Ford SmartLink Allows New Features for Older Vehicles

Ford SmartLink provides owners of 2010 – 2016 model-year Ford and Lincoln vehicles access to a wide array of new connectivity features through this platform.

By Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

Starting Summer 2017, the new Ford SmartLink platform will allow owners of older Fords and Lincolns to access a wide array of new connectivity features.

Millions of current Ford owners will benefit from Ford SmartLink, a technology that brings new connectivity features to Ford and Lincoln vehicles from the 2010 to 2016 model years.

SmartLink Allows Usable “Upgrades” for Existing Owners

Using a simple device that plugs into the OBD II port below the steering wheel, customers will be able to access:

  • Smartphone-based remote start, lock and unlock
  • 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capable of accepting up to eight devices
  • Vehicle health and security alerts
  • Vehicle location assistance

The features will include remote start, lock and unlock, Wi-Fi access capable of hosting up to eight devices, and vehicle health, security and location alerts. These features will be accessible from your smartphone.

Also, the components of Ford SmartLink will include a 4G LTE-enabled OBD II plug-in device, as well as a companion App and Web Portal used to activate remote features, receive alerts and schedule service appointments with the owner’s preferred dealer.

The Ford SmartLink team of engineers is a collaboration with Delphi Automotive and Verizon Telematics. They put in more than two years of research to ensure the technology will work seamlessly with Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

At present, there hasn’t been any cost estimate on this new technology. And, there hasn’t been a specific timeline for release from Ford and Lincoln dealers.

“Ford SmartLink will surprise and delight owners of recent model-year vehicles by adding some of today’s most popular connectivity features” said Stephen Odell, executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “Offering it through our dealerships is another way to keep us connected with our customers and earn their loyalty.”

More information on this new platform is coming soon.

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8 thoughts on “Ford SmartLink Allows New Features for Older Vehicles

  1. Contacted ford today. SmartLink is “supposed” to be released January 2018.
    Pricing. 2 year service agreement with $150.00 down and $9.95 per month or $16.99 per month for 2 years. On top of that you have to have dealer install and pay them for installation. They couldn’t tell me installation price.
    Forgot to mention WiFi is not included either. Have to go through your cell provider. What a scam just so you can start your car with your phone.
    Ridiculous, I’ll pass.

    • I’m not sure if you knew this, but with the GM vehicles, the monthly cost for Wi-Fi with 4GB of storage/access is $20 per month, plus the cost of another cell phone contract (for your vehicle). The Ford system has always used your own phone as the base of services – and a lot of people have unlimited data contracts so they could really take advantage of a “tethered” Wi-Fi system.
      For some people, the advantages and capability of an “extended” Sync system in their vehicle might be well worth the cost.
      I haven’t seen a cost breakdown yet for the SmartLink upgrade.
      If you were only looking for a remote start, why not check out this link:
      And, of course, there are many other App-driven remote start apps out there.

  2. Well, looks like the January target will not be hit either (OK, to be fair they have about 6 hours left!). Wonder if it ever really will happen…

    • I think their release schedule is probably driven by first showing it at the CES show in Las Vegas. I’m starting to see a few more details in other publications and forums. Maybe some day it will be announced…

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