC. I recently bought a 2015 F-150 with SYNC (not the Touch version) and have a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The SYNC in my truck stopped working for no apparent reason one day. The symptoms were that the phone would connect but no audio would transmit over the bluetooth. I would also get a “connection error” on the SYNC screen when I turned on any media or made a phone call. The battery and signal icons still showed on the screen and the voice commands still worked.
    The only thing that worked for me to get rid of the problem was to do the hard reset by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery. In my humble opinion, this is a software design flaw. Ford, please look into this issue and send a software patch! Thanks!

    • I’m sorry you’re having issues. Have you “un-paired” the phone from Sync and Sync from your phone and “paired” again??
      I’m not sure you realized this… but the phone manufacturers should make phones that comply to international protocols… if the phone is causing a connection error, then it’s the phone that needs to comply to Ford. So I doubt there will be a software patch. There may be something up with your phone. Make sure you haven’t accidentally turned off some features or muted the sound or Bluetooth.
      Once everything is reconnected. I would recommend completely powering down your phone every few days and reboot it before getting back in the truck and starting it up.


    • First of all, go to your iPhone Settings folder, to General, to About, and see if you have iOS 9.1.
      If not, please update your iPhone software.
      With the phone turned off (or not int he car), turn on your Mustang and go to the Sync System Settings. Un”pair” (delete) your iPhone from the list of devices.
      Optional, you could do the Hard Reboot procedure (listed elsewhere in this blog).
      On your iPhone (not in the vehicle)… go to Settings Folder, go to the Bluetooth tab, tap it, look for Sync in the “My Devices” list. Tap on the blue circle to the right. On the next screen tap Delete this Device.
      Completely power down your iPhone.
      Wait a few minutes, power it back up.
      Now, go back to your vehicle, and Pair the devices again.
      Everything should be fine.
      Bluetooth is a “rolling code” technology and when there is signal corruption, then everything needs to be reset.


  48. Hello. I have owned a 2012 Ford Escape for the past year that has Ford SYNC. I have a LG G3 phone. My Ford SYNC and phone’s Bluetooth always worked fine (outgoing calls, incoming calls, and incoming text messages to SYNC). During that time, my Android LG G3 phone ran KitKat OS. In July 2015 it upgraded to Lollipop 5.0.1. My Bluetooth connection and activities still working perfect. However, ever since an LG G3 Lollipop update to 5.1.1 on October 6, 2015, I can no longer receive text messages over Ford SYNC. They come to phone, but don’t transfer to Ford SYNC. However, I can still send/receive calls via Bluetooth and Ford SYNC. It’s just the text messages that’s stopped coming through to Ford SYNC. I unpaired SYNC from phone, deleted all devices from Ford SYNC, did a Master Reset in Ford SYNC, key-cycled the vehicle –and then repaired. Still no luck. All is paired, but only incoming/outgoing calls work via Bluetooth and Ford SYNC, but no incoming/outgoing text messages. All worked fine until the LG G3 phone update on October 6, 2015 from Lollipop 5.0.1 to 5.1.1. (My phone is a LG G3 VS985, with NEW software version VS98535B). Verizon Customer Service, LG Corporate, and Ford SYNC Customer Service have no explanation. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • I recently got a chance to compare notes with an expert with the Bluetooth SIG – the folks that have defined how Bluetooth technology works. And you are caught in the middle… the old KitKat OS allowed you to receive text messages and new OS does not. Why? When the developers at LG rewrote the OS they materially changed the way it interacts with Bluetooth technology such s Sync. It’s true, Ford wouldn’t have an idea because it’s software used by the phone. Verizon wouldn’t have a clue because they are the cellular system provider – not the maker of the handset. At this point I would ask you top find friends who own different phones Pair their phones and see how they work. IF you find a phone that works for you, then switch to that system.
      Sync is a “bring-your-own-device” platform so it’s doubtful that Ford will rewrite a system because of issues of a certain manufacturer’s OS upgrade. Also, there may be hope than the next upgrade from Lollipop 5.1.1 will address the issue.

      • Thanks Vincent. Great info! Just as an FYI, when the phone upgraded to Lollipop 5.0.1 in July 2015 (from KitKat), the text messages through Ford SYNC still worked fine. It was when Lollipop 5.0.1 updated to Lollipop 5.1.1 on October 6, 2015 is when I experienced the issue with text messages no longer forwarding from phone to Ford SYNC. Steve

  49. My iPhone seems to pair and work fine except when I try to initiate a call with the buttons on the steering wheel or the dash, nothing happens. Completely dead. Any suggestions?

    • I don’t understand what you mean by “seems to pair and work fine” if you can’t use button (or voice commands??)??? to initiate a call.
      What year, and model of vehicle do you have?
      Has the stereo system been altered or modified in any way?
      If you are making calls from Sync, what functions are you using?

      • Sorry for the lack of info. 2015 Mustang. The recognizes the phone on the screen but when I try to initiate making a call with the hands free buttons on the steering wheel or dash, nothing happens. I performed a hard and master reset. I removed the phone and paired it again. Still no response from the buttons. Nothing has been altered. I am able to make a call using the number pad on the dash. It was working fine until a few days ago. Thanks.

        • I would schedule a visit to a Ford service department. Have them do a diagnostic… it seems like your steering wheel controls aren’t even plugged into the radio head unit.

  50. I just updated my SYNC on my 2011 Mustang GT with base SYNC. My MP3 player won’t work anymore. It shows the artist and song, but “skips” like a record or something. Plays 3-4 seconds, then repeats that same 3-4 seconds, then skips to a different place in the song and repeats the skipping. I updated so my phone works better, but now my MP3 player doesn’t work. I disconnected, restarted car, unplugged, powered down my MP3, removed the #3 fuse, nothing has worked. Do I resort to unplugging the battery?

    • Wait a minute… some Mp3 players, and even some phones, have “shake” controls. Check your mP3 player controls… this sounds like car vibration is causing the music to “jump” to the next song.
      I know this sounds counterproductive… but I find that downloading mp3 and mp4a songs to a small profile USB thumb drive (through a program like iTunes) is a much better way to play stored music. You can use voice commands to find specific songs. You’ll want to select USB as your media source.

      • Hi Vincent,
        I might buy that if the car was moving! Really all my MP3 player is is a glorified thumb drive. Found a reset button on my MP3 player today and now SYNC doesn’t recognize it at all. I guess the “skip” is fixed, but now I have no MP3 at all. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Vincent,
          I thought I would let you know I fixed my MP3 player today. I disconnected my phone, disconnected my MP3 player and did a master reset. Reinstalled my phone and now my MP3 player and my phone work like a charm! Hope this helps someone else!

  51. have a 2013 Escape SEL with Ford MyTouch. Have had my basic Jitterbug flip phone (Samsung sch-R220) paired for 3 years and it worked flawlessly. I know you’re going to not give it any credibility , but,,,,, I truly believe ALL my issues and malfunctions started after the last Sync software upgrade(3.8 or 3.6 ?? not sure, one or the other) ! But after that upgrade IS when ALL my issues started. I am sure of it ! Now the issues.
    1. Jitterbug will not hold pairing,,,, needs to be re-paired everytime I enter vehicle.
    2.When a call is initiated from the steering wheel(especially “Services” command, the bluetooth defaults to privacy mode and sync says “COULD NOT CONNECT CALL”.
    3.If it does get through (rarely) and I command “directions” and give it a destination, it says “hold on while I get your location” it goes IMMEDIATELY to a quick atypical buzzing busy signal and that it !!
    4. Previously I was able to send directions from my PC from MapQuest to SYNC, that feature doesn’t work any longer.
    I have tried everything ,master resets,,,dozens ! Clean re-pairing ,,dozens. Taken battery out of phone for 30 minutes many, many times. Called my phone service supplier GreatCall and thay say they have assured me nothing has chaned with the Jitterbugs software or firmware, nor has anything changed with their signal transmission protocols !?!?! I tried to disconnect the vehicles negative battery cable but I couldn’t easily get to it so I disconnected the positive(red) cable for 10 minutes. This resolved nothing. Help !?!?!?!

    • Several issues here…
      I would recommend calling Ford Customer Service at 800-392-3673, get through the menu to Sync issues, and try to speak with their support staff about this.
      Also, the Ford Sync system is a bring your own device system. Phone companies (and sometimes the carrier) have devices or protocols that will work well with Sync, or work occasionally or not at all. I believe the Sync upgrade was to expand Sync’s capability to work with the growing number of smartphones. Maybe you shouldn’t have upgraded the Sync software…
      Only pulling the red (positive) battery cable will not force a system reboot.
      In any case, please contact Ford Customer Service.

      • Thank you Vincent. Ford Sync help must be tired of me ! Not kidding ! I suspected the upgrade as well, but , they say NO, and they’re quite emphatic about that. When I asked if I could “roll back” to the previous software version,,,, another emphatic NO ! They say once Sync accepts am upgrade,,,,,, that’s it ! They said even if you suspected an error when upgrading, one could not even re-load the current software, because its in there and Sync “is quite sure it’s in there correctly” !
        I said wow.
        Was at Ford dealership this morning. They checked everything (again) and came to the conclusion my Sync system is functioning fine and if I want it to work again as it did before I need to invest in a new phone that would be “more compatible” with the new Sync software ! Would that not tick you off ?!?
        Wasn’t the upgrade to make system “MORE” compatible with “More” phones ??

  52. “Removing the ‘positive’ battery cable will not cause the reset”. Care to tell us how to access the ‘negative’ cable, since it is at least 8 to 10 inches under the windshield cowling? What I have read on ‘replacing the battery’ involves removing the entire cowling, or if you have a lot of ambition you might get away with just removing the entire air intake system.

    Makes me wonder how my Ford dealer keeps claiming they ‘checked the battery’ at every oil change, since they would have to pull it out to do that.

    • There are variations in the placement of the battery in every model and every model year.

      Please see this video:

      Some Ford vehicles still have a black battery cable access (even though it doesn’t seem that obvious).

      Next time you are at the dealer, just ask them how they check the battery – they will show you.

  53. Well i have read thru most of these postings.
    Nothing seems to apply to my situation.
    2015 F-250 Synch, no touch. just the screen for the radio and limited synch features.
    After working well for 2 months since i bought the truck:
    Two different droid phones paired and performed well.
    Nothing. No Phone. No Phone menu. No Synch at all. No response to pushing the phone button. No response to pushing the Synch button.
    So I can’t do a reset because I can’t get to that menu item.
    No joy calling 800 #. They did not seem to understand what the different buttons did when the system was working correctly.
    Thanks in advance for a solution.

    • I would recommend taking Sync off of both of your phones.
      Completely power down your phones.
      Turn off your truck.
      Open the hood. Loosen and remove the black (negative side) battery cable clamp (on both of your batteries if you have two). Keep the clamp assemlby off the battery for about three to five minutes.
      Reattached the battery clamps and tighten. Close the hood.
      Restart your truck.
      Allow it to reboot (takes a few minutes).
      Then turn on your phones.
      Your Sync system should reboot in about five minutes.
      Find the Menu and delete your phones from the Sync system.
      Now, re “pair” the phones.

      Be sure to check the
      Open an account if you have to… it will show you if you need a software upgrade.
      It will show you how to download an install software if needed.

  54. My new 2015 F-150 has a microphone problem. When I call out or receive a call people say they can not understand me. My reception is fine through the speakers but when I talk they say my voice is “high pitched and real squeaky sounding” and I must repeat slowly, several times, for them to understand me. It is quite annoying for a $60K+ truck. The dealership did a master reset, no help. I’ve personally completely deleted my iPhone 6 from Sync, reconnected the Bluetooth and also did the master reset to no avail as well. Is there a bad microphone possibly?

    • The dealer should check the microphone.
      There is a possibility that extraneous sound is affecting the microphone as well…
      Yes, ask your dealer to help.

  55. I have a 2014 focus and a Iphone 6s plus. I can make phone calls through sync and it shows it is connected by Bluetooth. But when I go to stream music through the Bluetooth the car displays says no Bluetooth device found. Does anybody have any advice on how to fix it/

    • Please check your screen controls on your iPhone. Bluetooth is probably turned off on your phone. Turn it back on before starting your car up… It’s easy to turn off the Bluetooth when swiping across the screen.

  56. Hello,

    I have a Ford Focus 2013 with Sync. Ever since my Samsung S5 updated to Lollipop 5.1.1 pairing with my phone and Sync seems to be pure chance that they connect.

    i.e : They usually pair fine (and everything works fine(almost)) without any hicups, but sometimes Sync just cannoty connect to my phone when I start my car. This is problematic as I usually have my audio system to Bluetooth playing songs on my phone, so when it does not connect after about 30 seconds Sync switches to radio and it is very loud.

    I have found that I need to turn off my phone and restart the phone. When phone has rebooted I need to manually connect it via sync. Then everything works fine, except for one thing. Playing songs via bluetooth is not working properly until i go on my phone, open music player and press play on phone, then sync picks-it up. It used that whenever I wanted to play music through bluetooth it would start it up automatically.

    Anyone have similar problems having their S5 not connecting (randomly it seems) to Sync?

    Thank you

    By the way,

    I’ve done all that is recommended, Factory reset my phone (it reset with Lollipop, but not previous iOS), removed phone from Sync, had them find each other again, etc.

    • Sync is set up now to be prompted by the turning on the phone app to play streaming music. However, I believe that if you go to your vehicle’s Sync System Settings menu you can move through the menu to find an option for “Automatically Connect BT” (or something like that…) The default setting is to have your phone “prompt” the Sync system to play.

  57. I have a different issue with the Sync system in my 2010 F150 Platinum. The two front left hand speakers operate on a part-time/intermittment basis so I know they are working, are wired correctly and the harness is working. It seems so random that I believe it to be a system software issue. Is there a way to diagnose this without taking the unit out of the vehicle?

  58. Hi I have a 2015 fiesta zetec with sync I have a Samsung s3 mini paired with it and everything seems great but annoyingly it sets a text tone from the phone eveytime I start the car I would just like to turn this tone off any help please
    Thanks col

    • I would suspect that the tone is to alert you that the phone has “connected” to the vehicle. There may not be a way to turn off the tone. The only place you chould check that would be in the Sync System Settings… but I’m not sure where it would be… maybe you should try to see if there is an On/Off for Text Alert Tone.

  59. I’ve just been reading through some of the Sync problems above, and I’d like to know, in what universe is it considered reasonable to have to disconnect the battery periodically to make a crucial accessory (hands-free, voice-activated phone use) operate correctly? This is like having a Windows computer in the 1990s, and having to reinstall the operating system every few months. I’ve got a 2015 Fiesta, with what I understand to be the most basic version of Sync, and since I’ve owned the car (not quite six months, about 11,500 miles) I’ve had to have the Sync module (hardware!) replaced once, and had the Sync system reset by the dealer once — and now, less than four weeks after the last reset, I’m back to “Bluetooth media disconnected” after less than one second of playing music, and neither making nor receiving calls works. My phone, a Galaxy S4, has the most up to date system software there will likely ever be for this model from this carrier; my Sync was updated by the dealer last time it was in (I can tell, because some display items changed and the voice announcement can now pronounce “Bluetooth” correctly), the first weekend in December.

    Warranty or no, this Sync system is on the verge of qualifying this car as a “lemon” under state law — but it appears this is somehow considered “normal” by Ford. I love the Fiesta — 40 mpg on a 40 mile each way commute is very attractive, and it’s still fun to drive if I don’t mind burning a little extra gas. I wish I’d sprung for cruise control, but I can live without it; my first eight cars didn’t have it. But this ongoing Sync issue is making me tear my hair — and I have little enough to spare.

    • You haven’t mentioned that you’ve seen your Ford Service Department. I would recommend having a complete review. And, yes, your system is a Microsoft product and it was built to have reboots to recalibrate the system.
      Some of the issues probably stem from your phone. Your phone needs to be powered down and occassionally rebooted at least once a week – otherwise it causes a corruption within your Sync system. The phone company is supposed to build and program their phones to work on your vehicle’s parameters and sometimes the older the phone, the more the problems. Have you paired a different phone to see how reliable it works?

      • My car has been seen by my (major regional) dealer every time the Bluetooth has failed. A “Complete Review” means what? They go through their manual-recommended service process, and when “issue no longer present”, I get the car back. This past time, it was returned to me on January 6 after I drove a Lincoln Mark C for two days, and the Bluetooth failed again this morning, January 29. I shouldn’t have to waste an hour or more of my time messing with this on a monthly basis. I shouldn’t *ever* have to do a “reboot” that requires re-entering my personal preferences (24 hour clock, radio station settings, etc.). I shouldn’t have to restart a phone that’s working correctly in all other respects in order to get my car to work correctly. I shouldn’t have to listen to everyone blaming my phone when my car doesn’t work. Yes, I have a Galaxy S4 — a couple models back, but provider updated to Lollipop, and I’ve had it just over a year. I shouldn’t *need* to spend $600 out of pocket every year to have a sufficiently up to date phone to use with my economy car. If I could afford to spend that kind of money on a phone, I could probably have afforded to go upscale a bit on the car purchase.

        I drive my car 40 miles — about 50 minutes on average — each way to and from work, five days a week. I listen to music through Bluetooth all of those miles. I expect the car’s audio system to just work — not to require me to mess with it (to hear you tell it) weekly.

        And no, I don’t have another phone I can pair and check for reliability. I can’t borrow my partner’s iPhone for a matter of weeks to see if it works better, and I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade my phone just to test whether that helps. Nor am I willing to try to use my tablet to play music; that would still put handling my phone back in manual mode (can’t use voice dialing or steering wheel controls to manage the phone).

        • AMEN!!!! I have a 2011 Ford fusion Sport. This is ridiculous, but I love the car, thinking about putting an aftermarket system in after reading this page. Yours is by far the best post!!! Thanks for telling it like it is!

          • You know, there are millions of computers in the world. Some have issues due to hardware and/or software conflicts… you can’t say that all computers are bad because of a few. I’ve been using various Sync systems for 8 years. I’ve never run into such an issue on my vehicles. I’ve helped thousands of people with their system – a handful of situations could not be fixed. So, do what you want with an after market system, but sometimes you have to look for solutions.

        • Have you called Ford Customer Service at 800-792-3673? You’ve got to speak to a Ford Customer Service Manager about this situation. It’s very rare, but sometimes hardware and/or software issues are so pervasive that additional intervention is needed to solve the issue.

  60. Hello,

    2016 Escape w/Sync 3. If I choose to drive without a phone, Sync keeps repeating an annoying “No phone is paired” message. How do I make it stop?? Can’t believe I couldn’t find this in the instruction manual anywhere…


    • Have you gone to your Settings on your Sync system?
      In any case, I think the statement is standard when you “start up” your vehicle… Why? Because of the 911Assist function. You can go to the settings and turn off the 911Assist, this should stop the statement…

    • I’m not sure if this is due to the Sync buttons not being pushed in the right sequence or not. Have you checked with the service department at your Ford dealer?

  61. fiesta 2014 basic sync – phone Nokia lumia 920. Im having problems connecting now with my phone – I have removed sync from phone and gone through re-pairing process, I have also down a master reset on sync, but I cannot delete my phone from sync. Sync works fine on another nokia lumia phone.
    can you give any suggestions

    • So are you saying that when you go to the Sync, System Settings menu, and then go to BT Devices, you cannot “see” your phone on the list? Or, that you see it, but can’t delete it?

  62. I just traded my 2014 Fusion for a 2016. I got my iPhone paired fine, but now when I try to use the “text to voice,” to speak a text message or Internet search, the Bluetooth mic doesn’t activate. Since the phone is connected to syncs, the phone mic doesn’t work either. It worked fine in the 14 Fusion, same phone. Any ideas? I have set it as primary phone.

    • What do you mean “Use the text to voice”???
      Does this mean you are pushing the steering wheel controls and trying to speak a text message?
      Or are you pushing and holding the Home button on your iPhone and waiting for Siri to ask to send a text?
      You mention a 2016 Fusion, I don’t believe your have access to Sync 3. If you did you could use Apple CarPlay. Should be available on some 2017 Fusions.

  63. How can you stop sync from answering a call if you want to take it on your handset (people in the car)? It automatically goes to sync when making or receiving a call. Just got a 2016 Ford Escape…so all this is new to me.


    • Look in your Sync instructions on shifting in and out of “Privacy Mode.” Check back soon… I’ll see if I can’t put together some video tips on getting more out of your Sync 3 system…

  64. please help

    my ford ranger 2015 model and i did pair with my phone . everything works well when call and receive calls but the big problem is when calling and receiving a call. it does not play through the speakers , i did made sure the phone is set to work through Bluetooth headset and the volume is ok

    anything else?

    • The problem is the set up for Bluetooth headset.
      On some phones you may have several Bluetooth devices “connected” to your phone. Such as, headset, headphones, Jawbone speakers and/or Sync. If you have any of those devices on and in the vehicle, they will override Sync and re-route the incoming call and outgoing sound to those devices.
      Be sure you Bluetooth settings only show Sync int he prime spot and be sure that is the only “active” device in the vehicle when you start your car.
      Also, when the call comes in, use the steering wheel controls to answer the call… don’t use the phone handset, this will automatically take the call into “privacy” mode – and you would have to go tot your Sync settings to go “out” of privacy mode to get the call back onto the car’s speakers.

  65. I have a 2015 Fusion Titanium and my issue is volume differences, Bluetooth stereo resets to a level that is only audible when stopped, if I turn it up to listen to bluetooth then the Sync voice command will blow the doors off and if the radio comes on I’m afraid my ears will be damaged. I would LOVE Bluetooth, Phone, voice command prompts, and the radio to have a constant safe volume.

    • I’m sorry, but there will always be volume issues between radio, CD, Bluetooth, USB and streaming audio. There are many technical reasons why the volume differs. Lower volumes, make the switch, then set volume to a comfortable level.

  66. I have a 2015 Ford Fusion and an Iphone 6. I have had the car for a year, and for 11 months, no issues at all. For the past month or so, when using the phone through Bluetooth in the car, I have very loud popping/cracking sounds that come over the speaker. It is extremely annoying. Music played through phone over Bluetooth is fine with no interference. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Sounds like something has gotten corrupted. Clear the phone from Sync, clear Sync from your phone, power down your phone. Power down your car. Then, re-pair vehicle and phone.

  67. I just bought a 2016 C-Max Energi and I cannot get Sync to download the contacts or text messages from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I’ve deleted the phone from Sync in the car and deleted Sync from the paired devices on the phone, shut both down, and then gone through the pairing process again. When the phone prompts me to allow Sync to download messages and contacts, I select “allow” and I check the box “don’t ask again”. Sync appears to go through the download until it says “finished”. Then I try to open contacts or text messages in Sync and it says Sync cannot download them – if the problem persists contact support at xxx-xxxx. The kicker is there is a button that says “call” below the support number, but it doesn’t work. I’ve called support and they’ve had me go through the pairing process again – which hasn’t worked. I’m pretty much over it – shouldn’t be this hard. I used the same phone with my Infinity and didn’t experience these problems. If there is not a know way to fix this, is there a particular phone and/operating system that you are aware of that works better with Sync? I may go phone shopping this weekend. Thanks

    • The Note is a fine phone, but I’ve not seen it working well with Sync systems… there is something unusual in the programming.The iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is a more stable platform. Be sure your contacts are not saved to a SIMM chip… be sure they are saved to your phones memory. And, Sync does not like more than 2,000 contacts…

      • Thanks. The contacts are saved to the phone and I only have about 60. I really don’t care for Apple, and I don’t want Windows OS. Is there any android phone that seems to work well with Sync?

  68. Just bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I can pair my phone with SYNC with no problem. However, when making or receving calls, my mic does not seem to work, along with voice commands, it is not “hearing”me. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

    • I know that your vehicle is out of it’s normal warranty period, but your Ford Service department could check the microphone to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced.
      However, just last week I had a customer with a 2011 Explorer and they had the same issue. I check to see if there was a software update (and there was) so I updated the software. And, I did the “hard reboot” (see the blog on this topic that’s on this site).
      Now everything works fine…

  69. I drive a 2014 Mustang that has Sync with Voice Activated Navigation.

    I really enjoyed the mobile apps functionality and found it extremely useful.

    The only drawback was that is seemed to have connectivity issues. Even with that being said, I could at reliably access mobile apps 87-93% of the time. This was on version 4.2.1.T

    Version SYNC v4.4 and I couldn’t resist upgrading after reading the release notes:

    Bluetooth© Connectivity Improvements:
    Enhanced Bluetooth phone connection stability
    Enabled track information to be displayed for Bluetooth-streamed media including metadata such as song title, artist name and album title
    More robust Message Access Profile (MAP) functionality to handle SMS reception and Text2Speach output
    Media Connectivity Improvements:
    Improved media connectivity for USB-equipped Apple devices, as well as streamlined device initialization and authentication process
    Previous USB or Bluetooth media source playback now resumed after ignition cycle
    AppLink Functionality Improvements:
    Better AppLink customer experience with more robust features and reliable functionality

    I was hoping to reach 100% connectivity with Mobile Apps, but instead… It was very much the opposite.

    Now mobile apps will RARELY connect. At most I can connect consecutively 2 to 3 times in a row if I’m lucky and then it refuses to connect. The only way to get it working again is to pull fuse number 3 from the passenger kick panel. ( I tired all the fixes previously – reverse pairing, master reset, bluetooth on/off, removing the saved bluetooth connection and restablishing, etc – none of it worked. The only thing that would work is to pull fuse number 3.

    This is extremely frustrating. So much so that I’ve actually been considering wiring a toggle switch inline for fuse 3 to quickly correct the problem.

    I would gladly downgrade to the previous version of the firmware if it would allow me to.

    Any suggestions/advice Mr Sync Guru?

    • Let me think about this for a while…
      You didn’t say what type of phone, and what operating system version you phone is working with. I am assuming Apple…
      You didn’t mention the type of Apps you are using. Sometimes, it seems, the Apps are the undoing – they weren’t created to cause problems, but sometimes the way it is used does create problems with connectivity.
      Which Apps do you use the most? How do you access them – through Sync voice commands, or directly through the device?
      Also, do you keep a USB device or charge cord plugged into your vehicle (especially when you are starting the vehicle?)
      And, do you park in a basement garage? In a high-rise garage with lots of metal infrastructure?
      Are there strong radio signals in your area (radio broadcast towers, cell phone towers,etc.?)
      Rolling code Bluetooth should be impervious to surrounding radio frequencies, but people who really use the connectivity are prone to more disruption issues (hence the need to pull the fuse). For those readers who don’t want to pull a specific fuse, then that’s why I find if easier (?) to remove the black battery cable clamp for a few minutes periodically.

  70. my phone has disconnected fone my 2011 Taurus and whenever I try to pair it back it won’t let me add it back on there. whenever I go to add Bluetooth it always go turn Bluetooth on/off everytime and I have reset many times and still having this problem.

    • I believe you may have out-dated Sync software on your vehicle. If you haven’t already, please go to and register your vehicle at the online site. It will let you know what software version you should have and let you download an update to a USB flash drive. If you need an update, it will also give you pointers on updating the software.
      Also, have you completely deleted Sync from your phone and your phone from Sync?
      If you haven’t done this, it won’t pair correctly.

  71. I tried everything suggested except disconnecting the battery. Nothing worked. Finally gave in and did the battery trick. Connecting fine now but that is ridiculous. The Master Reset or some other option should reset the system without disconnecting the battery. I’m also very frustrated that since I updated my Sync system last year, it defaults to “line in” after turning the car off and back on. I have to do a lot more work than should be required to restart my bluetooth audio when I get back into the car. Not sure if I will consider Ford in the future if they can’t get something as simple as Bluetooth audio right.

    • I’m sorry you feel this way… the Sync system was developed in conjunction with Microsoft – they seem to have “power down and reboot” as the default for everything.
      As per the “line In” at start up, check to see if you have a power cord or a USB flash drive left in the USB port when the vehicle is turned on. Having something in the port when the vehicle is started will always cause this to happen with “Line In.”

  72. I like the solution, but the “it’s a computer and they have to be powered down every so often” answer doesn’t pass the smell test. If I have to reboot the entire electrical system every month (which is what battery disconnection is), And apparently, a “Master Reset” isn’t.

    Sounds like extremely poor engineering to me.

    • I understand your frustration… Microsoft platforms are built on what some consider to be archaic ideas…
      Power down and reboot is a valid process that often “solves” most computer issues. It shuts off what was not working and allows the system to restart following standard protocols.
      In case you’re wondering, the “Master Reset” button only tries to re-establish the software operation (as far as I know). And, almost 100% of the problems Sync users have is a problem that started with a poor Bluetooth connection, a “device” oriented issue or (rarely) the APIM or processor on the Sync system. This is why the “hard reboot” process is so effective.
      As for your comment on the battery disconnection being a “reboot of the entire electrical system” – it is not…
      Pulling both the positive and the negative battery cables actually “wipes out” certain electrical system (i.e., the throttle control system, the ignition system.) It wipes out saved radio stations, time and temperature, etc.
      Pulling the black (negative pole) battery cable does a system reboot – you could get the same effect by pulling and reinstalling the appropriate fuse for your vehicle that controls the Sync system. And that seems to be a lot of demanding to me.

  73. I read through the majority of the problems above and didn’t see the issue I have been having. I have a 2013 F-150 FX4 with the Ford MyTouch SYNC system that i bought new from the dealer. The system has worked great the majority of the time I have owned the truck, however, every so often the BT Stereo will connect with my phone and the audio will come through my phone speaker, not the truck speakers. Also, when it connects the SYNC system will switch tracks anywhere from 30 seconds to a few min. into each song (this morning every track switched at 3:11 exactly). I have iPhone 6 Plus and have had it for a year. Before that I had an iPhone 5, but this audio problem has been happening since I purchased the truck.

    Both can be corrected by disconnecting the Bluetooth on my phone and reconnecting (sometimes multiple times until it corrects itself). I am wondering if there is a long term solution to this mainly due to the fact when this happens I am driving my vehicle trying to fix the audio (very unsafe).

    • Well…
      I believe the issue is coming from the iPhone. Please check your phone settings to see if in the Audio section there is a shake or shuffle on/off. This allows movement of the device to “change” tot he next song. But it can be turned off at the phone.
      Also, how are you accessing your BT Stereo?
      I would suggest using the vocal commands based on the steering wheel Voice Command prompts.
      Such as, push the “Voice” button.
      State “Bluetooth Audio”
      Add then, start the BT streaming from your phone’s music, or streaming App.
      I’ve heard when you try to start things from the phone first (such as starting the App to play) and then try to switch on the Sync system, that it may cause problems like you’ve been having.

  74. 2016 Mustang Ecoboost Premium….touchhscreen often doesn’t work. And now I am starting to get kicked off my conference calls pretty frequent. For hours my phone will not connect. Hell, sometimes, the radio doesn’t even come on for 20-30 minutes. I have to pull over and play around with it by turning the car on and off a few times to reset it. I’ve unpaired the devices, paired them again numerous times. They will work for an hour, maybe 2, then won’t connect. The devices, my personal and corporate cells, will still be visisble and when I select one and touch “Connect”, nothing happens. I went half a year w/o one problem, hell, it would even connect my devices when washing my car and with phones in the kitchen! Now, it won’t connect as soon as I get in the car and start. I need my bluetooth to work! I’ve rented garbage 14K cars when traveling and the bluetooth works without a hitch. It always works in my 2014 E-class, and it was only 10K more than this car!! This is my daily driver, I paid 36K for this thing and I need to talk hands free on work calls to avoid being ticketed, and I don’t like earpieces!! Also, I can’t listen to my Spotify relaxation music playlists or listen to my news feeds on other apps whenever the bluetooth won’t connect. I travel a lot for my firm and I need this to work properly!!!

    • Okay, your upset. But there must have been something that caused the issue. If it worked before, then something has substantially changed for your system to have these issues.
      Have you registered at and checked for any software updates?
      Are all of your devices using the most current operating systems?
      One thing that would make me suspicious is that you said “devices.” How many do you have connected? How are they used with the system? If you’ve paired your devices again, did you make sure that all former pairings have been cleared from the Sync system and from your phone/devices?
      Sometimes business/corporate phones have been “set” by your IT department to have software/apps/and or other encryption that prevents them from working properly with the Sync system. Check on that and, if so, then maybe that device can’t be used effectively with your current Sync system.
      Have you done a “clean pairing” and then done a “Hard Reboot” (see elsewhere in this Blog for details)?
      And, I would also suspect that somewhere (usually at your work site) there might be some sort of interference that corrupts your Bluetooth connection (could be a radio transmitter, Bluetooth scanning device – such as wireless, remote electric metering, etc.). This would corrupt any system over time…
      And, at very least, please visit your Ford Service Department. They can run diagnostics to see if there is anything else that can be adjusted or corrected.

  75. 2015 Ford Explorer. Factory authorized JL Audio dealer just installed all new speakers, new amp, new sub, and integration device (JL FIX-82) so I can still use the factory Sync system. The flaw in the Ford setup however is that the audio, phone and chimes are all coming through the same signal. This has now caused Bluetooth calls to come in at an extremely high volume level. You can quickly reach for the nob after heart failure and turn the call down to a reasonable level, but it does not default back to this for future calls. The chime controls are also amplified. There is a setting for turning off the chimes, and there is also a setting for adjusting the volume of navigation and help voice. There is not however a separate setting for phone volume! This is a major flaw in the Ford system that I hope can be fixed by possibly adding a phone volume to settings in the next software update.

    • The “volume” is always different on stereo equipment. A radio signal will not always come in at the same volume as the CD, the USB, the bluetooth music or the phone. I’m not sure if an equalized sound is a “Ford flaw.”

  76. My Sync system in my 2013 Fiesta (w iPhone 6+) will often try to inform me that I’m on an active call when I’m clearly not. Is there any way to hang up. I’ve tried several voice commands (many containing curse words) but nothing seems to work. The hangup button on the steering wheel does nothing. I tried the phone menu but no options there. It is very frustrating. Sometimes restarting the phone seems to help but sometimes it goes right back to saying it is connected (it shows my phone number on the sync screen and starts counting the minutes).

    • Which button are you pushing on the steering wheel?
      Is it the one with the mouth – I call it the Voice button.
      Or, is it the one that looks like a telephone?
      To hang up, use the telephone button and hold it down for a couple of seconds, then the system will display Call Ended and return back to music (or whatever the system was doing when the call came in).
      Also, did you start the call by pushing the Voice button and stating “Call John Smith on Cell?”
      Or, did you start the call by dialing from your iPhone?
      If the call was connected directly by your phone, you should hang up by pushing the End (red) button on your phone screen.
      I hope this helps…

    • Please visit your Ford Service Department… the cause may be wind coming through windshield leak… or a roof leak. It may be because of a sound muffle/baffle that isn’t protecting the microphone correctly… It may be because you are speaking while the heat or air vent is on high and pointed directly at your microphone… or, it could be cause of your phone being in a poor reception area… or it could be because of a phone issue.

  77. Have a samsung galaxy s5 and fiesta 2014. Until recently voice activated calls worked fine. Will only make a call if the phone and sync are deleted and paired from scratch each time i get in the car (iie deleted from radio and phone). Will make voice activated calls until engine and bluetooth turned off. When get back into car, phone and radio pair ok, shows at top of radio screen, can see phonebook contacts but fails to make voice activated call. Both radio and phone software checked and up to date (with ford dealer and samsung shop just to make sure) and phone is switched off each night. Any ideas?

    • Here’s what I know… when you pair a Samsung (or most Androids), the process is way different than for an iPhone. You are asked repeatedly by Sync to access contracts, access SMS and at least one other area of your phone… but worse yet, your phone will ask as well and if you don’t check the box to always allow.. then your pairing process is not complete. I would bet this is why you have to start over again with a clean pairing.
      Yet another reason is the type of cell tower “language” in your areas that you drive in… the protocols for 4G LTE access for AT&T differ widely from Verizon and other carriers. Also, sometimes were we park is in a zone that have been “blocked” by Homeland Security or other similar agencies, or you may have heavy “bleed over” of radio signals that distort and corrupt your Bluetooth signal between phone and vehicle…
      It may be time to call in a real Geek to see what can be done.
      Of course, to really verify things… pair your phone to another Bluetooth vehicle and see if you have the same issues, then you could assume it’s the phone…
      Or, pair another phone to your car and use it is, if it works okay then you might assume it’s your phone….

      • Seems that it works fine until phone locks and then unable to make voice activated calls. Whilst screen is unlocked voice calls work. Can receive calls and texts whilst screen is locked.

        • How annoying is that?!
          I haven’t really heard on this happening. I wonder if it is more of a phone issue. You can go to your System App, select General and go to AutoLock and select a longer time until it goes to screen lock, and you can turn it off. I’ll have to find some phone geeks to see what they recommend…

          • I tried the longer screen timeout which worked but havent been able to find out how to turn it off. 🙁

  78. Just today it seems I have no microphone when my iPhone 6 is used connected in my 2013 Ford Escape. Siri doesn’t answer either. When I answer the call, people can hear me, but I cannot hear them. Is there a microphone setting somewhere I’m missing? I’ve tried a network reset, a hard reset, a clean repairing, nothing has resolved the issue

    • When you are in your car… is the bluetooth symbol showing on your dash display?
      When you make a call while driving, do you pick up your phone and dial, or use Siri to dial?
      Or, do you push the Voice (the mouth symbol) on your steering wheel and make the call?
      If you start the call from you phone, in the first few seconds after dialing the number, your phone will give you the option of Sync, iPhone or Speaker… if you don’t select Sync, then the call stays on your phone and the Sync microphone will not work…
      And, sometimes, through your Settings on your phone, you’ve got the phone set to Mute or to a much lower volume/playback, thus making so you can’t hear…
      If all of those things are checked and you can’t determine the issue, then visit your Ford dealer to have the microphone checked – it may still be under warranty (if you haven’t exceeded your warranty mileage limit)…

  79. Need help. 2011 Escape with basic Sync. Used to run iPhone 5 everything worked perfectly. Upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S6. Deleted all devices in Sync and paired the new phone. Problem I’m having is that although the phone works excellent with Sync, I cannot get Sync to find blue tooth audio. In other words I can’t listen to my music files on the phone with Sync.

    • To access Bluetooth streaming music,
      use the steering wheel voice commands to push the “Voice” button.
      Say “Bluetooth Audio.”
      Safely pick up your phone, tap the app to start your streaming audio (such as Pandora). Select the “station” and push play on your telephone’s screen.
      Or, tap the App on your stored music files, when it loads, select a song and push play…
      In both cases, the audio should play. Use the Seek arrows on the steering wheel to jump to the next song. Use “OK” to pause music…
      Or, in some cases, you can use voice commands.

  80. Please keep trying still can’t use phone I believe the signal not working is the main problem my sin card Sim is OK checked on other phone test ok…

    No signal bars…
    When turning on phone my provider charter on the top left side lights up not there

    • You’re not really giving me info on your phone, the year make and model of vehicle, the type of Sync system… but I’ll guess you’ve got an Android based phone.
      Delete the phone from the vehicle’s Sync menu…
      Delete Sync from your phone’s bluetooth list.
      Completely power down the phone and your vehicle…
      No, pair the phone again.
      This time when allowing the Sync system to download/access your phone contacts and/or text, please check the box “Always Allow” on your phone’s sub menu and of course, OK on the Sync system and your phone.
      Sounds like you got it paired but without the “Always Allows” and “OK” on your phone, then it won’t automatically connect your phone when the vehicle is started…

  81. I have had multiple people tell me there hear a terrible feedback/echo when I’m using the Bluetooth/sync while driving. I can’t figure out why. Please help.

    • Do you drive with your windows down? Excessive wind noise can affect the microphone. Do you have the air conditioning/heater fan turned up on high? Where are the vents pointing? Don’t aim them toward your microphone. You didn’t mention which vehicle, what year, or what model you have…. the microphone is sometimes integrated into the bottom of the rear view mirror, or somewhere above the driver’s head mounted in the roof. Rarely on some models… a windshield that isn’t mounted correctly can allow tiny jets of air to rush into the roofline and affect the microphone… this could be checked by a Ford service department.

  82. I have an iPhone 6 plus. I have a ford f250 2013 and I believe I have the basic version of sync. I don’t have a display or anything jus the green letters and numbers. I can connect my phone and I can make calls. My wife can hear me just fine. If I turn the stereo volume up all the way I can hear her just a little when the truck is sitting still. If it was moving I wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. As I say all the way up and I can just barely hear her. I cannot hear music or anything of course. I have the UDB and the 3.5mm connection of course. I have for grin tried connectecting to both of those and I still dont get an sound. I have check things like making sure my phone volume is up and that I can connect via sync in the phone and on the truck. I have done the master reset (although not the disconnection of the negative battery cable because I just read that here). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Here’s what I know… your phone handset volume controls the “playback” volume of what you hear in the cabin… yes your sound system volume will “amplify” the signal, but the phone controls the major part of the volume… I know that there is a secondary screen on iphone. It can be swept up from the bottom of the screen and it lets you adjust playback volume – especially when you are streaming music like Pandora. This could be set very low… open and app and sweep the screen from the center just above the Home button. Check your volume there.
      Now go to your Settings.
      Go to the Music setting.
      Check the playback area for the word Volume List. For shorthand, just turn it off. But when you tap this, a second screen appears which let you set a volume limit. This might need to be adjusted.

      • I will give this a try. I did try this yesterday….. I hit the voice button on the steering wheel and just to here the sync voice I have to turn the volume up all the way….Again even then I can barely hear it the voice/commands.

        • I have wondered??? What year, make, model of vehicle? Could it be that your sound system amplifier has been “blown?” Could your speakers be damaged? A Ford Service tech could check for you…

          • Maybe but the sound from the radio is just fine. It is only during Sync that I cannot hear the sounds. Its got me stumped to say the least.

  83. what do i do when people on the phone can’t hear me very well.I can hear them fine and even when i talk louder they still say they can barley hear me

    • What kind of phone do you have? What year, model and type of Sync system do you have?
      Please check your phone’s settings, you may have a Mute turned on your Bluetooth devices – which would make things not work so well. Also, do you speak directly at the car’s microphone? Do you have windows open? Air conditioning or heater on a high fan?

  84. 2014 F150 with standard Sync and an iPhone 6. Sync kept telling me there were no bluetooth devices available, even though there were. Tried everything suggested to no avail, UNTIL…I disconnected the car battery. THAT worked like a charm! Quit wasting time and just do it already.

  85. it isn’t recognizing my voice for commands all of a sudden keeps saying I didn’t understand that , I’m driving down the flipping road yelling at my sync and truck….

    2013 F150 super crew standard sync and Galaxy 7

    • Yelling at your truck is considered unhealthy and can impair your driving…
      Here’s an idea:

      If the Sync system is still not working, then you can try this “hard reboot” process.

      Park your vehicle. Turn it off and remove the key from the ignition.

      Open the hood. Locate the car battery. Please be careful, do not touch both the positive and negative poles at the same time. Do not drop a metal tool across both of the poles. This could result in a electric shock and/or a fire. So please be careful! Or, if you prefer, visit your Ford dealership Service Department for assistance.

      Use the correct-sized wrench (could be an 8 or 10 mm size), a socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench to loosen the black battery cable clamp. This is the battery pole marked with the “-“ (negative) sign. Just a few turns of the nut should loosen the cable clamp.

      Twist and pull the entire battery cable clamp off of the battery and keep it off for about five minutes.

      Now reattach the battery cable clamp and retighten the nut. Now close the hood.

      Start the vehicle and let it run for at least three minutes or so. The radio may start on the AM band and the clock may have reset itself to noon. Let the Sync have a few minutes to “reboot” before going to your vehicle settings and resetting the time. Just push the FM radio buttons to get back to your favorite radio channel.

      In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again.

  86. As soon as I connected anything to my Truck for Sync all I hear is kind of a “Clicking, thumping” noise from my stereo and it doesn’t work at all. No phone calls, listening to music nothing. But I can listen to Sirius/XM and AM/FM Radio no problem.

    • I know this is a weird question, but are you sure you have Sync installed on your truck? For a few years there was a phone icon that Ford put on the center console. People saw it and assumed they had Sync but all the button did was Mute the radio (until you pushed the button again).
      Otherwise, I’d run this by your Ford Service department. Doesn’t sound like you’re getting anything output-wise from your radio head unit…

  87. 2012 Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat. I have touch screen nav, SYNC, all the bells and whistles. Everything has been working fine until yesterday, when my phone battery died. I plugged it in and reconnected, and the phone features work fine. I am able to send and take calls, comes through the speakers like normal. However, I cannot connect my iPhone (5s) OR iPad to the media player. When I go into the media screen and select a Bluetooth device and hit connect I don’t get any error messages, it simply says “connecting” then stops, but nothing is connected and I cannot get any audio. I have done a factory reset and a master reset, deleted the SYNC from both devices and reconnected, still cannot get media to play.

    • Sorry to hear about your problems… You’ve started on the right route. I would have deleted Sync from your devices. Completely powered down your devices. Deleted your devices from Sync. Opened your hood… and with the vehicle off, remove the black (negative) battery cable clamp from both batteries for about five minutes. Reconnect the battery cable clamps and tighten them. Close the hood. Start up your truck and allow it to run for several minutes… then turn on your phones and devices. Pair them again.
      Then everything should work.
      I’m not sure what the “master reset” button does, but it never did anything for me… the powering down, rebooting and repairing seems to always clear the issues.

  88. If your SYNC was working fine and stopped working after a battery drain, you can reset SYNC quickly and easily without disconnecting the battery by doing the following:
    1) locate the SYNC fuse (it was labelled in my user manual – fuse 13 for a 2010 ford fusion)
    2) turn on the car
    3) remove the SYNC fuse
    4) wait 30 seconds or so
    5) replace the SYNC fuse

    That did it for me. No need to disconnect the battery cables. Make sure to do this with the car running. Didn’t seem to work with the car off.

    • I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never pulled the fuse (unless there was no way to pull the battery cable). I’d hate to pull it and drop it. If you lost it, who knows where it would fall and what problems it might cause. And the Sync fuse’s position varies from model, to vehicle to year, etc… but more power to you!

  89. 2016 F250 XLT / Basic SYNC, 2,500miles
    iPhone 6s Plus
    iOS 9.3.3

    I am able to successfully create a connection from my iPhone 6S to Sync but it disappears periodically. I remove the connection on my phone, perform the Sync and Master Reset and then reconnect via Bluetooth and Sync works with phone for a day or two but eventually loses the connection … “No Phone Found”
    Is there a fix for this issue?


    • I know it sounds strange… but where do you park your vehicle during the day? Sometimes we park our vehicles nearby a radio transmitter (which can screw up the vehicle’s ability to make contact with a Bluetooth device). I have know users who parked in an area that is purposely “blacked out” from GPS signals because of Homeland Security – and this can cause signal loss. I know it’s an inconvenience… but when you push the Voice icon on the steering wheel and the Sync system states “No Phone Found” “I will try to connect one.” This would be a good time to see if you inadvertently turned off the Bluetooth signal on your iPhone… If you can turn it back on, the Sync system may reconnect “on the fly.” Other times, you just have to turn the vehicle off (and open and close the door) and then turn it back on… the rolling code of Bluetooth can sometimes get out of phase and it just needs to reconnect again….

  90. I have a 2014 Ford Explorer that was just in shop for electrical issues and now when I try to use my phone with sync it recognizes it but when I try to talk to someone hands free I cannot understand them as it is all broken up. I have tried the deleting my phone and re-adding it and turning my phone off and back on and it is still doing it. I can talk on my without sync just fine just cannot use hands free at all. the person trying to talk to me just sounds like dit, dat, dah, ha, dit da and so on so frustrating, please help.

    • I know it’s a hassle, but I would set an appointment with your dealer to analyze what’s up… I’m not sure if your Sync issues were caused by power surges or other electrical issues, but I’d have it all checked out.

    • I am having the exact same problem as Amanda. Did you bring yours to the dealer? I should add that I have a 2010 Escape and having been using SYNC without any issues for years. I tried everything mentioned above except the battery disconnect to no avail. All my SYNC functions work fine, but during an incoming call the person’t voice, or the phone ringing sounds broken up. I have not had any electrical issues or any work done on the car recently.

      • I also have a 2010 Escape with the basic Sync set-up. Whenever I’ve had an issue I’ve used the hard reboot (the battery disconnect) and it’s worked every time. I’d also check your phone’s operating system software, it may need an update as well.

  91. My iPhone 5SE connects fine with my 2013 Fusion, but all of a sudden the voice breaks up. You cannot understand each other. I re-paired the phone by deleting both phone and sync.

    • I’m not sure if you saw the update… but Apple just released iOS 9.3.3 on Aug. 3, 2016. I’ve seen in the forums that the 5SE has had spotty issues with sound breaking up and the two or three recent software upgrades haven’t helped. I would recommend once again clearing the phone and Sync form the connection. Install and upgrade the iOS. And then pair the equipment back up. Hopefully everything will work together better…

  92. I just got a 2017 Escape with Sync 3. I have an iPhone 6. Every time I drive my car, the Sync turns up the ringer volume to max. That’s really annoying when my phone rings at work on full blast. And I don’t always remember to turn it down when I get out of the car. Is there a setting that can be changed, so that it won’t do this? Thanks!!

  93. 2011 F250, I can make calls through the bluetooth speaker but when i press the phone button to make a call it ask for a prompt to which I reply and it doesn’t recognize any command. Also, will the radio show the artist when playing through mt phone?

    • So, you are telling me that you can make calls when you use your phone to dial a contact?
      Do you ever use the “voice” icon on the steering wheel?
      And, when you press the “voice” button, does the system reply, “Sync, state your command?”
      After the tone, do you say, “Phone”
      Then it should reply, “Phone, state your command.”
      Then you should say, “Call (your contact’s name) or “Call Bob Smith on cell”
      Then the system replies, “Calling Bob Smith on Cell.” and then it starts dialing the call.
      Push and hold the “phone” icon on the steering wheel for a few seconds to hang up the call.

      If you are not getting any reply from the Sync system, then you some have your system checked by a Ford dealer.

  94. I will have to have it checked then, it doesn’t recognize any commands that I say when I press the phone button on the steering wheel. Do you know if when I use my phone to play music in my truck the artist can show on the display?

  95. I have a 2011 Ford edge limited. my sync was working perfectly. now for no apparent reason I can call out and hear perfect but the people on the other end say I’m faint, static, or sound like I’m far far away from the phone. did I mess up a setting or something??

    thanks for any help!

    • A Bluetooth connection can get distorted or corrupted due to errant signals. You may want to delete Sync from your phone, delete your phone from Sync, and pair the two again. This should help.

  96. I have a 2016 Fusion, and since I’ve gotten it I’ve had so many issues with Bluetooth. I have no issues connecting to Sync, but when
    I try and play music via Spotify or Pandora, my Bluetooth disconnects immediately. The message displayed is “Bluetooth Media Disconnected”. I’ve done a master reset through my car, disconnected and reconnected my phone. The only thing that seems to work is completely disconnecting and re-connecting my car battery. It’s extremely annoying. I’m just curious if there is anything else I can do to fix the issue.

    • Do you have an iPhone? Check to see if the commands for shake to shuffle are set in your sound controls… You probably need to download the latest iPhone iOS as well… doing a Master Reset would not affect your issue… it could also be your use of commands to start the play… or, that you are pushing a steering wheel button to interrupt the play… if all else fails, call Ford Customer Service at 800-392-3673.

  97. Thanks for the tip on the “hard reboot” for my Ford 2011 Escape. Bluetooth would not turn on. Setting Factory Defaults and Master Reset had no effect. Pulled the black/negative battery cable for a few minutes, hooked it back up and restarted the car. After a few minutes Bluetooth is working as advertised. THANK YOU!

    • Bill, I don’t think the Master Reset was ever meant to actually “reset” the cpu and the software that drives a Sync system. Since it was originally built on a Microsoft platform the old tried and true “power down and reboot” was always the needed “maintenance.” I know a lot of people think that their automobile hands-free Bluetooth system should work flawlessly… but I think most PCs need to be powered down and rebooted once a week.
      Good job on finding your solution!

  98. I have a 2013 Ford Edge Limited and an iPhone 6 Plus. I recently updated to IOS 10 and it seems ever since then the BT audio isn’t working. I can easily make phone calls and use other BT features. It shows that my phone is connected. However, when I go to stream music from Spotify through the BT audio, a message comes up saying that it is connecting to my phone, then goes away after about 15 seconds. I try it multiple times, and it never connects. I’ve tried restarting my phone and deleting my device from SYNC and reconnecting it; nothing is working.

    • I’m not sure as to why, but some iPhones get problems with a software that wasn’t there before… Apple sometimes releases “fixes” within a few weeks of a major change. Within the Apple forums there has been some talk of glitches with the iOS 10… I would call the Ford Customer Service to report these problems – sometimes they have an alternate idea. Call 800-392-3673.

  99. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer and when the salesman connected my iPhone 6 to the car everything worked beautifully. however now if my phone connects when I get in the car then I have no sound on my phone for google maps or anything and a phone call comes through my phone not the car.
    I do not use for music.

    • I’m thinking you’ve discovered that “grey zone.” What I mean is the hands-free system isn’t designed to distract a driver. It connects the driver so they can make an receive hands-free phone calls. The system (when connected to your phone) isn’t set up to allow your phone’s “playback sound” for Google maps to go through the vehicle’s sound system.
      And, when a call comes in… I know some people pick up their phone and answer the call on their phone. This works in the backwards way… it pulls the phone out of the “connected” phase with the vehicle’s speakers. You can connect by pushing the steering wheel buttons and then go into “Privacy Mode” on the Sync system and then revert back to normal mode… but by answering all of the calls directly by phone sets up a pattern where the Sync system doesn’t interact the way it was designed…
      I’ve found the best way to get sound for map reference is to push the phone’s “home” button a few seconds, and then use the Sync system to talk directly to Siri. Check to see if you can get Siri to read you driving directions – instead of using Google Maps.

  100. i have a 2011 f150 and my sync is not responding, the buttons on steering wheel for the voice command does not work but for the radio and everything else it does.. what could it be?

    • It could be the steering wheel control buttons. It’s a module that a Ford Service department could replace. I’m not sure if something wet go into the button array and caused a short… or it could be another issue. Unless you have an extended warranty I would guess this is not covered under warranty. You could verify the problem when you’re at a visit to a dealer service department.

        • There is a chance that your F-150 doesn’t even have Sync… that could explain the lack of voice commands. You didn’t say if you bought this vehicle with a working Sync system and that it isn’t working now. I’m assuming you’ve bought this as a used car and you don’t know how it all should work. That’s where a Ford dealer Service Department could help.

  101. I have a 2010 Ford Escap with Sync basic. I can pair my phone just fine (samsung s5 with virgin canada). But the system cannot hear my voice commands what so ever.

    I have registered with went to updates.. it says mine is up to date. dec. 2009 is the newest version?

    what else can I do to try and figure out what is wrong.

  102. Hi,

    I have a new samsung galaxy S6 and the audio media is not available on the myford sync bluetooth connexion on my cell phone , calls are working, messages and contacts. Only audio media does not want to work so I can’t listen to music. It used to work, not every time, but almost, on my old S3 and my boyfriend’s S5.
    I have a 2014 Ford F150.

    • Delete your phone from the Sync settings. Remove Sync from your phone settings. Completely power down your phone. I would try the “hard reboot” process described in the article. WHen you start your vehicle back up, power up the phone and then pair the phone back to the Sync system.

  103. I have a 2016 Escape Titanium that I bought in Nov 2015. Everything has been great until about 2 weeks ago. Since then, Pandora and streaming Audible from my phone Samsung S6) no longer works through the speakers. Everything else works fine like calls and texts. The display says the song/book is playing, but I can’t hear anything. I have reset Sync, re-paired my phone, reset my phone. The only thing I haven’t done is disconnect my battery. Thoughts?

    • I believe the issue stems from Audible. I heard a software engineer tell me once that the program that drives the app will cause issues with Bluetooth streaming systems like Sync. If possible, I would recommend resetting everything, as you have done, but discontinue the Audible use. See if things work better without this program.

  104. Experiencing a problem playing Pandora. Everything was working fine and now when I press the Aux button to switch from Sirius radio to Pandora, the display simply reads Sync Line In. Other than that, Bluetooth is working fine and I have no problems using hands free phone. Car is a 2010 Focus.

    • Part of the problem here is using the commands in the way Sync understands. Pressing the Aux button allows you to first access Sync Line In. This is for USB sticks that might be plugged into the car’s port, or for a mp3 player. However, those are not Bluetooth devices.
      You may not have tried this, but when you want to shift from Sirius to Pandora… push the “voice” button on your steering wheel. You’ll hear the tone and a statement such as “Sync, state your command.” Say, Bluetooth Audio. The voice will respond with “Bluetooth Audio” and then access your phone’s Pandora. Check your phone to see that Pandora has been selected (opened) as as App and push the play button on the phone screen to get the music started.
      Otherwise, and I’m not sure about this… if you were to instead push the Aux button and the display reads “Sync Line In,” I think you can use the double arrow (Seek) buttons on your steering wheel and press either arrow to change the display to “Bluetooth Audio”, and then you would push the OK button on the steering wheel.

  105. Hi – I have a 2015 Ford F150…the SYNC system was working fine then one day it stopped. When I received a text a received a pop up message stating an incoming text from xxxxxxx. When I hit the Listen button to hear the text, nothing happens. I tried shutting down my iphone 5, I unpaired the phone then paired it again. I had someone send a test, the message came up that I had a text, hit the Listen button and again nothing happens. The phone is paired and bluetooth is on/connected…..any suggestions?

    • Well, you’ve got me confused. First, you didn’t say if you had the MyFord Touch screen system or the MyFord system… in any case, the Ford Sync system wasn’t ever made to have text messages notify you when they came in and then allow you to respond…
      So, when you say the message pops up that there is an incoming message, is that on your phone’s screen? Or is it on the Sync system screen?
      When you say “I hit the Listen button” to hear the text… I have to ask, what is the Listen button? Is it a button on your phone screen? Or, is it a button on the Sync system?
      When you mentioned that you unpaired and then paired the phone again… did you completely delete if from the Sync system? Did you completely delete Sync from your phone? Did you power your phone and your vehicle completely off and then reboot before pairing again? Not doing a “clean” pairing will not change the system.
      You may want to consider doing the “hard reboot” process I’ve described later in this same blog.

      • Apologies for the confusion!!
        It’s the MyFord system and not the touch Screen. When I received a text while driving, a pop up screen in the sync system on the vehicle sync system (not the phone) shows on the screen stating something to the effect “incoming text received from….” then I can either select the “Listen” button, the ‘Respond’ button or ‘Ignore’ button. When I hit the Listen button, the system (sounds like Siri) gives me audio of the text I received. Just yesterday, when I hit the ‘Listen’ button on the sync system, nothing happened. I completely deleted Sync from the phone. I powered off the phone and the vehicle. I hope this clears up the confusion.

        • Okay, there must have been some changes to either to the iPhone or to Sync in the way the system handles texts… I know it used to be that what you are asking about would never happen – because the Sync system would not have allowed notification of incoming texts and the ability to respond.
          I have a much older basic Sync system and if I were to push and hold the Home button on the front of my iPhone 5S screen for a few seconds, I could speak to Siri through the Sync microphone and say “Read text messages.” Then she would read the incoming texts (that had come in since the vehicle had been turned on).
          So I’m going to have to research your situation by getting in a similar car and seeing if I can replicate this… otherwise, I would recommend the Hard Reboot process.

  106. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer – my issue is that when a phone call comes in to my car and I press the accept button to answer – the person calling cannot hear me and I cannot hear them and I have to hang up and call the person back if I want to speak to them. If I answer an incoming call by using the ACTUAL phone everything works just fine…any suggestions – it’s very frustrating..

    • I would check your phone settings… since you didn’t mentioned you type of phone I’m not sure what steps you needs to take… but it seems like your incoming calls are being shifted to the “Privacy Mode” status. I’m assuming you have a MyFord Touch Screen in your Explorer so please review this video:
      Or, see this video…
      Before doing this I would go to your phone, go to its Settings, Remove Sync from your Bluetooth Device list and then do this:
      Now, pair your phone again.
      This should help.

  107. I have a 2012 Ford Edge and my phone syncs up with my car, , i do have issues when i answer the phone, you can not hear anyone until, i hit the privacy buton twice… but if I can call someone it works fine.. ,and now as well when i try to listen to music from my phone there is no sound. i can play music on my phone , it is playing on my phone but no sound is coming out of the car.. this happens with the bluetooth feature as well as when i plug it into the dock, its playing but no sound is coming out.. any ideas or suggestions???

    • A couple of things come to mind…
      If you have a 2011 Taurus you have either the basic Sync system with the blue LED text on the center console screen, or you have the Sony with Sync system.
      One of the interesting things about the Sony system is that it has a built-in hard drive. You can save songs directly into your vehicle. If you “copied” those files into your vehicle’s hard drive – then yes, they would be playing from the hard drive (even if you deleted them from your USB).
      However, one of the nuances about file storage with a PC-based sound program (such as Windows Media Player) is that you have a “thumbnail” file what is a screen link to the real data file, and you have the data file… Many times I have seen people go into their USB drives (from their desktop or laptop) and delete just the link file. It’s easy to see how it could happen… when you go into the “Music” area of your computer, then select the Folder filled with saved music, then the first files seen on the list are the screen link files. Often they are in a “grayed out” type style, if you scroll deeper into the file list you can find the full data file. This is the one you will want to delete.
      And, sometimes we will have duplicate files of music on the same USB drive (but maybe in a different location and a different folder). So deleting one file won’t delete all of the dupes. The Sync system will “search” for music files on a USB.
      And, with some music apps (such as iTunes) you can create Playlists… A playlist will let you assemble tunes you like into a folder. They will be pulled from another source (the main file of music). So in this case, you could have deleted a song from the Playlist and Sync can still access the file through the main folder.
      So you might want to take some time to do a major “clean up” of your files to make sure you have deleted all of the files, links and other backup files that you want to remove from your library.

      • Thank you Vincent for your detailed explanation. Now that I reformat the USB flash drives before I load new songs, the deleted songs are no longer an issue.

  108. Hello mr Vincent I have a 2000 f 250 that I recently built .it has about 1000 miles on it it belongs to my son in law I built it and told him merry xmas .he was going to work the other day and hit a bump in road and it lost check engine light ,wait to start light and water in fuel light other lights still come on and it will turn over and can’t read with diognoise reader blows fuse can you pinpoint for me have fire coming in

    • William, those are all very good questions… but I don’t have a background in diagnosing and solving dashboard electrical issues. I would try to locate some F-250 Forums on the internet, or visit your Ford dealer.

  109. When my phone is connected to my Bluetooth in my Ford F-150 phone works great, just when a song is playing it will skip like it is a CD. My music does not skip on any other Bluetooth device or headphones so I know it is not my phone. I have gone to my Ford Sync and I have downloaded the latest update. Please Help!!! Thanks.

    • You did not mention the type of phone you have… you will have to go into your phone’s Settings to look for the answer. On the iPhone, in the Settings folder… go to General.
      Tap on General.
      Tap on Accessibility.
      Tap on Shake to Undo.
      Tap the switch so that it appears gray.

      This may solve your issues… it’s the car’s movements (or yours from picking up the phone) that may be causing the music to jump to the next track…

  110. I have a nephew in law that went in partnerships with me he use to be after hours auto in town but the guy he went in on a shop kinda messed with both of our pocket books but we brought our tools and business to my girlfriends barn that she was about to tear down but we in a small tight spot but we call ourselves the barnstrokers the first motor we built here was a stroker we are different from most shops we try to fix what is broke before buying parts to help customer we had one customer dancing when we built his starter in a spot and saved him a hundred dollars if you could give some advice on my son in laws truck it would be gladly appreciated thanks

    • Congratulations on your new venture… your concepts are sound, but in today’s repair market most shops don’t “fix” the problem. Instead, they replace the thing that is not working with a new mechanism. Let’s time, less money and usually fixes the customer’s issue. This blog focuses on a very limited thing… the Bluetooth-based in-vehicle communications center in some Ford’s that’s called Sync. Yes, it’s similar to a laptop computer mounted in the dashboard… but really, I’ve never tried to take one apart and “repair” them… most of the issues can be fixed by rebooting, using correct procedures and addressing phone issues. Keep up the good work!

  111. Recently I have not been able to use the voice command to make phone calls. Previously I could simply say “call whoever” and the phone would dial as it is supposed to. Now when I say the command I get the two beep error tone with instructions to choose a device. I’d like to be get back to making hands free calls again.

    • I would clear your phone from the Sync system, clear the Sync system from your phone and do a hard reboot. See elsewhere in the blog for directions…
      Then repair the phone and Sync…

  112. I have a 2015 C-Max and a Blackberry Passport. My SYNC would connect to my phone with no issues, but a few months ago it started to act up. When the dash area is cold, SYNC connects to my phone with no problem, but when the dash area heats up, it starts to connect and disconnect my phone until finally it won’t reconnect. I have taken it to the dealer where they updated the software, disconnected the battery for a hard reboot, I’ve deleted my phone from SYNC and repaired it, and have master reset. The dealer said that Ford said had to do all this before they would replace the Bluetooth module. I’m a Electronics Tech and these symptoms of working when cold and not when hot tells me it’s a hardware issue. What do you think Vincent?

    • The reality of computer electronics is that hardware issues usually appear early in the life of the device – once it’s powered up and left at operating temperature for a while. Sure there could be a hardware issue, but if you have a 2015, then you have a three-year 36,000 mile warranty that would cover replacement of your Sync equipment.
      However, I’m concerned about the Blackberry. The foundation of your Sync system was built on Microsoft architecture. The new Sync 3 are built on the Blackberry QNX system… but you don’t have that and technically you cannot “upgrade” to it. The most staple phone, bar none, is the Apple iPhone. The Sync system is built on platform that requires the phone maker to conform to Sync in order to work… I don’t know if it it the way your phone was configured at the factory, the apps that you use, the amount of contacts on your phone, the way you store information in phone (using secure access) – it could be a number of things. I know you don’t want to… but do you have another phone you could use in your vehicle?
      My clue here is that you said “a few months ago it started to act up.” It could have been an iOS upgrade, the way you access streaming music… I remember I has a user that had a Blackberry that his IT manager configured to have secure access to the company’s client database – it was the programming and encryption on his phone that was “melting” his APiM on his Sync system. And, by the way, he was trying to keep more than 2,000 phone contacts… Please cross check the Sync on another device. And, check your vehicle’s electrical system for shorts, power surges, etc…

      • I’ll get my wife’s Samsung and see, but haven’t had any issues with any other electrics. I’ve had this phone since I purchased the vehicle and it worked fine initially. Don’t have encryption turned on. Like I said, when cold works great, last few days with the rain it’s been cold out and haven’t had any issues. I have appt. on 28th at dealer for them to change the module once they get codes.

        • I’ve seen some unusual things happen to the Sync system., Often the user feels it’s the Sync system… sometimes it’s based on demands from the user. For instance one user worked near a broadcast tower used for dispatching service vehicles. The intermittent radio signals blasts “bled over” into the Bluetooth frequencies… They has their Sync system replaced but it failed again because of the environment they vehicle was constantly in.
          In another case, the customer enjoyed AudioBooks to pass the time during long commutes. What wasn’t known was that the AudioBooks app, when played through Sync, would cause problems for the APiM. I guess the app overloaded the processor. So, I’m not sure what is causing you problems.. but hopefully things will work out.

          • I have a similar problem with my phone disconnecting from Bluetooth constantly when I’m near a cell tower. I’m hard time with the it’s the environment argument. I’ve used the same phone in 4 different vehicles and this is the only only one that has any issue. Obviously the other systems were designed to handle this interference. Replacing a poorly designed system with the same type of system doesn’t and still having a problem doesn’t make me feel any better about the Sync. It just means they’ve not done anything to fix the problem.

          • I’m having trouble understanding your issue… what type of phone do you have? What Sync system do you have?
            How do you mean the phone “disconnects from Bluetooth”? Do you mean the phone call drops? Or, do you mean streaming Bluetooth stops?
            Bluetooth is a system of constantly changing frequencies knitted back together in a streaming play…
            Yes, Ford’s system is different than other systems. It seems every hands-free in-vehicle communication system has it’s own issues. With Ford’s system, the phone manufacturers are required to write code to interface with Sync…
            If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend bringing this issues up at your Ford dealer’s Service Department. There might be something they could do to help out.

  113. I have a 2016 Ford Edge and a Iphone 7, my phone is connected and seems to work find EXCEPT every time I start the car the sync automatically dials “0” and then says it cannot connect my call. Then I have to click the End call button to disconnect. Every. single. time. Help!

    • A couple of things come to mind…
      First. do you have multiple phones paired to the vehicle?
      Is this phone paired as the Primary Phone?
      Does the phone have the latest Apple iOS software?
      Please update if needed.
      I would remove Sync from your phone.
      I would go to the Settings on Sync and remove your phone from the list.
      Turn off the vehicle.
      Completely power down your phone for a few minutes, then start it back up.
      Then, start your vehicle. While in park, with the engine running, pair the phone to Sync.
      Be sure to designate the phone as the Primary…
      Completely download your phone book…
      To further test this… go ahead and turn off your vehicle.
      Open the door and then close it.
      Now start the car and let things reboot for a couple of minutes. Now try to make a phone call using the voice commands and the steering wheel controls. Things should be working fine.
      If it isn’t then visit this website online to chat with a Ford rep about the issue.

      • Thank you for your response. I have the most updated software on my phone, I am the only phone and it is marked as primary. I have tried to re-sync the phone already, but maybe I will try to delete it and start all over to see if that makes any difference. I appreciate the feedback, hopefully this works. Thanks!

        • Here’s another thought…do you have multiple Apps working when you are on a call? I know sometimes folks with have a streaming music program (i.e. Pandora) or another interactive App (such as iBooks) running and when they receive a call… the call gets dropped… it’s like the phone’s processor was working on the book, got paused, and the call interrupted and within a certain time period, the call is dropped so the App can get back to running its program… it could be that your phone’s processor is a little overloaded… and, as I mentioned, there’s poor reception through the cell towers on the network ( switching from 3G, to 4GLTE, back to 4G)…

  114. I have a 2017 F-150. I Sync’d up my IPhone 7. Every time I make a call and use the Bluetooth. If I’m seated in a normal driving position the people on the other end can barely hear me. If I lean forward so I’m basically right at the microphones, they can hear me clear as day. Any ideas.

    • Two things come to mind… first, when a call comes in… have you tried increasing the volume on your iPhone? If you turned up the volume on the truck sound system then it’s only increasing the volume on the playback…
      Second, if that doesn’t have an effect, then visit your Ford Service Department. Sometimes there is sound dampening material used around the microphone (in the headliner) to cushion the microphone from stray noise. If it comes loose, or get moved, it could black the mic.
      And, strangely, I’ve had customers what wear cowboy hats (or even ball caps) and they don’t speak towards the mic and the hat brim dampens the sound… or, having a window open or the A/C on high can interfere with the mic’s ability to capture your voice…

      • I can hear them perfectly. So I don’t think it’s the first option. The second option seems more reasonable, would the microphone have to be detached from it’s holder first? If so, could it be laying down at a weird angle or not even pointed down at all.

        • What I meant about turning up the phone’s volume is that by doing that it increases the sensitivity of the microphone so the caller can hear you better. I would recommend having any checks on the microphone done by a Ford technician… they could maybe find another reason why there is a problem…

  115. I can hear them perfectly. So I don’t think it’s the first option. The second option seems more reasonable, would the microphone have to be detached from it’s holder first? If so, could it be laying down at a weird angle or not even pointed down at all.

  116. I have a 2013 Explorer, and every time I press the button to connect to bluetooth, the iheart radio app beings to play. The “auto play” function is set to “off” in the “media player” set up screen. I have scoured the settings in iheart radio, and I don’t see that any of those setting could be the issue. I use it with several other bluetooth speakers, and simply connecting with them DOES NOT cause iheart to begin playing automatically.
    It only happens when I connect to sync’s bluetooth!

    • You probably didn’t realize that you really need to quit the iHeart Radio function, either through the phone or by using the Sync voice commands, before you turn the vehicle off. Otherwise, to just turn off the vehicle while iHeart Radio is playing… will “cue it up” to start again the next time you access Bluetooth. So push the “voice” button the the steering wheel, and when you hear “Sync, state your command.” Then reply, “Bluetooth Off.”

      • It does not matter whether or not the bluetooth was the last audio option in use or not. Whenever I move from a different audio option (AM, FM, CD or USB) EVERY time I choose the bluetooth entertainment option, iHeart radio starts to play!

        • Dan, thanks for the information.
          What kind of phone do you have?
          Do you have the MyFord or the MyFord Touch system for Sync?
          Here is a video link that might help…

          Also, have you been to to register your vehicle and to check to see if your Sync software is current?
          This is an unusual occurrence… I haven’t heard of your specific issue before…

          • This is a tough one…
            How do you switch between media? Audio command, steering wheel button, MyFord Touch touch button, or console button?
            I don’t use iHeartRadio anymore with my Sync (I’m pretty much on Pandora)…
            For some reason I remember that within the iHeartRadio settings there might have been an AutoConnect toggle button, but I bet you’ve checked for that…
            I know that sometimes the phone’s operating has connection glitches with certain Apps… but the only way for you to be sure would be to crosscheck this issue with another type of phone connected as your primary phone…
            Have you had a Ford Service Department check into this?
            You could called Ford Customer Service at 1-800-392-3673, or go to and scroll to bottom, they do have a Live Chat option.

  117. My Sync is connected properly and working, however, when I am speaking through Sync to someone on my iPhone they say it is very echoed and difficult to hear me. Would a clean pair be the solution to this? I own a 2011 Explorer Limited

    • Yes, it might just be what you need to do… Since you have a 2011 Explorer, have you signed in at and checked to see if you need a software update? And, also, check for software updates for your phone as well…
      Lastly, check in and around your microphone… I’ve seen folks tie something on their mirror (this is where some 2010 and 2011 microphones are…) and they had the A/C on high or the windows open and the hanging deodorizer was flapping around ans caused “sound interference” with the microphone…

      • I did just get on and it says the last update was 2014 (which was before I owned it) but that it was the latest update. The only thing I have on my rearview mirror is a smaller mirror to see my daughter in the backseat. I will try the clean pair to see if that fixes it. I was recently in a rental Ford and it didn’t echo so I know for sure it isn’t my phone but something in my car!

        • I believe the microphone is located in the rear view mirror (maybe even on top of the mirror housing just behind the center point). Check to see if that area is clear. Net time you are at a Ford dealer you could have them check the microphone…

  118. I have an issue with my Ford Sync. When I start my car and the phone connects, it tries to make a call for information services? With no prompting at all

    It does not happen all the time but it happens often enough to be rather annoying.

    • I would “un-pair” your phone form your vehicle and remove Sync from your phone.
      Turn off your vehicle and “power it down completely.”
      Then completely power down the phone… after a few minutes reboot the phone and let it come back up…
      Then turn your car back on,
      Now pair the phone again… this should clear this.

  119. I recently purchased a Samsung J7 and have had it hooked up to my sync with no issues for over a week. The other day, I got in the car and the phone connects for calls, but will no longer connect for bluetooth. I’ve tried going into my phone and the “media audio” toggle is greyed out. I tried going through the car and when I hit the bluetooth button absolutely nothing happens. I’ve been listening to spotify no problem – but cannot for the life of me get it working again in my 15 Escape. I’ve googled the hell out of this issue and none of the possible solutions are fixing it.

    • Let’s try some things first…
      While in a drive way, start your vehicle
      Unpair your phone from the Sync System
      (Go to System Settings, to Delete Devices, select your phone, press OK)
      Go to your phone, System Settings, to Bluetooth Devices, then delete Sync.
      Power down the phone, turn off the vehicle (open and close the door)
      Start the vehicle back up, start your phone up.
      Pair the devices again.
      After a few minutes, start up the Spotify app
      Go to the steering wheel control and press the icon with the mouth on it
      After the prompt, say Bluetooth.
      The system will repeat the prompt..
      Then say, “Play.”
      It should be back up and running.
      I’m thinking that the Spotify streaming might have sent a corrupted signal through the Sync system…
      Let me know how this works for you…

  120. Bluetooth is on and showing as connected to sync….if I go into the setting for the sync all of the toggles are switched to “on” but the media audio toggle will not stay on – it’s greyed out.

    • So have you ever had any other Bluetooth device paired to your system… let’s say like something that you’ve got in your home (mp3 player, iPad, tablet, etc.)?
      Meaning… the range of Bluetooth devices is about 34 feet. You could be parked at home, and when your vehicle is on, it may be looking for a device that could be stored in the home… but when you drive off, it looses the connection.

      Also, when you paired your device, was your vehicle parked and running (not in accessory mode)?

      Have you tried deleting the Spotify app from your phone. Then delete Sync from the phone, Delete your phone from Sync… power down the phone. Power down your vehicle.
      Do the “hard reboot” process (as described elsewhere in this blog)
      Then reinstalling your Spotify app, and then pairing your phone back to your Sync system…
      And then, once everything has rebooted, use your steering wheel controls to push the “Voice” button and say “Bluetooth On”?

      And, have you spoken with someone at Ford’s Customer Service hotline? Call 1-800-392-3673

  121. 2011 SEL Fusion

    Every few months the microphone stops working and will not listen to my commands. then it will keep disconnecting my phone and the USB will not even work. I have done the master reset, update and all the special stuff. A week later it will just magically connect and work again. should I try to disconnect the battery?


    • First of all, have you registered your vehicle at
      Check to see if you have the up-to-date Sync software.
      Be sure your phone has got it’s latest software.
      And, at least once or twice a week, completely power down your phone. Start it up, let it reboot, then start your vehicle…
      And, yes, when things such as “the microphone doesn’t work,” USB doesn’t seem to work, etc., then do the “hard reboot” with the negative battery clamp on your vehicle.
      Bluetooth connectivity uses a “rolling code” and interference to the code can foul up the connection. Despite what people think, a “Master Reset” doesn’t cause a bad Bluetooth connection to “repair” itself. That really comes more from the phone, and the way it is working, when you turn the vehicle on.

  122. Just recently bought a used 2013 Ford focus. have set up my LG G3 bluetooth with it. It will play my music and has loaded my phone contacts, history etc. It seems to be connecting just fine. However when I either call out or receive a call I can’t hear the person on the other end….but they can hear me just fine. Any suggestions would be great.

    • Okay, let me ask a question…
      Are you using the steering wheel Voice button (the one with the mouth on it) to make a call?
      Or, are you dialing directly from the phone to start a call?

      And, when you receive a call, are you first pressing the Phone icon on the steering wheel?
      Or, are you picking up your phone to answer the call?

      I think the issue is your phone going into Privacy Mode… this means that if you make or receive calls directly from your phone, then the sound of your caller’s voice is shunted to the phone’s speaker (and not to the Sync system).

      See this video for more details:

  123. All of a sudden my text messages won’t come over the sync. Not sure what I did. 2017 Ford Escape. Can anyone hlep

    • You might not have done anything at all… your system “boots up” every time you start your vehicle. While in use, if there are issues, such as… loss of Bluetooth signal (due to interference or other reception issues), then there is a need to reset things…
      However, using the Master Reset button (found on the Sync menu) may not necessarily fix this.
      First, completely power down your phone. Make sure your phone has the latest operating software… then start up your vehicle to see if there is a change.
      Also, see this web page, it’s straight from Ford and it covers a lot of “how-to” questions:

  124. I have a 2011 F-250 yesterday I was driving down the highway an I completely lost sound to my radio. I also lost clock, just shows dashes, and radio freq. and GPS signal. Al controls work and display works fine. I checked all fuses, I have done a master rest and tried disconnecting the batteries….any Ideas

    • Not sure what the solution is… the clock and radio are components of the Sync system, but they really aren’t the central part of the Sync system. Do you have a touch screen? Or the regular smaller screen (black with blue LED numbers)? Do you have a Sync system? if so, can you make and receive phone calls using the steering wheel controls?
      It’s a little tricky with the SuperDutys… you have to pull the black battery cable clamps off both batteries…
      If you say there are dashes on the screen, it means the screen could be working (or it might be only showing a sliver of the display).
      You might have to replace some components, but until you bench test them, you wouldn’t know where the bad unit is… you might need to ask a Ford Service Tech or a Auto Sound Technician.

  125. I have a 2014 F350 and I Phone 7. Every time I make or receive a call a couple of minutes in the Bluetooth disconnects. A message pops up proclaiming such. A message pops up proclaiming SYNC is trying to reconnect and it does. This takes about 20 seconds. If the person on the other end is understanding and they don’t hang up it will do this again in about 2 to 5 minutes. How do I fix this?

    • Have you gone to your Settings Folder?
      To Accessibility
      Do you have the Shake to Undo turned On or Off?
      Might want to set it to Off
      Do you know if you are using any other apps that have a motion-activated on/off function that could be interfering with your Bluetooth connection?
      By the way, do you start your phone calls by pushing the Voice button on the steering wheel? Or are you starting by dialing your phone?
      If you start with the phone it could be trying to switch to Privacy Mode.

      • Turned off Shake to Undo. Same problem. Deleted the phone from truck, truck from phone. Same problem. Took it to the Dealership, sat there for a week. Same problem. Does not do this in the rental F 150, Explorer Company ride or the wife’s 16 Tahoe. For me that rules out the phone. I’m open for ideas.

        Shake to Undo was turned on. I am not using any apps with motion activated function, that I am aware of. Out going calls are made by using the button on the steering wheel and a voice command. For some strange reason, I use the touch screen on the dash to take calls. I guess because it tells me who it is and the Accept button is right there.
        The only hole I see, I have been driving a rental 2016 F150 with SYNC for the past month and it does not have this problem. All calls have been started with the phone with no problem.

        • There’s more to this story I’m sure… I wish I could sit in your vehicle and check this out… what throws me is that you did the crosscheck with another vehicle (or two)… I’m not sure if there is a Sync software upgrade available on this. Please register at to see if there is an upgrade. And, at that site you’ll find a way to contact Ford’s Customer Service directly. I’ve found that sometimes reporting quirkly things like your problem directly to Ford sometimes gets a better response (for the engineers, developers, etc.)

  126. I have a 2014 escape with Sync. My wife told me that she was not getting text messages or text to voice messages over the sync system. Phone calls work fine. We both have Samsung Galaxy J3 phones and I noticed that Android installed a security patch for blue tooth around June 1, 2017. Coincidentally, this seems to be about the same time text problems began. Any recommendation?

    • This seems to be something that all updates do… they are made to address an issue. Then, it creates more issues. You really can’t “go backward” on your phone’s operating system, so the text message issue will probably remain. The hope is, that when they release another upgrade that it will “fix” the text issue.
      The only thing I would recommend is, delete Sync from your phone and completely power it down. Delete your phone from the Sync Settings. Turn off the vehicle for a few minutes. Start the car back up. Start the phone back up. Allow a few minutes, then pair the phone to the Sync system. This may reset some things.

  127. I have a Jitterbug flip phone that I just bought and I cannot use Sync Voice Commands with my 2013 Ford Taurus. Bluetooth works fine, but no voice commands. It is Synced to the car

    • Are you registered with or This is a reference site for Ford and the Sync systems. You should be able to check if your phone is fully compatible.
      If I’m not mistaken, the Jitterbug is a type of phone that doesn’t comply with all of the protocols needed to have all of the features from the Sync system. Also, you mention voice commands do not work… what happens with you push the button with the mouth on it? (I call this the Voice button). With the vehicle turned on, push this button, and the Sync voice should come over the speakers and state “Sync, state your command.” If it doesn’t, then you should take your vehicle to a Ford Service Department for review.

  128. I have a 2010 Ford Edge with basic sync. My system worked fine till I changed phones. I have a Lg VN280 on Verizon. My phone will connect when entering car but disconnects in about 30 seconds. It sometimes will stay on a little longer but only a minute or so. It shows the right phone when it connects. I have went thru all the things Ford has said to do and still no luck. Any help would be appreciated

    • Here’s what I’d do…
      Delete Sync from your phone.
      Delete your phone from the Sync Bluetooth Device settings…
      Completely power down your LG phone.
      Park your vehicle. Turn off the car.
      Start it back up…
      Start your phone back up…
      Now, begin the pairing process again.
      This time, pay attention to the responses from the Sync system…
      When the Sync system is rolling through the process it might ask the questions…
      Allow access to phonebook?
      Push “OK” on the steering wheel button (or on the dashboard console)>
      Allow SMS notifications?
      Push “OK”
      If you don’t allow (or push “OK”) on all questions, then the phone will automatically disconnect from the Sync system…
      And, if you push the Voice button (the icon of the mouth) and state, “Phone.”
      And the system replies, “No Phone found, I will try to connect one.” Then you know that the phone is “disconnecting”
      It’s the protocol that some phones have…
      Further questions? Register at
      They will have Q&A info and videos as well.

      • Vincent, Followed your instructions and everything went well till the downloading phone book part. Soon after saying yes to download phone book Sync says phone disconnected. I went thru same procedure several times and even saying no to downloading phone book but it still disconnects. After paring I get a message from Sync saying to turn on Bt audio on then it asks if primary phone, I say yes, then asks to download phone book and I say yes then within 30 seconds the phone disconnects. I have registered with Ford and even talked to them and they tried to sort it out but no luck. It would seem that as the other phone worked fine that it must be in my new phone. Is there some setting on my phone I might be missing. Thanks again for your help.

        • I’ve got to tell you… I’ve had trouble with LG phones over the years. You see, the company is supposed to build the phone and maintain software that hits certain expectations. That’s how platform like Sync can operate. But sometimes the manufacturer just doesn’t quite “get there.” I had one customer who had a phone that gave him nothing but trouble. It was manufactured in Indonesia. He took it back to his cellphone store and asked to trade over to another phone. His new phone was made in China and everything worked as it was supposed to. In another case, a customer had a phone that was a factory refurbished model. It never worked as advertised. He returned it for a new model and everything worked. So I’m hoping that you could find similar success by working with your cellphone provider.

  129. Hi there! 2010 Ford Escape with SYNC Basic.

    Started out dropping calls from the hands-free BT connection. Then, couldn’t turn off BT. Then lost all SYNC commands; voice from steering wheel, settings from “phone” button – nothing. Other steering wheel buttons work fine (channel up/down, vol up/down, etc). Did the hard re-boot (disconnecting negative battery cable) to no avail. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • First I would try removing your Sync system from your phone’s BT list…
      Then remove your phone from the Sync system on your vehicle.
      Check to see if your phone needs any software updates. Install those.
      Then return your vehicle and try to pair the phone to your vehicle.
      And, if that doesn’t work, then I would recommend a visit to your Ford Service Department.
      They may have to run a diagnostic to determine if something is up with your system.

  130. Strange issue today – my iphone & Sync paired fine but then immediately the screen showed a call was already in progress and I was calling ME. So I hit the end call button on the Sync screen and it wouldn’t end/override the call – which wasn’t actually taking place (as I checked the iphone itself.) So, I disconnected/unpaired and tried again and once again as soon the phone and Sync paired, a call was already underway to myself again and I couldn’t end it by touching the end call button on the screen.

    • In this case, unpair your phone from Sync.
      Unpair Sync from your phone.
      Ensure that you have the latest iOS for your phone.
      Completely power down your phone. Also, power down your vehicle.
      Restart the phone and then start your vehicle. Have your vehicle in park and running while you pair the devices again.
      If it’s still having issues, then consider doing the “Hard Reboot” exercise (outlined else in this blog).

  131. Here is a strange one – when I listed to spotify through my phone connected to Sync 3 via bluetooth, the music works great until I slow down or stop the car, i.e. pull into driveway or gas station etc. Then for some reason the music will skip every second or two. When I resume highway speed, things go back to normal. The only thought I had was possibly the speed-compensated volume setting, but the problem persists even with that option turned off. Any ideas?

    • I would contact the crew of Ghost Adventurers and have them search for ghosts in your vehicle…
      Seriously, check your Settings folder on your iPhone… sometimes people have chosen motion-activated commands, such as Shake to Shuffle, etc. This can affect playback in your vehicle due to changes in motion.
      Good call on the speed-compensated volume control. I doubt that would cross over to affect your phone, however it is designed to reduce or increase volume based on braking.
      Also, it isn’t too weird to ask if there is a Settings issue with Spotify. Check to see if their is an App update which might correct this issue.
      Otherwise, when all else fails:
      Delete your phone from Sync.
      Remove Sync from your phone’s trusted device list.
      Completely power down both the vehicle and the phone.
      Turn on the phone and update software (if necessary).
      While in park, start up your vehicle.
      Pair your phone again.

  132. Just purchased a used 2012 Fusion. It doesn’t have a screen menu, just the small area where radio station and clock are. I don’t have the phone and mouth button on the steering wheel, but just the phone icon with the stereo buttons. When I push the phone icon it just says no phone. I have unplugged the negative on the battery and followed suggestions from your other posts. I have also tried pulling the fuse associated with Sync but still only get the “no phone” response. I can’t navigate through any “menu” as all I get is no phone message. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. Please help….

    • I’ll put together a special blog on this later…
      You may have a 2012 Fusion S or SE model. Not every Ford has a Sync system. Every vehicle has a steering wheel and a central console. So in the manufacturing process, they install a panel of control buttons (which include the phone icon). However, some buttons (like the phone icon) cannot be activated because they have only installed a basic AM/FM and CD player in the dash (and no Sync module).
      There apparently is no Sync system in your vehicle. Therefore, you can’t access anything more than the radio, time functions, temperature, fan speed and direction in your LED display.
      If you wanted to have hands-free in-vehicle Bluetooth communications you would have to install an after-market (or try to find a Sync system reclaimed from a donor vehicle)…

  133. My 2016 MKX, started “skipping” to my surprise the past few days when listening to music on Amazon music app and connecting via BT audio media connection to SYNC with my iPhone 7. Then today- three “skips” in two blocks …stopped car at work and went inside. 4 hours later started up car and NO BT music at all, with any app.All other Sync functions working perfectly, Nav, USB music, Phone, Sirius, and Voice commands. Removed everything-car and phone ..powered both of them down and up. Re-paired, re-synced and again did it with the hard iPhone reboot and powered up everything over again in each manner described. But when I get it all back and pair to SYNC – no joy. Noticed that Only the phone icon is turning blue and the music note icon is always remaining grey. When I go to the phone info on SYNC, the BT audio button shows yellow dash…turning that off… puts the red slash through the greyed out musical note. Setting it back on with a touch of that button, the music note is still grey. When I try to choose BT source from entertainment screen, nothing happens…pushing it about 10 times a fast flash screen of- connect to iPhone- comes up but instantly is gone in a wink. Rather not open hood and mess with battery cable( no tools for that), can fuse pull to SYNC do the same? And where do I do this?

    All apps up to date, iOS 11.2.6 (just now) and iPhone7.

    • I can tell you’re frustrated… I’ll have to track this cause down… at first blush I would guess that the cause might be a protocol conflict between the Amazon music app and your phone. You mention “skips,” so I question if you have your phone’s motion controls set to “shuffle on shake.” The car’s movement could cause the phone to skip a song. The other things you noticed (grayed out music note) seems to me to show that your phone’s Bluetooth signal is compromised. Is your home (or business) located near a broadcast source (a radio station, cell tower, etc.)? Also, do you have more than one device paired to your system? Do you have multiple BT sources? Have all of those been rebooted?
      And, have you registered your vehicle at This site would let you check for any software updates.

      • No shuffle on shakes…been working perfectly for 2 months now flawlessly. Nothing changed that I knew off, but the short delays and me LOL that even digital machines are adding in recording skips was all I noticed just prior to this no longer working and then the icon being grey. Same driving pattern and parking places. I do or did have my husbands iPhone paired as well, it got removed upon all
        the resets. I lease the car from Lincoln and so was hoping not to have to go all the way to them, but I will try their concierge service today. I will let you know if we get it working either way.

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