Tips to Get More iPhone Battery Life

Start getting more battery life for your iPhone 5. 5C and 5S with these tips.

Start getting more battery life for your iPhone 5. 5C and 5S with these tips.

By Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

Is your iPhone battery always in need of a charge? Here are several tips to get more battery life from your iPhone.

A typical USB port on a computer or a vehicle offers about a 5 volt charge. However, your phone manufacturer set your device (phone, pad, etc.) to charge at a certain rate. So it’s possible to take an iPhone, with a low charge, and then plug it into your vehicle with the Ford Sync system. If you start playing USB music while plugged into the USB port for charging, you may find Continue reading

Receiving iPhone text messages with Ford Sync

Go to your Bluetooth Settings on your iPhone and tap the little blue circle with the "i" to get to the Show Notifications screen.

Go to your Bluetooth Settings on your iPhone. Tap the little blue circle with the “i” to get to the Show Notifications screen. See this story for more information.

Vincent Hennigan
Ford Sync Specialist

This article, hopefully, will offer some tips on receiving iPhone text messages with the Ford Sync system.

Some iPhone users expect the Sync system to send and receive text messages. However, the Ford system, and many other Bluetooth systems offered by manufacturers, don’t always do these tasks.

Apple does not conform to Bluetooth MAP requirements. MAP is a protocol (Message Access Protocol) designed by Bluetooth SIG and not by Apple.  Due to this lack of protocol compliance, you cannot send text messages and you cannot see older text messages that are in your history. What you can see is new text messages that you’ve received after the phone initially pairs to the vehicle each and every time you get in and start up the vehicle.

You see, the Ford Sync system cannot access the text messages in your iPhone, so it can’t read them back to you.

Solution: Once you have paired your iPhone to your vehicle.

Go to your phone’s Settings Folder

Go to the Bluetooth Menu

Find that tab that shows “Sync    Connected” and…

Tap the little blue circle with the (i) 

A screen appears, tap the switch to turn on “Show Notifications

The “Sync Contacts”  switch should already be on.

You should turn off the vehicle and completely power down (by opening and closing a door) then starting the vehicle again. to allow the change to be set.


Please be sure that you are running the most recent iPhone iOS software for your phone. And remember, you need to completely power down and restart (reboot) your iPhone at least once a week before getting into your vehicle and starting it up.



To send a text message with your iPhone:

Push, and hold the “Home” button – the big button on the lower face of your iPhone.

Siri, will come on your vehicle speakers.

Say, “Send text message.”

Siri will ask you to whom (or what number) you want to text.

Then speaker your message, Siri will ask you when you are ready to send.

To receive a text message:

Press the Home button on your iPhone.

Ask Siri to, “Read Text messages.”

Siri will read any new messages to you.

Remember, please drive safely. The traditional way to send and receive text messages through the Sync system is a process for certain Android-based phones.


For more information, visit  contact Ford’s in-vehicle technology team at 1-800-392-3673.

How To Make and Receive Calls with MyFord Touch

Steering wheel controls with the MyFord Touch have a Voice button combined with the Phone pick up/hang up button.

Steering wheel controls with the MyFord Touch have a Voice button combined with the Phone pick up/hang up button.

How to make and receive calls with your MyFord Touch system is the focus of this article. Here are some tips…

e whole idea is to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel… with that in mind, Ford has well-placed steering wheel controls that you use along with your voice to make and receive phone calls. Here are some tips…

When you take delivery of your new vehicle, be sure to have your salesperson “pair” your Bluetooth-enabled phone with your Ford Sync system. Have your phone turned on when you get in and start up your vehicle.

If you need a video/text reference, please refer to one of these short self-help videos:

Ford SYNC – Pairing Your Phone

Learning the Controls for MyFord Touch Systems

Is my phone compatible with the MyFord Touch system?

To Make a Call

With your vehicle turned on, go to your steering wheel, right-hand side.

Push the “Voice” button – This is the one with the profile of a face with sound coming from the mouth. When you’ve pushed this, you will hear a single tone come from your vehicle’s sound system.

It will be follow by the “Voice” that will say, “Sync, state your command.”

Give a Voice Command – The system is then awaiting a voice command and it will want to hear vocal commands such as “Phone,” “Bluetooth Audio,” “USB,” or, if you are equipped with a MyFord Touch system, you can designate a mode such as “Audio,” “Navigation,” or “Climate.”

Make the right Voice command – When you push the Voice button, listen for the tone. After a single tone, the system will state, “Sync, state your command.” By giving a correct response, such as “Phone,” then the system will respond with “Phone, state your command.”

Then say, “Call (contact’s full name as it appears in your phonebook) on (cell), or at (home, work).” For example, “Call John Smith on cell.”

If correctly stated, the Sync system will respond (for example) with “Calling John Smith on cell.” You will hear the call being made and once the calling party picks up, you will hear them over the system’s speakers.

Although not recommended, you can use your handset to make a call. Once you have dialed it, the sound of the call will be heard over the system’s speakers.

Receiving a call

As you are driving you can receive calls (unless you have turned on the “Do Not Disturb” function – if equipped). If you are listening to the music, an incoming call will cause the music to be muted, then you will hear your phone handset’s ring.

To answer the call – Give a quick push on the button with the Phone icon (located on the right side of the steering wheel with the Phone symbol on it). Within a second or so the active (in process) call will be heard over the vehicle’s sound system. Speak normally and use the steering wheel volume controls or your console’s volume knob to adjust the sound you hear from your sound system.

When you are finished with the call – Push and HOLD the same phone icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds and then release. The music will return to the previous volume setting.

The system will display the contact name (if applicable) or the calling phone number of the incoming call.

To reject a call – Just push and HOLD the phone icon for several seconds and your display will show “Call Rejected.” Your incoming call will go straight to your phone’s voice mail.

Making Other Voice Commands

Once you’ve pushed the Voice button, state a mode (Phone, Navigation or Destination, Audio or Bluetooth Audio, and/or Climate). You will see a secondary screen with a black background and a short list of suggested voice commands. Use these requests when prompted… such as “Set temperature at 72 degrees,” or “Sirius, Elvis channel,” or “Destination.” If the system needs more information it will continue to question, or ask a Yes/No question.  For quick driving directions, push the Voice button and say “Destination Street Address.” The system will ask you to state the street address and the city and it will take it from there…

For more information, visit the website for online internet support 24 hours a day.

Sync Workshop – Common Blackberry Problems

Workshop: Sync & Blackberry

This workshop covers using a Blackberry phone with the Ford Sync system.

By Vincent Hennigan, Sync Specialist

Let’s face it, sometimes phones don’t seem to work well with Sync… so is the problem with Sync or is it with the phone? The open architecture of the Sync systems allows it to work with a wide variety of phones. When problems occur you have to run down a list of things to check to see where the problems lies… and Blackberry phones are a world unto themselves.

One thing that makes this so frustrating is a lot of companies select Blackberry phones as the “company phone.” So as a user you may not want this type of phone but your company does.

So let’s look at some of the common Blackberry/Sync issues and try to present some good solutions. One of those issues is when you try to pair a Blackberry and in the middle of the pairing process the Sync system goes into “privacy mode” and appears to freeze the system.

First of all, always make sure the Wi-Fi connection is not in the ON setting on your phone. Turn this feature off for now because it will conflict with the Pairing process. Continue reading

Vehicle Technology If cars could talk, what would they say?

Vehicle to Vehicle Testing

Ford has committed to a year-long study of Vehicle to Vehicle communications in an effort to make the roads safer by using technology in vehicles.

Ford Motor Company is committed to a year-long study on the development and deployment of vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). They have created a real-world test site in Ann Arbor, Mich., to test an experiment with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan that will enable future developments in traffic safety and vehicle technology.

The yearlong program launching this fall will enable wireless communications among vehicles and roadside equipment for use in developing future safety measures with vehicle technology. Nearly 3,000 vehicles will participate in the test on more than 70 lane-miles of instrumented roadway. Continue reading

New App makes your car “geo-aware”

With the Sync system and its AppLink compatibility, drivers can now get real-time alerts that will help them find deals and specials with ease from the app ROXIMITY.

With the Sync system and its AppLink compatibility, drivers can now get real-time alerts based on your vehicle being “geo-aware.”

It’s possible with the release of ROXIMITY, a real-time, location-aware alert service that lets users know of surrounding deals and specials. ROXIMITY was the winner of the Ford SYNC® App Developer Challenge at the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon with its new app for iOS devices. The app is compatible with SYNC AppLink, Ford’s hands-free, voice-controlled mobile connectivity technology. This is found on newer Fords, such as Escape, Fiesta, Edge, Escape and others.

“The launch of ROXIMITY is truly exciting for us, since it was the SYNC in-car experience that sparked the team to go from idea to reality,” said Doug VanDagens, global director of Ford Connected Services. “Finding and supporting startups like ROXIMITY is what will keep Ford at the forefront of in-car connectivity innovations. With ROXIMITY we become the first automaker to offer a personalized daily deal location service.”

The list of apps supported by AppLink has now grown to thirteen. Ford also counts MOG, Pandora, TuneIn, Slacker, and iHeartRadio among the music-oriented apps it supports. Other selections include Scout navigation, NPR News, and OpenBeak for Twitter, the IMS Health’s Allergy App (which gives drivers allergy updates) and now ROXIMITY. Continue reading

Getting in Sync with Sync with Tech Support

One of the overlooked things with all of the new technology available in vehicles nowadays is the vehicle manufacturer’s commitment to online customer support. Ford’s technology website, allows someone who’s just shopping for information to get what they need as well as provide complete support for the customer.

By visiting this website, Ford Technology, you can find a wealth of information about Ford Technology – navigation, infotainment, lane keeping, EcoBoost engines and everything else.

By visiting the main support site, Support.Ford.Com , you can explore the hands-free technology on Continue reading

Workshop: Get More Ford Sync Music

Using Bluetooth streaming more effectively

Here’s five ways to get more music from your Ford Sync system.

By Vincent Hennigan, Ford Sync Specialist

The focus of this workshop is simple – to get the most out of your Ford Sync music with the hands-free infotainment system found on most Fords – especially those built since 2010.

First, streamline the access to your music.

Yes, it’s true the iPhone has a port for recharging that has a USB plug on one end. You can plug it into a wall adapter to recharge the phone. You can plug the phone into a computer (by accessing iTunes) so you can back-up (sync) your files with the computer, install larger apps, move files (movies, photos) and/or charge the phone. You can push the “voice” button on the steering wheel and say Bluetooth. You can say, “Play,” “Shuffle,” or “Pause” but don’t ask the system to “Play Artist Rolling Stones.” You can plug your iPhone into the vehicle through the USB port, but don’t expect the system to find it by saying “Bluetooth Audio.”  Also, don’t go to your phone’s screen and expect to be able to scroll through your playlists. The screen will not show any details, but you can (after you let the Sync system “index” your files for a few minutes) say, “Play Artist Rolling Stones” and have it locate and play all of your Stone’s tracks. So the moral of the story: Get a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or larger USB jump drive and transfer all of your music files to the jump drive. Then plug this USB into your vehicles USB port. Then you can access the music by pushing the voice button and saying “USB.” Then you can use voice commands to search by song title or artist name. When you’re at BestBuy or other electronic store, you can find a USB charger that fits into your 12-volt charge port on your vehicle dash. This will charge your phone batteries faster than a stand USB connection. Also, if you have iTunes on your computer, you can play your CDs and let iTunes records the material into Mp3 or Mp4a format. Most store-bought CDs will transfer over artist information, such as song title, length of track, and so on through Gracenote® technology. Once you have recorded your music though iTunes it will be “searchable” through a system such as Ford’s Sync. Continue reading

Sometimes Your Contacts List is the Source of Problems

Sometimes it takes a little practice to learn how to get the Sync System to understand your voice commands.

Sometimes your phone Contacts List – and the Ford Sync system’s trouble understanding it – can cause system problems.

One of the most common problems is miscommunication with the Sync system. To begin a call, push the “voice” button on the steering wheel (it’s the one with the mouth and the sound waves coming out of it). The system will respond over the speakers with a statement, such as “Sync, state your command.” Reply by saying, “Phone.” The system will respond with “Phone, state your command.” Then say “Call + Name on (device.) “  For example, “Call John Smith on cell.” You won’t be able to say “Dial John Smith” or “Call 800-555-1234.” Refer to your Sync handbook on the work tracks that are effective. The “Phone” icon (looks like a small phone receiver) is for answering a phone (by giving it a quick definite push) or for hanging up or cancelling a call (by pushing the button and holding it down for about five seconds).

Sometimes the problem is your contact’s name. For example, let’s say you were calling “Mia Thompson.” If you pronounce the first name as “Mee-yah” the Sync system won’t find her because a computer would assume the first name is pronounced as “My-ah.” The reason: a computer assumes the letter “I” is pronounced as “eye.” So, if you “think” like a computer you can say the name the way the computer wants to hear it. Continue reading

Siri and Sync – working together in your dashboard!

iPhone’s Siri and Ford’s Sync voice activated systems can learn to “play together” on your vehicle’s dashboard

By Vincent Hennigan
Technology Consultant

The iPhone’s Siri and “Samantha,” the voice Ford Sync, are working together in your dashboard!

The “voice” of Sync and Siri are bother developed by the Nuance software company. With the introduction of the iPhone 4S, the phone has offered an assistant by the name of Siri. With the iPhone 5S you could change the voice from a “her” to a “him.” Ford’s Microsoft Sync infotainment  system also uses the same woman’s voice and her code name in the development stages was Samantha. So Samantha, let’s meet Siri! It’s unusual when you start hearing multiple voices from your dashboard!

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone and its use with Sync is its inability to do text-to-voice messaging. That is, until now. With a paired iPhone 4S or newer phone (with Siri) you can use Siri to read and to send text messages with voice commands. With a little “training” an iPhone user can get Siri to use the Sync system to “transmit” the message through the vehicle’s sound system. This creates a safer roadway when a driver can just listen to test messages rather than try to read one on their cell phone.

To get this to work, you should begin with a clean “paired” iPhone on a Ford Sync-equipped vehicle. Start by “pairing” your iPhone to any basic Sync, Sony touch-screen with Sync, MyFord or MyFord Touch system (on Fords installed with Sync systems from 2008 to 2015). With the car started, press and hold the Home button on the iPhone (located on the lower center of the phone’s screen) for a couple of seconds to “summon” Siri. You’ll hear a tone over your vehicle’s speakers (the Siri tone) and this opens the Bluetooth connection between the phone and Sync. You can then speak aloud to ask a question of Siri over the vehicle’s microphone and hear the response through the vehicles audio system. Refer to these for more ideas… Continue reading