SYNC Workshop: “Pair” a Phone to Your Basic SYNC System

The is the basic Sync system, with a center screen that only displays LED text.

Ask yourself this question, “can you pair your cellphone to your Ford vehicle’s SYNC system?”

Since Sync was introduced in 2008 to the Ford Focus, there have been a multitude of “formats.”  The system pictured is the “basic” Sync system.

These instructions are for a non-navigation system found on the Ford Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Taurus, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, F-150, F-250 and F-350. plus the Econoline. This system would be found for the model years (depending on the trimline) from 2008 to about 2013.

First, is your cellphone Bluetooth compatible? Go to the phone’s main menu and look for the toolbox, the settings or the connectivity folder. Then look for the option that says “Bluetooth” and set it to on. We’ll come back to this setting in a moment.

SYNC will NOT pair a phone while the vehicle is in motion, so do this while parked and the engine running. Turn the vehicle on and turn your radio on. On your steering wheel you should be able to find some toggle buttons. One will have a mouth (let’s call it the Voice button), another will have a phone icon (let’s call this one the Phone button). Another button should have an “OK” on it. This button is used to confirm certain commands. On most dashboards you should also find corresponding Phone and OK buttons.

Usually when you push Phone icon on the steering wheel (or on the dashboard), if no phone is paired and active, it will tell you “No Phone Found” on the LCD screen in the center of the dash and ask “Do You Want To Connect One?” or “Add a Phone?” or “Add a Bluetooth device?” then hit the OK button.

This starts the SYNC system searching for active Bluetooth devices. Go to your cellphone and find the commands to make your phone “Search for a device to add.” Some phones will have additional functions for Discoverability. Be sure to set the phone to be in the “Visible” mode. The vehicle’s SYNC system will show a 6-digit PIN code. Look back at the cellphone, if it has discovered SYNC, it will prompt you to select this device. It may ask “Do you want to connect to SYNC?” Tell the phone to “pair” with SYNC. It should then prompt you to enter the numeric code displayed on your dashboard.**

** For an Android-based phone (LG, Samsung, HT, Motorola, Nokia phones), the phone would “prefer” a four-digit PIN. Instead of the above process, when the system displays the 6-digit PIN, then use the scroll know or the Seek arrow on the steering wheel to move to the words “Special PIN” in the display. Push OK. Then use the seek arrows to select the option of “0000” or “1234.” Then when you go to your phone, and see the Sync tab appear, then tab that, and enter the four-digit PIN of your choice.

Then hit enter or OK on the phone. Within a few seconds the SYNC system should respond with a successful pairing notice. Sometimes the cellphone will respond with the question, “Do you want to pair with SYNC?” Respond with OK on the phone.

The SYNC system will ask if you want to make this phone the Primary phone. Press the OK button if you want this as a Primary, otherwise, use the tuning button to switch the dashboard screen from showing YES to NO, then press OK. On some Ford vehicles SYNC will then ask to you want to set the 911 Assist ON, then press the OK button on the dash or steering wheel.

Just a note, when you push the Phone icon, it will display the Phone Menu on the dash console screen. Use the Tune knob to move from topic to topic. Press OK to go to that function. Press OK again to affirm that command. Use the Tune knob to move from Yes to No, and so on.

So, back to the Pairing Process – then SYNC will ask if you want to Download Phonebook. Press OK. SYNC does not have a hard drive that it stores your contact information with. This process allows SYNC to “index” your contacts so that when you call out your contact’s name as you’ve saved in your phone book it will find it.*** SYNC can hold up to 2,000 phone contacts and the download process may take several minutes. When finished, the dash unit will respond with “Download Complete.” Then you can push and hold the Phone icon for three to four seconds and the system will go back to the radio functions. You are now ready to make and receive phone calls.

*** Once again, on some Android-based phones, when you push OK to begin Phonebook Download: you phone may chirp and then display a notice about a “PBAF” request. Check the box to say “Yes” to “Always Connect.” and then push the OK to begin the download process. One some phones there may be a similar secondary for ask for permission for “SMS” (texting) access, be sure to select Always Connect and OK.

Once the console display shows “Download Complete” then your system is ready to go to work.

Push the Voice button, the voice of Sync will come on and say “SYNC, state your command.” After the tone, reply with “Phone.” She will say “Phone, state your command” Then say “Call + (Contact Name) on (Device)” and use the name of one of your phone contacts as you have it saved. For example, “Call John Smith on Cell.” If the system recognizes the contact it will respond with “Calling John Smith on Cell” – sometimes the system will respond with a question, such as “Call John Smith at Work or at Home?” Just let the system know which one you want to call.

Or, you may push the Voice button and say “Phone”, she’ll say state your command, then say, “Dial” The system will, like an operator, ask you what number, just tell it the whole number. The system will repeat the number. If correct, then say “Dial” and it will call the number. If the number is incorrect, then say “Cancel” and start the process again.

Watch the road while driving and speaking. Adjust the radio Volume knob to hear your side of the conversation. When you’re finished speaking, press and hold the Phone icon button for at least three to four second. If you are driving and the phone rings, you will see a Caller ID on the dash to let you know who’s calling. If you want to answer, just press the Phone icon and start speaking. If you want to decline the call, go straight to the Phone icon and hold it down for several seconds, then release. The incoming call will go to your voice mail.

As a note, the SYNC system is a “Voice Activation” program. The system cannot differentiate three letter words. Mom, Tom, Ron sound too similar for the system to correctly interpret. You may want to revise your phone’s contact list and change “Dad” to your Dad’s first name, or maybe, “Papa John” – this way the system won’t struggle so much with short names.

This system has to be used for you to understand it better, so give it a try and get used to the hands-free phone system. If you have additional questions, visit the website or even see some video demos on  Or, you may contact a Ford salesperson or Ford Service Department.


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76 thoughts on “SYNC Workshop: “Pair” a Phone to Your Basic SYNC System

  1. 2010 focus pairs and tests find== 15mins later push phone button — sync states NO PHONE FOUND — ipush ok a few times and it re-pairs.
    car and lg220c have been working together for years

    • My recommendation is to delete Sync from your phone’s bluetooth settings. Then go to the phone menu on your sync system and delete. Then turn off your vehicle (be sure to open the doors to make sure everything is off.
      Then restart the vehicle. Go to the phone menu and tell the sync system to pair a phone. Now, when you go to your phone’s settings: make sure the phone is in discovery mode, if you can, change your Sync PIN number from a 6-digit to a 4-digit, pin, then have your phone search for devices, enter the 4-digit PIN (or the 6-digit PIN if you have to)… your Sync system will ask a few questions, then it comes to the question about “Download Phone Book” Push OK on the Sync system but watch your phone… it may ping your phone and ask the question “Connect with Sync?” and another check box (“Always Connect to Sync”). Be sure the box is checked, and tell your phone to connect to Sync…. this probably wasn’t done at the first pairing and so your phone automatically has been disconnecting. It’s true, sometimes phones do not stay Bluetooth connected… when you push the Voice button and ask for the Phone mode, the system should connect for you. This is sometimes inconvenient, but it does work. Another idea is to have your phone checked by your phone store. It may need to have its firmware updated. Is this phone older than 2 years? If so, it may be time to consider getting a newer phone. I’ve checked the list of phones that work with the Sync System and I don’t see your model number on the list.

    • Do you have a basic Sync system? It’s the one with the blue LED text display on the center console.
      If so, when you push the Phone icon on the steering wheel, and you go to the Phone Menu and select “Add BT device.” When you push OK to begin pairing and it shows a 6-digit PIN, then use the Radio tuning know to select the option “Special PIN.” Push OK, and it should either 0000 or 1234. Push OK, then go to your phone, search for devices, when Sync appears, tap it, and when prompted, enter the 4-digit PIN, and hit Pair on your phone.
      If you have the MyFord Touch system, go to Settings, Bluetooth Devices, then go to Add Device, when you push OK to begin pairing, it will display the 6-digit PIN. Then tap the screen at Edit Pin, and enter a 4-digit PIN.
      If you are still having issues, call Ford at 800-392-FORD (3673) for further assistance.

  2. I have an Ericsson Xperia Ray which used to be connected without any problems to my Fiesta, this weekend I had to do a factory reset on my phone and when I try to pair, I do get the Sync but not the option to enter the 6-digit code. Any known problems for this? Also, note that the Sync system still “sees” that the phone originally paired is the Xperia Ray.

    • I’m not sure if you have MyFord… But I would recommend deleting SYNC from your phone. Then power it off for a few minutes.
      Be sure the phone is deleted from the BT Devices list on your Fiesta. Now turn off your Fiesta. Open the doors and shut.
      Now power up your phone. Wait until it comes completely up… now turn on your vehicle.
      Go to the Phone Menu, BT Devices, Add Device. Push OK to begin pairing and the 6-digit PIN will show… enter that on your phone. Push OK on your Phone and let the Sync system ask its next few questions. Push OK to accept everything.
      It should be back to working properly….

  3. I have just bought a 2011 focus, how do I re-program the sync with my phone. It continues to find the old owners phone, will not discover mine………. No idea on how to delete the old phone & re-program with mine.

    • Push the Phone icon on either the steering wheel or dashboard.
      In a few seconds the screen with display “Phone Redial,” (this is the Phone Menu).
      Use the double-arrows on the steering wheel to “scroll” through the Phone Menu.
      When you see the title “System Settings” then push the OK on the steering wheel.
      Use the arrows to scroll until you see “BT Devices.” Push OK.
      Scroll until you see Delete Device. Push OK.
      Scroll through the menu to select the phone/device you want to remove. Push OK.
      When the system prompts “Delete?” then push OK.
      Now, scroll until you see “Return” Push OK.
      Scroll until you see “Add BT Device.” Push OK.
      The system will say “Push OK to begin pairing a device and search for Sync on your device.”
      Push OK and then go to your phone menu, find the Settings Folder, to select Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth, then have your phone begin searching for a new device (I don’t know the type of phone you have, so I can’t be more specific).
      When your phone displays “Sync.” Then tap the symbol or tab that says Sync and when the next screen on your phone appears, then enter the 6-digit PIN displaying on your dashboard. Push OK or Pair on your Phone.
      In a moment the Sync system will chime in and say a few more commands, such as Primary Phone? Push OK on your steering wheel or dashboard.
      Turn 911 Assist to on? Push OK
      Download Phonebook? Push OK
      If you phone chirps after this, be sure to tell your phone to Always Accept the connection to Sync….
      In a few moments the phonebook should be downloaded.
      Every thing should be ready to go at this point.
      Please refer to this video for “pairing a phone.”
      Refer to this video for using your phone

  4. My BB z10 does not show caller id on sync (fiesta 2013). My daughter’s 9320 curve does so I know it’s a setting on my z10 preventing the sync from seeing the caller’s name…. but which setting?

    • Go tot he Settings Folder on your iPhone.
      Tap the Bluetooth tab.On the next screen you will see Tabs, one of them might say Sync.
      Go and specifically touch the little blue box with the “i” on it.
      Another screen appears. At the top is a tab that says “Forget This Device.” Tap this and tap the pop up “Forget Device” button and your connection will be gone from your phone.
      To delete your phone from your vehicle it depends on which Sync system you have… I know of at least eight systems.
      But generally, go to the Phone Settings. Go to Bluetooth Devices. Then select Delete Device. Then select the device, tap OK and it will clear the connection.
      Let me know if you need more specific details, but let me know the year, model and Sync system…

  5. I just purchased a Ford Escape 2011 Limited. Finally went to the dealership as I could not get my Samsung phone paired. They worked on it for quit a while and got it synced, but then it immediatly read no phone found, it would disconnect, did this several time. They thought it must be the phone so went to Verizon and they tried to connect another newer samsung, and it just would not sync..period. Not sure where to go from here, the Dealership said to bring it in and they would do a reset to the sync system, do you think this is the problem, or maybe a lot of Samsungs (not smart phones) are not compatible. I saw your list and maybe I should purchase another brand of phone. SURE HATE TECHNOLOGY WHEN IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!

    • Ford has done a fantastic job of creating a platform that works with so many different types of phones, with so many different carriers and when the users are operating all kinds of apps…. HOWEVER,then comes along Samsung… I’ve found that on some Galaxy S III and IIII’s that you’ve got to power down the phone four, five times or more (even pull the battery out) just to get the phone to stop trying to pair to a Sync connection that you have turned off multiple times. It has worked the other way… I’ve tried to pair phones, even the Note, six times or more, just to get the phone to make the connection to Sync… I suspect that it may be the differences in how the components are assembled in Indonesia versus China, but Samsung folks claim that isn’t true…
      Honestly, the device that works best with the system is the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C or 5S.
      At least you can do a soft reset on the iPhone and get the phone to reconnect to the Sync system with relative ease. Strange, the iPhone uses the same microchip (sometimes) as the Samsung, it just seems like the iPhone is a more stable (phone) platform. It’s your call on getting another phone… I just know that Samsung phones are hard to work with…
      I am assuming that you have a Limited with the MyFord Touch system… so I assume you have installed the Gen 2 V3.6.2 software on your MyFord Touch.
      And, as I always say, when in doubt I would do a hard reboot of your vehicle (pull the black battery cable clamp for about five minutes, while you completely power down the phone) and then restart and let the vehicle run for at least three minutes before resetting or attempting to pair or re-pair any phones….

  6. I had my sony xperia paired and working fine in my 2013 Ford Edge. Now when I try to play music via the blue tooth settings, it starts, does not display the correct selection that I have on my phone and then pops up a screen to say that the phone is disconnected. I have wiped the phone out of the sync system and reprogrammed and it did it again. I can make phonecalls with it, but I keep getting the disconnect message everytime I try to play the music. what is up?

    • I’m not sure of the complete compatibility of the Sony Xperia with the MyFord Touch… contact the Ford in-vehicle technology center for more support at 1-800-392-3673.

  7. Hello, and excuse me if I might be asking this question via the reply section (could-not find the question area). I have a 2011 Fusion, and I paired my BlackBerry Z10 perfectly. My question is simple: is text to voice supported for text messages? I have the basic Sync system (no Nav). It would be an ENORMOUS time saver if this function would work ! It did not work with my BlackBerry Bold, so I was hoping it would work now !

    Thanx for any help !!

  8. Thank you very much, henniganV !! Got all the info I needed. Guess I’ll have to find another trick to get my texts / e-mails ……

  9. Just purchased a 2010 Ford Escape. For some reason when I press the “Phone” button there is no message displayed on the LCD screen. Is there a certain way to reset the button, or turn it on? Thanks.

    • The Ford Sync system was factory installed on certain models in 2010. However, a phone icon was available on many Ford models as far back at 2005. This icon, when pushed, only mutes the radio so you could take a call on your handset.
      If you have the full system on your 2010 Escape, then on your steering wheel, right hand side, you will have a two-sided button array. The second button up from the bottom will have a “mouth with sound coming out” (the Voice button) on the left and the word “Media” on the right. The button on the bottom will have a “phone” icon on the left for picking up a call (with a quick push) or to “hang up” or “Cancel” a call, by pressing and holding the button down for about five seconds.
      Go to this URL to see a intro video:

      • What if you don’t have the “mouth” button on your steering wheel?? I just have it on my console, and when i press it gives m no phone found. Am i just SOL?? Also, i have a 2011 Ford Escape…

        • I’m sorry, but all Ford Sync systems from the basic to the most sophisticated, have the steering wheel controls with a “Voice” button (or lever on some models). plus the Phone icon for picking up or hanging up a phone call.
          I don’t think your model had a factory-installed hands-free SYNC system.

          • Ok. So what is the phone button for on the dash? When pressed it gives me the “No phone found” message…

          • Initially, Ford put these on some vehicles so the driver could “mute” or unmute the radio/CD sound if a phone call came in. The Sync system wasn’t really in the Ford lineup until the 2009 model year… so it sound like you might have an older vehicle.

    • The Ford Sync system was not available on the 2007 Focus ST. If you have a “Phone” icon on your steering wheel or dash, that was dedicated to muting the volume of the radio unit. So, there will be no phones to delete.

  10. Hi I have a Ford Focus Sport for work with a Sat Nav system and everything built in and a new Xperia M phone again for work. I am having a problem with the the PBAB information and everytime I start the engine the phone asks me for confirmation of the PBAB before it will download to the Focus. As I spend a lot of time as a sales rep stopping and starting, it is one more thing to do before I drive to the next meeting. I do not have this problem with my Iphone 4s this holds and syncs the information and my Blackberry 9790 previous work phone held the information as well. Please help 🙂

    • Do a clean pairing.
      Remove your phone from the Sync phone menu.
      Delete Sync from your phone.
      Completely power down your phone.
      Turn off the vehicle (and open the door to completely power down).
      Start your phone. Once it is powered up completely, then start your vehicle.
      While in park, go to the Sync phone menu and begin the pairing process… this time, when the Sync system asks to Download phonebook, Press OK and watch your phone… within a few seconds the phone will display (or have in it’s system que) a secondary screen alerting your of the PBAB access request. Be sure to check “Always Connect” and then approve the download.
      Once the phonebook is downloaded, your phone will know that it can always connect to Sync.
      Paste this URL in your browser to see a video about your phone and Sync:

  11. I synced my phone ok bur every time I start my 2011 Escape, I get the message “phone disconnected”. I then have to go to my phone’s Bluetooth menu and highlight sync, then connect. Is this normal? Why doesn’t my phone automatically connect? Thank you for any assistance.

    • You didn’t say what kind of phone and what kind of Sync system in your vehicle, but I can assume if you’re getting a “phone disconnected” message, then it’s because you have an Android-based phone and you didn’t use the 4-digit PIN at the pairing process and when you were pairing, you probably didn’t notice the MAP request from your phone (or, in some cases the SMS request). This not a Sync “problem” or “issue.” This is what happens when a phone isn’t properly paired.

      I would suggest a “clean pairing.” That means delete Sync from your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and power down the phone. If you have an HTC phone, check the settings again, if you see Sync again, remove it again and power down again, at least twice. Go to your Escape, the Phone Menu and then to System Settings, to Bluetooth Devices, then to Delete device, and then delete your phone. Turn off your vehicle and open the doors, then start up your Escape again.

      Here is an overview of the pairing process:

      Before pairing your iPhone with SYNC, go to the Settings folder and turn Bluetooth On.

      If you have an Android-based phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola RAZR, HTC Evo, etc.), then go to the Bluetooth Settings and turn it on. Refer to this video on pairing the Android.

      With Android-based phones you may want to first delete Sync from your connected Bluetooth devices list. After you do this, completely power down your device. Turn it back on and let it power back up. Check it again to see that it has “cleared” Sync from the phone’s system. Once it is cleared, then you can re-Pair your phone to the Sync system. Here are some tips:

      Before pairing your AndroidTM phone with SYNC:

      Go to your phone Settings and turn Bluetooth On

      Under Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable and Scan for Devices

      Go to your vehicle, go to Add Bluetooth Device, and begin the pairing process.

      Your Sync system will produce a PIN number and ask you to enter the PIN into your phone.

      Once your Sync system recognizes your phone it will begin to ask questions such as “Turn on 911 Assist?” Push OK or Yes.

      The Sync system will ask if you want to Download Phone Book, then push OK or Yes.

      During pairing, your Android phone may notify you that SYNC wants to access your messages and phonebook. Choose Always Allow/Connect and check “Yes”.

      Now, try to use the steering wheel controls to see if the system is working properly.

      Let me know if this doesn’t work for you….

  12. When I try to pair add my phone to the blue setting I push the phone icon, it reads no phone. When I hit ok nothing happens. I don’t give me a option to add device or anything. Oh I have 2008 ford taurus x

    • I’m sorry, but the 2008 Taurus X system had the phone icons, but the vehicles were not configured to have the Sync system.If I recall, it was only the 2008 Focus that offered Sync system. You see, if your vehicle has an icon of a mouth with sound coming from it (on the second button from the button on the right side of the steering wheel) and the phone icon on the steering wheel (on the bottom button), then you may have a Sync system… Some models of Ford had a phone icon that, when pushed, would mute the radio output — while you took a call on your handset.

  13. I I have a taurus x sel. When I push the phone icon in my car it reads no phone. But when I push

    okay it doesn’t give me a option to add device, it goes back to radio.

    • I’m sorry, but not all Fords have the Sync system. Some models have a phone icon, which was used to mute/unmute the radio volume while you took a call on your handset.
      To be sure on your vehicle, push the phone icon, go to the double arrows (the Seek arrows on the button above). Push those arrows until you see (on your center console) System Settings, then push OK. Now use the Seek arrows to pull up Delete Devices, push OK and push OK again. Then use the Seek arrows to pull up Add BT (Bluetooth) Device, then push OK. The Sync system voice should be heard saying, “Push OK to begin pairing a device.” Push OK, and then the system will show a six-digit PIN number. Then go to your phone settings, turn on Bluetooth, Search for Bluetooth devices, when Sync appears on a tab, then tap that tab, you will be prompted to entire the six-digit PIN from the dashboard console. Follow the voice prompts from the Sync system from then on…

  14. I have a 2013 escape, when the phone was paired it only says HTC can I change it to identify it as “John’s Phone”?

    • First, go to your phone settings, to Bluetooth, and Trusted devices, then delete Sync from your list.
      With the vehicle one, and running (in park), go to the Sync settings. Go to Bluetooth devices, to Delete Devices, then delete your phone from the Sync system.
      Turn off your vehicle (and open the door to turn things complete off).
      Go back to your phone and completely power it down.
      Power it back after a few minutes.
      Go to you Menu, to Settings, To Wireless & networks, to Bluetooth settings, and then to Device name. You should be able to tap the Device Name and then enter “John’s HTC” (or whatever you’d like.
      Then, to be sure, I’d power your phone down again. Then power it back up.
      Now start your vehicle and do the Pairing Process on Sync. When the Sync System prompts you to Add Device it should “see” phone’s name now (not just the model name and number like before).

  15. Reading everything here I want to just confirm something.

    So I have a 2012 escape xlt with no talk or phone buttons on the steering wheel. But I have phone icon on the dash.
    Does this mean I don’t have Bluetooth?
    Anytime I push the button, it just says “no phone”


    • This set-up means that the phone icon on the center console can “mute” the radio volume temporarily (until pushed again).
      The Sync system always has a badge on the center console showing the Sync logo and the Microsoft name.
      So, yes, you do not have a Sync system. You do not have Bluetooth – unless you were to modify your radio unit to accept Bluetooth input and playback. This can be done at a car electronics store.

  16. bluetooth option will not stay on. 2008 Ford Focus. Tried to par my phone and the system says bluetooth not on. I try to turn bluetooth on. It will not stay on.

  17. Bought a newer Tracfone (LG306G) but can’t get truck to connect. Tried pairing with truck running, it said pairing successful and input 6-digit code. Bluetooth is on both phone/truck. Phone has no issue with getting service but truck says no service and won’t connect. Had an older Tracfone (LG420G) with no issues.

    • Several things to look for here…
      First, remove your old phone from the Sync system (go to System Settings, BT Devices, Delete All Devices)
      Next, make sure any previous Sync links have been deleted from the Trusted Bluetooth Devices list on your phone.
      Completely power down your phone.
      Turn off your vehicle and let it completely power down.
      Turn the vehicle on, and turn your phone back on.
      Pair again, but this time, when the Sync system sends out the prompt with the six-digit code, turn the tuning knob on the console (or use the double arrow buttons on your steering wheel) until the display shows Special PIN. Push OK on your dash. The Sync display will either show 0000 or 1234, enter that code into your phone. Complete the pair process by allowing phonebook download, turning on 911 Assist…
      It should be working better now.

      • No good… deleted everything and powered everything down. Tried to pair again, 6-digit pin came up. Tried tuning knob and double arrow buttons, nothing changed. Tried inputting 6-digit again.. it said pairing successful, connecting and showed the new phone on the list. BUT, would not connect, said failed connection, no paired phones and there was no bluetooth symbol on the screen. The screen also still says NO SERVICE, yet the phone has service.

        • Here’s what I’ve seen from doing a lot of TracFones…. these phones seem to be purposely built to NOT have the features that a similar model phone might have. The reason why they are less expensive phones is because they don’t always have some of the phone options on and working…
          I’m thinking that your Sync system can “see” the phone, but the phone will not follow through and maintain the connection.
          Now the next thing that could be a problem…
          You didn’t say what year of truck and what type of Sync system you have. Also, have you registered your vehicle at to see if your Sync software is current?
          Did you purchase your Ford as a new vehicle? I mean, does it have a fully operating Sync system?
          I’ve heard that some pre-owned vehicles were actually built for the auto rental business and when they are taken out of duty the Sync systems are neutered. I’ve heard that some dealers do not know they are selling deactivated Sync systems. I would check with your dealer about this.

  18. Truck was brand-new 2010 F150 with fully functioning SYNC. However, I did register it but haven’t checked on any updates for some time now. Guess I’ll have to check that out as well.

    • There was an update for the 2010 F-150 (version 3.1.1 I believe). The site may have a downloadable version.

  19. I have a 2012 Fusion SE, I have the phone button on my center console, but I do not have it on my steering wheel, how do I connect my phone? HELP thank you.

    • I’m sorry but for a period of about two years, some Fords had the phone icon on the center console. It’s only purpose was to instantly Mute the radio or media. Pushed again it would return to the pre-set volume. You do not have the Sync system and you can’t connect a phone. However, you may have a small 3.5 mm port for plugging an iPod or mp3 player into and it would allow you to play music when your music input is switched to Aux.

  20. Quote “This set-up means that the phone icon on the center console can “mute” the radio volume temporarily (until pushed again).
    The Sync system always has a badge on the center console showing the Sync logo and the Microsoft name.
    So, yes, you do not have a Sync system. You do not have Bluetooth – unless you were to modify your radio unit to accept Bluetooth input and playback. This can be done at a car electronics store. End Quote,

    Ok I think this is my situation on a 2012 transit connect xlt van — But when i push the phone button it DOES NOT mute the radio/cd — it just displays no phone.
    What are your thoughts?

    • The 2012 Transit is an unusual bird… it has a Sync system, just not the one that is common in US Ford models. I believe it is a European version. When they first came out I had to get in a customer’s 2012 Transit and spend quite a bit of time to understand all of the differences. It’s been more than three years since I’ve done it, but I did get the customer’s phone to “find” the Sync system and pair to the vehicle. Typically, a Ford Sync system gives out a PIN number that you enter into your phone to pair. But I kind of remember that you have to do it the other way around with the Transit. I will try to find some information on pairing a device and I will e-mail it to you directly.

  21. I am trying to pair my 2010 ford focus SE with my iphone 5. I am trying to do everything right and It just wont seem to work for me. My car is on, my blue tooth is on and discoverable but when I click the phone icon on my dash all I get is “No phone” I am positive I have now pushed every button in my car and scrolled every thing that could move.. Nothing seems to happen and it goes back to the radio very quickly. I am not sure how to even get out of the “no phone” message and nothing pops up on my cell on the blue tooth page for me to click. I understand from the instructions that all you need to do is use the ‘okay’ button and the tune scroll. Is there any trick that I am missing? Thank you for your help in advance!

    • I’m assuming that you have the steering wheel controls that has an “Phone” icon. You mention the “phone” icon on the dash, do you mean the center console?
      Please be sure that you do, indeed, have the Sync system installed. Some of the models had a phone icon on the dash that only served to “mute” the radio with one push and the second push returned the radio to full volume.
      If you have Sync, then try a “Hard Reboot” explained elsewhere in this blog. Then try to do a pairing.

  22. i have a 2012 ford fusion i would like to know how to sync my phone to my car? i have try everything an i also called the ford deal ship and they can not even help me out because they tild me that the 2012 ford fusion does not have the sync program. but when i checked online it says that it does can someone plz help me out thanks

    • Well, your Ford dealer may be right. Sync was not installed on all Ford vehicles in 2012. If you don’t have the steering wheel controls that show the mouth (what I call the Voice button) and the phone icon, plus the words media and OK, then you don’t have a Ford Sync system. Some early Focuses, Escapes and so on (between 2005 and 2011) may have a steering wheel or console button that says phone, but its job is to mute and unmute the radio volume so you could pick up your phone while driving without scrambling to adjust volume… the Sync system provided a much better way to handle calls.
      In case you want to see a video about pairing a phone to the basic Sync system, then visit this link in YouTube…

  23. I have an iPhone SE through Verizon and a 2014 Fusion with MFTouch. When I first paired the phone it downloaded the phonebook, no problems. Since the last iOS upgrade and MFT upgrade (I don’t know which one to blame..LOL) the phone no longer will download the phonebook. Also I did activate Siri talk-to-text when I upgraded my MFT software. Can you help me resolve this??

    • I believe you’ll have to do some review… do any of your phonebook listings have emojis or excessive symbols in them? Do you use all capital letters? If you do, then change all of those listings.
      Also, you can’t have more than 2,000 listings on your phone.
      And, you can’t have numbers stored in the SIMM card on your phone. It has to be “public”
      Remove your phone from the Sync settings and remove Sync from your phone settings. Completely power down your phone. Completely power down your vehicle. Now re-pair the phone to your vehicle.
      Everything should download.
      I know that the new Sync 3 system can actually let you directly access Siri from your steering wheel. But the MyFord Touch system was never capable of it.
      You can only press and hold the Home button on the lower front of your phone screen until you hear the “chirp” and then you can speak to Siri through your Sync system. Use the Sync phone icon (press and hold) to stop or cancel Siri.

  24. I just bought a 2008 Ford Taurus Limit. It has the Microsoft Sync emblem on the center console but when I push the phone button nothing at all happens. There is a USB connector coming out of glove compartment. Not sure if that is after market or not but when I plug my phone in it says not compatible. I have a Galaxy 6 active.

    • Yes, you may (or may not) have a Sync system… The telltale sign if the USB mounted in the glove box. This would be an aftermarket fix/replacement. Your phone icon probably only mutes on/off the radio sounds. The USB connector may allow you to play USB music when the radio is switched to AUX (auxiliary).

      • Thanks. On steering wheel..from top to bottom I have a menu button. The button with the sound coming out of the face. A OK button and the the phone button. None of them seem to do anything when I push them. Does not mute sound etc. I am wondering if they were unhooked somehow? I cant imagine they were placed there for nothing. Will try the USB with auxilary.

        • You know, it’s been more than 7 years since I’ve sold a 2008 Taurus. That was the first year that Sync was introduced in the Taurus lineup.
          See this page for some more info:

          I had forgotten that some of the models had an on-board six-disk CD changer (console or truck mounted)… and yes, the USB access (for Aux music, was in the glove box).
          Some of the control features were made expressly to access Sirius radio – not Sync….
          Please look at the photo on the linked page… do you have the extra row of buttons that are below the top of the steering wheel?
          You mentioned the Voice button was there… when you push it, do you hear a tone?
          I’m assuming you did not buy this vehicle when it was new… if you’ve bought it as a pre-owned vehicle, then I’m not sure what might have been done to the system by previous owners. You might be correct that the steering wheel control array is not working, or is not plugged into the system. I would recommend a visit to a Ford Service Department to have them review this…
          The initial warranties covering Sync equipment probably expired in 2011.

          • Yes. Actually just purchased it last week. So just getting to know it. The photo does not look like mine. Not sure what you meant by extra buttons? It is Sirius ready. Do not hear a tone with voice button. Like I mentioned nothing at all happens when i push any of them. But will go by Ford. I just happened across you site when researching and appreciate the advice. Thank you.

  25. I have a 2015 Fusion Titanium with MyTouch that recently developed an irritating problem. I am unable to use the steering wheel to listen to text messages when they pop up on the center console, AND the messages only remain on the center console for about 10 seconds. This was not the previous behavior and I am not sure what changed. I have done a master reset on the SYNC and deleted and re-paired the devices, answered all prompts but see the same results. I have the same results using a Galaxy S5 and Note4.

    • Well, I don’t think this is a fault of your Sync system. Galaxy S5 software updates change frequently and will affect the way information is displayed on your MyTouch screen. It seems like the new upgrades have changed. A master reset on your system system will not change the way the phone interfaces with the Sync system. Sorry, you can’t “go back” to an older operating system for your phone.
      You see, one of the things that a car company doesn’t want people to do while driving is to have to interact with their dashboard or other switches to check on texts. The preference is to use voice commands. Is there a way to set your phone to respond to a voice command to read your unread messages?

  26. Hi i just bought a 2011 ford f-150 lariat i can not seem to connect my phone to the system. Ive tried pairing (but not getting a 6 digit pin on the screen), i tried plugging an aux cord, i even tried plugging into the USB port.. Nothing works.

    • Let’s have a review…
      On your steering wheel, right hand side, is there a cluster of four toggle buttons?
      Top one with “- VOL +”
      Next one down, “< < >>” (scrolling arrows)
      Then, one with a logo of “Mouth making Sound” (this is for starting/making a command) and the other side says “Media” (for selecting media source)
      At the bottom, a logo of a “phone” (for picking up or hanging up a call), and the other side says “OK” (for approving a question)
      If you have all of that, then you may have a Ford Sync system…
      It will have two types of displays, one a LED screen with text displaying against a black background.
      Or, the MyFord Touch system with a much larger touch screen display…
      Here is a link to a comprehensive video on Using the Sync system… it will show the pairing process.
      If you have purchased your vehicle from another party, there is a chance that they may have disconnected the Sync system, or have components that don’t function properly. If you suspect this, then I would schedule a visit to a Ford Service department to see if they can run diagnostics to see what your system may need…

  27. Hi i have a 2015 ford transit connect limited model.I’ve paired my sony xperia xa but
    i have very little sound even with the volume on full. I’ve tried another phone and it works fine.Any ideas?

    • Do you have an account with ? You could check at this website to see if you have any upgrades to install, and, if your phone is on the recommended device list. I would guess that the issues could be you need to increase volume on your phone while on a call… or investigate if something could be blocking your microphone’s ability to pick up sound… this could be something to be reviewed by a Ford service technician.

  28. When I press phone in my 2013 edge it says mute, I want to use Bluetooth but cannot connect because of this. how do I get it off mute or connect my Bluetooth.

    • From your description you make me think that your vehicle is not equipped with a Sync system. For several years, Ford installed phone buttons on vehicles that would solely mute or unmute the stereo to allow someone to answer a call or make a call on their handset.
      That being said, if you do have a Sync system installed, and you push the phone icon to answer a call, if it is muted then it could be because your Sync system is set to mute calls… or your phone volume is turned off… please check the settings on your Sync system or on your phone.

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